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Kanabis / konoplja informacijski video za ljudi v Sloveniji / Information for Slovenian-speaking people only


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Informacije Video

Konoplja v domači lekarni / Cannabis in our every day lives.

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Razmišljanja o konoplji / Thoughts or reflections on cannabis:

KLIKNI ZA OGLED - 24JAN2016 via YouTube.com

Endokanabinoidni sistem - Tanja Cvetrežnik v Državnem svetu 2015 / The endocannabinoid system - Tanja Cvetrežnik the National Council 2015

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Konoplja v prehrani in naravni kozmetiki / Cannabis for cosmetics and food:

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Konoplja in ljudje - Hiša narave - Krško / Cannabis and people - House of nature - Plant

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Svečke iz konopljine smole / How to make suppositories:

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Naj bo konoplja raje preventiva kot kurativa / Benefits of cannabis and hemp sooner, rather than later. 

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Srečanje z Rickom Simpsonom - govor Tanje Cvetrežnik / Meeting with Rick Simpson - statement by Tanje Cvetrežnik

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Konoplja in ljudje / Cannabis and people:

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Uporaba konoplje / The safe usage of cannabis:

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Kako narediti hašišovo olje (Rick Simpson hemp oil - slo subs) / Making Rick Simpson oil with Slovenian subtitles

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Kako se zdraviti s konopljo - praktični nasveti / How to be treated with cannabis - practical advice.

KLIKNI ZA OGLED - 11NOV2015 via YouTube.com

Pasti in nevarnosti samozdravljenja s konopljo / Pitfalls and risks to self-medicate with cannabis. 

KLIKNI ZA OGLED - 26Januar2017 via YouTube.com (2 uri 7 minut)





– Geoffrey West, Masters, Peace Education, UN-mandated University for Peace, Class of 2006

FULL DISCLOSURE: This commentary is not praise for the profession of 'peace' education. IT IS A PLEA FOR SERIOUS SELF-REFLECTION.

Spiritually-speaking, I have come to understand both the 'bigger picture' of global events: the truths that are currently exploding around the world to validate everything I tried to share years ago, and I am able to see this in relation to the 'BIGGER, bigger picture' - the human journey of spiritual awakening, through this period of darkness that is beginning to disappear and put this into the context of 'peace' that is finally becoming understood around the world.

There are HUGE, and VERY SIGNIFICANT changes coming in 2019, including the arrests of many global criminals; politicians, celebrities, bankers, lawyers, judges, media personalities, religious figures, and many more. A new, global banking system is soon coming also. 

In 2006, while doing my Masters degree in Peace Education, I made four very bold predictions:

1. There would be a global financial collapse/transition/transformation.  I was expecting it to begin around 2008-2009, and it did begin...with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Unfortunately, there was not enough public awareness or resistance to carry it through, and the controllers of humanity and the planet were able to 'kick the can' down the road a few years to 2016.  At this time, EVERYTHING is starting to get exposed - all the things I spoke and wrote about in 2005-2007 and so so much more that I have been researching since then. 

2. There was going to be an explosion in the 'truth movement' (the 'bigger picture); an awakening of the masses around the world that would begin to expose the lies, frauds, and crimes being committed by leaders around the world, as well as bankers, lawyers, judges, law enforcement, media, religion and more. These are the crimes against humanity and our planet.  On other levels, what would also be exposed are those who, intentionally or unintentionally perpetuate the lies under designed programs pretending to claim to want better things for the world.  The peace education profession is one such example.

3. There was going to be a 'spiritual' awakening of people worldwide to understand the larger meaning of everything that was happening and why. (the 'BIGGER, bigger picture')

4. There was also going to be a growing global push for the disclosure of civilizations beyond Earth that have been interacting with at least some world governments and also a push to release the massive amounts of suppressed/militarized non-Earth technologies that could transform our planet.

All four have now come true.

The peace educators I used to know personally ARE NOT 'bad', nor are they 'wrong'. They have unfortunately, allowed themselves to be led into an illusion, and they were either unable or unwilling to do the necessary reflection and critical analysis of a profession that has only been used as a facade, to carry on the illusion that people and organizations are working for peace in the world.
It is my hope and creation that, by sharing this, perhaps some peace educators will begin to address the profession in a way to bring the change that is urgently needed at this time! It is the very same illusion that has been perpetrated upon humanity so they are not alone. ALL humans have been deceived..for their entire lifetimes, and arguably much longer.

I say this with the greatest love and compassion I can: Peace Education owes it to humanity to stand up for peace by questioning all the people and institutions that have hindered and prevented peace.
In 2004, I closed the multinational, corporate aspect of my life. Even though I had a high salary, with six weeks vacation and good benefits, I was fed up with the illusion of what I was a part of, and I knew that my path was to do something different, that could be more meaningful, not only to me personally, but also to humanity, our planet and the future generations.

I had an idea and a vision for peace, and it was my belief that I could find validation for this vision at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. I was directed to apply my vision to the Peace Education program in particular, so I chose this program. I spent the year dedicating myself to the validation of my vision as I worked on my Masters thesis. My degree is proof that my vision has validity. Yet no one within the field of 'peace' education acknowledges this validity - because it represents a threat to the profession that provides the income, the prestige, the retirement pension, the recognition they need, or more.

Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

 By the time I graduated from UPEACE on year later, I had been more or less ostracized by many of my classmates and even by the university itself. The thing that I had discovered, was apparently the one thing that the university administration did not want me to discover, let alone talk about:

The University for Peace, like so many 'so-called' institutions for peace, was not truly interested in global peace at all. They were only interested in the BUSINESS of peace.

Leaders of our world proudly claim to 'want peace' or they will 'bring peace' to the world; negotiators claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers claim to 'measure or quantify peace'; academics claim to 'study peace' and institutions claim to 'teach peace'. Yet, the salaries, the perks, the privileges, the reputations of all involved here are dependent upon a lack of peace in the world.  So what are they REALLY saying when they claim to work for or want 'peace' in the world? By the time I finished at UPEACE, I saw that the profession known as 'peace education', is a mere facade for the glorification of claiming to work for something, while demonstrating very little, if any, true understanding of why there is not peace in our world at this time.

In the years since then, some professors from UPEACE and some students, have achieved their respective degrees of success, by finding well-paid jobs within institutions alleging to work for peace; others are fortunate enough to give lectures at educational institutions; while others still create research works on various topics. Some may have found ‘honourable’ work at NGO’s believing they are contributing to ‘democracy’ for example – only to find out how the same institution has participated in the destabilization of a country, like Ukraine for example, but also many, many other countries whose leaders were demonized, because they would not adhere to US/western hegemony, led by the western model of fiat currency, fractional-reserve banking and protected by the criminally-fraudulent system of Admiralty Law – a judicial/legal system of COMMERCIAL RULES that have been given the force of ‘law’, without the informed, democratic consent of the people upon whom this system has been forced.

During these years, it has become more than abundantly clear, at least to me, that 'peace education' is a glorified, but very failed product of its own illusion. It would appear that those connected to this profession have not understood the wise words that have been credited to Albert Einstein when he stated that a problem cannot be solved from within the same line of thinking from which the problem came. What Einstein was saying, therefore, is that IF one hopes to resolve the issue of 'global peace', then one is going to have to approach the solution from outside of the box of thinking that does not want peace in the world. Despite claims made by so many, there can and never will be peace in our world, as long as conflict and war remain more profitable than peace.

Peace Educators like mosthumans, dislike having their systems of belief shattered, let alone challenged. 'Change' however, is what LIFE is.

Unknown:  "Most people do not want the truth - what they want is the reassurance that what they happen to believe, is the truth." 

I discovered this during my year at UPEACE.  Years ago, I had a pretty good idea of what was not working in the world, and I had a pretty good idea of what the solutions were. Yet, no one was interested. Here I was, surrounded by natural beauty, in an institution claiming to be recognized as an educational institution for peace; surrounded by 'so-called' established people in the fields of peace; and surrounded by students from around the world eager to learn about this very vague word called 'peace'.

Part of what my research established is that there is no, broadly-accepted, holistic definition for this word 'peace'. Therefore, what is it that leaders are claiming; what is it that negotiators are claiming; what is it that researchers are claiming; what is it that academics and institutions are claiming when they claim to 'want peace'? The next questions that I might ask are : "For whom is this claim of peace being made, and who stands to profit from these claims for peace?" 

Unknown:  "if peace was profitable for the elites of the world, we would have had it by now". 

Twelve years after leaving UPEACE, this statement has significantly greater truth to it than most can even BEGIN to comprehend, and it is something that the profession of peace education has been in denial of.
'Academics' present their papers and their research, and it all looks wonderful on paper. They receive funding from institutions that in turn receive funding from individuals and corporations that get their profit and power from the exact opposite of that which they are funding. It is an illusion these institutions use, to appear to be doing something good for the world, while in reality doing the exact opposite because it is more profitable.
Peace educators, requiring validation for their work and their egos, joyfully receive the funding without even questioning from where the funding came. They joyfully give and receive validations of each others' work as though a document can REALLY make a difference. It does not. Even when I arrived at UPEACE, I was beginning to see the pattern of corruption in the world, and I had put some of the pieces together. The more I worked on my thesis, and the more deeply I looked into the reasons why we do not have peace in our world, I saw that this rabbit hole was even deeper than what I thought. I continued to venture down this rabbit hole, while my classmates, professors and others stayed safely out of the rabbit hole. I knew a lot back then, but twelve years later, I can now see that, even what I knew back then, or thought I knew, was NOTHING compared to what I now understand about the forces controlling our planet, and enslaving humanity for profit, power, greed and control.

There are two illusions that have trapped peace educators, and this can be best explained by a few quotes from unknown sources: 1. "The system will not provide an education that will overthrow its own system." and 2. The same quote from above: "Most people do not want the truth - what they want is the reassurance that what they happen to believe, is the truth."

Peace Educators are so attached to the idea that they are doing something good in the world, that they are unable and unwilling to see how they have become the antithesis of that for which they are claiming to support.
Peace Education CANNOT be taught within a system that profits from conflict, war and debt, UNLESS that same 'peace education' teaches people how to critically question the governance, the banking and legal structures and the military/industrial complex along with their puppets, that prevent peace.  In this sense, it is only a vast waste of money, time, energy and resources if the profession cannot act outside of this paradigm.

What the peace education profession also (sadly) has no understanding of, are the tools being used for the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit, power and control.  The controlled western media is one of them.  A criminally corrupt system of debt-based banking, known as the fractional-reserve model for banking perpetually enslaves individuals and nation-states in unsustainable debts that are mathematically impossible to pay off.  As well, most, if not all western humans (at least) are enslaved to a 'corporate fiction' identity, dictated by the criminally-fraudulent system of commercial law that creates commercial rules, and then gives them the force of 'law'...without the informed and democratic consent of national peoples.

Here are a few keys facts: 1. EVERY war started since WWI has been a banker-created war, and not been a war for 'democracy, freedom or peace' (except the 'peace' that means the enslavement of humanity to a criminal paradigm created by bankers and an elitist mafia. 2. The lie of 9/11 is that this was the justification for the invasion of the remaining countries that did NOT have a Rothschilds-controlled central banking system. 3. The system of commercial admiralty law - currently the 'law' that attempts to govern global control and 'peace' - is a series of commercial rules decided upon by the elitist few and imposed upon humanity by cheating humans into 'consenting' to the process of having their rights stripped away from them, and then having those 'rights' sold back to them as 'privileges'.

'Peace'...as a holistic, natural and free experience that is claimed to be wanted by most humans worldwide, will NOT happen within this framework, because free, critically-thinking humans are a threat to this system of profit, enslavement, debt, fear, separation and control.

Within the UPEACE community, I was increasingly ostracized, because I was willing to critically question all the structures of human control and enslavement and why Peace Education was not addressing the issue. Not wanting to acknowledge this 'elephant in the room', I became a 'persona non grata' after graduation.  Not particularly honourable, for people, an institution, and a profession, claiming to teach peace, inclusivity, tolerance and respect. We can even look to the prophet Muhammad who has been quoted as saying:  "The cure for ignorance is to question".  

Since the word 'truth' is very relative and subjective to each individual believes in any moment, my thesis postulated that the word 'peace' would also be very relative to what one feels and believes in any moment.  This feeling or belief flows first however from another word, 'LIFE' (capitalized).  To appreciate and better understand the definition of 'peace' my work offers, LIFE is defined as the following:
"An ever-evolving process encompassing the ALL THAT IS.  This includes the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that sustains all things on Earth and beyond".

The relation each individual has therefore with LIFE in each momen will vary, based on one's social conditioning, personal beliefs, values, morals, ethics and so on.

The level of peace within each individual therefore will be relevant to the relation one has with LIFE in each moment.  In my Masters thesis, I have therefore offered a definition of 'peace' as being:
"An internal experience of unconditional love and service to LIFE, relative to one's uniquely different and equally beautiful relation with LIFE in each current moment."

Along with tens of thousands of other awakened people who do not have a Masters degree in 'Peace' Education, I now have a much better understanding of how and who, to critically question.  These individuals are paying the price by being denied employments opportunities.  They are ridiculed, demonized, ridiculed, and rejected social circles, and in extreme cases, they are incarcerated, simply because they see what 'peace educators' do not want to see or acknowledge. 'Peace Education' has failed them, but more generally, it has failed humanity overall.

A former classmate posted a paper a paper online around 28DEC2018, discussing peace in a particular context. To respect this individual, I will not give a name. I read the abstract, and here is one part of what I wrote in reply: “I observe with great sadness a comment in your abstract: "While “teaching peace” programs have been going on now for over a decade, little is known about their impact and the realities in which they operate."

What he does not know, or will not admit, is that there is a LOT that is known about their impact and the realities in which they operate.

It is just that this information does not conform to, nor does it support, the 'business of peace' model, and is therefore overlooked and/or outright rejected.”

‘Peace education’ fails because it does not consider how the uniquely different and equally beautiful LIFE-paths of all individuals shape their own very personal definition of ‘peace’. I have not lived YOUR life; I do not know your pains, your joys and the lessons you have learned. For peace to happen...TRUE HOLISTIC PEACE, each individual must reflect on her/his life, and find the lessons he/she was meant to learn, and then LIVE those lessons in every choice possible, in service to LIFE. How I honour LIFE will be different than any other because of the lessons I choose or do not choose, to learn and heal within myself.

Global peace becomes a REFLECTION of the inner work one has done to heal oneself, and ones thoughts, words and actions towards all LIFE.

Here is another part I wrote to this individual: “NO curriculum can adequately teach this. Therefore the responsibility of peace educators is to BE the example.

There ARE however, two things that we all DO share in common. One: Our experiences and our pains of living in this world have been caused by the same people, institutions and organizations.  Two: We are all a part of LIFE - this ever-evolving process that includes the physical, non-physical, visible and invisible that support and sustain us upon this planet.

It is in these areas where 'peace education' fails badly.

Ironically, it is the people of the world who have begun waking up to their enslavement and who are starting to unite and rebel against global banking, legal and political structures of control who are now humanity's GREATEST hope for a future of peace. They are the ones who are sacrificing everything; their salaries, their careers, but most importantly, their lives...to stand up against the people and structures that have prevented peace. They are the peace educators, because they are choosing to DO, what others have not had the wisdom and courage to do. They are being hurt and killed because the rest (including peace educators) stayed silent and allowed our world to become what it has...and this has forced people to do something to reclaim our humanity and our planet. We will learn more from them than we will from any politician, bureaucrat or academic pontificating from her or his personal space of privilege.

As I see it... politicians give themselves hefty salaries and enjoy all the public recognition of telling the world they support 'peace'. Meanwhile, young people from lower and middle-class families are being sent to kill lower and middle class families in other countries in the NAME of 'peace' or 'democracy'. Yet, what it has REALLY been about is controlling countries that are refusing to participate in a global world order of debt, fear, illness and separation. It is also about stealing wealth from those countries.

The soldiers doing the killing and risking their lives are paid infinitely LESS than politicians, and they are taking all the risk, believing they are doing something 'honourable', but are discovering that what they do has not been honourable at all. They experience the PTSD and suicides while many are homeless while not receiving the support they deserve - for fighting to protect the right of wealthy bankers to continue enslaving humanity and destroying our planet for profit and power.

Peace Educators are just like politicians. From the safety of their offices, they receive great salaries, and prestigious opportunities to speak on so-called issues relating to 'peace' and they get the glory and recognition from peers and colleagues, while the poor people of the world experience and SEE the control and enslavement for what it is, and they are risking EVERYTHING in the hope of removing this enslavement to create a better world for everyone.

Will 'academic' peace educators support the poor who have been harmed financially, injured or even killed in defending the values that they are claiming to believe, from the comfort of their homes and offices? NO, THEY WILL NOT. Peace educators will not come to their defence because it would mean exposing many of the people and organizations that fund peace education for the benefit of tax write-offs, while also funding war and conflict because it is more profitable than peace. It would risk everything the profession enjoys from its position of safety and security.  I see neither honour nor courage in this profession.

Having spent a number of years as an alternative news journalist, I have come to learn and understand MUCH more than what I knew when I wrote my thesis.

IF any, so-called 'peace educator' has been paying attention to alternative news over the last year, there are MASSIVE events on multiple levels about to impact our world starting (publicly) in 2019.

We are going to see revelations about child sex-trafficking, pedophilia child satanic rituals to accumulate blood and adrenochrome. There is a very longer history to all of this. IF there are any courageous peace educators who wish to try to connect the dots with all that is happening now, perhaps this article will give you the historical context:

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated) Secret History of Khazarian Mafia and its evil plan to hijack the whole world now revealed for first time. By Preston James, Ph.D - March 8, 2015

People like me pay a price for what we know. I have not been employed since leaving UPEACE more than 10 years ago.

Mainstream media institutions are corrupt and they will not hire me because of what I know.

Proof? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fHfgU8oMSo   - Mainstream media all saying the same thing.

So-called ‘peace’ organizations will not hire me, because I have figured out their game. Those who profit from war and conflict need to look good to people so they also donate to ‘peace’ organizations, but it is really for the tax write-offs or other considerations. Peace education is quite simply a grand hypocrisy, and it is only this: a business.

DO NOT BELIEVE ME JUST BECAUSE I AM REPORTING THIS. Each person must research and learn on one's own, to decide what is 'true' or not.   Here is a short explanation of the criminally corrupt system of banking – a system that is now rapidly collapsing, I might add.:

YouTube: Zeitgeist Addendum - History of Money Creation.

In the years since I completed Peace Ed, I have seen nothing from this profession that stands up to the people and organizations that profit from conflict. They will not bite the hand that feeds them.

There are so many who have no degrees at all who understand 'peace'; what's wrong with our planet; who's responsible for it, and things that we can do about it - even more than I think I know. They do not receive accolades and validations from people to boost their CV or their ego's. They simply serve, with humility and compassion.
A true peace educator, upon very critical self-reflection, might begin to ask why. "Why is it that everyone is claiming to want peace and that so many are willing to spend money on peace-oriented programs but we still have so much conflict and separation in the world?"

'Democracy' has been an illusion; 'freedom' within countries is an illusion. North Americans especially have been indoctrinated with the belief that they are 'free'. WE ARE NOT FREE. There is almost nothing that (most) citizens worldwide can do, WITHOUT government permission.

Without government permission, we cannot: 1. Be born; 2. Go to school ; 3. Get a job; 4. Get married/divorced; 5. Have children; 6. Earn income; 7. Operate a car/boat/plane; 8. Own a gun; 9. Own/expand a house; 10. Go fishing; 11. Receive healthcare; 12. Start a business; 13. Take drugs; 14. Fly on a commercial plane; 15. Travel to another country; and we cannot even DIE without government permission.  

This is just a SMALL sample of the BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS that have been stripped from humans and commercially sold back to them as PRIVILEGES. This is neither ‘freedom’ nor is it ‘peace’. Purely and simply - - it is ENSLAVEMENT. It is an illusion conveniently marketed and sold around the world. Read the article above to understand who is responsible for ALL the conflicts worldwide, and why things are getting so messy now. Those controlling the planet are being exposed, and they are being arrested and they are trying desperately to start another global conflict.

The ROOT cause of ALL conflict in the world - from global to personal - comes down to ENERGY - and a competition to control and manipulate the energies of those around us. Every human uses tactics that James Redfield ('The Celestine Prophecy') calls 'control dramas', and Eckhart Tolle ('The Power Of Now') calls 'pain bodies'. When something does not go our way, we consicously and subconsciously resort to these dramas to get control of the people that one wishes to control.

Peace will not manifest while there are still people controlling the global structures that profit from conflict, war, separation, fear and debt-created-from-thin-air.
IF Peace Education is not willing to take on this advocacy – to educate people to begin critically questioning the leaders and the structures/systems that enslave us, while also teaching people solutions how to make themselves and their communities self-sustaining,  then it is a failed profession.  It is a profession wasting money trying to put out a fire that will NEVER get put out, as long as the ROOT SOURCES of the global fires are not FIRST extinguished. 

Thankfully, the world is now finally becoming more aware of this, and I am SO VERY GRATEFUL to the thousands of courageous souls who have had the courage to question, challenge and peacefully resist the structures of global human enslavement and planetary destruction, for profit, power and control.  Elites are soon to be arrested, and a new global financial system is close at hand.

YOUR service to humanity and the planet is needed, to be the example that 'professionals' need to see - and perhaps feel empowered by, so they may feel guided to help restore the integrity of a profession that has been sorely tarnished… IF that integrity was ever there at all.

Geoffrey West
Bachelors, Radio and Television, Ryerson University - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Masters, Peace Education (2006), UN-mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica


This is a series of articles that were reported on Cosmic Vision News, starting on February 24, 2017, relating to the changing energies and dynamics of human relations, especially among couples or those in committed relations with others.  With the changing energies upon the planet, and also the shifting human and planetary consciousness, many are moving, if they have not already moved through, the awareness that relations have changed.

Our global condition has placed unrealistic standards on relations, while also undermining those same relations by putting more stresses upon individuals that ultimately impact the relations they have with others.  This could be family, professional, or a committed relation with a special partner.

The ROOT cause of ALL conflict in the world - from global to personal - comes down to ENERGY - and a competition to control and manipulate the energies of those around us. Everyone does this, and this pattern developed from the particular LIFE-path experience that each unique individual has.  As a child, one learns how to respond to the 'control dramas' (or pain bodies) of the parents, to get the results the child wants or needs. Without awareness, these dramas continue into adulthood, where they are once again passed along to children.

As humanity and our world evolve, each human is being called to do self-reflection, and begin healing unresolved issues to help build stronger, harmonious, and more peaceful relations with everyone, but especially in their committed relations.   




TO LISTEN: http://www.cosmicvisionnews.com/item/270   CLICK 'PLAY' AND GO TO THE 1:06:58 MARK.

This week, I would like to start exploring the nature and the energy of relations. As humans evolve, the way we interact and communicate with others, is becoming increasingly more important. As one human awakens, one may find that suddenly something is different among family members, or among colleagues, but especially among partners, and perhaps even one’s children.

It’s a great feeling to come into contact with new information that is so exciting to one individual and one wants to share it with others, only to find that, on various occasions, that information is rejected, and the individual suddenly begins to feel isolated from those around him or her.

This series is going to focus primarily on relations between partners in any kind of committed relation with another.

I wish to start by stating the following: I consider any relation between committed individuals to be a sacred bond and experience. Whether it be a heterosexual relation, or any other kind. They all have a function and purpose in advancing the evolution and experience in this physical 3D form. Never having been in a same sex relation myself for example, at least not in this lifetime, I may not be able to relate to certain aspects of these relations, It does not mean that I do not honour them. I do.

Please know that I am not intending any disrespect upon those beautiful souls in any other kind of relation, in presenting this series. Any relation based in love is to be respected, cherished and honoured. In this context however, I will be referring mostly to the heterosexual relation.

A few interesting articles have crossed my path over the last few weeks, causing me to reflect on the nature of relations and I have to reflect on this also for myself, even though I am sharing this with you.

The evolution of relations has gone from a more Victorian-era approach, meaning getting married young, having the 2.6 children, for example, and having one paid job while the woman primarily tended to the home, for the rest of their lives. This evolution has gone in multiple directions since then, with not only multiple orientations, but also the fact that most people will no longer only have one job, but many have not yet even been able to find a job, and many children are being forced to stay at home due to the economic environment that has been created.

This has caused people to have feelings of insecurity - meaning that they are unable to provide for themselves, and forget being able to provide for another. There are those who have been fortunate to have jobs, and they have become critical of those whom they may perceive as ‘lazy’, because they are unable to find a meaningful job.

There is the evolving 3D role of women in our current world, with women becoming more empowered and they are reclaiming their role and status within the world. The same can be said for people of the gay and lesbian communities, although in the other orientations, this movement is still young, and it is still being birthed into the larger global consciousness. Yes, I understand that things are still not perfect for women, for gays, for lesbians or for the other orientations, but things are evolving. Arguably, things are no longer perfect even for the heterosexual community.

The question therefore becomes who and what is responsible for socialized perceptions of relations, and why is love, in its purest and most simple form, being commercialized and yet ironically, ostracized at the same time? The message being put out is that love and relations are important, and yet at the same time for all those who have been unable to create meaningful relations, for whatever reason, are left to feel ‘less worthy’, because they have been unable to live up to an unrealistic standard. Sound familiar? It is almost exactly the same thing that has been socialized into the world concerning ‘beauty’ or a woman’s body needing to fit a certain pattern.

Perhaps the same thing could be said about the nature of men.

Men are being given a bad reputation. In many cases, we deserve it. We have been socialized into being aggressive, sexual, protective, and to not show emotion. White men especially have been responsible for most, and arguably all of the major ills facing humanity and our planet.

When I have given presentations on relations, I speak about how the pressures of our current world have forced people away from the true purpose in the LIFE-paths. By being forced directly, either by parents or by one’s social expectations, or indirectly, by one’s economic status, people are forced into situations that are not ideal for one’s own spiritual growth and service.

In trying to fulfill this standard for others, or in trying to do a job that one hates only to pay bills, this prevents one from giving one’s best to one’s relations. In their unhappiness, they falsely look outside of themselves, believing that another can replace the unhappiness they feel inside, only to discover, days, months or years later, that it did not fulfill that emptiness inside. Of course, years later, children may now be involved because the partners believed that a child would complete the emptiness.

In some cases yes..in many cases no. Therefore, many relations were ending, and divorce rates soared because people began to realize that despite the socialized conditioning of many years ago, people could no longer stay in relations they were no longer happy being in.

John Gray, author of the older, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus series of books, explored the nature of the dating process.

Men have been socialized into being providers, and this new world where women no longer need men to be providers has created an identity-crisis of sorts within men. They no longer know how to feel useful to a woman. This can cause friction even from something really simple.

Here is an example. A woman comes home from work, tired, stressed and upset about something that happened that day. As a woman, she wants to let it out and share it. Another woman will immediately understand, and allow her friend to vent - just to get the energy out. A man sees that his partner his hurting, and unintentionally wants to do something to fix it, or make her feel better. This is often not what the woman wants.

She just wants someone to share it with, and then she feels better. The man, by doing what he thought he was supposed to do, may suddenly find himself in a conflict without knowing or understanding why. By sharing, the woman was saying: let me get it out of my system, and then I will be fine. The man is hearing: ‘help me, I’ve been hurt. Fix it.’

A very simple miscommunication, and yet can lead to a massive fight, and in extreme cases even an end to the relation, if both people are too caught up in their egos to see the energy dynamic that is playing out. Had the man understood this, he could have ‘fixed’ it by just listening and doing nothing. She could have helped by asking him to allow her to just vent, and that she would love and value him to just give her a few minutes to vent. This way he feels appreciated, even if he is only listening.

James Redfield, author of the The Celestine Prophecy series and author Eckhart Tolle, have both explored the nature of the competition for energy in relations. Redfield calls this competition ‘control dramas’ and Tolle uses the term ‘pain bodies’. Both are accurate in their own way and describe the dynamic. For now, I will use the term ‘control dramas’.

In any kind of relation, when things are not working out to the satisfaction of someone, one will resort to a tactic that allows one to take energy from another. At the root of ALL conflict in the world, from the global to the personal relations…any conflict comes from a competition for human energy, and this competition comes in numerous forms. Redfield describes four primary types:

The Intimidator - who uses physical force or the threat of physical force to push others into submission. People surrender energy to the intimidator for fear of being hurt. The United States on a global scale has been an example of this. An abusive partner is a personal example.
The Interrogator - one who consistently seeks to find fault in others and to makes others ‘wrong’, so that one receives the validation of being ‘right’. Someone who is constantly being critical of another, is seeking self-validation. There is the saying that many people do not want the truth but only the validation that what they believe is the truth. So many people are critical on social media, when in reality, they are seeking to validate their idea of truth. If one does not accept that, then one may resort to becoming an intimidator.
The Aloof drama - is harder to explain but is a trick where people intentionally do not offer all the information when it is asked and instead keep forcing people to ask more and more questions, to keep their attention, and therefore their energies flowing into the one using this drama.
The Poor Me - the victim who uses guilt to steal energy from others. On a personal level, one complains about something expecting sympathy from others or by claiming to be hurt and laying guilt on others if they do not fulfill a certain expectation. On a global level, the Zionist agenda uses this tactic. A global ‘poor me’, using alleged crimes against them as a reason for everything they are claiming.

Everyone uses one or more of these dramas when things are not working out. These dramas were learned in response to the dramas used by parents, friends and family when the individual was young. An abused child for example, may become either an Intimidator or a Poor Me, depending upon what works. This drama then manifests in adult relations and in most cases it is subconscious.

For over a decade, I have defined a relation, and in this case I am referring to two people in a committed relation, I have defined a relation as being: “two people who are committed to helping the other fulfill his or her highest potential in the world”. At the same time, it is challenging to do this when one has challenges loving oneself. How can one expect another to love being alone with you, if YOU do not love or enjoy being alone with you?

As more humans worldwide awaken to the deeper, energetic nature of the world we live in, and as we move into spaces of healing various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks within us, one’s approach to relations will be … hopefully… more evolved. This does not necessarily mean ‘perfect’ however. We will all continue to grow as one searches for meaningful partners.

Gary Zukav in his book, ‘The Seat of the Soul’ wrote the following: “A soul that is committing violence is hurting deeply, for a healthy and balanced soul is incapable of harm”.

Violence can exist in multiple forms and can even be unintentional, based upon one’s socialized values. It can be physical, emotional, mental and this therefore affects the spiritual nature of all involved. In this sense, ‘violence’ can be interpreted as the use of control dramas upon another for one’s own personal, energetic benefit.

Zukav, on his website, shares this following insight:

http://4d94f34431d007ded661-447df47dfcb7c6ce15582f704200ab42.r2.cf6.rackcdn.com/Ap-and-SP-clip-from-eCourse-video-EDIT.mp4 - CVN NOTE: This video promotes a spiritual partnership workshop offered by Zukav. The references to this workshop were removed from the audio that was aired on the newscast.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - SeatOfTheSoul.com : Homepage for Gary Zukav, author.

More and more of humanity is choosing consciously a shift in how they approach relations, while others are beginning to look for something more meaningful, even if they have not yet begun to explore or understand what this new relation energy is about.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll look at several articles and videos that may help further the understanding of relations and how they are evolving, in the hopes that it may help people to choose more meaningful relations at this time, and ultimately help to lift the energetic vibration of the planet towards something better that millions worldwide are now claiming to want.



TO LISTEN: http://www.cosmicvisionnews.com/item/271   CLICK 'PLAY' AND GO TO THE 1:14:46 MARK.


Humans have taken their external experiences and interpretations and channeled them into their personal relations, in the form of an energy dynamic I referred to as control dramas or pain bodies, and passing them along to children and to others around us. This competition for precious human energy has been at the root of all conflict that currently exists in our world today from the global to the internal and external relations created by every single individual.

Nature, whether it be animal or human… and yes, humans are ‘animals’ but for the purposes of identifying them separately, I use separate terms, our world has attempted to explain the difference between character traits identified as ‘alpha’, ‘beta’, ‘omega’ and others.

Although science has observed historically, a hierarchy in nature that has served to help preserve the evolution of the species, it can also now be argued that humans have been given a false history, while also being fed various identifiers that have served to ‘label’ and separate one part of humanity from another. Therefore, any identifiers of ‘separation’ have therefore only existed as a means of perpetuating the enslavement and control of humanity through these identifiers of separation within our species. On a scientific/natural level it has served to keep humanity within the duality and illusion of separation, while on the spiritual level, it has served to give certain humans who choose to awaken, the opportunity to begin an evolution that seeks to move humanity and the planet to a more LIFE-honouring Oneness.

Humans worldwide have been socialized and conditioned into gender labels such as alpha ,beta, omega and others. We have been socialized into the idea that certain labels are ‘better’, ‘more cool’, ‘more attractive or more desirable for having a strong family.

Of course, the idea of a ‘strong family’ in the past may have required qualities that some call ‘alpha’. With the evolving planet and consciousness, even though we still identify with the idea of the ‘preservation’ of the species, this is a lower vibration way of thinking and being. We are evolving towards a more non-physical and possibly a dual physical/non-physical existence - what some may consider a more spiritual evolution of a different vibration.

We are now realizing that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good or ‘bad’, but merely that who one is, in each moment of ‘now’. We are here to identify our purpose, find our truth and share that truth, while also seeking to heal whatever socialized conditioning we may have been born into for our spiritual growth and the overall collective evolution.

Famous journalist Edward R Murrow has been quoted as saying that: “We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.” Of course, he was talking geopolitically. I am going to present this definition in a more spiritual context, and say that we cannot manifest freedom and peace in our world, by deserting it within ourselves.

As I have given presentations on global peace in the past, I have explored briefly how this is connected to personal relations. I speak to people about looking at their LIFE-paths, by drawing a vertical line. The bottom being when one was born, and the top being when one finishes up here to continue in the LIFE AFTER LIFE. In between, one can begin to identify key events and experiences both positive and negative through one’s LIFE-path up to the current moment. In my case, I was able to identify through my experiences, that I am being prepared as a communicator of a very complicated message, to the people of the world. It would take too much time in this story to explain the exact details of that.

My relation experiences, and my lack of relation experiences and much more have contributed to who I am, as have the financial experiences I have had. You may also be able to see a pattern in your world. Each choice either keeps us on our path or takes us away from that path. If one is off of one’s path, then one may not be connecting with the best people to find happiness in one’s personal relations. This is easier to show to people through a diagram than it is to explain, but I hope that you are able to get the idea. One tries to substitute one’s unhappiness by thinking that one can change it only by accepting a new relation or a child, without changing anything else in one’s life.

Although odd miracles are possible, this is generally not common with most people. It takes awareness and effort to not only own and heal one’s own life, but to be compassionate and supportive as one’s partner also strives to heal her or his life. If both are willing to take that journey together, the pattern can move both back to their ideal LIFE-paths, even if it means separating at a later time. If one or both are unwilling to put in that effort, nothing will heal, nor will any happiness be restored in the long-term.

Ginny Marston, writing for MetaMissy on Feb 18 explores a case known as ‘wounded healers’. Marston writes the following: “ The Wounded Healer is the idea that there are those who seek to heal others because, in doing so, it helps themselves heal. If you have a need or want to help others because of a difficult past you may be a Wounded Healer.”

Marston identifies nine characteristics that she believes identifies the ‘wounded healer’ They are:

1.  You are committed to self growth – always looking to better yourself by working on you.
2.  You are open to new ideas, seeing if they will make you more loving, at peace… a “better” person.
3.  You are good at giving advice to others, and know that the advice you give you would have given yourself, especially your younger self. This makes you happy knowing that you are helping others and in return healing yourself.
4.  All your life you knew that you wanted to help people. You may not have known what industry or how you were going to do it, but you knew helping others made you happy.
5.  Only through struggle will you know true happiness. You believe that without struggle we cannot know true peace.
6.  You have a desire, which sometimes turns into a fixation, on wanting to fix everything. It is hard to balance the “perfectionist” and the “near insanity” in you.
7.  You know your purpose in this life. No matter how big or small. Whether it is working on a worldwide cause or by one person at a time you know what you need to do.
8.  Despite the difficulties you experienced, you are grateful, as you know that they were needed to make you who you are now.
9.  It is difficult to not let your need to heal take over your life. It is who you are and what makes you feel best, so you are driven to those who need that from you.

Marston adds that wounded healers feel empathy and not just sympathy for another. “They become connected on a spiritual plane helping each other and thus transforming both. The Wounded Healer is often the victim – he who must suffer the wounds of life to understand. One first becomes wounded and then over time learns to self heal their wounds, and in part, this is the act of healing others. So it eventually becomes a path of service, based in the empathy of shared pain and experience.”

A warrior queen or king may look for a warrior partner. Wounded healers may look for others who are also hurting. The so-called warrior spirit may need to learn how soften up with a bit of compassion and vulnerability. The wounded healers may, if they are aware, be able to uplift and empower each other into their higher warrior service. All together, we can empower each other against the global cabal, and shift human and planetary consciousness to a more evolved and peaceful vibration.

This is why I often remind listeners to not put me up on a pedestal that I do not deserve to be put on. I am just like all off you; neither above nor below - but just moving along together with you, trying to empower the greatest difference we can.. together.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - 18FEB17 Ginny Marston, MetaMissy.com : Wounded Healers.



TO LISTEN: http://www.cosmicvisionnews.com/item/272   CLICK 'PLAY' AND GO TO THE 1:05:56 MARK.

FACING OUR SHADOWS: THE CONTINUING SERIES ON RELATIONS EXPLORES THE FACING OF THE DARKER SIDES WITHIN US. With part three of a continuing series on the energies and dynamics of relations between people, we explore a bit of the darker side, addressing and facing the shadows within us.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry have spent decades attempting to mold the perceptions of people into having or searching for ‘the perfect body’ or the ‘perfect romantic relation’.

Subconsciously, it is possible that two souls may their find their way to each other, and both may have an unexplained attraction or perhaps even a ‘familiarity’ with the other individual. If one or both individuals have fallen off their own LIFE-paths and are seeking a relation as a way of escaping the unhappiness in one’s world, this is very likely to end up in a failed relation, unless both partners learn to see the pattern and take active steps to heal their lives and move forward in a way that honours, empowers and uplifts each other in their respective truth, or LIFE-purpose.

Most humans have been socialized into repressing their shadows. We all have them. The shadow part of us may hold negative energy patterns such as traumas from one’s current life, and it is possible that one has energies from one or more past lives that are re-playing in the current physical life. Lightworkers often are taught to focus on the Light, and hold energies of Light, peace and love. While this does have its role and purpose, sharing a journey together with another soul means learning to be vulnerable and to express and hopefully heal, shadow energies within oneself.

Shane McNeil, writing on Facebook on March 1st shares one part of a Mayan Oracle that relates to our shadow sides. The Oracles shares the following: “ The shadow part of self is often viewed by the ego as “bad”, when actually it is a very potent and a creative force. The disowned or unconscious parts of ourselves are truly the keepers of great wisdom. Shadow is simply the face of the light that is unseen. Through working with it, you are provided with the opportunity to heal yourself and live a fully integrated life. Free yourself from the viewpoints of difficulty, drama and struggle. As you integrate your shadow issues and become more ‘transparent’, the projections of others begin to literally pass through you without creating charged reactions or emotional hurts. In transforming ourselves, we help transform others and the Earth.” - The Mayan Oracle-

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01MAR17 Shane B McNeil via Facebook : The Wisdom of Shadow. https://www.innertraditions.com/the-mayan-oracle.html - InnerTraditions.com : Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner, ‘The Mayan Oracle - A Galactic Language of Light’. (IF ANYONE WISHES TO ORDER A BOOK ABOUT MAYAN ORACLES)

Jona Bryndis, in an article appearing on the LoveHasWon.org blogsite, explains a bit more about dealing with the sexual, shadow aspects within oneself. She writes the following: “ Waking up to our inner worlds often means discovering and dealing with forgotten, repressed unloved or hidden inner aspects of our personality – in self-healing we call this Shadow Work. For most of us it can come with another uncomfortable revelation – the discovery of our sexual shadow aspects.

Becoming aware of sexual shadow traits in oneself is a natural part of our self-transformation and ascension process and should not to be judged or condemned - nor excluded. The fact that we are becoming more aware of our shadow traits doesn’t mean that we are ‘bad’ or that we have been bad in the past; it simply means that we have a higher consciousness level now and, that we can live a more aware and responsible life from here on.

What we weren’t aware of in the past is past – it's part of our learning curve and all this means id\s witnessing our naiveté in the past - but what we have become aware of in the present is now a part of our consciousness and therefore needs to be dealt with.”

Many, if not most, are unwilling to face this aspect of themselves for their own reasons. Bryndis continues, writing that: “ Dealing with shadow traits is challenging and requires a bit of courage at first, but if we face them with the tenacity of bone crushing honesty with ourselves, it can become our most rewarding training ground for learning how to transcend lower and align to higher vibratory energies:

Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, Joy, Trust, Respect, Grace, Non-Judgment, Self-Love and finally Surrender – represent the main healing resonances of letting go of our past programming. They are the core energies for self-healing and positive self-transformation. Shadow Work can also be tempting and mesmerizing and sometimes even counterproductive, if our emotional and mental state is clogged and our energetic alignment unbalanced. Clearing and Connecting modalities can help to balance our energy flow and show us how to maintain a proper heart-connection throughout the process.”

Bryndis also observes that: “The thing that makes most of us feel uncomfortable about our hidden or secret ego aspects coming to our awareness is partially due to collective programming but also the thought that they may not be as hidden or secret as we thought. In other words, the hardest part about dealing with sexual shadow traits is not the fact that we may have some, but the loss of our innocence and the fear that they may be visible for others.”

Men have been socialized to not show vulnerability in front of women, and women have been socialized to some degree to accept only an alpha male and reject the man who shows too much vulnerability or emotion.

These dynamics become more complicated as two people enter into a new relation together. Bryndis shares that: “ Shadow traits develop when ego becomes controlling and out of balance – when we are not willing to work on our inner resistances and attachments and try to hide them instead. The development of sexual shadow traits is often rooted in collective role modeling but also through karmic collective and family aspects. Most of us relive our karmic propensities through our romantic and sexual relationships unaware of their hidden dysfunctions. It takes a moment of disengaging from our inner programming in regards to Masculinity & Femininity to realize that most of our sexual shadow developed out of defensive ego-mechanisms to cope with negative experiences of the past.”

In the article, Bryndis offers four examples of sexual control patterns, and with the exception that she uses different names for each pattern, she identifies very closely to the control dramas that I have reported on earlier in this series. Control dramas can very easily be translated into the sexual control patterns mentioned by Bryndis. As explained in the earlier parts of this series, everything is energy, and all conflict results from the attempts of one person or more to control the energy of another.

Bryndis also makes it clear of the importance to understand that: “… sexuality is not the same as sexual shadow. Sexuality and its expressions, such as playfulness, romanticism, raunchiness, or primal physicality are neutral in itself, and part of our physical experience as humans. It is comparable with hunger, thirst, need for shelter and social interaction.”

How might one begin working with one’s sexual shadow? Bryndis shares the following: “ try to look at it just as any other incongruence you can feel about yourself...do not make it special...it is not. Instead, focus on what feels true to you and change/correct some of your patterns as you go.

The process of Self-Transformation is:

1. Reflecting & admitting

2. Clearing & accepting

3. Connecting & changing

4. Integrating & transcending which leads to

5. Healing & Amending.

Bryndis concludes with the following: “Part of being human is to bounce back and forth between various energetic states; this too needs to be accepted and surrendered (integrated); But the development of our consciousness enables us to liberate ourselves from the control patterns of lower states and therefore to choose which state we want to be in. The purpose of our life then becomes to strive for transcending lower state as they arise with no need for defense or control patterns.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28FEB17 Jona Bryndis, LoveHasWon.org : Dealing with Sexual Shadow Aspects.



TO LISTEN: http://www.cosmicvisionnews.com/item/273  CLICK 'PLAY' AND GO TO THE 50:12 MARK.


Finally, in health-related news, continuing with our series on the changing dynamics and evolution of relations.

I have mentioned the book by James Redfield numerous times, ‘The Celestine Prophecy’. Many listeners are familiar with it. I have also mentioned the four main control dramas earlier in this series. This is related to Redfields’ fourth insight which describes the struggle for power.

CLICK TO VIEW  - CelestineView.com : Explanation for Insight #4 - The Struggle For Power.

When humans allow themselves to become disconnected from ‘higher awareness’ energies, we fall more into the ego, and also the dramas to try to keep control. This is why the root of all conflict in the world is linked to the conscious/unconscious, and direct/indirect control of human energy.

Moving beyond the dramas and the competition for human energy requires all people within the committed relation to do some inner work, and last week we explored some of the shadow aspects within us.

An article by Andrew Harvey appearing on The Urban Owl website on January 9th, looks at evolutionary relations and explains what he believes are the seven requirements of love.

To have an evolutionary kind of love, each of the committed partners needs to find some kind of relation with a Divine Creator Source, regardless of however one relates to this. Scientifically speaking, it could simply be the Universal Creative Force, or the ALL THAT IS. Having some kind of relation with a Divine Source of loving energy allows both partners to not only see within, but also to observe the world around, including one’s partner or partners, with greater love and compassion. This Harvey’s first requirement.

The following are excerpts from Harvey’s remaining six requirements of love. He shares the following:

The second requirement for an evolutionary love is that both beings must develop a mastery of solitude. In a true evolutionary relationship, what can exhilarate one person the most is the other’s solitude, because they know that solitude has the potential to make them a billionaire of generosity, of insight, and of creativity.

The third requirement is that in a true evolutionary relationship there is an equality of power, and that equality is born out of a profound experience of the sacredness and dignity of the other person’s soul. This gives each person the freedom and the energy and the joy that they need to go out into the world and fulfill their destiny. This is crucial because in the past there has been a vision of inequality of power.

The fourth requirement follows on from the third: if you are going to have a beloved-beloved relationship, you have to center your whole being and work and evolution in God. You have to be a master of your own solitude so that you can work on what is necessary to deepen that sacred relationship of the Divine.”

The author, Harris, chooses to use the word ‘God’, although I am choosing to call it ‘Divine Source’, or ‘Divine Creator’ or ‘Divine Creator-Source’. I also refer to it as LIFE, capitalized, the ever-evolving process; physical/non-physical, visible/invisible that supports and sustains the presence of everything not only on Earth, but also beyond. It is up to each listener and reader to find an expression that one can accept, allowing one to embrace this larger aspect of oneself that includes all things.

Harris continues:

“The fifth requirement is that both lovers completely abandon any Hollywood sentimentality about what relationships actually are. As love becomes more evolutionary and conscious, so does each lover’s understanding of each other’s shadow. One of the essential roles of this new love is to make each person in the relationship the safe-guarder of the other’s shadow—not the judge of the other’s shadow, not the denier of the other’s shadow, but someone who recognizes where the other has been wounded, and safeguards and protects them with unconditional compassion without allowing themselves to be mauled or manipulated by the other. This takes an immense effort, because it takes an immense effort to understand your own shadow, and an even greater effort to face and comprehend, without illusion, denial or repulsion, the shadow of the other.

The sixth requirement is that if you are going to enter into the evolutionary process, you have to accept that it never ends, never stops unfolding. Evolution is fundamentally a death/rebirth cycle that repeats itself in higher and higher dimensions, and any authentic evolutionary relationship must have the courage to go through the deaths that engender the rebirths.

The seventh principle requirement is that from the very beginning of this adventure into evolutionary love you must make the commitment for it not to be just a personal orgy, a cultivation of an oasis of private pleasure. You must engage consciously in this relationship to make you stronger, to serve the planet, to recognize that it is a relationship not only grounded in God, not only infused by sacred practice, but it is from the very beginning dedicated to making both people more powerful, more reflective, more passionately engaged with the only serious truth of our time: The world is dying, and we need a major revolution of the heart to empower everyone to step forward and start doing the work of reconstruction and re-creation that is now desperately needed.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09JAN17 Andrew Harvey, TheUrbanOwl.com : Evolutionary Relationships: The Seven Requirements Of Love.

Each requirement, as shared by Harvey may or may not exactly resonate with each listener. What is important is that both partners communicate clearly, compassionately and often to identify an evolutionary process that is as uniquely different and equally beautiful to individuals involved as it is to the relation involving the committed individuals.

Harris’ requirements have merit, generally speaking. Sources have been describing this movement toward a higher awareness as ‘ascension’, but there are two types of ascension: there is one’s personal ascension and then there is the ascension of the planetary body and consciousness. This will not resonate with everyone at this time, although many listeners will fully understand what I am saying.

Supporting one’s partner and moving through an evolving relation can be aided by at least a general awareness of changes taking place within our bodies. An article appearing on the Healing Energy Tools website explores continued symptoms relating to ascension but also symptoms that require attention in an evolving relation. This article offers the following:

“Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired – almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you can’t figure out why? Have you been asking yourself why you’re behaving in ways, or feeling things, that don’t seem to fit with who you know yourself to be, or that just don’t make any sense?

Are you wondering why the people in your life seem to be reacting differently to you? Either they’re more excited than ever to be with you, or the complete opposite, they’re picking fights with you or being upset with you for no apparent reason?

Perhaps in going through what you consider to be a normal day, at times you feel as if you simply cannot keep your eyes open, like sleep is simply begging you to come and be with it? Does life at times seem empty and without meaning, even when you’re doing things that you used to love? Welcome to the ascension process, and the symptoms that many experience along that path. The primary thing to know is that you are not alone, and things will get better.

When confronted with these unusual and often unwanted experiences, the first thing we typically want to know is why?

The article offers at least twenty symptoms that are worth noting and being observant of within oneself and one’s partner. A sample of a few of the symptoms are as follows: intense stress; depression; anxiety, a need to eat often; unusual aches and pains in the body; continual neck and upper back stiffness; emotional periods of up and down; night sweats; feeling cold; dizziness and loss of balance; itchy eyes and blurred vision; memory loss and difficulty accessing words; difficulty remembering recent events or conversations; feelings of disorientation and also a feeling of being ‘out of body’; feelings of intolerance and also feelings of being lazy.”

This article will also be available with this story in the show summary and posted as part of the evolving relations series this week.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14MAR17 HealingEnergyTools.com : The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Silicon Structure bodies.

At the moment, the plan for next week, is to begin exploring articles relating more to women and then the week after I will explore articles relating more to men, and then see where this series on relations will go after that.






This week, as we begin to move beyond the energies that used to define relations and begin expanding into a higher awareness as it relates to relations, we look at several articles relating more specifically to women.

The current status in the world has caused both men and women to not only doubt themselves, but also those whom they may be interested in. An article appearing on the minds.com website explores 12 things that women do unconsciously when they have been hurt too many times. The article notes the twelve things women do as being the following:

We (referring to women) doubt everything, including the intentions of the guy who shows interest in us.

- We never have anything good to say. Even if a guy is seemingly perfect, we are always looking for a catch to save ourselves from trouble.

- We accept sadness - All the heartbreaks and ignorant behavior of men we loved has left us perpetually sad. We don’t allow happiness to set camp in our minds and bodies anymore and are comparatively better at coping with sadness than we used to be before all the heartbreaks.

Romance looks funny to us.

Our secrets are ours -Expectations and then disappointments have left us so hopeless of any meaningful relations that we decide to keep some things to ourselves so that no one is able to use it against us.

We crush big time - We mostly crush on men we can never get because we know that we will never be with them and that is one good way to stay away from getting our hearts broken again.

We play and ruin - Due to having abandonment issues, we abandon people before they abandon us in order to prevent any more pain. In order to not be ignored, we ignore first. We play games like this to protect our hearts and these games ruin things for us. We play with, and ruin, the wrong people.

Love becomes a joke -we start treating love like a joke and stop thinking seriously about it because that is what it has been made for us. Failing more than once often takes all our hopes down and there is no one to blame for it except the people who failed us.

We become the flirting kind - We flirt and fool around with more than one man because staying with just one man means giving him the power to hurt us.

We jump back in the dirt willingly - We have become so used to pain that we get high on it now. We are already so messed up, what worse can happen?

Love stories make us cringe - Love stories are just too fictitious for our taste now. Not only do we laugh at them but they make us cringe big time.

- We secretly, very secretly hope - Despite being hopeless and rotten at the heart, we secretly hope for things to get better because, after all, we are humans who need love and attention. We might get the latter but love is hard to get and we are not yet giving up at life yet. We hope someone heals all our wounds.

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : Women Who Have Been Hurt Too Many Times Unknowingly Do These 12 Things.

As one begins to observe the patterns in one’s life and perhaps begins to see how one has been taken off her or his LIFE-path, one can also begin to see that the partners he/she is attracting are directly related to the energies that are present within oneself. If one is on a LIFE-path that makes an individual unhappy, the odds are less that one will find a suitable partner to have a healthy relation with.

If however, one is able to recognize that ‘good angel’ who has appeared to help someone find his or her way back, AND if that same individual is ready, willing and able to do the self-work and self-healing to use that relation for positive healing, then it may be possible for one, and possibly both people involved to find their way towards a healthy relation and healthy service to humanity and the planet.

Of course, everyone has their own advice about what others need. People love to think that they know the LIFE-paths of others; their pains; their challenges and their opportunities. Each soul has a specific set of LIFE-path experiences for one’s spiritual growth, so some of this information requires discernment. What may not be right for one person hearing this right now, may change next week or next month, after someone has had the courage to reflect on the information shared.

Emily Higgins, in an article appearing on TheMindsJourney.com shares her insights about the kind of guy a woman should wait for. Here are a few examples. She writes: “ Wait for the guy who reaches for your hand on the street and holds it proudly.

Wait for the guy who almost always places his hand on your thigh – in the cab, on the train, on the couch, under the table at the restaurant. A simple gesture communicating everything.

Wait for the guy who makes the silence comfortable. Who builds your confidence. “Wear the shoes.” Who is passionate and takes his job seriously, yet still makes you a priority.

Wait for the guy who makes you laugh – genuinely laugh.

Wait for the guy who introduces you to friends and family with no fear.

Wait for the guy who never stops trying – pizzas with half pepperoni, home cooked meals eaten at the kitchen table, spur of the moment dinner plans, flowers – just because flowers, wine pit stops on the walk home after dinner, framed pictures, handwritten notes.

Wait for the guy who will continually put in the effort with your friends and family, knowing just how important they are to you.

Wait for the guy who never tires of forehead kisses. In the morning when your eyes are still closed. At night before he inevitably falls asleep and turns to his side.

Wait for the guy who shows up, no matter what. Who talks about your future without question.

Wait for the guy who makes you smile, because you knew through every bad date and lonely cab ride home, every ignored text message and every heartbreak, that patience and hope would lead you right to where you are right now.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - Emily Higgins, TheMindsJournal.com : This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Wait For.

The irony is of course that there are guys out there who think, feel and dream of being this kind of man for a woman, but these are the ‘nice guys’ who often get discarded because many women have been socialized to reject ‘nice guys’. I will include in this week’s health story an article about why nice guys stay single.

Kathryn Hogan shares an article on why nice guys stay single. According to Hogan, nice guys will not get girlfriends, and if they do, it’s likely to be shallow, unfulfilling and short-lived. Hogan writes: “That’s because ‘nice’ is what you do when you’re scared to be who you really are. It also separates us from the real, authentic experience we’re having every moment.

It gives us an excuse not to share that authentic experience with the people who are experiencing it with us. Because it’s pre-set and default, it’s autopilot. It’s a way for us to cop out. Nice is a way to momentarily disown the dirty ugly parts of ourselves that we are so afraid others will see.” To Hogan, being ‘nice’ means denying the shadow within us.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I personally agree 100% with this article. Yes, maybe being ‘nice’ is hiding a shadow. However, society has socialized men into being the ‘macho, alpha male type’, and although alpha men have the confidence to be jerks in front of women and women fall for it, there are also men who are genuinely nice, but who are also waiting for that genuinely wonderful woman whom they can trust to share their vulnerability with, without being judged or criticized.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Kathryn Hogan, TheMindsJournal.com : Why Nice Guys Stay Single.

An article on the DavidWolfe.com website offers 8 signs that you have found a true gentleman. The article offers the following:
1. His intentions are good - A gentleman may not always say or do the right things. He may not always succeed. But he tries, and that’s what counts.
A gentleman’s primary goal in life is to leave the world a better place than he found it.

2. He respects the needs of others - Maybe your need in a relationship isn’t to be pampered with chivalrous gestures but rather to maintain a healthy degree of independence. A true gentleman will respect that, and he will respect the needs of everyone else.

3. He takes care of himself - A true gentleman sees the value in life itself. That can be seen in the way he takes care of not only his appearance but also his physical and mental health. He will undoubtedly encourage you to do the same.

4. He knows where he stands - and he respectfully sticks to it. a gentleman is able to display confidence without being arrogant. He knows what he believes in and he’s not afraid to say and act in accordance with it.

5. He can be self-sufficient. When dating a gentleman, you never get the impression that he expects you to be like a mother to him, coddling him and taking care of his every need.

6. He makes you a priority in his life.

7. He has self-control. Even in the most heated of arguments, a true gentleman will never make you fear for your own physical safety, because you know he has a firm grip on himself and his emotions.

8. He is thankful. Lastly, a true gentleman knows that – no matter what his position in life – he is fortunate in one way or another. That is at the root of his kindness and loving demeanor. He sees the world around him not as something out to get him but as something that, though flawed, contains a great deal of beauty and happiness.

He doesn’t expect anyone to look up to his moral standard or change his or her views to match his but he will not go along with things that contradict his core beliefs.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - DAvidWolfe.com : 8 Signs You’ve Found A True Gentleman.

An article by Alex Jean Ecton speaks to every girl who has ever lost herself to a toxic man. The author goes through a laundry list of items about how she dated a man who did this or did that. What she closes with in the article however, is more profound. She writes: “ I dated someone who made me stronger.

Because I left him, I feel even more empowered than ever. Because I left him, I remember what it’s like to be the girl who is always smiling but I remember the person who took that away. Because I left him, I got my corky sense of humor back. Because I left him I have met so many people that admire me for who I am and don’t knock me down for it. And never again will I tolerate someone who does. Because I left him, I know what it feels like to be truly loved.
Because it was in leaving him I learned to love myself again.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - AJ Ecton, TheMindsJournal.com : To Every Girl Who Has Ever Lost Herself To A Toxic Man.

In an article for women to help them learn how to open up to love, Renee Wade offers some advanced steps for an open woman by inviting women to ask themselves these four questions:
1) What is my decision not to open up costing me right NOW?

2) What is my lack of openness costing my relationship?

3) What has my refusal to open up cost me in the PAST?

4) What is something positive about my refusal to open up in the past? In what ways has this served me well? “

Wade then asks women to: “focus on the positives of your lack of openness, and apply this positive aspect to your decision to BE open instead. For example, you can, conversely, show your care, trust and faith for others by being open. Especially your man. But you have to know this.

For example, if you didn’t open up in order to protect yourself from somebody who was hurting you – know that it’s OK to close up to those who aren’t worthy of your trust. But it’s your responsibility to open up to those who are worth it. You can still choose to close down to people who have bad intentions.”

Finally Wade asks women: “Do you have the courage and strength to open to your man; so as to allow him more incredible bliss, ecstasy and happiness than he has ever had the privilege to experience, by being with you?”

CLICK TO VIEW  - Renee Wade, TheFeminineWoman.com : How to Open Up to Love – Learning to be Open.

In learning to love oneself again, can a woman begin to find a balance between the woman she has become, and the woman she needs to be, in order to find a meaningful, trusting and loving relation with a good man?

We’re entering a transitional phase where the socialized values that have corrupted human relations are beginning to cause men and women to re-evaluate what it is that they have been conditioned to want, while discovering what it is that one really wants, and how to find the balance between men and woman who see the game that has been played on humanity, while also seeking the courage to transcend it, by acting in ways that may still be considered ‘untraditional’ by today’s current standard.

Part of the trick to resolving this question comes down to one’s ability to love oneself, and to make the choices that will make a woman happier on her LIFE-path. If she is choosing activities and careers that suit her joys and passions in life, she is more likely to put herself into places of meeting men who share a similar vibration.

With good hearts and an honest intentions, women can find men who will publicly support her independence and her goals, while also savouring the loving vulnerability that comes from two people committed to lifting each up to their highest potential, while also sharing the unconditional love that can accept the darkness of one’s partner, and perhaps even transform and heal each other.

All links will be in the show summary for this story. If more articles about women come across my path, I may add them to the Evolving Relations page on the CVN homepage, or I may consider a follow-up to this particular segment.






This may come across as being a bit more harsh to the men, but since I am a man myself, I can speak more for the male gender than the female gender, and can apply things as much to myself as to all other men.

It could be argued that things are a little bit harder for men when it comes to love and relations. The cards are stacked against guys because the world we have lived in has been a male-dominated world, and in family situations, men have often been told not to be too emotional.

Today’s independent woman does not NEED a man to survive in today’s world. In the old paradigm, that may have been true, but in an emerging new paradigm, women AND men need attention, love, friendship, companionship, respect, trust and yes, perhaps even faith. This leaves men with a bit of an identity crisis of sorts, because they no longer know what their role really is, in a relation with their female partners.

Women are being socialized to choose or reject certain men, as men are being socialized the same way. At the same time, a lack of touch is destroying men. Mark Greene, offering an article on this subject writes that: “ In American culture, we believe that men can never be entirely trusted in the realm of the physical. We collectively suspect that, given the opportunity, men will revert to the sexual at a moment’s notice.

Accordingly, it has become every man’s job to prove they can be trusted, in each and every interaction, day by day and case by case. In part, because so many men have behaved poorly. And so, we prove our trustworthiness by foregoing physical touch completely in any context in which even the slightest doubt about our intentions might arise. Which, sadly, is pretty much every context we encounter.

And where does this leave men? Physically and emotionally isolated. Cut off from the deeply human physical contact that is proven to reduce stress, encourage self esteem and create community. Instead, we walk in the vast crowds of our cities alone in a desert of disconnection. Starving for physical connection.

We crave touch. We are cut off from it. The result is touch isolation.”

Greene also offers that: “ Is it any wonder that sexual relationships in our culture are so loaded with anger and fear? Boys are dumped on a desert island of physical isolation, and the only way they can find any comfort is to enter the blended space of sexual contact to get the connection they need.”

Men have become afraid of being labeled as sexually inappropriate by women; they are afraid to touch children for fear that it will be sexualized; they don’t want to risk their macho status by being physically gentle and they do not want to deal with rejection when they do reach out.

As Greene notes: “ at the root of all these flawed rationalizations is the fact that most American men are never taught to do gentle non-sexual touch. We are not typically taught that we can touch and be touched as a platonic expression of joyful human contact. Accordingly, the very inappropriate over-sexualized touch our society fears runs rampant, reinforcing our culture’s self fulfilling prophecy against men and touch.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28JAN17 Mark Greene, http://upliftconnect.com/how-lack-touch-destroying-men : How a Lack of Touch is Destroying Men.

With the lack of touch and lack of emotional trust coming from a woman, men have often been afraid to communicate their needs to their partners.

Dr. Jed Diamond in his article, shares one thing that he believes men want more than sex. He writes: “ Many of us remember the early school dances we attended. If you wanted to hold a girl in your arms, you had to make the long walk across the room with everyone watching and ask the girl to dance. If she accepted, you were in heaven. If she refused you were in hell. The key here is that you must make yourself vulnerable to rejection to hold and be held by a girl.

By the time we become adults, we’ve already been battered and bruised by the world of competition and rejection. We long for that safe harbour where we don’t have to pretend to be something we’re not in order to be chosen. We long for someone who sees us for who we are and wants us anyway, who can hold us and touch, not just our body, but our hearts and souls.”

Men have been socialized to not ask for this, because it makes them look weak or not manly. It is often as difficult for women to give this kind of intimacy. Diamond writes: “ First, women have their own conditioning about men being men. If he doesn’t want sex, they worry that they may not be attractive enough.

Second, a man wanting to be held and nurtured, triggers feelings that they are dealing with a boy, not a man. Women want a man, but worry they have another little boy.

Third, women fear men who don’t feel manly. They know that the most violent men are men who feel weak and powerless. They’ve often had experiences of men allowing themselves to be gentle and vulnerable, only to have them respond with anger and rage later.

It takes a lot of time and maturity for men to admit to themselves that they need a safe harbour where they can be nurtured and embraced by a woman.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17FEB17 Dr. Jed Diamond, GoodMenProject.com : The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex.

A lot is known about the alpha male, but not so much is known about the Omega male. Dr. Carol Morgan in her article, looks at the Omega male however and what makes him better than the alpha. She writes: “ Unlike the alpha male, the omega male avoids risk and confrontation. In fact, they have a bit of a distaste for the alpha males. While they can have a confidence similar to the alpha male, they don’t need to be the centre of attention.

They are just content to not be the one who stands out, and they don’t have a need to compete with other males to be the best. She describes some of the characteristics of an omega male: 1. Introverted 2. Laid back 3. Gentle 4. Kind 5. Empathetic 6. Prefer deep relationships. 7. Wants to work on his own. 8. Not much of an ego. Morgan also notes that: “They might still accomplish just as much as the alpha male *or even more*, but other people may never know. He won’t announce it on Facebook or Twitter. And maybe he won’t even tell his closest friends. He doesn’t need the recognition or notoriety to pump up his ego.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - Dr. Carol Morgan via TheEarhChild.co.za : The Awesome Omega Male: What Makes Him Better than the Alpha.

Yet boys and men are often given the advice to ‘just be themselves’. There is this ‘thing’ about being authentic, or just being oneself, and this means different things to different people.

I say this knowing that every individual is different and it is hard to say that one’s own pain or pleasure is more, or less, than the pain or pleasure of another individual. Different people perceive their experiences from within their unique difference, that comes from all the LIFE filters that each individual was was exposed to during her or his life.

Let’s start with this first article from Mark Belden, appearing on the GoodMenProject.com website on March 29th. In this article, Belden comments on four undeniable truths of being an authentic man. Belden writes: “ Being authentic has a price. If it were easy, we’d all run around telling everyone their jokes sucked and their pasta tasted like a Fedex box. The hard part of being authentic isn’t how you handle others, it’s how you handle yourself.

Authenticity requires you to know your inner states, emotions and thoughts, both good and bad. It’s one of those practices that sounds easy, but is really hard and uncomfortable when you are intentional.”

The four truths that Belden refers to are as follows:
“ 1. You Will Question Yourself When you embrace who you really are, you will question why you did it shortly after. This is because being vulnerable is uncomfortable. You are exposed for all the world to see. Your ego wants to step in and protect you. Once you learn discomfort is a part of the process of being authentic it becomes less terrifying and easier to accept.
2. You Will Get Into The Types of Relationships You’ve Always Wanted” - When you start embracing who you are people start leaving your life. This is a good thing because it makes room for the kind of people you’ve wanted around you.
3. You Will Become Polarizing. - People are going to get hurt. Learn to separate from these moments, and to not take it personally.
4. It Gets Easier - The more you act in alignment with who you think you are, the more you can process emotions without judgement. Being authentic may also build confidence, because people may no longer react with judgement, but rather by sharing an area in their own lives where they have been struggling. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29MAR17 Mark Belden, GoodMenProject.com : Four Undeniable Truths of Being an Authentic Man.

Men have a lot of work to do, learning to not only heal the incomplete parts of themselves, but also to find strength in loving oneself, while embracing the authenticity that seems to define a male these days.

Sean Swaby, in an article also from the Good Men Project website addresses the subject of loving oneself. He writes: “ Love both terrifies and it soothes. It can be weaponized or it can heal. It involves risk, vulnerability and can take you to the heights and to the depths, sometimes all in one relationship… and sometimes all in the same day.”

Swaby continues: “Like many men, for you growing up love may have been talked about, but it may not have felt real. Maybe you could never feel love and certainly not love for yourself? Because of this, love may feel uncharted and untouchable. It is easy to write off your need for love, yet it is important to underline that you cannot be complete without love. Without love, you remain in a cage with walls made out of nothing but fear and memories. It may be safe, but the walls will become your cage. Your feeling of unworthiness may be undermining your happiness.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29NOV2016 Sean Swaby, GoodMenProject.com : Are You Brave Enough to Love Yourself?
So, if you are an awake and aware man, struggling to find yourself in a very challenging emotional and spiritual world, defining yourself becomes part of the journey that determines that kind of partner one will bring into one’s LIFE-path. This applies to all genders and orientations. In an article that looks a bit more at heterosexual relations however, Holly Riordan, in an article appearing on the Thought Catalog blogsite shares eleven reasons to fall in love with the spiritual girl. Her eleven insights are as follows:

“1. She finds meaning in everything. She believes in signs from the universe. She’s convinced that you came into her world for a reason. That you’re going to give her something invaluable, whether that be scattered memories, a life lesson, or a permanent part of your heart.

2. She’s authentic. She doesn’t see the sense in pretending to be someone that she’s not. She realizes that she has flaws, but that hasn’t stopped her from loving herself and being herself. With her, what you see is what you get.

3. She is overflowing with love. She has love for her family. Her friends. Pets. Plants. The moon, the sky, the galaxy. She finds beauty in everything that she sees, which is why her heart is so huge.

4. She’s forever growing. She understands that it’s possible to have love for herself and to admit that there are things she needs to improve upon. She isn’t perfect, but she keeps trying to reach her personal best.

5. She embraces the unknown. Most people are scared of things that they cannot see, cannot grasp, but she’s different. She appreciates that there’s more to this world than meets the eye. That there are secrets waiting to be uncovered. It doesn’t scare her. It empowers her.

6. She has unwavering faith. No matter how many hardships that she’s forced to face, she still has hope that things will get better. Her strength never wavers, because she knows that the universe is on her side. That it’s going to grant her happiness in the end — as long as she keeps doing her part.

7. Material items mean nothing to her. She would love to be greeted at her front door with flowers, but she realizes that flowers wilt. She would much rather create a lifelong memory than be given a temporary gift. To her, forever means more than now.

8. She feels a strong connection to others. She can’t walk past a homeless shelter or see a stray kitten without being tugged at the heartstrings. She feels like it’s her duty to help her fellow humans (and animals). That’s why she’s so kind. So compassionate.

9. She is one with nature. She can spend hours staring up at the stars, reading a book against a tree trunk, and running her bare feet through the grass. She feels safe in nature. Nurtured by it.

10. She aspires to be at peace. Drama doesn’t appeal to her. She doesn’t want friends, unless she can count on them. And she doesn’t want a boyfriend, unless she can trust him. She’s all about honesty, sincerity.

11. She has a genuine love of life. She’s not like others, who see the world as an evil place filled with hypocrisy and hatred. She chooses to see the good. To focus on the love in the heart of humanity. The beauty hidden inside of each person’s soul.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - Holly Riordan, ThoughtCatalog.com : Eleven Reasons To Fall In Love With The Spiritual Girl.

In another article, Kathy Parker shares her insights about what it means to love the girl the guarded heart. We have all been hurt, and many have built up walls around their hearts, and I have done the same thing in my life. This is one of the ‘LIFE lessons’ that I am currently working to heal and release.
Parker writes the following: “ There is nothing simple about loving the girl with the guarded heart.

She is not convinced by flowers and fancy dinners, nor won over by compliments and praise. In the beginning she is a slow dance, one step toward you, another step back, as she learns to trust the ways of your heart and the strength of your arms. The dance may be slow but it cannot be rushed, for she will sense the impatience of your steps and the way they fall out of time with hers.

She will not show you her heart all at once, instead offer you a little at a time, unhurried and watchful of the way you hold each fragile piece. She will watch you closer than you realise, listen to every word you speak and weigh it against every action, searching for inconsistencies, seeking the truth of your word and the intention of your heart.

She will need more reassurance than most, she will need you to stay present, available, mindful of her scars. But beyond her guarded heart lies a soul that contains the wonders of the universe. One that longs to live and love with abandon, that desires connection and intimacy and to be in relationship with someone who sees both her beauty and her scars, and knows how to fall in love with both. Broken, she knows what it means to suffer. But out of the depths of her suffering, she has come to understand love. And her guarded heart waits for the one who understands it too.”

In reading this article, I cannot help but wonder if women are able to be as sensitive to the man who has his own version of a guarded heart, and can be as patient with us as women seem to expect us to be with them.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Kathy Parker, TheMindsJournal.com : What It Means To Love The Girl With The Guarded Heart.

CLICK TO VIEW  - ElephantJournal.com : She is a Wild Card, the Omega Female.

For men and women, it is coming down to being not only authentic, but also being vulnerable and trusting, while also finding that special ‘other’ who has the same qualities and the same awareness and courage to travel that path with you.

Guys, if you are looking for a meaningful relation that is authentic, awake and aware, here is what you might expect from a partner. According to one article, most men cannot handle a deep woman. A deep woman struggles to find a perfect relation, but I might say that the same could be true for some men. According to this article, here are a few reasons this author believes that men cannot handle a deep woman. The author writes:
“1. She is blunt and speaks her mind.
2. She has deeper conversations. She prefers going to the depths in a relation that most men fear to go.

3. She knows exactly what she wants.

4. When she gets intimate, it is in extremes. She is fearless when she is in love. She likes to cross all the lines and doesn’t care if she gets hurt in the process. She takes pride in being intimate, and she knows that it is not going to make her vulnerable. Men often get scared with women who can be this powerful.

5. She is fearless and profound.

6. She wants a deep relation. She prefers a man with whom she can share her deepest secrets of her mind and expects the same from the guy she is dating. For her, love means opening mentally more than physically. She wants you to tell stories from your past and learn more about your best-kept secrets and fears. Most men, on a contrary hate and fear dwelling in their past, it makes them insecure.

7. She easily moves on. Take your time deciding the future of your relationship and you’ll see that she has no patience dealing with it. She won’t wait; she’ll move on. She is strong and invulnerable, and she can be on her own even if she is looking for something special to happen.

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman.

So this appears to be the challenge guys: Loving the woman with the guarded heart who requires patience and understanding, or risk missing the empowered, fearless woman who won’t wait for you to make up your mind.

Somehow, we can’t give up. An article on TheMindsJournal.com explains why we will not give up. The article writes that: “ Sometimes we get exhuasted, hurt, scared, or we think too much, but we are too strong to give up on love.

We owe it to ourselves to be happy in all that we do, to be comfortable with our own skins, to be proud of who we are. We owe it to people who love us, raise us, and cultivate us to select a better half who’s going to give us the same care, respect, and affection.

You see, sometimes we get discouraged to give love a try because we’re so scared to fail again. But we have to persevere, to be patient, and to be optimistic in searching for love. Because one day when we’re all curled up on the couch with the people that are meant for us, we’re going to look back on our lives, and be thankful to the moments that we didn’t give up.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : This Is Why We Will Not Give Up On Love.





This information may or may not be for everyone, as it will depend upon where each individual is, in her or his current space of awareness. Even for those who may be single at this time, they may find something of value in this information, as they consider whether or not to enter into a committed relation.

For those who have been single a long time, it is possible that they may be feeling guided towards seeking some kind of committed relation with a partner. For another, he or she may be thinking it is time to end one’s current relation, so they can focus on healing and reconnecting with one’s own truth and purpose at this time.

There is no ‘right’, ‘wrong’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It is merely where one chooses to be, in her or his awareness, in this current moment of ‘now’.

An article appearing on the Elephant Journal website on March 25th explores the nature of love, and that one often cannot know what love is, without experiencing that which love is not. An argument could possibly be made, from the more spiritual perspective that even that which we may not perceive as love, may be love in a disguised form, allowing one to learn better who one is, through an experience of being that which one is not.

According to this article: “ … we only discover what love is by losing it—or ourselves. We learn not just about who we are, but about what love means to us through having our heart broken.

Pain is the teacher of pleasure.

Each new relationship we enter into, we expect that it will go better than the previous ones—that somehow, the mistakes we made in the past won’t translate or appear within a new partnership. And for a while, that seems true enough—until once again, we are triggered by the other person, or because we begin to react and self-destruct because of our issues involving intimacy.”

The article also adds the following: “We have to go through certain types of relationships that will provide the necessary lessons our soul needs to learn. Each one is different yet integral to our overall development as a lover and partner. We need to be challenged by our feelings of worthiness, our issues of intimacy, and perhaps most of all, our own level of acceptance toward ourselves.

As much as we may be triggered by another, we are only able to learn as much as we are willing to learn. We could probably dress all this up in decorative conscious language, but it really all comes down to whether we are owning our sh*it—or not.”

The article notes three main areas of attention: worthiness, intimacy issues, and self-acceptance.

The article notes the following about each of these: “ If we don’t feel worthy enough to be in a healthy relationship, then we will continue to work through those issues until we realize what our own worth is.

Intimacy issues are something that we carry with us from our childhood experiences into our adult romantic relationships. Are we able to let someone into that space and share it with them? Or do we self-sabotage and push the other person away before they have the chance to let us down?

We must make the choice to radically love ourselves for every aspect of our soul and psyche. It’s about embracing our flaws and oddities enough to let them out and see how they play with another person’s.

We can only allow someone to love us as deeply as we love ourselves.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAR2017 ElephantJournal.com : We Don’t know what Love is until we Learn what it’s Not.

In today’s world, an evolved relation with another begins with an evolved self-awareness and self-love. As I write and read these words, I am getting hit over the head by a cosmic baseball bat, and the voice seems to be asking if I am paying attention to what I am sharing. This is the way things go on many occasions.

Many relations are ending at this time, because the energies are forcing people to deal with issues that were never dealt with from the beginning. Choices made from a lack of awareness at the time, are now coming to the forefront, and it has brought many to a cross-roads where a final choice must now be made.

For those who may be feeling unhappy in a current relation, an article from TheMindsJournal.com looks at five signs that it is time to let go of a relationship. The article notes the five points as being the following:

When the pattern of behaviour does not change over time.

You are always exhausted and never feel happy or even empowered.

The relationship often brings out the worst in you!

What stirs the passion in you and gives you fuel to get on with life is the reason for conflict.

You always think of letting go of the relationship.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : Five Signs It’s Time To Let Go Of A Relationship.

Letting go is one thing, and being ready for the next relation is another. In this next article, it offers eight signs that one is ready for a new relation. These signs are offered as being:

You sense a feeling of attraction.

You notice others and find attraction.

You start getting better treatment.

You start feeling inspired by your personal likes and hobbies.

You get back on the groove with friends.

Your health starts improving.

You are giving a shot at romance again.

You start feeling hopeful. “

CLICK TO VIEW   - TheMindsJournal.com : Eight Signs You Are Ready For A New Relationship.

There is also the saying: “If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”

For the spiritually aware couples, perhaps they have decided to work through all issues together, and give their love a chance at growing. Another article from TheMindsJournal blogsite offers six steps to mindfully dealing with difficult emotions in relationships. These are as follows:

Turn toward your emotions with acceptance

Identify and label the emotion - Instead of saying, “I am angry”, say, “This is anger” or, “This is anxiety.” In this way, you’re acknowledging its presence, while simultaneously empowering you to remain detached from it.

Accept your emotions - When you are feeling a certain emotion, don’t deny it. Acknowledge and accept that the emotion is present, whether it is anxiety, grief, sadness, or whatever you are experiencing in that moment. Through mindful acceptance you can embrace difficult feelings with compassion, awareness, and understanding towards yourself and your partner.

Realize the impermanence of your emotions - Allow yourself to witness and observe your emotions with kind attention and patience, giving them the latitude to morph, and in many cases, completely evaporate.

Inquire and investigate - After you have calmed and soothed yourself from the impact of your emotions, take a moment to delve deeply and explore what happened.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - Dr. Toni Parker, TheMindsJournal.com : Six Steps to Mindfully Deal With Difficult Emotions In Relationships.

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : How To Handle Anger In Your Relationship.

Those who make the effort to deal with difficult emotions probably understand that there is a deeper reason for their being together. Others may not have this awareness. Are there perhaps signs that may guide one towards knowing if they are meant to be with her or his partner?

In a third article, the following six signs you are meant to be together with your partner:

You Respect Each Other.

You Share Many Of The Same Interests.

You Tell Each Other Secrets.

You’re Not Jealous.

You Fight Well.

You Finish Each Other’s Sentences.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : Six Signs That You Are Meant To Be Together.

Making the choice to have an evolved relation is really easy. Putting into practice all the qualities that create an evolved relation is a totally different thing. As one learns to oneself, one may be able to more easily let go of expectations about how a partner is to be. For those who are desiring to explore more of this, the link will appear in the show transcript/summary for this story.

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : 15 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others.

Evolved relations are coming from a higher consciousness and many may not even be consciously aware that they are drawn to certain people at certain times, for the purposes of certain lessons.

Perhaps more now than ever before, people are starting to get a sense of familiarity when they meet certain people. There are sources that believe that we encounter many of the same souls that we have existed with in past lives. An article on the LifeCoachCode.com website from Feb 25th offers this information: “ Basically, we come from one energy source that we call LOVE. Through our lives we get glimpses of this beautiful energy and call it many names. In fact, the romantic love we feel for each other is only a glimpse of this source.

This LOVE source is our home, our real home where our soul comes from. And we come here, in this world, to project this LOVE through our interactions with others.

But as we go through our lives we forget where we come from, we tune out of this LOVE source and we hurt each other intentionally or not.

All people that we meet through life are our teachers, whose role is to help us to release from the poisons we are holding to.

Relationships are possibly the best reflection of our karmic debt. We are looking at the LOVE source but through a mosaic of our poisons.

We are building a relationship with a person who reflects all of our suppressed ‘dirt’ which is preventing us to radiate with pure love.

In a relationship we are not growing by expressing our best features, which are not the real us, but by having conflicts.

The moments of conflict are worth gold, because important things are happening. When we have our first moment of jealousy we should ask ourselves: ‘Why am I have this feeling? What is this feeling within me?’”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25FEB17 LifeCoachCode.com : THIS Is Why We Meet The Same Souls In Every Incarnation…

Another article refers to marriage, and although many recognize the institution of ‘marriage’ as a church-state creation, there can still be what some call ‘spiritual unions’ between souls choosing to commit to each other without going through all the commercial ills of church and state.

In this article, there are two quotes referenced that are worth sharing. The first is this, from an unknown source: ““Most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for; Companionship, intimacy, friendship etc … The truth is, that marriage at the start is an empty box, you must put something in before you can take anything out. There is no love in marriage, love is in people, and people put love in marriage. There is no romance in marriage, you have to infuse it into your marriage. A couple must learn the art, and form the habit of giving, loving, serving, praising, of keeping the box full. If you take out more than you put in, the box will be empty.”

The second is from Abraham: “ Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel — and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.”

The article adds this: “Relationships aren’t about making an unhappy person happy nor are they about making an unloved person feel loved. Relationships are about sharing the love and happiness that is already present within you with one another, growing, improving and evolving together, both emotionally and spiritually. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - TheMindsJournal.com : Relationship Regrets: Everything you got to know if you are in or out of a relationship.

What happens in situations such as these when old souls reconnect in the current lifetime? Brianna Wiest in an article from the Thought Catalog website on 01MAR offers 17 insights that may help one recognize a soul-level connection:

You spend a lot of time alone, together.

After getting together, one or both of you may experience a serious emotional awakening, which on the surface seems like a “breakdown.”

You don’t ever want to be apart from each other, but you are still capable of having a life outside of them.

Your unresolved emotional issues begin to resurface.

You’re both idealists, and used to being the one to have the last word. This is something you have to reconcile.

You immediately feel like family to one another.

You do not feel like you have to “earn” the other person’s love.

You get along so well it feels like you’ve known one another before.

Even if you don’t have a ton in common, you still feel like the same person.

The circumstances that led to you two meeting seem serendipitous.

You realize that you have a lot to learn from each other.

Your paradoxical traits become more evident.

You are humbled, you begin to really understand how little the material matters.

Though you’re both mature individuals, you help each other revert back to childlike joy.

You have to be mindful about maintaining your individuality.

You are truly best friends and partners, and you’re capable of being all of these things to one another because you worked so hard on yourselves beforehand.

You are both growth-oriented individuals, and your relationship reflects that.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01MAR17 Brianna Wiest, ThoughtCatalog.com : 17 Things That Happen When Two Old Souls Start Dating .

There are even those who believe that your life partner has been pre-determined, long before you even meet this individual. An article on the Peace Quarters website explores this phenomenon, for those who believe in this possibility. For those who have experienced this and can say it is true, the article explains it this way: “You will always return to one another, for the magnetic pull that exists between the two of you is unstoppable. You already have a commitment that you have not even stepped foot into yet.

When you finally reach that point of self-acceptance, you are living from the heart. Your lifelong partner will do the same, which will result in a relationship that is not based on fear, rather, a relationship that is based on each other.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05APR2017 Peace Quarters, PeaceQuarters.com : Cosmic Marriage: Your Life Long Partner is Already Decided.

Some may then ask: “Have I already met my partner and missed her/him? How will I know?” An article on the SpiritMindEnergy.com website describes at least three ways one may recognize an individual with whom one has had a past-life connection. If you have experienced one or more of these connections with an individual than you have had a past-life connection with him or her. The article shares the three criteria as follows: “ 1. You feel an instant connection or repulsiveness. 2. Your connection is almost telepathic and 3. You see it in their eyes. Each of these are explained in greater detail in the article.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06APR2017 SpiritMindEnergy.com : If You Experience ANY Of These 3 Signs After Meeting Someone, You’ve Known Them In A Past Life…

Old souls approach love and companionship differently. An article explores this from the TruthInsideOfYou.org website from May of 2016. According to this article: “An old soul is essentially someone who is young, but prefers to be around older people, and has a more mature outlook on life than most people their age. Old souls tend to spend a lot of their time alone, and a lot of people seem to misunderstand them. Contrary to what people think, old souls aren’t lonely, they are just comfortable with themselves and enjoy their own company. When it comes to love and being in relationships, they also express their love differently”

The article offers 15 characteristics of old souls, but due to the length of the story, those qualities can be read from the article in the show transcript.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06MAY2016 TruthInsideOfYou.org : How The Old Soul Loves Differently.

An article from the David Wolfe website offers 8 problems that only an old soul will understand. A few have already been covered in this story, but two of them that really hit home for me personally were that old souls struggle with infinite possibilities from limitless angles. Although beneficial in one sense, it can be very crippling from another sense.

The other problem/challenge is that old souls aren’t sure if they will ever find their home. They have a constant feeling that they don’t belong, even when they’re with friends and family members. They go through life seeking a soul mate or a kindred spirit and a place that feels like home.

CLICK TO VIEW  - DavidWolfe.com : 8 Problems Only Old Souls Will Understand.


CLICK TO VIEW  - Lynn Mystic-Healer - "Founder of SET(Spiritual Emergency Training):
There is a Spiritual answer to every human problem or crisis! SET-the Soul Activation Process connects us to intergalactic Soul Power Connections that will bring new Healing, Unity, and Peace via new focus on SOUL Thoughts , feelings and actions from love and light to alleviate the old limited, fearful, sick, upset, reactive EGO MIND thoughts, feelings and actions!"


Having an evolved relation can be as easy or as challenging as one chooses to make it. Choosing partners for the wrong reasons or out of a desperation for attention or from loneliness will not guarantee a successful relation, although it may be possible. We are being called to heal ourselves at this time, and although a committed partner may be able to help bring joy, companionship, romance, intimacy and more… it ultimately comes down to both partners’ and how ready each one is to make a meaningful contribution to not only one’s own personal growth, but the growth of one’s partner and of course the growth of the relation over all.

A few extra links will appear in the show transcript/summary and this will appear also on the ‘Evolving Relations’ webpage, located on the CVN homepage.

CLICK TO VIEW - 09APR2017 BodyMindSoulSpirit.com : 6 Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal

CLICK TO VIEW  - GaiaScenicsView.com : Carl Boudreau: The Eclipses of August 2017 – Reasons of The Heart.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Foster Gamble, ThriveMovement.com : Want Your Relationship to Go Beyond Mars and Venus?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03MAR2016 Sean Swaby, GoodMenProject.com : The Six Loves That Create Lasting Love.




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As one who has received a Bachelors degree in Radio and Television, and also a Masters degree in Peace Education, I have picked up a few things here and there about how our so-called 'leaders' - be they civic, political, business, religious, media or educational - justify their reality, their salary, their reputations, their 'perks and privileges' in getting people to believe what they believe, so that things will never REALLY change. 

For example:  Many leaders claim to want 'peace'; negotiators claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers claim to 'measure or quantify peace'; academics claim to 'study peace' and institutions claim to 'teach peace'. 

My experience at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica has revealed that this institution, through all their claims of promoting and teaching various aspects of 'peace', does not genuinely want peace in the world.  What this institution wants - and indeed what many leaders and peaceworkers want - is the recognition of being recognized as wanting peace in our world, but are unwilling to make the REAL, CONCRETE changes to our global society that will promote peace.

To do so would be, to them, an act of career-suicide, and a loss of their salaries, pretige, reputations and perhaps even their retirement funds.

The expression goes as follows:  "It is difficult to get someone to learn something, when that one's livelihood is dependent upon that individual NOT understanding something."

Humanity has been fed and marketed many, many lies under the guise of doing something meaningful for humanity and our planet.

Scientific data can be manufactured and altered; statistical data can be 'massaged' and distributed to the public to make anyone believe the message that its creators want people to believe.

Journalists, either knowingly or unknowingly, participate in the deception.  They do so knowing that they are not honuring the journalist ethic, so that they can selfishly advance their careers.  Others participate while not being aware at all that they are being used as tools in perpetrating acts of distraction and/or deception. Then there are journalists who do their job fearfully, knowing that their employers are not being honourable or truthful but are afraid to say anything because they need their salary to provide for their security or the security of their families.

This, therefore, ties in to the lies that have been sold to humanity about 'money', about 'economics' and so forth.  The current paradigm of money is in the process of collapse/transformation. 

The purpose of this section is to try to help people begin to see that mainstream media journalism does not honour the ethic of true journalism.  They can't - it is impossible.

Why is this?  If you watch any regular TV newscast or listen to any radio newscast, you will anywhere from three to maybe ten items of news, with each story between 30 seconds to maybe at most four minutes long. The major networks are governed by the almighty currency of their country. They need commercial advertising revenue, and they need to squeeze a number of stories in, to fulfill the illusion that they are delivering a meaningful product.

In today's world, as many are now beginning to understand, EVERYTHING is so profoundly connected to something else, that it is impossible to do any story justice in one to four minutes.

Every so often, I am going to try to give my listeners examples of stories that they can look at, and begin to try to look at a story from a broader perspective.  The mainstream media will only give you a small piece - and arguably it will be the small piece they want you believe, and not the small piece that allows viewers or listeners to determine for themselves what feels truthrul to them or not in the current moment.


CVN is unique because I understand that each human is uniquely different and equally beautiful!  Each individual will not always see or interpret something the same way because of the various 'filters' each human was conditioned into:  race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, etc etc. . These criteria of separation have contributed to the 'global cabal' having its control over humanity and the planet.  They do not want humanity awakening to the truth, the beauty and the power of who they really are!

Events are happening quickly at this time.  Do not believe anything, just because you hear it on a mainstream newscast.  Do not even believe anything I share on my newscast - unless it feels right to you at this time, according to the beliefs you have.  Even still, QUESTION EVERYTHING - and I ask and demand that you do this for my newscast.

I offer links to all the stories that contribute to my newscast so you can go to the story and decide you feel I am doing my best to report stories fairly.  Sometimes I will make mistakes.  Perhaps I believed one source at one point, but then something happens to make me change my belief in that source.

The KEY to major stories that the mainstream media breaks is this:  IF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS COVERING A STORY EXCESSIVELY - WHAT IS IT THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DISTRACT YOU FROM KNOWING OR DISCOVERING?  Start looking at as many external, and seemingly unconnected 'dots' as possible, and they start linking them together.

This section is a lesson in how to begin thinking in this way.  I hope that you will find something meaningful in this! 



From the LESSON 1: 01APR16  newscast, story two, beginning at the 15:23 mark:  THE FLYDUBAI PLANE CRASH ON 19MAR16


Many people have probably heard about the crash of a FlyDubai airplane travelling from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don in Russia. The plane crashed in the early hours of 19MAR.

My original thought was to not give much attention to this story, but after having some long discussions with a friend of mine, I decided that maybe this story could offer you, the listener, an opportunity to learn a bit more about how I think, as a journalist, as a human, and as one who is awakening to all the lies and frauds in our world, while still remaining committed to co-creating a better world for all.

I am not saying that there are any answers, and at this time, the purpose of this story is not to provide an answer, but rather to begin teaching all of you how to better approach stories that you are hearing in the media, so you can begin to present questions to other people, to help teach them how to think about what is happening.

Let’s look first at just the facts of the story. FlyDubai, FZ981 travelling from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don.

Euronews reported a Boeing 737-800 operated by FlyDubai, a low-cost subsidiary of Emirates Airlines, crashed around 0350hrs, 3:50AM on Saturday morning, March 19, killing all 62 people on board. Most of the passengers were Russians on holidays.
Investigators are examining various possible causes, including human error, a technical failure and bad weather conditions.
Both pilot and co-pilot, a Cypriot and a Spaniard, each had over 5,000 hours of flight experience, and both have landed at this airport previously.

Strong winds were reported at the time with gusts of up to 69 kilometres per hour, but visibility was said to be good, according to the independent US-based Flight Safety Foundation.

The Rostov region’s emergency ministry said that the plane’s wing hit the ground on its second attempt to land and burst into flames.

Some reports appeared to suggest the plane had been ascending before experiencing a sudden fall.

The plane was reportedly in a holding position for about two hours and the crash happened more than two hours after its scheduled arrival time.

My first instinct, when looking at any tragedy these days is to assume that it is, first of all, a false-flag event of some kind, and then let the facts prove me wrong.

If you were to assume that this was a false-flag event of some kind, what questions would you first have, based on the facts alone?

My first questions might be as follows:

What are the current geopolitical issues in the country of departure? In this case, the United Arab Emirates.

What are the current geopolitical issues in the country of destination? In this case, Russia.

What are the current geopolitical issues in the country where the crash occurred? In this case, Russia.

Is there a significant nationality of passengers on board, and might this be connected to the country of origin, country of destination, and country where the crash occurred? In this case, it was predominantly Russian, with a few Ukrainians, and a few from India.

What were the nationalities of the pilots? In this case, Cypriot and Spanish. How many hours experience do they have on the plane that crashed, and have they flown that route often? In this case, both have over 5000 hrs on this plane and both have flown the route often.
What type of plane was involved? What is the plane’s maximum range, how much extra fuel did it have? In this case, it is a Boeing 737-800, the 800 version being a fairly new version of the 737 fleet being less than ten years of age.

The reports suggested high winds in the area at the time.
Was this the reason why the plane was held in a holding pattern for almost two hours, while depleting its spare fuel supply, forcing it to land on an almost empty fuel tank?

If one were to look at Google maps for the area surrounding Rostov-on-Don, there are several other cities the plane could have flown to. Even if neighbouring Ukraine denied the plane an emergency landing in Marupol, the plane could still have chosen to go to a number of Russian cities that were within 1000km of the destination. Failing that, an emergency landing on water could also have been a possibility.
Were these options even considered, and if not, why?

Did other flights land successfully just before this flight? Were flights diverted, and if so, where they diverted to? Was this the only flight kept in a holding pattern, and if so, why? I’ll come back to this in a moment.

There have been some reports indicating that Boeing aircraft are now equipped with technology that allows them to be controlled remotely. Is it possible that the plane was highjacked remotely, and intentionally crash-landed? What might be a possible reason for this? I’ll come back to this in a moment.

A Sputnik News article reported a meteorologist, Evgeny Tishkovets as saying that there was a rare weather anomaly in the area called a ‘streaming flow’. According to Tishkovets: “the "streaming flow" usually occurs at a height of 5 kilometers, but in Rostov-on-Don it came down to a level of several hundred meters.”

Does the scene of the crash reasonably correspond with the preliminary and potential causes of the crash?

From the facts above, it appears that the plane aborted its first landing attempt. On the second attempt, one report suggests a wing hit the ground, and the plane burst into flames. Looking at the photo of widely scattered and very small debris, this does not seem consistent with that story. Another report suggests the plane was aborting its second attempt, ascended and then was suddenly and immediately forced down. It is possible that this might be consistent with the plane being shattered into many smaller pieces.

One flight-tracking website, FlightAware.com indicates that on the day in question, FZ981 travelled 2807km from origin to its destination where it crashed. The airliner.net website, which offers statistical info on planes, reports that the maximum range of the 737-800 is about 3585km. That leaves approximately 700km that the plane could have flown if it needed to be diverted. Yet, the plane was kept in a holding pattern for roughly two hours. This would suggest that there was no mechanical problems with the plane, and sources have indicated that there were no distress calls ahead of landing. Was the plane held intentionally? Is it possible that weather modification was involved in bringing down the plane? If so, why then might this plane be targeted? I’ll come back to these in a moment as well.

Most people, listening to standard media news might hear this report and be inclined to just brush it off as an accident, a weather-related incident, possibly pilot error and then just move on.

However we no longer live in ‘normal’ times, and it thus requires us to begin looking at surrounding events and current geopolitical and geoeconomic atmosphere to see if there MIGHT be something more involved. There might even be a spiritual component included in this story:

RT reported on 20MAR that three people cheated death by missing that flight. It would be remiss to at not at least consider the possibility that one or more of them could be involved in someway, although my instinct is telling me that this was more of a spiritual synchronicity; that these souls were guided to miss the flight because they were not supposed to participate in this event.

Most listeners are familiar with the current attempts of many western countries and their media empires to demonize Russia on numerous levels. Immediately, there will be a number of questions coming to mind of the geopolitics of the countries involved, and the passengers on board.

I’ve mentioned a few of those questions already.

If one had not been paying attention to Russian news or the alternative media, there may have a few things that people might have missed. As CVN has long been reporting, Russia and China have been deconstructing the global cabal and their paradigm of enslavement and control. They are implementing new international banking structures that are competing and starting to replace structures formerly dominated by the international banking cartel. Russia has single-handedly destroyed Daesh in Syria, and forced the US into a situation of carrying out a proxy war with itself in that country. Several countries, Canada among them, have recently increased their sanctions against Russia without just cause…except the cause that only reinforces their naive and erroneous beliefs about the current geopolitical order and its impending collapse and transformation.

I mentioned a few moments ago that I would return to a few questions: Why was the plane kept in a holding pattern? Is it possible the plane was remotely hijacked and intentionally crash-landed? If so, by whom and why? Could HAARP have been used to create the rare weather anomaly that brought the plane down? If HAARP was involved, then this would suggest involvement of the US and the global cabal. Why then might this specific flight be detained and then brought down?

There are at least two stories of potential interest that MAY provide some hints to these last few questions.

Sputnik News reported on 17MAR that Russian President Putin was going to be in Crimea on 18MAR, to follow up on the construction of a new land bridge that is being built to link Crimea directly to Russia. Crimea is the small peninsula that voted to breakaway from Ukraine after the political coup and revolution in that country, and they asked to be reunited with Russia, which the Russian government did, and this has upset Ukraine and the West. Both Ukraine and the US were keen to keep Crimea because of its strategic location. The US and western media have been accusing Russia of illegally annexing the country, despite a democratic vote held in the region where over 95% of the people voted to rejoin Russia.

What might Crimea, or a bridge have to do with this plane crash? Maybe nothing…maybe everything. When looking at the Google Maps location for Rostov-on-Don, this city just happens to extremely close to, if not directly on, the main roadway that will be used to serve Crimea. It cannot be overlooked also that the plane crash happened during the night, immediately after Putin had been in the area. Could it have been a western message to Putin?

However, the rather quick appearance of another story begins to raise a whole bunch of new questions. A story that appeared on the BeforeItsNews.com website on 19MAR and was then removed, had reported/revealed a highly intriguing possibility involving this flight. The article appeared on another website, the russophile.org website. The article writes: “A Federal Security Service (FSB) interim report to the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) circulating in the Kremlin today states that it has confirmed from their initial investigation of the list of passengers and crew aboard FlyDubai Flight FZ981, that exploded early this morning in Rostov-on-Don, that this place was carrying a “high level” American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official who was travelling on a forged British passport using the name of Larisa Allen—and that aboard this plane too was an estimated US$27 million in currency.”

This article points out that this flight route is common, because many Russian women go to Dubai, having been recruited as ‘dancers’, and you you know what that means. The article continues: “ With organized crime elements within the Federation (Russian Mafia) controlling the bulk of these “dancers”, and with Dubai having become a global centre for terror funding, money-laundering, drug money and mafia cash, this report continues, CIA fears that terrorist funds were being diverted to Russia provides the most likely explanation as to why one of their “high level” officials was on board this plane.

As to how the estimated US$27 million in currency came to be aboard this plane packed into the cargo hold in “metal/aluminum” containers, this report notes, is currently being suspected by the FSB to have been “caused/effectuated” by the Cypriot pilot of this plane as the links between Cypress banks and Federation organized crime have long been known.”

The Russian EMERCOM website that provides information during emergencies, shows the list of passengers on the flight. The very first name happens to be the name of Larisa Yuryevna Allen, the suspected CIA agent. The article suggests that she was travelling on a forged UK passport, but the site reports her nationality as being Uzbekistan.

Why was the plane kept in a holding pattern? Is it possible that Russian authorities were aware of Allen, and getting ready to arrest her?
Was she the agent following the criminals, or was she the criminal herself?
Western news would likely try to pass it off as her trying to follow the criminals transporting the money. Could the plane have been remotely hijacked by the CIA to avoid the arrest and seizure of the funds on the craft? Could HAARP have been used to force the plane down, when the CIA got wind that Russian officials may have been waiting for the plane?

There is another unconfirmed report suggesting that the plane exploded in mid-air, and this may suggest that the containers of money were rigged with explosives to detonate if the money should fall into the wrong hands.

Since it was not bonds, and only cash, it would make sense that the money was to be used for some kind of illegal activity…and thus there would have to be protection measures put in place to protect those funds in case they ended up in the wrong hands or getting seized.

This would again implicate the security company at Dubai, and possibly the ground handlers of the plane. Which company is responsible for the ground-handling?

Given the history of the CIA and its involvement in the destabilization of countries, the theory points to the agent transporting the money into the region, and given Ukraine’s declaration to retake Crimea and not having the resources to do so, it presents a very convenient motive, assuming these particular facts were true.

Wow, the questions become almost endless now:

It would certainly make for a great cover story by the CIA to blame the money transfer on the Russian mafia, prostitution and a pilot from Cypress.

However, there is also the US involvement in the coup in Ukraine. Consider also a story reported on PressTV and other sources on 27FEB. PressTV reported that: “ Kiev is preparing a special military unit in a bid to retake Crimea, the Ukrainian premier says. “We are working on a project that will prepare us to regain Crimea,” said Arsen Avakov, RT reported on Saturday. “

A New York Times article from 01MAR2014 had reported that Ukraine armed forces are ill equipped to try to reconquer the region militarily. Liz Fields, writing for Vice News in June 2014 reported Ukraine president Poroshenko as promising to retake Crimea and not back down from seeking closer ties with the Europe in his inaugural speech.

This reality alone provides a motive as to why 27 million dollars might be smuggled into the region and why a CIA agent with a forged UK passport might be transporting these funds to help further Ukraine’s efforts to retake Crimea, or perhaps at least sabotage the bridge project.

There are also the questions of the containers of money on board the flight.
Anyone who has travelled on a civilian flight knows that they are not allowed to travel with more than roughly USD10000 without declaring it.

Was the money declared? Who approved it, and why? What was the reason for shipment of so much cash? Had it been in bonds, then the bonds could be tracked. There must have been security at Dubai airport to oversee the placement of the containers of money on the plane. Is Israel the company providing security at Dubai airport? Israeli Mossad oversees security at AMS airport where MH17 took off and was later shot down by Ukraine jets over Ukraine, and blamed on Russian missiles. Was the CIA planning to provide illegal security at Rostov-on-Don to receive the money and get it out of the airport before being tracked by Russian officials?

I am not saying that any of these answers are true. As I stated at the beginning, the purpose of this story was not to report on anything, but rather to help teach you how to look at a story from the bigger perspective, and attempt to link events with other things happening around the world at this time, and then begin to consider how it connects to the BIGGER bigger picture of the shift in human and planetary consciousness at this time.

So this may give you a better idea of the kind of thinking I go through with many stories I report on this newscast. Unless you are paying attention to other events happening around the world, it can be very easy to miss elements that could be very vital to understanding the real truth behind a false-flag story, or perhaps even just a general story.

It is my hope that you found this little lesson in journalism meaningful, and it is also my hope that it may help you to think a little bit more deeply about any story, before you blindly share it forward.

The transcript for this story will appear in the show summary to allow people to move through this lesson at their own pace.

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FDB is the ICAO identification, FZ is the IATA identification.

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Cosmic Vision News - May 29, 2015

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http://bit.ly/1k3wLnW  - Info and registration page for Nidle's webinar: First Contact: Examining the evidence; erasing the doubt.


The following is a summary of the Diamond Codes, to assist you in bringing your body back into balance:

1. Physical Level : Here it is important to GROUND yourself and anchor yourself into the Earth in this new Timeline. This asks you to connect with the Earth, to connect with nature and your physical reality through good diet and regular physical exercise. Meditate and Pray in nature and connect with Devas and Elemental energies that will assist you on your journey.

2. Emotional Level : Remember to stay in a state of Emotional Balance, to be centered and Calm. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into emotional dramas as this will place more stress on your nervous system.

3. Mental Level : Remain optimistic and positive, do not allow anger, anxiety and depression to take hold. This will keep you at a low frequency and you will struggle to raise frequency and find your new teams.

4.Compassion and Love : These are the central frequencies of the Diamond Light, so remember to focus into your Heart as the center of Balance and flow with the energies of Love and Compassion. This will immediately allow you to begin raising frequency and assisting all those around you.

5. Soul/Body Connection : Remember that as an Awakened Being your physical body is a vehicle for your Soul and Spirit. Use your physical body to express your Spirit and Soul in the World. Remember that as a representative of the Cosmic Christ energy you are a "Light to the World".

6. You are a Spiritual Being ....a Human Angel : Remember to always align with this Truth. try to see the Bigger Picture at all times!

http://bit.ly/1mMEiNl  - Earth Team Support : Timeline Energies and the PTD Effects", Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.



"Do not worry this has been foreseen in this very way .... if people do not get an introduction for use of some 100 % this is beause they are to cope with it more precisely. With the next following message we shall submit some addition to it so that people may basically become aware of how they have to apply these codes - some of them are already explained and others may be applied to in consequence to its meanings."




"These Code-Numbers originate from Times of Atlantis – by which I mean that these codes have been granted by our Divine Creating Mother herself to the Atlanteans while she had incarnated many times in that period on earth and supplied these codes herself at that time.

This was one of her gifts to human people on earth at that time – however with the decline of Atlantis and the pertaining frequency-downfall of vibrations such code-numbers were no longer applicable.

From today, 25APR – when publishing these code-numbers again – we have reached this very frequency-level of energy again and thus these code-numbers are fully applicable and functioning again.

The following is a sample of the codes offered at this time for healing purposes:

1. 33 45 634 : resonates to the

Healing of cellular damages of any sort.

2. 44 56 789 : resonates to the

Healing of open wounds (must be written above the specific open wound into the air)

3. 33 78 133 : resonates to the

Healing of severe injuries in the stomach-area which are not (at once) been able to be dealt with by immediate surgery.

4. 44 57 678 : resonates to the

Healing of open fractures, which are not able to be fixed (at once) and closed by some operational surgery.

5. 24 46 713 :

Neutralizes gen-manipulated foodstuff. This specific foodstuff will be returned to its original condition with its maximum effect to human bodies.

6. 24 57 892:

Neutralizes all toxid components in foodstuff which were introduced during process of production.

7. 24 67 987 :

Neutralizes all additives which are not natural – which are being added in almost all the processing measures to foodstuff (for economic reasons in order to save money). This Code-Number should be applied always since presently there are insufficient declarations added to almost all foodstuff. This code may be applied always and everywhere even if the meal is being served on the plate already."

24 60 123 :

Additional Code to be applied for foodstuff ( fruits or vegetables) to make it ripen to its full maturity. This Code supports the process of ripening on its cellular level.

With all already maturely ripened fruits and veges this code-number should not be applied – since they may otherwise over-ripen and thus will lose their full efficiency and their optimum of nutritional value.

42 67 982 :

Additional Code-Number for all foodstuff on the brink of moulding. By the effect of this Code-Number such fruits may become again tasteful although they do not look like it.

This Code-Number has been invented more for needy cases or for those humans who - by their living conditions - are compelled to feed themselves by such sort of foodstuff.

Please do not use this Code-Number in case of any foodstuff which is still quite in order. Otherwise this foodstuff originally - still impeccable – would be turned into some inedible condition.

99 42 167

Additional Code-Number for all foodstuff which carry added parts of alcohol in order to turn them into long lasting condition. This Code-Number neutralizes all alcohol within the foodstuff. It may also be applied to any drink in order to neutralize all alcohol in it – it does not have any effect on its taste – still the alcohol looses all its effect on the human body.

This may turn out as essential for all people not being able to tolerate any alcohol in medicaments which were produced on basic alcohol levels. I urgently recommend always making use of this specific Code-Number when treating alcoholic addicted people in medical institutions. Neutralization within the particular medicament will lead to some positive effects in the body of an addicted alcoholic which thus may reduce his addiction and later eliminate it.

Attention please!

Under no circumstances whatever – may this above code be applied for medicaments which were mixed with alcoholic additives in order to gain some disinfective effects.

http://bit.ly/1mH9DOH  - 25APR AARaphael via Marc Gamma : Coded numbers for foodstuffs and health.


http://bit.ly/1fgqFU3  - YouTube Video: Linda Dillon, CouncilofLove.com : Tsunami of Love Meditation (starts at 1:50 mark)

http://bit.ly/1lQTGUW  - Homepage for Linda Dillon and the Council of Love.

http://bit.ly/1ke5t03  - Universal effect of the Tsunami of Love.

http://bit.ly/1imd5cr  - A guide to the Tsunami of Love; what it is, what it means and how to benefit from it.


http://bit.ly/RTQNdd  - Video: Dr. Peter Glidden: Fire Your Doctor.

http://bit.ly/1jOogM9  - Article: "Death By Medicine" – Dr. Peter Glidden (well researched and well annotated)

http://bit.ly/1lPudPV  - Homepage for Dr. Peter Glidden


http://bit.ly/1fgr48V  - 15APR tv.NaturalNews.com : Flu Shots – Nothing More Than A Marketing Scam.

http://bit.ly/1nOGNfs  – Homepage for radio host Robert Scott Bell

http://bit.ly/1iXabPO  - IHealth.com : Videos for your own information and discernment.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, it is possible that I have stumbled on to a very profound thought and revelation.

As mentioned a few moments ago, I had written this week's reflection several days before the article from Celia Fenn and ArchAngel Michael crossed my path. I was blown away to receive validation in this manner, so I say thanks to Celia Fenn and Michael for that little gift this week.

Let's back up a little bit first. Many people have gone to see psychics, and they have received predictions, some of which may have happened, and others that ultimately did not happen. Many people are quick to put down the experience, saying that because certain things did not happen, that the psychic was perhaps a fake.

Although this may very well be true, there are points that the soul has not taken into consideration, the most important of which was the soul's own free will choices in participating in an outcome.

We are becoming increasingly aware that we live in quantum universe, and humans are slowly beginning to learn about the concept of multiple timelines.

When a soul sees a psychic, we can consider the following question: What is the awareness vibration level of the psychic? In other words how 'in tune' is this psychic in that moment of 'now', but also how 'in tune' is the psychic to the BIGGER, bigger picture?

The visions that the psychic sees in that moment with a soul may be reflective of a particular timeline, a timeline that depends upon you making certain choices immediately after leaving the psychic and for a period of time after that. In that moment, that is what the psychic saw.

If that soul had planned to leave the psychic's office, and go left to buy food, that is the energy that exists, and that may have been what a psychic saw. Upon leaving however, the soul may realize that he/she needs money and instead of turning left, turns right, or goes across the street to do something else. A free will choice has just interrupted the timeline that the psychic may have seen. New events, or possibly modified outcomes of events that maybe have taken place had the soul gone straight to the food store may now occur. Therefore a certain prediction may no longer occur, or it may still occur but in a different way.

Perhaps this example may help. IF the soul had done what was originally planned, and gone straight to the food store, perhaps that soul was supposed to meet another soul by saving him/her from a possible accident. That act may have caused them to meet and fall in love. Since that action has now not happened, the conditions whereby they fell in love may not happen again. It is possible they may still meet, and it is possible that they may still fall in love, or it is possible that the opportunity has been missed for good because one or both souls were not following their own intuitions.

Okay, let's look what is currently happening. Many people began to take an active interest in channeled messages in 2012, looking for information about what would happen on 21DEC. Depending upon the channel, and depending upon the message, many souls chose to experience disillusionment, and perhaps began to question the process of transformation that humanity is now going through.

We hear channels discussing certain events and their particular assessment of certain events is not the same, and this causes many people to question the channel, without also taking into account their own participation.

A channel is first and foremost a spiritual being having an equally human experience. The channel may not always get everything right on, especially if the channel is not feeling well at the time the message is received.

As I was contemplating this.. a thought struck me. Quantum theory seems to be indicating that there are multiple timelines, with multiples Earths, and multiple outcomes. Sources seem to indicate that we are moving towards increasingly less possible outcomes as the global cabal is slowly taken down.

Now I do not know if this quantum reality theory applies the same way beyond the 3D realm. Maybe there are multiple aspects of ArchAngel Michael, or Ashtar, or Quan Yin or St. Germaine, or any other celestial and/or galactic entity.

So a human being as a channel, MAY be connecting to one particular timeline based on his/her vibration in any moment of 'now'. Those who resonate with that message, are possibly at the same vibration, and are in alignment with the potential outcome of that particular message related to that particular timeline.

Another channel may be in a slightly, or perhaps even very, different vibration and sees an outcome in a different way. This MAY explain why perhaps, there have been different theories offered by different channels regarding what may have happened with MH370.

At this time, depending upon the collective human vibration as it rises and falls either with optimism or fear, a bleeding of quantum timelines may be happening right now, and we are seeing this bleed-through in terms of what is being told to people about this flight from numerous channels.

So the ultimate questions, and this was my mind-numbing 'wow' moment: If there exist multiple aspects of Gaia, with multiple aspects of us, on an infinite, but rapidly decreasing number of timeline potentials, are there also multiple aspects of celestial/galactic entities, guiding people according to the respective timeline from which the answer to a question is being sought ?

If the answer is yes, and I am having the feeling that it is, the question then becomes: Is there bleed-through from the collapsing timelines that is currently being experienced by the you and me, that is existing right now in the timeline and vibration we share in this exact moment of 'now'?

What one believes happened to MH370 and what I may feel or believe about the same event will depend upon the vibration each soul is choosing to hold and this will determine the perception or idea to which that soul is drawn to – the perception that the soul in question is looking for, to justify his/her global view at this time.

Now some of you will be seriously messed up with what I just shared; some will say I am full crap; a few others will ponder it; others still be open to embracing it as truth according to who they are in this moment, while some will not even think about, and know that this is something that feels like 'truth' to them in this moment. It is all relative to their vibration and what exists as 'truth' for them, according to the vibration of their current global view.

As more and more people grasp the 5D reality timelines, the 3D timelines are reduced more and more until we hit a timeline where the cabal just ceases to exist, and we have begun to manifest the Golden Age and Nova Gaia... a New Earth. The quantum bleed-through diminishes.

So...what is 'truth', dear listeners? If each choice potentially relates to a timeline reality, could truth be the timeline to which one places her/his focus on that which he/she is claiming to want to experience, and then making choices to live that, or BE that.

With each message being offered...even this message I am saying to you right now..discernment is always required. It is each listener alone, in her/his uniquely different yet equally beautiful space of awareness, that uses discernment to guide one towards the choices that resonate with ones heart and soul in that moment.

Create only a wonderful and beautiful timeline for your weekend!


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What is the purpose of CVN?

Cosmic Vision News is a newscast. It is offering the news that the mainstream media are not (yet) covering but will very soon be forced to start covering. This news is offered with a spiritual AND galactic perspective.

What does it mean to say "spiritual" and "galactic" perspective?

This means that sources of information not traditionally considered for mainstream journalism are utilized within this newscast. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the use of what some call 'channeled' information. The mainstream media use 'correspondents' who report from specific locations, and report their perspectives from that location. That report may or may not be shaped and altered according to those who control the media message. Therefore, the message may not have a high degree of reliability.

Channeled information may not always be much better, because it depends upon the channel receiving the information, and the intentions of the channel to truly honour his/her service to LIFE. It also depends upon the health in that moment of 'now' of the channel that affects her/his ability to receive. However, channeled information is certainly no worse than any report offered by a correspondent. At the heart of it all, LIFE is energy, and we can learn to attune to it, and some are currently more gifted in this capacity than others. As humans, there is no reason to doubt the capacity for one to receive this kind of information and share it. If their hearts are pure, their intent is honourable and authentic to be in service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families, they are equally as capable as any mainstream media correspondent to report on the information they are receiving.

Why do you put some of your 'commentary' into a newscast? Isn't journalism supposed to be unbiased?

In an ideal world, this is absolutely true. Within our current paradigm of living however, it is impossible. The world has been taught and conditioned to view the world from criteria of separation (ie: race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, physical/mental ability, political belief, language, and many others). Each human has a world view that is uniquely different and yet equally beautiful to every other human.

Each time a human makes a choice, she/he is expressing who he/she is choosing to be in that current moment of 'now'. That expression may change from day to day, week to week, month to month or year to year. It is formed through conscious (and unconscious) thoughts, words and actions.
Each human speaking to another human and sharing perspectives, is performing a form of 'journalism'; a 'personal journalism'.

Some of the commentary that is added to this newscast seeks to point people in a direction that they may have not considered before, while also trying to not force them to accept any perspective as 'truth', unless it feels right to a particular individual in any moment of 'now'.
With mainstream journalism, the program is watched and some of the news may be accepted, while other news is disregarded. The same is true with what is offered by CVN.

Please do not accept anything offered on CVN as 'truth' unless you feel it resonates with who you are choosing to be in this high-energy time of awakening for humans across Gaia – our planet. Take what is meaningful, and disregard the rest. Maybe a future moment of 'now' will come when that piece of information becomes meaningful.

To a certain extent, EVERY form of journalism has a form of 'bias' within it. The same is true of education. Unless one is being empowered to awakening to the unique different, equally beautiful truth within oneself, any message can be perceived and interpreted as 'biased' or as 'brainwashing'.

By using language like: "It seems that..." or some other language that may be considered as 'commentary', the use of that language seeks to point out a possible way of interpretation that may not have been considered before, without presenting it as 'fact'. The listener at ALL times reserves the final choice to determine whether or not a piece of information resonates with her/him in any moment of 'now'.

Why do you the terms 'spiritual', 'celestial' and 'galactic families'?

Both terms are profoundly more meaningful and less limiting than other similar terms. To say 'spiritual' implies a bit more personal responsibility and accountability to the overall relation to LIFE (capitalized), or to a Divine Source/Creator, however one chooses to resonate with that. Religion has historically sought to condition the masses into a paradigm of fear and of separation, as though humanity is somehow 'separate' or 'lesser than' a Divine Source/Creator, or ANY other aspect of LIFE existing in physical/non-physical, visible and invisible forms. Spirituality carries with it an awareness that there is an energetic relation to the ALL THAT IS, and that one is choosing this awareness and this interaction consciously and freely, without direction of another or a group dictating how that choice is to be carried out.

To say 'galactic families', is merely to express a higher cosmic, and perhaps even Divine truth. Any LIFE that exists beyond Gaia is still LIFE, and is still a precious part of the ONENESS of LIFE and the ALL THAT IS of a Divine Creator/Source. They are, scientifically and spiritually, sisters and brothers from the stars, and not 'aliens', as so many individuals and sources attempt to perpetuate.

The moving background is a bit distracting. Is it really necessary?

To varying degrees, anything that is new is going to be distracting.  I AM in awareness that this will be the case with a few visitors to the site.  Some may choose to accept it, others may choose to feel irritated by it, while others still just simply will not accept it and not return.  I honour each soul on his/her uniquely different and equally beautiful path. 

It did not take me very long to get used to the background, because I spend a fair bit of time on this site. I only notice the moving lights now if I choose to look at them.  As time goes on, I trust that, just like the noise that one hears in a city, one will adapt to the lights in the same way, and choose not to be affected, distracted or irritated by them. 

This background was 'brought' to me for a very specific purpose at this time I believe.

The strands of light are symbolic, not only of the Light we are, but in combination with the background colour, captures the essence of the crystalline energies that our physical bodies are becoming, but also captures the essence of the crystalline energies that the Cities of Light already are.

The fact that the strands of light are moving captures the essence of what LIFE is.  It is Light; it is energy, and all energies within their space of being uniquely different yet equally beautiful, act and interact with all other energies around it, in harmony and in the co-creation of Nova Gaia - the New Earth with a higher human and planetary consciousness.  Its movement also symbolizes 'change' and LIFE is about constant change, and our journey is to adapt to change within the illusion of separation, to remember who we are and what we are a part of, while choosing to remember that and also to RE-member to that larger Divine energy/collective in our service to LIFE in a 3D, 4D and 5D space of awareness and BE-ing.

If it is of any help, perhaps I may suggest to approach this website from the frame of mind of playing a child-like game.  The goal of the game is to fine-tune and develop your Mastery, while learning to focus on the messages contained within the website, without the distractions surrounding you, while at the same time being present to the Light and LIFE around you to receive those energies!

Enjoy the site and relax into the game!   We are all energy in constant motion and thus constant change!

Could you please explain the logo/photo that you have chosen for CVN?

cvn graphic small

To be honest, I did not really 'choose' it.  This came pretty much just came to me.  I was reflecting on the kind of message that was to accompany my service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families. This is the closest image yet to capture that essence, and this image was created by Anthony Morrision, a friend and editor with GoldenAgeOfGaia.com. He is also a gifted graphic designer, as I think one would agree in looking at the image.

The image captures the essence of LIFE - the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that support everything, not only on Gaia (Earth), but also beyond.

The cosmic essence of who we are is represented, along with the starships which are symbolic of our celestial and galactic family members who are around Gaia at this time helping her and also helping those among humanity who are ready, willing and choosing to receive that assistance. 

The energy of the Sun is featured and captures the essence of energies of Light moving through the larger cosmos, but also to Gaia. Depending upon the individual perceiving the image, she/he may interpret it as either a sunrise or a sunset.  A sunset being symbolic of the period we have gone through that is now ending.  A sunrise being symbolic of the dawning of the new 'golden age of consciousness'.  With every sunset, there has come the promise of the dawning of another day. 

The elements of creation are captured in the presence of earth, air, fire and water.  They are symbolic of all that is LIFE, within the space of the everything that LIFE is. 

The dolphins are the representatives of our cetacean family - the holders of the akashic records of all that has been. They are supremely more wise and intelligent than much of humanity gives them credit for.  They have had a very specific purpose and contribution to this larger leap that humanity is now going through.  The dolphins are strategically placed, as being between the young couple, uniting the energies of all.

Notice the young couple.  The circle of Light that is around them with the darkened space just beyond them.  This captures the essence of Light in the moment of 'now'.  What is beyond that space is not of significance in that moment.  The couple is meditating, the practice and discipline of bringing awareness into the moment of 'now', and to be aware of one's uniquely different yet equally beautiful connection to, and relation with the energies of LIFE.  An experience of ONENESS with the ALL THAT IS.

The couple is young, which is symbolic of the energies that are rebirthing Gaia while also being symbolic of the youthful bodies that many souls will return to as the energies continue to be received upon Gaia.  This will also depend upon the invidual soul-contracts of those involved as to whether or not this experience is a part of his/her LIFE-plan. 

The hands of the young man are extended, with the palms facing upwards, receiving the energies of the woman. The larger symbolism is that man is not just receiving energy from woman, but the Divine Masculine is being transformed and rebirthed through the energies of the Divine Femine.  The actual holding of hands is symbolic of the unification of these energies in physical form.

The young couple are dress in white with gentle and subtle exposure of flesh. The white is symbolic of the purity of Divine Love and Light. Scientifially-speaking, it is also the 'colour' within which the frequencies of all colours reside, at least within our current 3D space of awareness.  The exposure of flesh is symbolic of our bare essence - the essence who each soul is when she/he first arrives in physical form into the world.

You will notice that the couple is levitating.  This is symbolic of what Divine Feminine/Masculine are becoming - Light bodies of Divine energy in physical form, and also non-physical form.

It is an image that has been a part of me for quite some time I think.  I am so thrilled to finally have it in a picture form.  All of this symbolism and energy is the essence of what A Greenprint For LIFE and Cosmic Vision News is.

The image may not be what is considered 'traditional' for a media network, but as you may have already guessed, CVN is not a traditional media newscast.  It is breaking the mold, and it is what it is:  LIFE, serving LIFE, for the Highest Good of LIFE, in each moment of 'now'!

CVN Logo

With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet,
this is the newscast making the disclosure of our galactic families official.
What The World Is Wanting - And Needing To Know - In Each Moment Of 'Now'.


For press or media interviews: Email Geoffrey West  or SKYPE: greenprint4LIFE
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Avatar-Tree-of-LIFELIFE is the ALL THAT IS. LIFE guides us, it supports us and it sustains us. There is nothing more to it than this. Therefore, in understanding how we are all connected to this ONENESS and to this larger process that this work calls LIFE, we can begin to make new choices. These choices mean honouring oneself, while also honouring others, honouring our planet, and very soon also honouring our galactic families who are soon to become a much bigger part of our lives as humanity and our planet shift into a higher consciousness and into a new relation with our galactic families as a new star nation.

Before we can truly understand the definition and meaning and BE-ing of the word 'peace', it helps to first be able to understand one's own personal connection to and relation with, this larger process called LIFE.

For a short period of time in our near future, many humans will have to take some smaller, but very rapid steps towards this awakening and knowing. Information has been kept hidden from most of humanity, and unfortunately it is only now that humans worldwide have begun to see the truth of the lies, frauds and crimes that have been played upon humanity and our planet.

Our planet, Gaia, as she is known by in many circles, is a living sentient, energetic entity, and she has been receiving help from our galactic families to restore energy lost due to the mistreatment of her by humanity.

Everything is energy, and this has been proven by science. The energy that is you, acts and interacts with all other energies physical and non-physical, visible and invisible. These interactions come with choices and also come with consequences.

Learning to see LIFE through the larger picture, through the illusion of duality and into the ONENESS shared by all, one can begin to see that the choices one makes has a greater impact than before. The thoughts, words, actions and reactions are energies of what we have been taught; what we have chosen; what we are experiencing and what we ultimately become.

In making choices to harm any other aspect of LIFE, we are ultimately hurting ourselves individually and collectively, because we are all ONE.

This work invites you to consider and perhaps choose, if it is meaningful for you to do so at this time, a new relation to LIFE! Observe what is now happening around the world as millions awaken. Peaceful resistance is spreading worldwide, and loving compassion is being shown to those who would try to stop it. It is an example of the new consciousness. The energies that are not LIFE-honouring are no longer being accepted, nor are they being supported. These energies will begin to disappear. They already are, for no longer are people choosing to react with greed, fear, jealousy, revenge and more. They are choosing Light and they are choosing love!

You do have a choice to be a part of this. All you have to do is choose it! Choosing this does not necessarily mean having to go and rally with millions, but even just to shift your outlook of LIFE to hold visions of a higher energy shifting the planet, and to see all humans showing loving compassion and Light where it is needed, and to see the leaders of the world hearing the voices and receiving this Light and love to step down and help remove the structures of enslavement. You are more powerful than you realize!

Galactic, global and inner peace/healing begins with a choice - but this choice can only begin with YOU!

peace-has-not-been-possibleLeaders claim to 'want peace, or they will impose peace'; peacemakers claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers claim to 'measure or quantify peace'; academics claim to 'study peace', and institutions claim to 'teach peace'. All of these are impossible within the current paradigm of living because the very power, prestige and control enjoyed by these people and institutions come as a result of the exact opposite of that which they are claiming to want. This is one reason why the current paradigm is now collapsing.

As one opens up and understands ones connection to and deeper energetic relation to LIFE, the word 'peace' begins to take on a completely different meaning and experience.

dove-heart-peacePeace can no longer be something that results from external factors created and experienced 'out there', but it becomes the manifestation of a uniquely different yet equally beautiful experience reflected the relation one has with LIFE in each and every moment of 'now'.

One's experience of 'peace' may change from week to week, depending upon the choices one made to look at her/his partner in a more LIFE-honouring way, or to approach ones job from the perspective of ONENESS and service to to LIFE. 'Peace' begins to release and heal any who are able to find the love, compassion and strength to forgive those hurting others.

In seeing the Divine Source ~ however you personally choose to view this Divine Source ~ within everything else, one can raise the level of divinity within oneself, becoming the expression of BE-ing, that Divine free will allows. It allows one to choose to harm another to bring lessons allowing the receiver of this action to choose forgiveness and thus bringing healing to all.

Forgiveness does not release another from Divine justice. It merely frees the soul of the one who felt an injustice from energies of negativity, including revenge.

We are being called to break down the structures that have currently enslaved humanity. We are being called to remember ourselves as Divine Beings and galactic beings as part of the ONENESS, and to choose to break down these structures as peacefully as possible, while also showing compassion, love and forgiveness to those who have hurt humanity and our planet. It is these hurting souls who have forgotten who they are, and require the rest of us to set an example of Divine BE-ing. This not only helps ourselves, but especially those, through our example, who have given us this experience of duality, and allowed us to know (and choose) what love and Light are, through the experiences of what they are not.

love-7Our human and planetary consciousness is awakening to a point to assist those who are ready, willing and choosing to be a part of this new consciousness.

The planetary vibration is moving to a point where negative energies cannot and will be sustained. As this happens, those who are unable to shift to higher vibrations of love and Light will go through their own personal challenges and crises. If they are unsuccessful or unwilling to choose this higher vibration, they will more than likely have to move on somewhere else to continue their learning experiences at a deeper level.

How you, dear reader, choose to experience peace at this time will depend upon how you have lived your LIFE-path, and how you currently choose to see the people around you and our planet. Your experience and BE-ing of peace is uniquely different, but it is also as equally beautiful and important as each and every other aspect of LIFE.

Choosing to act from your experience of peace will create the new relation and the new choices that honour you individually, while also honouring others our planet, all aspects of LIFE, including our galactic families.

The message you came to share with the world at this time is welcomed and embraced - if you have the courage, faith and strength to see your truth, embrace it, and then live it in honour and service to LIFE!

Welcome, beautiful soul! Awaken and remember who you are, and what you came to share! A beautiful new world is being born, and you are invited to join this evolutionary journey!

"Until you can see God in the face of your enemy, you cannot see God at all, for in truth there is no such thing as an enemy. There is only that part of you existing in contrast to another part of you. God does not exist for you if He exists for you only in people and things you like. God is not real for you if She is experienced by you only in those things with which you agree."

~ Tomorrow's God - Neale Donald Walsch


 If there was ever ONE single announcement that had the potential to change

everythingabout our world, including the health of our planet - this would be it!


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Disclosure 101: Getting Started With Information Relating To The Existence Of Our Galactic Families

Many individuals are currently preoccupied with smaller issues that they honourably believe to be important to them. For some people, it is the issue of poverty. For others it may be animal rights. There is an endless list of smaller battles that people are taking on in their desire to create something different while bringing a sense of meaning to those who are taking action. All of these issues are important, and they are especially important to those who have felt called to bring these issues to greater awareness. This has been their service to humanity because they were not aware that another potential solution could look after everything.

It is Albert Einstein who has been credited with saying that we cannot solve any problems from within the paradigm of thinking that created the problem. Therefore if we approach an issue, and try to solve it using the structures currently in place in our world, it will not succeed.

Trying to solve ALL of these smaller issues, within a paradigm that includes fraudulent banking and legal systems does nothing to solve the issue itself, but rather to increase the wealth of the elitist few who thrive on fear, debt, separation and ignorance from the rest of humanity.

What these beautiful people have done however in bringing all of these fires to greater awareness, are helping people to see just what is no longer working in our world, and thus helps each person to begin a process of self-reflection and questioning that has now brought humanity to the point it is now at - a point of peaceful resistance/rebellion.

In many parts of the world, people are rising up against democracy - not because the principle of democracy itself is flawed, but rather because it has become corrupted by legal and banking structures that have permitted a 'democracy' of voluntary enslavement. We have accepted and chosen this experience. Now, millions worldwide are
standing up to say that they are choosing to no longer allow this. They are tired of having things hidden from them, in order that power and control may be perpetuated over them.

One of these issues is the issue of disclosure. This is disclosure of our galactic families and non-Earth technologies that have been hidden/militarized for the benefit of the elitist few and not for humanity and the planet. It is believed that there are currently 6000+ patents that have been kept from humanity that could have cleaned up our planet at least ten years ago if not more.

Numerous messages from our galactic families via specific channels have indicated that the dark elitists are losing their power and control while at the same time, there have been an exponential increase in the number of videos and sightings of starships all over the world. One only has to search on YouTube to see what is beginning to happen.

Most have indicated that they want to be informed by leaders. Until recently, most leaders have been unwilling and/or unable to do so. 'Soft' disclosure is now happening all over the world. It is mostly in North America where the mainstream media has been a big part of the cover-up that people have no idea about what is truly happening around the world. Most of the rest of the world is and has been aware of the existence of our galactic families for years. Several governments have begun stepping up to the issue of disclosure by beginning to release their 'X' Files to the public. Here are a few sites with lists of countries disclosing information:

Sightings are now starting to accelerate in North America, as the movement to break down the elitist enslavement of the world continues.

Perhaps your biggest question right now is: "How do we know that they are not here to invade our planet?"

The gentle answer to this is that darker members of our galactic families already have done so, and it has been this collaboration
between numerous groups here on Earth and with specifically one dark galactic family that has led to all that we are now experiencing. The invasion has been happening for at least the last 70-80 years.

The good news however, is that this galactic family apparently switched over to the Light back in 1995 and joined forces with the good members of our star families to help with the changes upon Earth. This switch is partly related to a much larger event that will not be covered on this page. Focus on opening your mind first to the truth being revealed, and these larger answers will become known soon enough.

Unfortunately, there were those dark energy groups on Earth that were not willing to give up this power and control, and they broke ranks with their family to continue keeping humanity and Earth in enslavement for another 15 years. The computer and other hi-tech discoveries came from these darker entities and in exchange they were given the opportunity to abduct humans and animals for their own tests.

Under Universal Law, the good star families were not able to intervene because humanity was willingly choosing to be enslaved. For those who watch the TV show Star Trek, this is similar to the Prime Directive. They cannot interfere with a civilization unless specifically requested. However, what they were allowed to do however is to stop
significant attempts to start wars or cause cataclysmic destruction upon Earth. Gaia asked for help, and this is the help that she is receiving from the star families. It has been said that at least several of the planets in our solar system will be terra-formed to look like Earth, and our solar system will become one of pristine beauty once again.

The leaders of the world have not (yet) officially made this announcement. There is however a movement now being carried out by the masses and also by numerous high-ranking people who are revealing what they know even though they have been sworn to secrecy. They have known that in the past there was danger in revealing this information.
Many deeply believe it is time for people to know this information, and the fact that our galactic families are increasing their appearance in our skies suggests not only that humanity wants it, but also that they want to interact with us also. Some messages from our galactic families indicate that there are already agreements in place involving a number of nations around the world for disclosure, although whether or not these plans move forward depend upon the level of acceptance within the people around the world.

With the structures of control that these groups had in place, it had been pretty easy to keep people in fear, in debt, in separation and enslaved. What these elitist groups cannot control however are the presence of our galactic families and the technologies that they have. Until recently, these negative groups had free-will over the planet and over humanity. Apparently, this is no longer the case. Gaia has made her own free-will choice to change to a higher vibration; the galactic families are here to support that, and they are now allowed to help those within humanity seeking to live in a more loving, peaceful planet.

This is why we are witnessing what we are now seeing all over the world. It is my humble opinion that what we have been experiencing has been bad enough. Our planet was already on the verge of destruction because of these dark groups. This truth will become more known in the coming near future. Our star families have apparently
already prevented nuclear war on at least several occasions, and they have made it clear that there will be no significant catastrophe to Earth or to innocent humans. They cannot stop individuals from killing other individuals because there are karma lessons involved, but they can stop and/or minimize Earth events to a certain point.
The rest is up to individuals to choose how they wish to create and experience their future. There will be no asteroids or comets causing destruction upon the Earth.

There is so much to be told, but all of this information and so much more will be made known soon enough. It is important not to believe the words here, but to hear what your Higher Self is telling you as you read these words. Do they resonate inside with you? If so, you have perhaps begun taking your own first steps towards becoming a
galactic human!

Are you ready to learn more, and perhaps do some of your own research to learn? There are a number of different star families here to help,
and their messages are very similar, but not exact. If you do not resonate with one source, please keep your mind open to exploring more. If you have come this far, then I would gently suggest that there is a part of you guiding you to find the right source that will give you exactly what you are looking for. Be patient, and know inside that you will be guided to the information that is relevant for you at this time!

The work of A Greenprint For LIFE is to assist by offering perspectives that put the whole picture together. As this truth and many others become known by people, many will be searching for the larger answers as to why our true history was hidden from us, why things had to happen this way, what happened and why. It links to what is happening now and why as well as opening a door to the biggest question of all: where are we going as a galactic species and new star nation?



 United Nations

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs - United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs : Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies.



 Dr. Steven Greer




Dislcosure Project Press Conference - May 9, 2001, six months before 9/11. 9/11 prevents many truths from being made known - and this was only one of them.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO IN A SEPARATE WINDOW  - Published by CSETIweb via YouTube in 2010: 2001 National Press Club Event.


GREER: BENEVOLENT ET SPECIES ARE HERE - 01NOV2014 Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com : Dr. Steven Greer: Dozens of Benevolent ET Species Are Here, Eager to Make Contact.

CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW  - via YouTube: Dr. Steen Greer - “Other Beings And Why They Are Here”


CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW  - 04MAY ‘Sirius Disclosure’ via YouTube: Dr. Steven Greer Announces "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy”.

http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/  - Homepage for Dr. Steven Greer, the Disclosure Project and the ‘Unacknowledged’ big disclosure campaign by the people.



Defence Technical Information Centre; Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, Volumes 1, 2 and 3


VOLUME ONE WEBPAGE -      TO DOWNLOAD VOLUME 1 AS A PDF DOCUMENT IMMEDIATELY:  http://www.dtic.mil/get-tr-doc/pdf?AD=AD0680975  

VOLUME TWO WEBPAGE -     TO DOWNLOAD VOLUME 2 AS A PDF DOCUMENT IMMEDIATELY:   http://www.dtic.mil/get-tr-doc/pdf?AD=AD0680976




Canada's Participation in 'Secret' Anti-gravitational Aircraft and Transportation:  Avro Aviation De-classified military document.

In the mid-1950's, a Canadian company called 'Avro Aircraft Ltd' also known as 'Avro Aviation', built the most-advanced aircraft of its time. The Avro 'Arrow', a ground-breaking 'Delta wing' aircraft, far exceeded anything that the US Air Force had in the air at that time.  However, what is not commonly known is that the US military had its hands in Avro Aviation, and they were working with the company to develop an anti-gravitational, transportation vehicle.

This highly-classified part of the project was called simply: 'Project 1794' and fell under the US Air Force contract number AF33(600)30161  and had ID number:  56-RDZ-19954

The project would later be declassified, and the document of this (formerly) secret project, although not advertised to the world, was now available to be seen by the people of the world, for those choosing to look for it.

Here is this document:     PROJECT 1794 Avro Aircraft Ltd 1956

The ending of the 'Arrow' project will forever remain a very sore point in Canadian folklore.  The blueprints and the tooling machinery were all destroyed so they could not be copied. Some sources say the planes were completely destroyed, with one aircraft being mysteriously flown away to be put into hiding somewhere.  Other sources claim the company was bought, including the aircraft, by another company in a nearby city.  The staff were all split up, and most were placed within programs like NASA, JPL, Skunkworks and perhaps other secret and not-so-secret projects.   It is a fascinating story, and lots of information is available online for airliine enthusiasts who wish to learn more.

Canadian Paul Hellyer was a member of parliament in Ottawa at that time. He would however, later become a Minister of Defence and a Minister of Transport, cabinet positions that would have given him exposure to information of this nature.  As of 2017, now in his 90's, he continues to speak out on the corrupted global cabal group, but more specifically related to the 'money mafia', and has a book by the same title.  He has also spoken out on the existence of civilizations beyond Earth, and even in 2017, he remains one of the very few, if not the only, high-ranking G8 politicians to speak out on this topic.  Strangely, he has never spoken of this particular project however.

Stephen Bassett - Paradigm Research Group - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure


 CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW - Official Trailer for the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure via YouTube


CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure via YouTube:  Official Trailer


https://www.youtube.com/user/CitizenHearing - YouTube channel for The Citizen Hearings on Dislclosure.

Rockefeller Initiative - Paradigm Research Group : The Rockefeller Initiative

http://www.citizenhearing.org/ - Official website of the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure



David Wilcock




Robert Dean - Whistleblower From The '60's With 'Cosmic Clearance'


 CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW - Published by JaynLouv via YouTube : The Truth About Aliens. Retired NATO Intelligence Analyst, Robert Dean Speaks (Re-upload)  This video also features information by Clifford Stone.


CLICK TO VIEW IN A SEPARATE WINDOW - Published by 'Above Top Secret Disclosure' via YouTube : Robert Dean on new 2015 leaked Russian UFO Footage.




Sheldon Nidle



Whatever one may think about 'conspiracy theories', the fact remains that at this time, almost all of the ideas that were once given this label are now being shown more and more to be true.  The numbers of people who are awakening to the lies, frauds, and crimes that have been committed against humanty and our planet is rapidly increasing.  It is being exposed more and more, because more and more people are taking the time to do their own research, and to stop trusting and believing corporate, religious, political and mainstream media 'leaders'.  Their true colours are showing, and the people of the world are there, and they are ready to catch them in the act and to expose all that they have been a part of.  This section covers a few of the topics that have historically received labels of 'conspiracy theory'.

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Contents Of This Page

What is 'Truth'?

ARTICLE: PL Chang - "How The Controllers Use Religion, Money, Politics and Education to Enslave Our Souls"(Three Parts)

The 'Empire of the City' - 'Sovereign' City States of The Vatican, London City and Washington DC

The Banking System

The Legal System

The Vatican - (and 'The Church': all religions generally)

The Media


9/11 Truth

What is 'Truth'?

We are now entering a period that could very literally be defined as a 'moment of truth'. This is not only for human and planetary consciousness, but especially for each individual in how she/he perceives his/her relation to LIFE, how he/she interacts with it, and where each person is choosing to be in the coming moments of 'now'.

Arguably, one of the greater challenges when trying to unite humanity and move forward in co-creating a new planet, is to break this 'addiction' humanity has to the definition of 'truth'.

It is a term that is often thrown around in religion, in politics, in economics, in health, in education, in media and elsewhere. There is a quote, and I am not sure exactly who the proper source is of the quote, but it goes like this:

"People do not want truth.  What they want is the reassurance that what they happen to believe, is the truth."

Each human has a uniquely different yet equally beautiful different set of criteria that one requires in order to accept a new idea as 'truth' or not. Truth is very subjective; what is truth in one moment may not necessarily be truth in the next hour, day, month, year and so on. 'Truth' is subjective and relative. Humanity has long accepted various scientific, religious, mathematical and astrological revelations as truths, only to now discover that these truths are no longer valid for the world we are now living in.

Therefore, what is really 'true' is therefore only that which resonates with an individual in each moment of 'now'. The Truth Movement therefore is very squarely positioning individuals worldwide to make a firm affirmation as to what they are perceiving as truth, and to act on that truth now in service to humanity, our planet and to LIFE!

A huge aspect of the truth movement, and in my humble opinion, the most important one is the disclosure of our galactic families. This is now happening in many ways.

A lot of information has already been coming into mainstream consciousness, and it is guaranteed that a lot more will be coming within the next few months. It is an historic period in more ways than most people can possibly grasp at this time!

Many people are feeling 'called' to stand up and take action on numerous issues that are meaningful to them. This is beautiful, it is important and it is honourable! I might like to invite the reader to consider this: When we put attention to all the little 'fires' that are now present in our global society, is it possible that we do not have time to look at the biggest fires - the ones that are most directly responsible for all those little fires? If we were to pool our energies and resources into addressing the larger fires, it is very likely that most, if not all of those smaller fires would very quickly be put out because the source is no longer present?

The arguable sources of all the fires are the institutions of politics, religion, business, media and education. There is however a deeper source than this. The Occupy Together movement is beginning to get very close to this source, but it is very complicated because it involves so many people, so many institutions and the power behind this group has been almost unstoppable - until now!

Some will look at the Occupy Together movement with anger, discomfort, fear and other negative energies because they do not understand what this movement is on the verge of helping to expose.

Here is some information I offer for consideration of all, and if it resonates with you as 'truth', so be it. If not, please feel free to discard it.

I can assure you this, however: a time is fast approaching where the information that is offered here will move forward; it has to. In order for some much larger changes to take place. This will be discussed in another section of the website.

In order to appreciate the things that are not working in the world, it is best to start with the groups that have been responsible for this. There are a number of formerly secret groups worldwide that together have put into place all the institutions and rules for human enslavement. There are groups such as 'Bilderberg', the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and numerous others. There are numerous royal bloodlines that are part of the groups involved in the enslavement. There are powerful families such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and several others. There are several excellent documentaries now available on the internet and through certain websites that expose this history and their crimes against humanity. There are three sovereign states from which most of the power and control of the world comes from as illustrated below.

ARTICLE: PL Chang - "How The Controllers Use Religion, Money, Politics and Education to Enslave Our Souls"(Three Parts)

http://energyfanatics.com/about-me/  - About PL Chang

http://energyfanatics.com/ - Homepage for PL Chang:  The Answers To Everything Lie Within The Substance of Energy.

http://omnithought.org/ - Homepage for PL Chang:  Uniting Thoughts And Freeing Minds Through Spiritual Science.

http://energyfanatics.com/2015/02/06/staradigm-second-edition-blueprint-spiritual-growth-happiness-success-well-being/ - 17FEB2016 PL Chang, EnergyFanatics.com : Staradigm (Second Edition): A Blueprint for Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Success and Well-Being.


"This article is my most controversial article because it contains “forbidden knowledge” and evidence proving that the Controllers have infiltrated and distorted most systems of the world, including the religious, political, educational, and financial system. If you do not believe that there are people who want to control everything that you do and think, read this mind boggling article (contains visual proof) and then ask yourself why are they deceiving you.

If you do not know who the Controllers are, they are wealthy globalists who control society from behind the scene and pull the strings of politicians. A lot of the Controllers are high level bankers who are involved in secret societies. If you do not believe in secret societies, study organized crime and you should eventually come to the conclusion that they exist. If you want visual proof, watch this short video.

If we want to experience true freedom and world peace, we need to learn and understand how the Controllers think and study their systems of control so we can find ways to counter them. Otherwise the Controllers will destroy our freedom and turn our planet into a prison. If this happens, our children and future generations will not have a future to look forward to.

The main goal of this article is to empower you by helping you understand the minds of the Controllers and their systems of control so that you can understand why they are so obsessed with the idea of controlling the world. After reading this article, you should understand why we cannot rely on our authorities to save us and why we need to be more responsible citizens. History has taught us that when we become irresponsible and take freedom for granted, we always get tyranny!

Why controlling religion and money are essential for enslaving our souls

Religion is the most effective tool to use to control the mass population at the spiritual level. This is because most people have been conditioned to believe that religion is heavily influenced by the words of Creation (God). In order for the Controllers to control us, they need to weaken the spiritual power within us. This power is the loving energy that gives us thought, awareness and intelligence, which is also known as the soul/spirit.

The reason why they need to weaken our spiritual power is because when our spiritual power is strong it can help us see through their lies; therefore, it can free us from their controlling matrix. This is why people who are more spiritually awakened are usually the ones who warn others about the Controllers’ dark agendas.

The end game of the Controllers is to create a worldwide catastrophic event so that they can manipulate the survivors into accepting their fascist one world government. To achieve this goal, they need to first control two things: money and religion. They have always been in control of money and religion to a large degree, but in the late 1700s their controlling empire was threatened by a generation of very brave men and women. Those brave men and women were the founders and builders of the country known today as the United States of America.

To make sure that the Controllers’ end game comes into fruition near 2012 and soon after, they need to destroy the US and what it stands for, which are freedom and liberty. They believe that once the US falls, controlling the rest of the world would become a lot easier. The Controllers knew that the US was too powerful to attack from the outside so they cleverly attacked it from the inside through stealth.

In 1913, they achieved one of their greatest goals by creating a central bank in the US. This central bank, known as the Federal Reserve (Fed), is not a federal bank but a private bank owned by a small group of elite bankers. I like to refer to them as banksters because they are gangsters disguised in suits. You can read more about those banksters at this page.

The image of the dollar bill below is evidence that they have taken over the US financial system. If you study secret societies, you should have a general idea of what the Great Seal symbol stands for. The pyramid with the “all seeing eye” on top is one of their occult symbols of power. If you look closely at the pyramid, you should see 13 sections or stairs. The number 13 is a very important number in the religion of secret societies.

Controlling the US monetary system is essential for them to achieve their dark agendas because they can use it to steal real wealth from Americans and buy off their politicians and companies. To steal real wealth from Americans, they assign each American a social security number and trick them to pay income tax. They have done such a great job of stealing American’s money that they got away with $15 plus trillions. To make matters worse, they enslave Americans through debt with their fractional reserve banking system. This system is what gives them the financial power to control the economy of the world.

Each time the Controllers print money to the US government, the fiat money is given to the US government as a loan plus interest. This is no different than borrowing money from a foreign country. It is important to know that in the age of technology most of the money exchange is done electronically. Another popular method that the Controllers use to steal real wealth from the American people is inflation which is nothing more than a hidden tax. For a detailed explanation why inflation is a hidden tax, please read this shocking article. The Controllers are also using these controlling techniques to control other countries, which is why the economy of Europe is a mess.

Many of the people who are in charge of the plan to overthrow the US government are part of controlling factions of secret societies. It is important to know that not all people in secret societies are bad. The good people in secret societies cannot conveniently leave their secret groups because it can cost their lives.

According to Dean Henderson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Ethan Allen, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Brown, and Roger Sherman were all part of a secret society known as the Freemasons. Many factions of the Freemasons are affiliated with the most powerful secret society of all, the Illuminati. The philosophy of the Illuminati has been around since the Sumerians and beyond.

The malicious faction of the Illuminati is responsible for distorting many of the original teachings of great spiritual teachers of the past. Many of the “holy books” found in modern religion were written or influenced by certain people who were part of secret societies or associated with them. This is why some of the stories in religion are based on astrology.

One of the popular religious stories that is based on astrology is the birth of Jesus, which certain branches of Christianity claim that it occurred on December 25th. When they talk about this event, they are not really talking about the birth of the “son” of God, but the birth of the “sun” of God that rises in the East and sets in the West.

As the winter solstice approaches from the Northern hemisphere, the days become shorter and shorter until it reaches the shortest day of the year. Depending where you live on the planet, the shortest day of the year occurs on December 21st or 22nd. On this date the sun stops moving south for three days. Some ancient civilizations saw this as the analogy of the sun being dead for three days. On December 25th, the sun moves one degree north; therefore, it is said that the sun is reborn on this date. This one degree movement of the sun is very subtle but can be measured with very sensitive equipment.

I know the idea of the birth of Jesus being a hoax may anger a lot of Christians, but if Christians want to truly achieve salvation, they need to learn how to decipher The Bible, so that they can uncover the real truths hidden in The Bible. We, the people of the world, need to understand that the same groups of people who gave us the fractional reserve banking system are the same groups of people who gave us modern religion.

If the previous three paragraphs are hard for you to believe, then watch the video below. Be warned! This video contains shocking evidence that can put you in an emotional roller coaster ride. Viewer discretion is advised.

Before watching the video, please be aware that I do not agree with everything in the video. In a section of the video, it claims that Jesus never existed. My understanding of the story of Jesus is that the Bible version contains a lot of deceptive information, which is why it is filled with parables. However, this doesn’t mean that there was not a man from the past who taught about the Christ principles.


Even though the video above shows evidence that proves to a certain degree that religion contains distorted information or lies, a lot of us will still deny the fact that this video is telling us some truths. How about if a well-known religious leader tells us that there are some truths to the video. Would we believe it then?

One of the most well-known religious leaders is the Pope. Recently, Pope Benedict XVI has publicly announced that there was a miscalculation of Jesheua’s birthday, and that Christmas was based on a pagan solar festival.

Do you notice that when it comes to these types of hot topics, they usually never admit that they are wrong? Instead, they tend to blame their errors on someone else so that they do not damage their credibility. These are the kind of leaders that we have running the world. Our political and religious leaders have lied to us in the past and they will keep lying to us until we become more responsible citizens. Do you now understand why we can never achieve true freedom and world peace until we become more responsible citizens?


This article is part 2 of 3 parts, If you have not read part 1, I highly recommend reading it because it will help you see the big picture of what this article is trying to tell you. In part 1, I went into great detail explaining how the Controllers distort religion and infiltrate our financial system. Part 2 will explore the Controllers’ agendas deeper so that we can start asking the right questions.

One of the questions we should be asking our leaders is what else are you not telling us? I know for a fact that they are not telling us a lot of things because they know that once the truth comes out, their controlling empire will fall. This is exactly what is happening behind the scene. If we want their controlling empire to fall faster, we need to support the true patriots who truly care about our freedom and liberty. In other words, vote with your money and do not rely solely on the rigged voting machine.

We can vote with our money by buying organic and healthy food instead of the hazardous junk food that they created to destroy our connection to our souls. By buying organic food, they will have little choice but to support organic food. Another way to vote with our money is to stop watching news from the mainstream media (unless the corrupt leaders are removed), and read news from alternative media, such as ProjectCamelotPortal.com and StewWebb.com. These alternative media outlets are usually not financed by the Controllers and they are not afraid to expose the Controllers’ dark agendas. Support the true patriots and light warriors who truly care about your freedom and rights.

In one of my previous article titled “Forbidden Knowledge of the Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 1, 2 & 3,” I said that the year 2012 was a year of great change because the truth of what is truly going on in the world is going to come out sooner or later. Right now, some of the truth is starting to come out. One of them deals with the financial fraud committed by central banks throughout the world. Another one is going to involve the announcement of the existence of life beyond our planet. However, the announcement that there is life in outer-space may not happen for another few years. How fast this announcement will occur depends on if the people of the world are ready for it. The Vatican is already conditioning and preparing us to accept that there is life beyond our planet. You can read more about it at this website.

All major religions have been distorted by the Controllers

If you want to know who are behind a lot of the wars and destruction on our planet, follow the money and it will eventually lead you to religious institutions. They are some of the main entities that are financing and supporting many of the “evil” deeds throughout the world. One of these institution is the Vatican. The Vatican is not a holy institution because behind the scene they worship negative entities like Satan. These types of religious institutions are responsible for killing nearly 1 billion people since the time of Jesheua (Jesus).

It is important to know that all the major religions of the world have been distorted by the Controllers, including but not limited to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and even the New Age movement. One of their main purposes of distorting religion is to manipulate us into thinking that the end of the world is coming. Another one is to disempower us. Even though the Controllers have distorted religion, there is a lot of great and truthful knowledge found in religion. The hard part is trying to separate the truths from the lies.

To manipulate us into believing their “End Times” prophecy, the Controllers brainwashed their children into supporting their doomsday plans, and then encouraged their children to brainwash their children to take actions leading to the fulfillment of their “End Times” prophecies. Therefore their doomsday plans are passed on from generation to generation so that each generation can fulfill their “End Times” prophecies. Many of us cannot comprehend how the Controllers’ dark agendas can survive for so long, but once you understand how they think and operate, then you should understand that their dark agendas are still alive and well today.

Nowadays we have many malicious secret societies running most of the systems of the world, including the religious, financial, educational, and political system. This is why there are so many dogmas found in religion and why our educational system is corrupt. This is also why the world’s financial system is a mess and why we are at the brink of another world war. During World War I and World War II, the Controllers almost succeeded in implementing their fascist one world government.

The Controllers are responsible for engineering most of the wars on our planet. They like to engineer wars to spread hatred and fear and make profits. They can make profits by financing both opposing forces in secrecy. The Controllers do not think like us. They think somewhat similar to that of a psychopath; therefore, they are very domineering and only care about themselves. The Controllers treat us like objects and value money more than our lives; thus, they do not show much remorse if we die.

Nowadays, the fight between the Controllers and the Resistance (the protector of freedom) is heavily concentrated in the US. Within the last century, the Controllers did an amazing job infiltrating the political, educational, religious, and financial systems of the US, a country that is quickly losing its freedom. The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are proof that the US has become very corrupt. The combination of these two laws allows the US government to spy on its own citizens and detain them without a trial.

Why the Controllers use modern religion to weaken our souls

One of the main reasons why the Controllers manipulate us with their ominous religious teachings is to weaken the connection to Creation (God) and our souls. By doing this, it becomes easier for them to take control of the power of our consciousness. Consciousness is the most powerful energetic force in our Universe because it contains the living codes that govern all things. By controlling our consciousness to a certain degree, they can also influence our thoughts which are essential for creating our experiences.

Most of us do not understand that the collective human consciousness is what creates our reality and that matter is focused into existence with our thoughts. Quantum physicists have known about this for decades. A lot of their theories and discoveries are being taken very seriously in the last 10 years because they are helping modern scientists explain how the Universe truly works.

If our thoughts create our reality, then why is it so hard to instantaneously manifest our thoughts into reality? The reason why we cannot immediately manifest our thoughts into physical manifestation is because we have not evolved to the point where we can take control of the thought manifestation process. Because of this, the thought manifestation process is managed by our subconscious. The distortions in our light bodies are also disrupting the thought manifestation process, making it harder for us to manifest our thoughts into reality.

Our individual thought may not feel very powerful in our current state of existence, but when we combine our thoughts with large groups of people, our collective thoughts become extremely powerful. When we focus our collective thoughts toward something, they speed up the manifestation process at an exponential rate. For this reason, the collective human thought is the most powerful manifestation force on our planet. The collective human thought also has amazing healing capabilities. Most of us do not realize that when we pray to Creation or some other divine being to heal our loved ones, we are actually playing a big role in the healing process, since we are focusing our thoughts toward healing our loved ones.

How the Controllers dumb us down using the educational system

After the Controllers took over the world financial system, they infiltrated the educational system. They did this by buying or financing certain schools and colleges. With unlimited money, they bribed some high level professors into joining their secret societies and then encouraged those professors to use their manipulative books. The schools and colleges that opposed them were restricted of government subsidies unless they agree to work with the Controllers. The Controllers were able to do this because a lot of politicians were bought off by them.

History and Science were the two subjects that the Controllers distorted the most. They distorted history to prevent us from discovering our true history. History tends to repeat itself; therefore, if we understand history, we can prevent the Controllers from manipulating us and infiltrating the systems of the world.

As for science, the Controllers took out a lot of the empowering findings in science because they knew that, if we became too educated in science, they would have a very hard time manipulating us. Plus, science can be used to prove that some of their ominous teachings are wrong. To make sure science can never be used against them, they use their controlling media and scientists to ridicule anyone who tries to challenge their paradigm. Because of this, they have slowly conditioned us to not question things. Conventional science is not really science anymore; instead, it has become like a religion.

The big secret that the Controllers do not want us to know

One of the greatest secrets of our human race that the controllers do not want us to know is how our consciousness and thoughts create our reality. If we ever become aware of our true powers, the Controllers will not be able to control us anymore. This is why the Controllers have used our power of consciousness and thought against us. They do this by spreading their disempowering teachings throughout the world, using their “holy books,” and religious and educational system, and other influential systems.

The Controllers have done such an amazing job of spreading their disempowering knowledge throughout the world that they have conditioned us to believe that we are slaves and powerless, and that Creation (God) exists outside of us. By believing their teachings, we become their slaves and they can manipulate us and steer our future the way they want. For example, one of the main goals of the controllers is to create a scenario that represents one of their prophecies known as the “End Times.”

Manipulating us to believe their “End Times” prophecy, our collective consciousness ends up creating certain events that support our beliefs. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. They also engineered many of the wars so that we will always have hatred toward other countries. Do you now understand why the world is such a mess? It is a mess because the Controllers have used the power of our consciousness and thought against us, creating a world full of fear and destruction instead of love and peace.

Many of the Earth changes are engineered by the Controllers

Most of us do not realize that many of the major Earth changes are not all caused by nature but are caused because of the Controllers’ scalar weapons, weather controlled technologies, and advanced particle accelerators. The use of these weapons can cause further damages to Earth’s biosphere, resulting in magnetic field shifts and Earth changes.

Below is an excerpt of one of my earlier articles titled “Is the World Going to End on December 21, 2012?”

"There are many researchers and scientists claiming that earth changes related to the climate are caused by man-made carbon dioxide (CO2). This idea that man-made CO2 is the main cause of global warming is a hoax designed to tax us for merely breathing. If man-made CO2 is causing the Earth to heat up, then why are all the planets in our solar system heating up too? This is a question that many mainstream researchers and scientists shy away from because they are afraid of admitting that they are wrong. For more information on the subject of our solar system heating up, please visit LiveScience.com.

One of the major causes of earth changes is the dark rift. If you do not know what the dark rift is, it is a dense area in the Milky Way galaxy that has strong energetic particles. These particles can heat up our solar system and cause other strange phenomenon.

Most people do not realize that there are secret groups in certain governments that have very advanced scalar technologies. These technologies are so powerful that they can be used to manipulate the weather and even cause earthquakes. One of them is known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). One of the most well-known HAARPs is located in Gakona, Alaska.

As described at Haarp.net.

Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; antenna send out signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything — living and dead.

If you understand how HAARP works, you will realize that it has been used many times to manipulate the weather, causing droughts, floods, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. The way to tell when HAARP is used is to look for HAARP’s unique frequency signature which can be easily detected with the right equipment. HAARP can be used to facilitate earthquakes by adjusting it to generate ultra-low frequency (ULF) of roughly 2.5 Hz. For more information on how HAARP can be used to trigger earthquakes, please visit TheOldSpeakJournal.WordPress.com. For great visual evidences, please visit SinceDutch.WordPress.com."

The mass awakening is already causing the collapse of the Controllers’ empire

The mass awakening is one of the major reasons why the Controllers’ empire is falling apart. The mass awakening is causing a major shift in our consciousness; therefore, increasing our awareness and allowing us to see who are truly running the world. The only way the Controllers can achieve their dark agendas is to do them in secrecy. This is why it is important that we educate others about these topics so we can increase their awareness. Once enough people wake up, the right people in the right situations will take the necessary actions to stop the Controllers from destroying our lives and future.

We also need to share ideas with others instead of hiding our ideas because we do not want others to steal our ideas. Each one of us only have a small puzzle of the big picture. If we start sharing our ideas, it would be easier for us to see the big picture and find solutions to solve major problems of the world.

The last thing we need is for people to attack the messengers. Truly wise people would never attack the messengers. Instead, they will use their intuitions to help them discern the information and then do research to see if it is valid. On the other hand, ignorant people will attack the messengers because they think they already know everything about the subjects. Anger does not make a wise person; instead, it makes an ignorant person. When we attack the messengers, we are doing exactly what the Controllers want. The Controllers want us to fight each other so we are divided. Stop fighting and unite my fellow men and women!

Continue to part 3. Part 3 is the most important part because it will expose who the real puppet masters are and help you see the Earth drama from a higher perspective.



This article is the last part of three parts, If you have not read part 1 and part 2, I highly recommend reading it because it will help you see the big picture of what this article is trying to tell you.

The idea that there are wealthy Controllers who are controlling the world may sound like a bad dream, but if you know who the real puppet masters are, you should understand how the Controllers are able to create such a successful controlling system.

This last part is the most important part because it will help connect the dots by exposing who the real puppet masters are. In addition, it will unveil the true potential and history of the human race. Once you understand who the real puppet masters are, you should know why humanity has such a hard time freeing itself from enslavement.

The true potential of the human race and its hidden history

The human race is a very ancient race with amazing potential. Its potential is so astonishing that when its body is fully activated, no human technology (no matter how advanced it is) can compete with it. The secret to our hidden potential lies within our DNA. Most human beings on Earth have at least 12 strands of DNA, not the two strands claimed by modern scientists.

The higher strands of our DNA exist beyond three dimensional space which is why modern scientists cannot detect them. Once they invent the right technology, they will discover the higher strands of human DNA. One important thing we need to know about human DNA is that it is mixed with extraterrestrial DNA. I know this sounds crazy but certain scientists of the Human Genome Project are actually claiming that this is true. You can read more about their claims at this website.

Scientists have also recently discovered that nearly 97 percent of our DNA is “junk DNA.” They call it “junk DNA” because it does not seem to function. Our “junk DNA” holds the key to our history and true potential. When we activate our junk DNA, we allow high frequency energies that have amazing healing potential into our bodies. These types of energies can heal diseases, extend our lifespans, and activate certain hidden abilities within us, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. In addition, we will be able to access the memories of our past lives which are stored in the DNA of our cells.

If we can activate our 12 strands of DNA, we will become immortals. This is one of the big secrets that the puppet masters of certain secret societies do not want us to know. To learn more about the secret of DNA and find scientific evidence proving that we have more than two strands of DNA, read this article. To learn how we can become immortals, read this article.

The biggest secret of the human race is that we have the potential to become gods. This is what the Controllers and their puppet masters fear about us the most. We do not feel like we have god-like abilities because we have not evolved enough to handle the true power of our consciousness. If we can heal our higher strands of DNA, taking control of the creation process of our reality will be like learning a new language.

The puppet masters of the Earth-based Illuminati

The people in the highest ranks of the Illuminati and the Vatican know about our true history and potential to a certain point, but they do not know as much as their puppet masters. The puppet masters of the Illuminati and other certain secret societies are the negative thought form entities. They are what people often refer to as fallen angels, demons and evil spirits. These negative entities are the ones who are truly calling the shots from behind the scene.

Negative thought form entities like to infect the minds of people who are attractive to the negative polarity, especially people who are involved in secret societies that support Satanism and Luciferianism. Many people of secret societies, especially the leader of Western secret societies, like to practice dark magic and worship demonic entities, which is why negative thought form entities like to infect their mind. Once they infect their mind to a certain point, they can control them to a large degree.

Negative thought form entities are supporters of Death Science. They like to use people of secret societies to spread their Death Science teachings to the rest of humanity. Nowadays, most of humanity has been tricked and conditioned into supporting Death Science without their knowledge.

The paragraph below goes into detail explaining the difference between Life Science and Death Science. It is extracted from my book called Staradigm.

Most of our modern science is based on death science, which is why it supports black holes, wormholes and finite systems. There is nothing wrong with death science because it contains its own truth. But following the concept of death science beyond the critical mass point will eventually lead to the death of a race and its planet and even its galaxy.

Reality fields that are based on Death Science have finite quantum energy; therefore, they are unnatural and have finite lifespans. These finite reality fields are known as black hole systems. A super massive black hole system, such as the Milky Way galaxy takes billions of years to die, giving the illusion that it has an abundance of energy. Keep in mind that the Milky Way is already a few billion years old.

The major cause of death of a galaxy is critical mass energy distortion of its original energy template, causing an unnatural black hole to manifest at its center. This overactive black hole, if not brought back into balance, will keep consuming the Milky Way’s energy and matter until it reaches a critical mass point. When this happens, it will implode and return everything in the Milky Way to space dust.

The true meaning behind the biblical story of the Fall

I am not a big fan of religious books but many religious books do contain a lot of truths. However, most of the truths are written in symbolic codes to manipulate us and prevent us from knowing the true meaning of their messages.

For example, in The Bible, it stated that the first human race created was immortal. According to The Bible, the first two immortal human beings were Adam and Eve. It was not until they ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that they experienced death and disease. As a penalty for their sin, all human beings from that day forward will experience death. Many religious leaders suggested that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is an apple tree; therefore, Adam and Eve ate a poison apple. I will explain the deeper meaning of the poison apple in the next part.

The Bible was somewhat correct when it mentioned that Adam and Eve were immortals. When you learn how to decipher the symbolic codes in The Bible, you will know that when The Bible mentions about Adam, it is referring to the first atomic particle. As for Eve, it is referring to the dawn of the light. These two things are immortal since they are substances of energy.

According to some spiritual teachers, the first groups of human race were created millions of years ago on a planet far away from our solar system. Those first humans were immortal angelic beings. We human beings also have the potential to become immortal angelic beings, because we have many of the first humans’ DNA codes. I know all this stuff sounds crazy but when you study the science of energy and how it relates to matter, you should come to the conclusion that everything is energy and matter is like an illusion; thus, we are all energy or light beings.

The angelic humans were created to be guardians of their planet and help fallen races fix their DNA so they can avoid extinction. Unfortunately, certain tragic events occurred that damaged their planet so severely that it caused it to fall in frequency. This event also lowered the frequency of the angelic humans and mutated their DNA, causing their higher senses to become dormant and shortening their life span.

Shortly after this event, the angelic humans’ DNA mutated even more due to thousands of years of intergalactic/interdimensional wars with the fallen races and their legions. Those wars caused major distortions in their planet’s energy fields. The distortions of their planet’s energy fields also caused major damages to the angelic humans’ DNA, causing more of their higher strands of DNA to turn off.

Those intergalactic/interdimensional wars eventually spread to Earth. While on Earth, the wars became so bad that they nearly destroyed Earth. The precession of the equinoxes, which is a slow wobble of the Earth’s axis, is one of the side effects of those wars.

The distortions of Earth’s energy fields also caused major damages to the Earth humans’ DNA, causing some of their higher strands of DNA to turn off. Certain fallen races also artificially manipulated the Earth humans’ DNA, causing more of their higher strands of DNA to turn off. Those events also caused their higher senses to turn off and heavily weakened their connection to nature and the Prime Creator, making it easier for the fallen races to control them. Those events are the main reasons why the spiritual powers of the human beings of today are not as strong as they should be.

The leaders of the fallen races are often controlled by negative thought form entities. These entities do not have eternal life like what many Illuminati think and they are not all powerful. They have the ability to shape shift into angels, demons, and any creature that they want but they are not all powerful. Because they do not have eternal life, they like to feed on the negative energy generated by fear.

Because the negative thought form entities can shape shift, they have tricked many new age teachers into thinking that they are communicating with real angels or enlightened beings. Many of the channeled information are being given to new age teachers by these evil entities, not by enlightened beings.

New age teachers who teach about the Fibonacci golden mean spiral, the torus energy fields and finite systems are supporters of the negative thought form entities’ teachings whether they realize it or not. The Controllers and the people who support these evil entities should really think twice about what they are doing because the negative thought form entities are only using them to achieve their dark agendas. They do not care about us (including the Controllers) because they see us as only objects to exploit.

The deeper meaning of the poison apple

The poison apple that they talk about in religion is a metaphor for the torus energy field (magnetic field) that surrounds a star, planet, body, cell, and atom in the Milky Way galaxy. Before the tragic event that caused damages to our energy fields, our energy fields did not look like a torus. Instead, they looked more like a butterfly-shaped field.

The torus energy field is a distortion of the natural butterfly-shaped energy field. This distortion restricts the natural flow of living energy of the Universe. As a result, the torus energy field is one of the major causes of death. The core structure that allows living energy to travel from Creation to the receiver is the Eternal Life Grid, also known as the organic Tree of Life.

The natural systems of the Cosmos have a process that expands and contracts that is similar to the breathing process. This natural process allows energy to flow in from Creation and back out to Creation. This allows energy to recycle itself so to speak. Because of this feature, natural systems of the Cosmos do not experience death because they are always being recharged with the loving energy of Creation. Unlike natural system, artificial systems like the torus energy field (poison apple) heavily restrict the natural flow of energy of the Cosmos, causing death to occur. This is the deeper meaning of the poison apple that many religions talk about.

The human race on Earth can reclaim its natural energy field by healing its DNA before the distortions in its energy field reach critical mass. To truly bring back our DNA to the level of angelic beings, we need to implement Life Science teachings into our spiritual practices and heal our DNA. Unfortunately, many of the DNA activation techniques being taught by spiritual teachers are based on Death Science. Spiritual teachers who teach Death Science DNA activation are usually not aware that they are using Death Science techniques.

The negative thought form entities and their minions purposely created Death Science DNA activation techniques to damage the higher strands of the human DNA. The reason for this is because if we are successful at activating all of our 12 strands of DNA, we will become immortal and more powerful than even the negative thought form entities. Do you now understand why they have manipulated us into supporting Death Science without our knowledge? Death Science teachings cause distortions in the original energy template, which prevent us from activating our higher strands of DNA.

Why the negative thought form entities manipulated us to worship an external creator

The reason why the negative thought form entities want us to worship an external creator is to weaken our spiritual power. When we worship an external creator, we are giving our powers away; therefore, it disempowers us. This type of worshiping is the false god teachings of the negative thought form entities and their minions.

The negative thought form entities only care about death and destruction, because death and destruction produce fear, which generates negative energy for them to feed on. These entities are what most people refer to as demons and evil spirits. We do not need to fear them because they are not eternal beings and they have no power over us. If they were eternal beings, they would not need to steal energy from natural living systems to feed themselves. Even though they are not eternal beings, we still need to understand what they are capable of doing.

The negative thought form entities’ understanding of the Universe is beyond what we can comprehend at our current level of evolution. Even though they have more knowledge than us, they are still bound to the Laws of the Universe. One of them is the Law of Creation. Any being that likes to create destruction instead of creation will eventually become extinct. The Laws of the Universe are inescapable. The people who are helping the negative thought form entities should really think twice about what they are doing. All thoughts and intentions are known by the Universe and there is no escaping its laws.

The ultimate goal of the intergalactic/interdimensional Earth Drama

The current drama that is unfolding quickly on Earth is like an illusion designed to help us and Creation evolve. This is the ultimate goal of the Earth Drama. When we look at this drama from a higher perspective, it is like a play and everyone is assigned a role that he or she has agreed to play. This is why we cannot really hate our enemies because they are just playing their parts in the evolution of the Universe.

I know that by saying this drama is like a play may sound harsh, but the truth is not always easy to accept. The problem with the Earth Drama is that it has gotten really bad and is at a point where if we do not turn it around, it could cause the extinction of the human race on Earth.

The Controllers are here to teach us lessons and we are here to teach them lessons. At the deepest level, the Controllers are a part of us that we are not consciously aware of. Many of us, including the Controllers, have forgotten who we truly are; therefore, we do not remember that we are one.

If we want to truly learn our lessons and help the Universe and Creation evolve, we need to be more responsible souls and forgive the Controllers. Before we can forgive them, we need to make them responsible for their actions. Forgiving them does not mean that we approve what they did to us. It just means that we have learned our lessons and it is time to move on. Fighting each other will only create more karmas; therefore, the Earth Drama will never end.

Love is the key to heal all things; even the Controllers will eventually realize this. At the core of love are frequency and consciousness. To be more accurate, love is the state of perfect vibrational harmonization or the co-resonance of consciousness between all things. This eternal vibrational resonance of consciousness is what holds the Cosmos together.

Whenever a civilization lacks love, the strength of its eternal vibrational resonance of consciousness weakens, increasing its risk of becoming extinct. Any race that lacks love for too long will eventually become extinct. There is no exception because love is the key to heal all things. If we want to truly be healed, we will need to understand what love is and spread love throughout the Universe.

Do you want more information?

If you want to learn more about the Earth Drama at a deeper level, I recommend getting a copy of my book called Staradigm and reading it. Staradigm does a better job of painting the overall picture of the Earth Drama because it contains essential information to help you see the Earth Drama at a higher and wider perspective.



The Empire Of The City

Arguably The Root Cause Of All Evil, Crime And Injustice In The World?

Three sovereign territories exist with different rules for those on the inner circles. The world is controlled spiritually through the Vatican, financially through London-City, and other control of the world is through the military/industrial complex in Washington D.C.

The Criminally Fraudulent Banking System?

There is a very dark history to the financial system, and how it has been used to enslave humanity. Keep people in debt, keep them in fear, and keep them separated, and they will be under control. To understand how the world has been enslaved through the unlawful and criminal fractional-reserve model of banking, I will refer you to the first two parts of a movie called Zeitgeist: Addendum. These two parts do a far better job explaining the lies and frauds of this system than I ever could. You are enslaved through fear; debt and separation - and most of you even say thank you for this enslavement! The movie can be downloaded from www.zeitgeistmovie.com, but I will embed the first two parts here for your convenience:

The Legal Systems Around The World Are Criminally Fraudulent?

You may wish to consider glancing over this document, to learn a little bit of the history of the Bar Association, and what lawyer's really represent. I'm willing to say that I am not an expert, so I cannot say that all the information in this document is factual or not. Most of it seems to resonate with me, and mostly makes sense. It is an absolutely wicked system of control, enslavement and entrapment.

The Vatican  (and 'The Church' - all religions generally)

A Haven For Corruption, Crime, and Greed?

It is already becoming increasingly well known that the message of religion has been deeply corrupted. Having been brought up in the United Church of Canada myself, I wlll not say that everything about religion is 'wrong'. There is no 'right' or 'wrong', as long as there is a 'truth' for one to experience in each moment. There were elements of truth within the religion I grew up in. There are elements of truth within all religions I believe. However, it can no longer be denied that most wars are being fought in the name of 'God' and it can also no longer be denied that religion has used 'the wrath of God' to instill fear into its worshippers, and its rules force people to do things a certain way, or they will be removed from the church, or they risk being 'condemned to burn in fires of hell'. As the message of this site shares - we are ONE with all, and it is my offering that we are not separate from a Divine Source, but are ONE with it. We are as much Divine Beings as all aspects of LIFE in whatever form they are. To harm any aspect of LIFE is to harm oneself. I cannot imagine a Divine being a vengeful, punishing entity, and this truth, when it came to me, really opened my eyes to what all religions are doing to people around the world. The Vatican however, appears to have consolidated its control over the spiritual indoctrination of the masses.

The Vatican already has its hands in the creation of the unlawful 'legal' system through the Knight's Templar Church, based within the sovereign territory of London City. Over the last few years an increasing number of cases of child sexual abuse by pastors at Roman Catholic churches has been coming into the Light.

Recently, the government of Ireland came out as the first country to formally and publicly condemn The Vatican for its role and its cover-up of sexual abuse of children. This is a ground-breaking precedent, and sets the stage for other countries that see the writing on the wall and are know choosing to stand for truth, integrity, transparency and accountability in its practices.

This puts an already mounting strain on The Vatican, which is already facing potential action in Canada for crimes against humanity in the genocide of thousands of First Nations children in northern Canada. Ironically, the Queen of England is also named in this action.

Observe the phenomenal wealth that is flashed around The Vatican - and then perhaps ask yourself why a church possessing this much wealth, would have pastors not earning much money and then expect poor worshippers to continue donating their money to the church 'in exchange' for an alleged ticket to Heaven... ???

The Media

Once The Biggest Tool Of Disinformation And Brainwashing - Now Being Exposed And Forced To Change

For a number of people, the downfall of the mainstream media slowly began in 2001 with 9/11. Most people are now very aware of the lies of 9/11, and they are beginning to see how the mainstream media was a major contributor to the brainwashing of people in North America especially. The rest of the world knew the truth long before North Americans came to accept it. I will not focus on 9/11 truth. This is pretty much obvious.

The problem however has been that everything that happened since that time has been based upon the lie above. The mainstream media has been negligent in not asking the tough questions, and they did not do this, because they are owned by the very people who were a part of the big secret group to get people into fear.

There have been a couple of rumours circulating as to why 9/11 was carried out, and they all relate to events that elitist cabal did not want the world to know about. At the moment, I have not been able to get a good sense as to which events, if any, were part of 9/11. One source alleges that a new global economic model was to be introduced on 9/11, a fair, balanced and more honest system with a currency backed by gold. It is believed that the elitists did not want this to happen, so they brought down the buildings that housed all the programs and plans for launching this system, and then proceeded to bring down building 7 to destroy and cover up the plan of the elitist cabal. I feel pretty certain that the world will know the truth behind this within the coming few months.

Thanks to the internet, social networking, alternative media and growing media like Russia Today and a few others, the mainstream media now, in 2011 finds itself in a very delicate spot.

There are sources that suggest that the mainstream media is being forced to change because of other changes taking place in the global structure. It is my firm belief that the world will very soon know all the background information about what is happening behind the scenes to root out corruption in politics, media and elsewhere.

The mainstream media tried desperately to avoid covering the Occupy Wall Street movement in its early days. It was said that a protest of 20 Tea Party members would get more mainstream coverage than 1000 occupiers. As we have witnessed, the mainstream media have reluctantly begun covering the events, but it is still clear that they are not doing the movement justice and it is the alternative media that is picking up the ball, and doing the job of covering the events, and any police brutality that goes along with it. The US Marines are now coming in to support the movement, and protect the people. Already one video has gone viral of a marine Shamar Thomas screaming at 30 police officers that what they are doing has no honour. He tells them that if they want to kill, to go serve in Iraq. This is the power of media... and this is the truth that is now coming out.

... and much, MUCH more is to come! Hold on, it is going to be quite a ride over the next little while!


The Times Are Forcing Politicians To Choose Their Sides; Structures Are Collapsing

It would take too long to write everything here, and at the rate information is coming out, I might as well not even try!

In the U.S., there is of course the Occupy movement; there is the Ron Paul Revolution; there is the End The Fed campaign; and there are the rumours of deep underground military bunkers (DUMB's) being destroyed to prevent elitists from sneaking away to hide, once they try to get one of their plans to work to start a world war, or another pandemic scare to eliminate as much of the population as possible.

In Europe, the European Union is collapsing. It is pretty much a given at this point. It was a project that the elitists set up, and it has now been exposed. Here are a few wonderful clips from a courageous politician, Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party who is certainly not afraid to speak out on the ills, lies, and frauds of this EU project:

Notice: over 378,000 views.

People are paying attention.

Here is a clip from Russia Today covering a UK parliamentary vote on the call for a referendum for the UK people to decide whether or not to stay in the EU. Prime Minister Brown ordered his party to vote against having a referendum or face penalties. Many in his party disobeyed...another sign of the times:

9/11 Truth

Although 'the cabal' has been initiating wars for profit at least since the first world war, it is arguably the events of 9/11, where the curtain began to rise in exposing what has come to be known as 'false-flag' events to justify acts of war and control over other countries, while also justifying the grounds for the removal of more and more of humanity's rights.  Under the guise of the 'war of terror' (yes, 'of' terror and not on terror), people have been conditioned and saturated with the potential of fear-oriented events to the point where people were willing to consent to giving up their rights under the illusion of 'security'.

The official report of the events of that day have raised more questions than it has given answers, at least for those who are truly intending to understand the 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'how' and 'why' of 9/11.  It could also be argued that this ONE event, if people understood the truth of what had happened, and who was truly responsible for it, that it would unravel the truth of all the events that have been unleashed upon the world since that time, and thus collapsing the power-control paradigm of the cabal once and for all.

There both information and disinformation out there, and it is important for each individual to find the information that resonates most with him or her in the current moment of 'now'.  Many, many people who were firm believers of the official report years ago are now strong believers that it was an inside job. It depends upon how ready one is to be open to the information that one's government, one's leadership, and one's national institutions have not been working for the Highest Good of the people, the country, or the planet.  You, and only you, can decide what you wish to consider as 'truth' in this current moment of 'now'. 

As one observes all the events now unfolding around the world, it MAY become more reasonable to see that maybe there is more to the truth about 9/11 than what has been fed to the people of North America.  I say 'North America', because it is this population that has been primarily brainwashed by the mainstream media.  The percentage of people recognizing the truth of this event is much higher outside of North America than it has been within North America, although this is now rapidly beginning to shift.

There is an increasing number of people from very respectable and professional careers, organizations, and associations that banded together with others of their professional background to lend either their expertise or their support to the truth about this watershed event.  It cannot and will not be denied for much longer.

For those who still love to be critical of the 'conspiracy theorists', they may wish to consider the fact that they are increasingly becoming the minority.   There is even a survey that was released in the summer of 2013 indicating that those who were historically classified as 'conspiracy theorists' are actually more sane than those who still believe the 'official reports' of numerous events and false-flags.

New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile - 12JUL2013 PressTV.ir

A number of movies and documentaries have been created/published since those days.  A few of them are listed below, and links are provided to the videos and to the websites where they are available.

9/11 Pentago Attack:  Behind The Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honeggar (2013)

9/11 Pentagon Attack: Behind The Smoke Curtain  - Watch this documentary

Documentary:  Loose Change (Version 1 aired in 2005)  This is the 'final cut'

Loose Change: Final Cut   - Watch this documentary

Loose Change 9/11  - Homepage for Loose Change and several documentaries exposing 9/11 and more.


Documentary:  In Plane Sight (2004)

In Plane Sight (2004) - Watch this documentary          

http://www.911inplanesite.com/  - Website for this documentary


Other websites for 9/11 truth:

Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth

Firefighters For 9/11 Truth

Scientists For 9/11 Truth

Pilots For 9/11 Truth

Lawyers For 9/11 Truth Blog

Scholars For 9/11 Truth

Actors And Artists For 9/11 Truth

Medical Professionals For 9/11 Truth










"With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the first newscast making disclosure (of our galactic families) official."

Cosmic Vision News (CVN) had a very successful launch on April 13 2012.

After more than one year on the air, the show has succeeded in connecting with souls around our planet while gently guiding listeners into a new paradigm that is currently birthing a more peaceful and loving human and planetary consciousness.

What are people saying about CVN?

"This is my FAVORITE show, one I look forward to. Although, I do take the time to spend hours (actually, I'm addicted) to dissecting the news every day - I look forward to hearing which ones Geoffrey highlights, and the way he condenses the information. and, goes into depth on others with such clarity - that makes it easy! I've told him before, I think he belongs on a main channel like RT ♥"

"No one can replace you, Geoffrey. With your training in Peace and with your perspective on the news ... that is YOU and you alone. YOU are what makes the show so good."

"An excellent commentary on peace that could be given only by someone with your experience. (re: October 10 show: www.bit.ly/RiOYiG ) You are valuable to our planet at this point in time, Geoffrey! And always!"

"Great show! It's the first 'news' I've listened to in many years. I hope your shows will be archived. I will be emailing all my pals the link and time aired but certainly not everyone will be able to listen to the live hour."

"As far as I"m concerned, Geoffrey, Cosmic Vision News is the best, most open and honest news on the planet - and I look forward to listening each week. So grateful to you for your great (and courageous!) work . . . "

"I feel sure, Geoffrey, that in the near future your vision of Life-honouring journalists being supported in having the freedom and opporunity to report Truth will come to be a reality, and I believe that you most definitely ARE achieving what you intended CVN to be and to represent . . . It shines with Truth and Light, and I personally find myself to be in a higher vibration each time I tune in."

"@Geoffrey--I deal with depression & ocd--& your optimism,inner certainty that the plan of light & love will triumph really uplifts my frequency. your offering is immensely appreciated in our worldwide spiritual community!"

"The way you open your show and express love in a variety of ways throught the show is very heartwarming. I hope you are playing a BIG role in broadcasting in the foreseeable future."

"It is so fine to find one place to get all the real news. In the past, I have had to monitor 30 sites to get half the information this show provides. Good job!"
"This is just incredible! Seeing how it is all coming to be is just wooooowww! Keep up the good work, and God bless us all! Namasté!"

"Please everybody donate something to CVN. This man is a great being who is putting himself on the line by creating a Spiritual Truth oriented news."

"I can definitely see you taking on a much bigger role in the near future. As Rupurt Murdoch releases his death grip on the media, the world will need Lightworkers like yourself to step forward and take the reigns of the New Earth. I'm glad you are looking ahead at accepting help from others, but one of the best things about CVN is your voice! It's so clear and light and also comforting."

"You are great just continue doing what you do. We love you so much you are so helpful. We need you at this time."

http://the2012scenario.com/2012/04/cosmic-vision-news-a-planetary-first/ - CVN: A Planetary First.

"I have followed you for several years and I felt compelled to write after listening to your latest show.  I have felt from the first time listening to you that you are the most gifted, talented, and NEEDED spokesman that I have ever heard.  I am 64 years old, so I speak from some experience.  I have had the fortune to have met so many well known people of my time.  I have teleprompted the governor of my state, had Christmas dinner with Gene Roddenberry and his family, been in several movies and performed in front of countless people.  I have NEVER BEEN more impressed to listen to someone as incredibly gifted and talented as you.  I died when I was 15 years old.  I went to "the other side".  I remember all of it.  You are doing what you are here to do.  I am standing in applause.  If you EVER feel that you are losing heart or just need a friend to talk to that knows who you really are, please feel free to contact me.  Stay your course, my friend.  You are on the correct one.  I put you up on the level of Edward Morrow or a Walter Cronkite, AND THEN SOME.   You are never alone.  I am in AWE of you."
"Geoffrey, I love you bro. I have been listening to you for years and you have consistently nailed it outta-the-park each and every time. You are integral and honest which are qualities that are, sad to say, few and far between in Life, let alone news media. You bring such a refreshing aroma of personal truth that one can't help but be enraptured by the delicate directness in which you present the "bigger BIGGER picture" by bringing it "all together now". I can only afford a small amount per month to support you, but know that with every episode I listen to, I am envisioning your recording studio equipped with broadcast quality video cameras and a team of equally devoted people who share your vision of presenting the news. It's coming. I know it. All things have perfect timing. Keep broadcasting. Maybe not every week, but do it when you can. So many hear your voice like a light in the night. More than you would believe. We support you in all the ways we can."

"I sometimes feel a strong urge to present Geoffrey West to all of you!  I’m not sure how many years it’s been since he created Cosmic Vision News.   What I am sure of is CVN’s growing impact on our world.  In a time when the mainstream media has failed to tell listeners the truth about what is occurring on our planet, Geoffrey maintains the highest of journalism standards.  I have known him all these years and have missed only 2-3 of his newscasts.  This “one man” show is comprehensive and covers many subjects in a most professional manner  Geoffrey is a spiritual being and illustrates how viewing the world from a spiritual (the BIGGER PICTURE) enhances our earthly journey.  Thanks to Geoffrey, his listeners are awake to much truth not available to those dependent on the mainstream media;  we see world events as unfolding on various pathways; yet coming together  to form a meaningful BIG PICTURE–A DIVINE WHOLE!  THANKS, DEAR GEOFFREY!  WE LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU WELL AS YOU EMBARK ON THE NEWEST VENTURE OF YOUR LIFE!  UNTIL NEXT WEEK’S NEWSCAST and the next and the next............!"

"I would like to honor Geoffrey West, sole journalist, producer, and anchor for Cosmic Vision News.  He tells the story of CVN in his Final Words on 9/23/16.  Geoffrey has worked endless hours for the past 4 years to bring alternative news to those of us who were aware of the tremendous changes taking place on our planet.  A very talented journalist, Geoffrey is especially gifted in helping us see the BIG Picture unfolding within the BIGGER Picture, so that those of us who have followed his newscast have been able to see the DIVINE PLAN UNFOLDING behind, beneath, and alongside the events on our planet that were seen and unseen on the mainstream media.  I know how conscientious Geoffrey is in attempting to cull out the truth from the piles of disinformation fed to the people, then share it with us.  He has reported nothing that he could not verify to his satisfaction, which–in our recent world–has been extremely difficult.  Disinformation has deliberately been rampant."

https://pathwaytoascension.wordpress.com/2016/06/ - Nancy Detweiler's comments on CVN's FINAL WORDS for June 24, 2016 about the illusion/delusion of 'democracy'.   "Tonight, I found Geoff’s FINAL WORD to be particularly revealing.  People in the Western World love to think in terms of being free and will give their lives believing they do so in order for their country to remain free.  Sadly many Western people DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE SLAVES."

Many people have commented on the show, and the vast majority of those comments have been exceptionally favorable.

Although the show is currently a weekly radio newscast, the aim will be to expand the show, and grow it into an online TV newscast, with a supporting staff. The goal is serve for the Highest Good of all, in whichever capacity fulfills that service, in each moment of 'now'!

CVN is trying to avoid becoming dependent upon commercial revenue, using the traditional models of funding such as commercials. CVN would like to stay commercial-free, and as such, it is dependent upon the kindness of any souls who have a little extra abundance in their world to share.

If it is meaningful for you to support CVN in this moment of 'now', there is a DONATE button over on the right side, under 'Recent Blog Posts'. Your Light, and your energies of support are received with profound gratitude and appreciation!

Breaking The Mold Of Mainsteam Journalism

cvn1There have been talk shows on numerous items of truth and disclosure. CVN is the first news-based program with a unique format, offering the news that the mainstream media is only now being forced to start covering.

The mainstream media has not given this topic the coverage it has needed and deserved, and thus CVN is proactively taking the lead to announce to the world that we are not alone. There are benevolent members of galactic families around Earth, and both LIFE-honouring and non-LIFE-honouring members have been interacting with numerous groups in leadership positions since at least the late 1940's, but more likely for centuries and millennia.

Disclosure of our galactic families is a high priority, and to promote the introduction of the benevolent and loving members of our galactic families that have been trying to serve and assist within the universal rules that they are governed by. These are rules that the darker galactic family members have not lived by.

cvn2CVN however offers the news with a galactic and spiritual perspective, making it the unique newscast that puts it into a class of its own. Some sources of information are currently considered non-traditional within the current understanding of journalism, but it will become more mainstream as more and more humans awaken to their own connections to galactic and celestial sources to understand higher truths that can only be experienced from connections of this nature. These are connections that groups connected to 'the cabal' are trying to prevent people from experiencing. They do not want you to know that you have abilities and gifts that go far beyond what you are currently knowing, experiencing and believing. This is now changing!

Much has been kept hidden from humanity, and as this truth is revealed, it is surely going to overwhelm many people who witness the collapse and evolution of the world as they once knew it, and are coming to grips with the realization that we have been lied to, controlled, made sick, and kept in debt and enslavement. The institutions of politics, finance, corporate business, media, and religion have the primary institutions of this enslavement, and the news coming out now is exposing all that they have done to humanity and our planet.

There are sources out there informing humanity of the truth. Most are doing do with the intention of laying blame, and calling for people to rise up in almost violent revolution to punish those who have been responsible for this control and enslavement.

CVN does not support this! We are all ONE, and there have been souls who have forgotten who they are. They had to play a role however, in helping humanity to awaken, because most of humanity was unwilling and/or unable to make the choice to remember themselves.

We cannot blame others for making the choices they have made, when we all have been unwilling to make certain choices ourselves. Those souls had to create situations of extreme actions, in order to force people into action. Our galactic families (the benevolent members) have often said that they cannot intervene until humanity begins to awaken and ask for help. Only now are humans worldwide beginning to do so, and are making conscious choices to back up that request with commitments of their own to serve humanity, our planet and our galactic families.

Violence, revenge, greed and other energies are not a part of the new paradigm!

We cannot claim to call ourselves 'evolved' humans IF we are co-creating Nova Gaia with the same vengeful, punishing energies that were perpetrated upon humanity.

Unless and until we are able and willing to view the world from a perspective of ONENESS, and embrace the higher energies of love, compassion, forgiveness, faith, trust and joy, are we any better than those who enslaved us?

When we share our stories with the children of the future, will it be how humanity created a different world with violence and bloodshed, or how humanity awakened in love, and stood up in its power and its love to

cvn3CVN has a project on the 'back-burner' that will be unveiled when the resources and the individuals are available to make it so. As such, CVN invites any celebrities who know and believe without a doubt that our galactic families around us at this time, to reach out and make themselves known to me, so I may contact you when this project is in a position to be unveiled. If you wish to learn about this project to perhaps help make it a reality, I am willing to discuss this project with you!

If you are a celebrity who supports the revelations that are now being made around the world with regards to the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit, control and power, I also would like to hear from you!

The resignations/arrests have begun...and humanity and our planet having begun moving closer to freedom, and towards the creation of a healthier, cleaner and more joyous way of living!

WE ARE becoming the unknown
that was ALWAYS KNOWN !

Sign the AVAAZ petition for disclosure: www.bit.ly/wPMwRb


Messages from our galactic families have indicated that when the people come together and speak as one in their power, the leaders will have to listen.

To now, the leaders have not been listening, because the people have not been unified in their knowing of all that has been done to them, nor have they known that information and knowledge has been kept hidden from them until now.

CVN supports the disclosure of our galactic families, and the empowerment of humans who also share this knowledge and belief to take it upon themselves to become the example for others that will put sufficient pressure on our institutions of leadership to finally act according to Divine/Universal Law, for the Highest Good of humanity and our planet.

CVN is willing to BE THAT VOICE for humanity, for our planet and also for our galactic families, but it also needs the support of the people to move forward as an INTERNET VIDEO NEWSCAST.
Galactic, global and inner peace/healing begins with a choice – a choice that can only be made by YOU !!

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May 31, 2013

geoff-optimizedA global citizen, born into Canadian and Irish heritage. Geoffrey has lived in Canada, Sweden and Costa Rica. He has a Bachelors degree in Radio and Television, and a Masters in Peace Education, from the UN-mandated University for Peace. His work experiences include the broadcasting, airline, and computer reservation systems industries. His travels include N. America, Europe, Scandinavia, as well as Russia, Egypt, Thailand and Australia. His passion has come from the challenges he has observed throughout the world, and also from his own personal experiences. He aspires to assist individuals in awakening to their connection to, and deeper energetic relationship with LIFE, and empower new choices of living based in honouring Self, others, our planet, and LIFE beyond Earth also.

His mission statement for this LIFE-path is as follows:

"To be, to the best of my ability in each moment, an example for all that will inspire them to remember their connection to, and energetic relation to the ONENESS of LIFE. To assist lovingly in empowering them to honour their own LIFE-path and serve LIFE with choices that honour Self, while also honouring others, our planet and also our galactic families in each moment of 'now', creating experiences of health, love, harmony and peace".

His LIFE-path experiences have prepared him with the communication and writing skills to share a message of global unity and healing through presentations, lectures, conferences and also through radio and television. Unofficially, he has been frequently called into service as a LIFE-Counsellor, working to help individuals connect to their own LIFE-paths and to the 'truth' that they may have incarnated at this time to share with the world.

Humans are not here to be slaves to others. We are here to learn who we are through experiences, choices and creations while also learning to honour and love the equally unique and beautiful be-ingness of all other aspects of LIFE. He seeks to work with a LIFE-oriented philanthropist or organization that resonates with the energies of this work.

Currently based in Canada, his projects include facilitating lectures and discussions, LIFE-Counselling as well as having a self-published book entitled A Greenprint For LIFE.

His work will become more in demand as a visionary consultant in galactic, global and inner peace as people around the world awaken more and more to the current global changes unfolding. Many will be seeking to understand the bigger picture of all that is happening and why. Human and planetary consciousness is on the verge of a very profound, very necessary, and very beautiful shift and how one prepares for it will determine how one will benefit and grow from it.

LISTEN: http://bit.ly/12V01oy

SUMMARY/LINKS:  http://bit.ly/ZTmSCh

ARCHIVE: http://bit.ly/11gL1Ug

TWITTER: @Greenprint4LIFE

LINKEDIN: http://bit.ly/VZb8bQ

FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/OjJlEq

Beeswax products: http://pheylonian.com PROMO CODE FOR BEESWAX PURCHASES (10%): GAO12 . Mention code to get discount.

I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You? : http://bit.ly/PCJimm


August - October/November - Sweden  - to research stories, offer presentations, do interviews and reconnect with the energies there.

August 4th - appearance on radio program Cafe Cito Break 11AM Eastern time:  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN OR TO ACCESS THE ARCHIVE

August 3rd - Meeting with a candidate for the position of mayor of the city of Barrie, Ontario to discuss how to make positive change in the city.  This was a surprising development, and completely unexpected.  It offers me some hope for this city if he gets elected.

June 24th - appearance on 'Liquid Lunch' with Hugh Reilly at ThatChannel.com in Toronto, Ontario.

June 20th - appearance on a local cable TV program in Barrie, Ontario Canada called "Man Time" with Gerry Croteau.

April - appearance on 'Liquid Lunch' with Hugh Reilly at ThatChannel.com in Toronto, Ontario.

December 9th 2013 - January 27, 2014 - Uruguay to participate in an ashram project.


December 10th - Speaking at Origo Bookstore in Toronto. http://origobooks.com/events.html#lpur

Origo Books
49 Lower Jarvis Street
Toronto, ON
M5E 1R8
Tel. 416-703-3535

October 24th - November 1st - Speaking at The 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona, Arizona

August 5th - Guest on ON TRACK (Global F.A.C.T Radio)


June 29th - Guest on TNS Radio 'Seeking Solutions' in Ireland.

http://www.tnsradio.com/brizer.html (BROKEN LINK)

June 26th - Guest on 'Let's Talk 2012 And Beyond' (InLight Radio)


March 5th - Guest-host of 'An Hour With An Angel'


April 13th - Launch of Cosmic Vision News

To view archive of shows / summaries:
www.bit.ly/NSsiUn (BROKEN LINK)

February 27th - Guest-host of 'An Hour With An Angel'


February 20th - Guest-host of 'An Hour With An Angel'


February 13th - Guest-host of 'An Hour With An Angel'



November - Launch of new, revamped Greenprint For LIFE website

September 12th - The Divine Feminine and Planetary Consciousness on Truth Brigade Radio with Christie Czajkowski

To hear the interview: http://truthbrigade.com/radio/09-21-11_TheSacredFeminineAndPlanetaryConsciousness-GeoffreyWest_32k.mp3 

September 6th - Co-host/interview on Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly, ThatChannel.com

To watch the show: www.thatchannel.com
(the first 20 minutes and the last 20 twenty minutes are perhaps the most meaningful.)


November 10th - The Canadian Society of Questers

Canadian Maritime Museum
Ogden St. 1900
Vancouver, B.C.

September 27th - Donwoods United Church

Peterborough, Ontario
Sharing my spiritual journey through and beyond religion

September 8th - Parry Sound Community Living Centre

Joseph St. Parry Sound
1900-2100hrs, (7-9 PM)

August 27th - West Parry Sound District Museum

Parry Sound, ON
1900-2100hrs, (7-9 PM)

August 19th - Web-radio/TV interview

Toronto, ON
(1:30PM EST)
www.thatchannel.com 'Liquid Lunch' with Hugh Reilly

July 29th - Radio interview CFRO 102.7

"Wake Up With CO-OP"
Vancouver, B.C.

July 28th - Guest-lecture

Douglas College
Vancouver, B.C.

July 22nd - Web-radio/TV interview

Toronto, ON
www.awakeningwomen.com 'Liquid Lunch' with Hugh Reilly

July 19th - St. James United Church

Parry Sound, Ontario
Sharing my spiritual journey through and beyond religion

May 20th - The Womb Diaries accepts/prints my apology to the women of the world

Changing Wombs - The Womb Diaries Blogspot

May 19th - Awakening Women Institute prints my apology to the women of the world

Website: Listen to the interview
Blog: www.awakeningwomen.com.wordpress.com/ (BROKEN LINK)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=117628538568&h=7CFo2&u=sjJQX&ref=mf (BROKEN LINK)

April 8th - Radio interview CFRO 102.7

Vancouver, B.C.
"Wake Up With CO-OP"

March 13th - Presentation at the Unity Church

Vancouver, B.C.

February 25th - Radio Interview CFRO 102.7

Vancouver, B.C.
"Conscious Living/Awakening Dreams"
Listen to the interview

February 10th - The Canadian Society of Questers

Vancouver, B.C.
Canadian Maritime Museum
Ogden Street
1900 hrs, (7 PM)

February 4th - Radio interview CFRO 102.7

Vancouver B.C.
"Wake Up With CO-OP"

February 3rd - Radio interview CILU 102.7

Thunder Bay, Ontario
"Jen's Bent"

January - Principle draft of the book, A Greenprint For LIFE is completed

2004 - 2008

December 10th, 2008 - Radio interview CFRO 102.7

Vancouver, Canada
"Seeking Solutions"

September, 2008 - Work continues on the book about A Greenprint For LIFE.

January, 2008 – Meeting with Dr. Masaru Emoto in Tokyo to discuss synchronicities in our work and possible future collaboration.

2006 - 2008 – Greenprint presentations at the University for Peace, Costa Rica.

2005-2007 – UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Masters degree, Peace Education
Thesis based on Greenprint For LIFE, with emphasis on education and institutions of education

May, 2005 – World Leisure Organization

Greenprint presentation in Malmö, Sweden

September, 2004 – World Leisure Organization

Greenprint presentation in Brisbane, Australia

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cvngraphic-350Thank you for sharing some of your precious time to visit CVN!

Your Home for Alternative News

CVN is and is not a typical newscast. CVN is a great source for alternative news. It uses a format and style that is similar to mainstream media with some variations. It will cover stories and events that are covered by the mainstream media, but are offered with a more spiritual and galactic perspective. Helping people to break out of the conditioned thinking that has been imposed upon most of humanity requires from time to time some personal commentary within stories to ask questions, or perhaps offer a perspective that many may not have considered, and it allows them to reflect on that perspective, to see if it resonates with them, relative to their current LIFE-path, in this current moment of 'now'.

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CVN recognizes and acknowledges:

That 'truth' is very subjective, and relative to what an individual is perceiving in each moment of 'now'. Unlike the mainstream media, CVN does not pass any message off as 'truth', nor does this newscast ask that anyone believe anything that is offered. Each individual is merely asked to be open enough to reflect on what is being offered, and then to make a choice whether any piece of information is relevant in that moment. If not, then simply set that piece of information aside. Take only what is relevant and meaningful to you in this moment.

That everything is energy, and that all energies act and interact with all other energies, creating the complex symphony that is the Oneness of LIFE. (see above for the definition of LIFE).

image2That there is a PROFOUND shift underway in human and planetary consciousness.

We are all ONE. The basic elements of all LIFE, physical, non-physical, visible and invisible, both on and off our planet. The energetic and DNA science is now supporting this.

That people are beginning to awaken to facts and truths that they were unable or unwilling to see and accept previously. They are looking for sources of information that will help them 'connect the dots' as to why our world as we once knew it, is collapsing/evolving into something new, and far bigger than we currently understand.

That we are not alone in the omni/multi/universe. There is more than abundant information available now to support this. CVN is the first news-dedicated program to affirm unconditionally that there are civilizations beyond Earth, and that they have been acting in both negative and positive ways with humanity. The negative interactions are now being replaced with the positive interactions.

image3That technologies of a non-Earth origin have been militarized and/or covered up to prevent humanity from receiving the benefits of those technologies. These include, but are not limited to technologies that can clean our air, our water, while bringing new, greener businesses to employ people worldwide including free energy. A new world is available to humanity, and it is available now, if we choose it.

That there has been a massive cover-up on multiple levels within the reality that we have been experiencing up to now. The truth about who you TRULY are – a Divine being with more wisdom, more love and more power to create than you were ever allowed to know! Humanity has been conditioned by individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and media messages of fear, debt, separation, vengeance, of being 'victims', and so much more. These energies are giving way to higher vibrations of love, true peace, and service to humanity and to Gaia, our home.

CVN is helping you to understand at least some of these many layers of enslavement, with the creation that you will CHOOSE to remember who you are, and choose to re-member to, the higher collective of which we are all a part.

That YOU are a uniquely different, yet equally beautiful part of the Oneness that is LIFE. You have a 'truth' and a message to share for humanity and our world, if you are ready and willing to choose to share it, and BE the future that you choose to experience in the coming moments of 'now'. Your service is no more, nor is it any less than the 'truth' or service of me, of CVN, or of any other human, animal, aspect of LIFE, or galactic family member. It is you – own it and serve with love, humility and integrity for all LIFE!

Clock in the NowMay we all step forward at this time to co-create Nova Gaia – the New Earth – together. May it also be a step forward for us as a birthing galactic star nation, beyond all that we have previously been allowed to dream until now!

Blessings to you for health, joy and abundance on all levels in the coming moments of 'now'

Peace, love and Light to each, and to all around you.

I bow to you in your service to humanity, our planet and to our soon-arriving galactic families!



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I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You? : http://bit.ly/PCJimm


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I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You? : http://bit.ly/PCJimm










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1. Disclosure Hearings Summary: Days 1-4

1b. Disclosure And Religion

1c. Virgin Galactic Has First Successful Test Flight Of Tourist Rocket

2. Iceland Election: Not What Was Once Thought In Iceland?

3. Japanese Sovereignty: Breaking From Cabal Control

4. Bolivia Expels US NGO

5. Archbishop of Canterbury Criticizes Londons Bankers As Having Created A 'Culture of Entitlement'

6. Canada: Prime Minister Making More Moves Towards Creating A Police State

7. Bilderberg 2013: Outside Group Creating A Fringe Event To Occur During Infamous Meeting

8. Update on Bill Brockbrader: Transferred to Seattle Federal Detention Facility

9. LIFT YOUR SPIRIT: New InLight Radio For People To Share Ascension Experiences

10. FINAL WORDS: Grounding Myself From Making Judgements

http://cupcakesandangels.wordpress.com - Pleiadian Message via Bella Capozzi - "Angels in Human Form" May 1, 2013

CVN thanks those associates who contributed to this weeks show: Nancy Detweiler

Theme music for CVN: 'Good News From Heaven' (original score) – Marco Missinato (2012)


Donations to support the work of Cosmic Vision News is graciously and lovingly appreciated! Donations can be made through PayPal to the email account of: geoff@greenprintforlife.org














CVN thanks those associates who contributed to this weeks show:

Theme music for CVN: 'Good News From Heaven' (original score) – Marco Missinato (2012)

Donations to support the work of Cosmic Vision News is graciously and lovingly appreciated! Donations can be made through PayPal to the email account of: geoff@greenprintforlife.org








The National UFO Reporting Center Online Database

The 'U' UFO Database

The UFOdB.com





Energy solutions:

Housing solution:


CVN thanks those associates who contributed to this weeks show: HopeGirl

Theme music for CVN: 'Good News From Heaven' (original score) – Marco Missinato (2012)

Donations to support the work of Cosmic Vision News is graciously and lovingly appreciated! Donations can be made through PayPal to the email account of: geoff@greenprintforlife.org












Theme music for CVN: 'Good News From Heaven' (original score) – Marco Missinato (2012)

Donations to support the work of Cosmic Vision News is graciously and lovingly appreciated! Donations can be made through PayPal to the email account of: geoff@greenprintforlife.org

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