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"With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the first newscast making disclosure (of our galactic families) official."

Cosmic Vision News (CVN) had a very successful launch on April 13 2012.

After more than one year on the air, the show has succeeded in connecting with souls around our planet while gently guiding listeners into a new paradigm that is currently birthing a more peaceful and loving human and planetary consciousness.

What are people saying about CVN?

"An excellent commentary on peace that could be given only by someone with your experience. (re: October 10 show: ) You are valuable to our planet at this point in time, Geoffrey! And always!"

"Great show! It's the first 'news' I've listened to in many years. I hope your shows will be archived. I will be emailing all my pals the link and time aired but certainly not everyone will be able to listen to the live hour."

"As far as I"m concerned, Geoffrey, Cosmic Vision News is the best, most open and honest news on the planet - and I look forward to listening each week. So grateful to you for your great (and courageous!) work . . . "

"I feel sure, Geoffrey, that in the near future your vision of Life-honouring journalists being supported in having the freedom and opporunity to report Truth will come to be a reality, and I believe that you most definitely ARE achieving what you intended CVN to be and to represent . . . It shines with Truth and Light, and I personally find myself to be in a higher vibration each time I tune in."

"@Geoffrey--I deal with depression & ocd--& your optimism,inner certainty that the plan of light & love will triumph really uplifts my frequency. your offering is immensely appreciated in our worldwide spiritual community!"

"The way you open your show and express love in a variety of ways throught the show is very heartwarming. I hope you are playing a BIG role in broadcasting in the foreseeable future."

"No one can replace you, Geoffrey. With your training in Peace and with your perspective on the news ... that is YOU and you alone. YOU are what makes the show so good."

"It is so fine to find one place to get all the real news. In the past, I have had to monitor 30 sites to get half the information this show provides. Good job!"
"This is just incredible! Seeing how it is all coming to be is just wooooowww! Keep up the good work, and God bless us all! Namasté!"

"Please everybody donate something to CVN. This man is a great being who is putting himself on the line by creating a Spiritual Truth oriented news."

"I can definitely see you taking on a much bigger role in the near future. As Rupurt Murdoch releases his death grip on the media, the world will need Lightworkers like yourself to step forward and take the reigns of the New Earth. I'm glad you are looking ahead at accepting help from others, but one of the best things about CVN is your voice! It's so clear and light and also comforting."

"you are great just continue doing what you do. We love you so much you are so helpful. We need you at this time." - CVN: A Planetary First.

"This is my FAVORITE show, one I look forward to. Although, I do take the time to spend hours (actually, I'm addicted) to dissecting the news every day - I look forward to hearing which ones Geoffrey highlights, and the way he condenses the information. and, goes into depth on others with such clarity - that makes it easy! I've told him before, I think he belongs on a main channel like RT ♥"

Many people have commented on the show, and the vast majority of those comments have been exceptionally favorable.

Although the show is currently a weekly radio newscast, the aim will be to expand the show, and grow it into an online TV newscast, with a supporting staff. The goal is serve for the Highest Good of all, in whichever capacity fulfills that service, in each moment of 'now'!

CVN is trying to avoid becoming dependent upon commercial revenue, using the traditional models of funding such as commercials. CVN would like to stay commercial-free, and as such, it is dependent upon the kindness of any souls who have a little extra abundance in their world to share.

If it is meaningful for you to support CVN in this moment of 'now', there is a DONATE button over on the right side, under 'Recent Blog Posts'. Your Light, and your energies of support are received with profound gratitude and appreciation!

Breaking The Mold Of Mainsteam Journalism

cvn1There have been talk shows on numerous items of truth and disclosure. CVN is the first news-based program with a unique format, offering the news that the mainstream media is only now being forced to start covering.

The mainstream media has not given this topic the coverage it has needed and deserved, and thus CVN is proactively taking the lead to announce to the world that we are not alone. There are benevolent members of galactic families around Earth, and both LIFE-honouring and non-LIFE-honouring members have been interacting with numerous groups in leadership positions since at least the late 1940's, but more likely for centuries and millennia.

Disclosure of our galactic families is a high priority, and to promote the introduction of the benevolent and loving members of our galactic families that have been trying to serve and assist within the universal rules that they are governed by. These are rules that the darker galactic family members have not lived by.

cvn2CVN however offers the news with a galactic and spiritual perspective, making it the unique newscast that puts it into a class of its own. Some sources of information are currently considered non-traditional within the current understanding of journalism, but it will become more mainstream as more and more humans awaken to their own connections to galactic and celestial sources to understand higher truths that can only be experienced from connections of this nature. These are connections that groups connected to 'the cabal' are trying to prevent people from experiencing. They do not want you to know that you have abilities and gifts that go far beyond what you are currently knowing, experiencing and believing. This is now changing!

Much has been kept hidden from humanity, and as this truth is revealed, it is surely going to overwhelm many people who witness the collapse and evolution of the world as they once knew it, and are coming to grips with the realization that we have been lied to, controlled, made sick, and kept in debt and enslavement. The institutions of politics, finance, corporate business, media, and religion have the primary institutions of this enslavement, and the news coming out now is exposing all that they have done to humanity and our planet.

There are sources out there informing humanity of the truth. Most are doing do with the intention of laying blame, and calling for people to rise up in almost violent revolution to punish those who have been responsible for this control and enslavement.

CVN does not support this! We are all ONE, and there have been souls who have forgotten who they are. They had to play a role however, in helping humanity to awaken, because most of humanity was unwilling and/or unable to make the choice to remember themselves.

We cannot blame others for making the choices they have made, when we all have been unwilling to make certain choices ourselves. Those souls had to create situations of extreme actions, in order to force people into action. Our galactic families (the benevolent members) have often said that they cannot intervene until humanity begins to awaken and ask for help. Only now are humans worldwide beginning to do so, and are making conscious choices to back up that request with commitments of their own to serve humanity, our planet and our galactic families.

Violence, revenge, greed and other energies are not a part of the new paradigm!

We cannot claim to call ourselves 'evolved' humans IF we are co-creating Nova Gaia with the same vengeful, punishing energies that were perpetrated upon humanity.

Unless and until we are able and willing to view the world from a perspective of ONENESS, and embrace the higher energies of love, compassion, forgiveness, faith, trust and joy, are we any better than those who enslaved us?

When we share our stories with the children of the future, will it be how humanity created a different world with violence and bloodshed, or how humanity awakened in love, and stood up in its power and its love to

cvn3CVN has a project on the 'back-burner' that will be unveiled when the resources and the individuals are available to make it so. As such, CVN invites any celebrities who know and believe without a doubt that our galactic families around us at this time, to reach out and make themselves known to me, so I may contact you when this project is in a position to be unveiled. If you wish to learn about this project to perhaps help make it a reality, I am willing to discuss this project with you!

If you are a celebrity who supports the revelations that are now being made around the world with regards to the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit, control and power, I also would like to hear from you!

The resignations/arrests have begun...and humanity and our planet having begun moving closer to freedom, and towards the creation of a healthier, cleaner and more joyous way of living!

WE ARE becoming the unknown
that was ALWAYS KNOWN !

Sign the AVAAZ petition for disclosure:


Messages from our galactic families have indicated that when the people come together and speak as one in their power, the leaders will have to listen.

To now, the leaders have not been listening, because the people have not been unified in their knowing of all that has been done to them, nor have they known that information and knowledge has been kept hidden from them until now.

CVN supports the disclosure of our galactic families, and the empowerment of humans who also share this knowledge and belief to take it upon themselves to become the example for others that will put sufficient pressure on our institutions of leadership to finally act according to Divine/Universal Law, for the Highest Good of humanity and our planet.

CVN is willing to BE THAT VOICE for humanity, for our planet and also for our galactic families, but it also needs the support of the people to move forward as an INTERNET VIDEO NEWSCAST.
Galactic, global and inner peace/healing begins with a choice – a choice that can only be made by YOU !!

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