BE-ing A Global and Galactic Human

If ALL governments merely agreed to one law, a Prime Law, and acted in honour and service towards this, true holistic peace becomes possible!

This is the standard by which our governments must be held accountable to:

The Prime Law : The Fundamental of Protection


The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. The function of government is to provide the conditions that allow individuals to fulfill that purpose. The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any individual or group against any individual, property or contract.

Article One

No individual, group of persons or government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against any individual Self, property or contract.

Article Two

Force is morally and legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article One.

Article Three

No exceptions shall exist for Articles One and Two.

Taken from: watch?feature=player_embedded&v =OkxjnnBL7V8#!

freeNorth Americans are not as 'free' as they have believed themselves to be. It's this plain and simple. Until recently, it was always easier to look at formerly Communist countries and say that they were not free. The oppression was easily visible. Only now are North Americans beginning to see that not only are they enslaved, but in many ways, this enslavement was worse because it was not openly visible, but rather an enslavement by our own consent! This is not an easy topic to fully explain here. I will not even try, because I myself am still not an expert on this subject. What I have been learning up to this point however has absolutely astounded me, and has left me shaking my head, wondering how I could have been so naive. Well, as the truth continues to flow out into mainstream consciousness, this will be only one of a mountain of topics that are going to fundamentally shake the very roots of our human experience as we have been currently living it!

How North Americans (and numerous other countries) Have Been Enslaved Through Consent:

The research I have done up to this point seems to indicate that at the very least, the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth countries are enslaved. However, in what I am learning about the 'legal' system, I am now moving towards the belief that ANY country that subscribes to a system of law known as The Law of the Sea or Maritime Law, which is the basis for the 'legal' system in most countries around the world, through the administration of the International Bar Association through its many global affiliates, those countries are equally enslaved. As well, the global banking system, based on a book called 'Modern Money Mechanics', implemented by the US Federal Reserve back in the '30's and called the 'fractional-reserve' model of banking is also as fraudulently corrupt as the 'legal' system.

To understand how the world has been enslaved through the unlawful and criminal fractional-reserve model of banking, I will refer you to the first two parts of a movie called Zeitgeist: Addendum. These two parts do a far better job explaining the lies and frauds of this system than I ever could. You are enslaved through fear; debt and separation - and most of you even say thank you for this enslavement! The movie can be downloaded from, but I will embed the first two parts here for your convenience:

The unlawful 'legal' system is also criminally corrupt, for a system of law was set up that cannot lawfully be imposed upon free humans, unless it is by their consent! Therefore, to be fair, the system is 'legal' because we have allowed our consent to be governed by statutes and regulations that have no lawful authority over free humans. It has been through the complicated use of the language of 'legal-ese', that this system was kept out of reach of most people, since most didn't have the desire to learn the ins and outs of law, and were willing to trust lawyers, judges, corporations, religion, media and ultimately politicians who have used this system for their benefit and not for the benefit of the masses. To put it bluntly, the masses have only themselves to blame for this enslavement. The elitists cannot be blamed for this. However, the elitists CAN be held accountable for their attempts to prevent the masses from becoming informed citizens and exercising their rights under law to exist outside of government representation, peacefully and without having to pay taxes that do not pay for services anyway. Taxes are the illusion that go directly back into the pockets of the banksters as interest on the loans that they give to governments around the world to keep them hijacked and under their control.

First of all - You are not a 'person'. A 'person' is a legal fiction. To identify yourself as a 'person' means that you accept your legal fiction identity.

Your parents registered your birth, believing that it is required 'by law'. Even from your birth, you did not consent to be subjected to this unlawful system. To be honest, you did not even agree to your name! Did you sign your birth certificate? Therefore, is your birth certificate even a truly lawful document??? Every document you possess that has your name in capital letters is your agreement to participate within the 'legal' system governed by The Law of the Sea. Each time you present one of these documents to various authorities, you are quietly agreeing that you are your legal fiction identity, and this gives them 'authority' to impose their rules upon you.

'Acts' and 'statutes' are not law: they are rules that have been given the force of law. They cannot be imposed upon you, unless you agree to allow this.

So..what is law, then, I hear you ask? There are two types of law. There is the supreme law that is known as Divine Law, and this falls under the larger umbrella of Universal Law. Basically this law is very simple: We are all ONE. Harm no one. Respect others and their property. Be honest and act with integrity in all business dealings.

This law has nothing to do with paying a parking ticket on a city street. The Law of the Sea, or loosely called commercial law governs the rules of profit for the banksters. Why do some streets have meters and others don't? These rules are for one thing ONLY, and this is the profit-taking machine of the elitist/banking cartels. Rules can be changed: true law cannot.

When lawyers are 'called to the bar', to receive their authority to be lawyers, they make an oath. Their oath is to the 'Crown' and most mistakenly believe this to be the monarchy. This oath however is to the Crown Templar, the founding institution set up by a branch of the Vatican banking cartel. Especially in countries where public servants have oaths to serve the Queen, there is great cause for concern about lawyer's entering politics because they have an oath to serve the Crown Templar and then an oath to serve the Queen and the Constitution of Canada. I'd like to know which oath takes precedent. However, thanks to a recent court ruling in the UK, the Queen's authority has now been invalidated. It the case of Regina vs. John Anthony Hill, 12MAY2011, the defendant asked for a jury trial, per his constitutional right and proceeded to argue that the Queen's oath is to uphold the Law of God (as explained above - Divine Law), and when she gave her royal assent to her first piece of man-made legislation (commercial law), she violated her oath. She has since violated her oath thousands of times. Therefore, all public servants having an oath to serve the Queen are also in violation of their oaths, and their authority is no longer valid:

The Empire of the City: Elitists/Banksters Not Abiding By Laws That They Impose Upon Others For Their Profit.

Three sovereign territories exist with different rules for those on the inner circles. The world is controlled spiritually through the Vatican, financially through London-City, and other control of the world is through the military/industrial complex in Washington D.C.

What Is Now Being Done About This Enslavement

In some parts of the world, Canada, Ireland, the UK, the US, Australia and others, groups are now forming that are educating themselves on how to use the unlawful 'legal' system against those who seek to impose this law upon free humans.

One name given to such a movement is called the 'Freeman-On-The-Land'. As I do not fully understand everything about this movement, I cannot say conclusively that this movement is doing everything 'right', but the movement is serving a vital purpose in opening peoples' minds to their enslavement, and this makes some people do more research. As more people learn, and as more information is shared, the tools become clearer as to how to respond when, for example, you are pulled over by a police officer.
Do you hand over your driver's licence when asked? Oops! You've just made a contract to stand under that authority and commercial law! If a police officer asks you if you 'understand' something? Oops! You've done it again! You have said that you will stand-under his/her authority. These are a few of the many tricks used in the language of the unlawful 'legal' system? By learning to ask the right questions, you can turn a situation around to make a police officer do her/his administrative work, and make them show you their lawful reason for doing something - and this will most likely not be able to do this. You can learn how to use 'conditional acceptance' to your favour also.

Remember: 'legal' and 'illegal' only apply to the unlawful system of commercial law and to corporate fictions, or persons. These terms apply only to those who give their consent to accept them.
'Lawful' and 'unlawful' are the terms that apply to true law. These are laws that apply to all humans and all situations.

The idea is not to create conflict with them. They are trained to respond to your conflict with them. They are not trained in how to be administrators when you are peacefully asking them questions about their authority. You can conditionally accept to contract with them and be governed by their authority, if they can show their LAWFUL reason for their actions, and if they can prove to you that a free human is a 'person', and they cannot do this, and therefore you do not have to consent to their authority. You do however still have to respect them as human beings.

In Canada, a movement is forming called C3PO: the Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers. I will direct you to this homepage so you can explore this if it is of interest to you: The website goes up and down, so it is possible that the site gets hacked from time to time. You can also visit various other Freeman sites on the internet by doing an internet search for 'Freeman' or 'Freeman on the land'. There are Facebook groups for various chapters of Freeman groups. Here are a few to start:

There are also an increasing number of videos appearing on YouTube of people using the Freeman argument in court. I cannot promise that this will work you. If you make a mistake, and say something that brings you into contract with a police officer or judge, then you will have to deal with that. Some people appear to be using this very effectively, and as more people become educated, the better we can all use this system to our advantage, for a more peace-loving society.

This page will be updated occasionally with new info, but I encourage all to start digging! There is a lot of info out there now to help all people learn how to use this system in our favour against those who are trying to enslave us. We can use it effectively, without being aggressive or violent, and we can affirm our rights to exist as free humans, as long as we have the desire to also exist according to a higher law, and that we can respect all other aspects of LIFE without exception!

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