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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. BOLDLY SPEAKING : FORMER CANADIAN DEFENCE MINISTER CONTINUES TO SPEAK OUT SUPPORTING ET DISCLOSURE.  - Interview with Paul Hellyer on's SofieCo.  - Homepage for The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure.

2. A PROTEST OF REFLECTION: THAILAND PROTESTS CONTINUE; UKRAINIANS EMPLOY UNIQUE TOOL IN THEIR PROTEST.  - 01JAN Viparat Jantraprap: Thai PM returns to Bangkok as protest showdown looms.  - 30DEC Roman Pilipey : Ukrainians stage mirror protest to mark anniversary.

3. PRE-WAR DOCUMENTS OF TONY BLAIR AND GEORGE BUSH TO BE RELEASED; WILL MORE TRUTH FINALLY BE REVEALED ABOUT 9/11?  - 30DEC : Secret pre-Iraq war talks between Bush and Blair to be published.  - Nancy Detweiler Blog:  Wikileaks exposes 911 conspirators.

4. CANADIAN PM POPULARITY SINKS; COUNTRY IS NOT GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.  - 30DEC Josh Wingrove Globe and Mail : Canada is headed in the wrong direction says poll.  - 20DEC Jeffrey Simpson: A disheartening year in Canadian politics.

5. MASS RESIGNATIONS/DISMISSALS IN CHINA LINKED TO POLITICAL BRIBERY SCANDAL.  - 28DEC Over 500 Chines lawmakers resign in mass bribery scandal.  - 28DEC Kenneth Schortgen: 2014 will be the year of the currency reset and gold backed trade note.  - 26DEC Jim Willie Deceptions, Dupes and Dots. (The article quoted by Kenneth Schortgen in his article. )  - 05AUG13 Kenneth Schortgen : China offers next step in removing dollar from reserve currency status.  - 24DEC : Germany to repatriate gold from US, France.

6. THE US FED: A 100 YEAR FAILURE.  - 20DEC Mark Hendrickson, Fed Reserve has failed at everything it has tried.

7. CHURCH OF ENGLAND ARCHBISHOP: CALLS FOR MASSIVE CHANGE OF DIRECTION IN BANKING SECTOR.  - 31DEC : Bankers need to shift to principles of 'justice and hope' – Archbishop of Canterbury.

8. INTERVIEW WITH KAREN HUDES.  - the website for Karen Hudes and contact for questions.

9. OPEN LETTER TO LEADERS OF THE WORLD AND PETITION TO 'TELL THE TRUTH'.  - YouTube Video: Stephen Cook: An open letter to the leaders around the world.  - To sign the petition demanding leaders tell us the truth in 2014.  - 03JAN Stephen Cook: Petition to world leaders: Tell us the truth in 2014.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I'd like to throw something out to the listeners for consideration.

When we have experienced change over the course of human evolution, change has usually been documented in terms of years, maybe even decades for a seed to be planted in human consciousness, and then to mature into manifestation.

The cabal has been intricately planning their enslavement of humanity and our planet for at least a century, and very likely several centuries. This becomes a bit more difficult to grasp as to why a group of souls would seek to implement a plan that they themselves may not be able to benefit from within their lifetime.

However, why limit that to only the cabal? Has not the Divine Creator also been planning and creating manifestations on levels significantly larger than those of the cabal, and for infinitely longer moments of 'now'?

The plans of the cabal; to instill feelings of fear, debt, and separation are now in conflict with the will of Divine Creator and it seems that of Gaia also. The cabal, through its infiltration of all the societal structures worldwide, have been able to successfully manifest mindsets of separation based on race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, physical/mental ability, political belief, age, and countless other criteria. Their well-laid plans have resulted in significant harm and destruction to Gaia over millennia.

Many have been reluctant to accept that there is such widespread corruption and control within our institutions of leadership because it has been hard to grasp that such a plan could have been carried out over such a long time without them not realizing or seeing it. How could it possibly happen that the cabal influence ends up not only in our parliaments, judicial and banking institutions, but also within our media, our education, our corporations, our entertainment, and dare I even say our spirituality? How did we miss this? One only needs to look at all the separation and the distractions available in our current world to see that it has been easy to miss this, because we have been distracted by countless temptations put out by the cabal to keep us from focusing on what they were doing.

They have become so successful in marketing their kind of democracy, that people have become blind to the fact that they are not free at all, and in fact, capitalistic democracy has resulted in significantly greater damage and lack of freedom, because it has been silent, and it has been deadly. We will vehemently defend this alleged 'freedom', without realizing or understanding at all that what we are defending is our own enslavement at the expense of our planet. Humanity has become the laughing stock of the cabal, because they gleefully rub their hands with joy each time we elect a new government believing that they are actually going to serve their interests; or they laugh hysterically at us, as we willingly give away our freedom to a corporate fiction identity, and pay all the fines and fees attached to that identity, without ever having democratically voted on this.

They even laugh when they realize that they can subvert ideas such as spirituality, and find ways to capitalize on this, while giving us the illusion that we are awakening?

The goal of creating separation, has been to prevent one basic truth from being known by you.

Religions have sought to manifest separation: that you are separate from a Divine Creator, however that religion has chosen to define or experience the Divine Creator. They have sought to bring people into alignment with a dogmatic, systemic belief pattern, believing that this pattern was the only true to way to connect to the Divine, and if any chose not to follow that pattern, then one would be punished or condemned. Fear has often been a tool used not only to get people to do things, but also to keep people from doing other things. The intention of religion was to keep people in fear, in order to keep them within an illusory belief pattern that one not only had to seek a connection or a relation with a Divine Creator according to those traditions or beliefs, but that there would be some negative consequence as a result of not adhering to that belief pattern.

Spirituality has been marketed on the beliefs that we must seek a new relation with the Divine Creator, or seek to experience the Oneness that is LIFE. As long as we are continuously fed these negative, distracting activities and diversions, there will always be an opportunity to cash in on marketed spirituality, and a need for people to consume it, and thus put time and money into it, perpetuating the illusive paradigm.

The ultimate journey of awakening has been to know ourselves as Divine Gods and Goddesses.

At some level, most awakening souls know that we are all One, and that we are all Divine entities. Our language and our expression may be taking a bit longer to catch up however.

I was called out on this, this morning by the teacher at the ashram. I had written something to the effect that I experience my connection with the Divine wherever I happen to be, in the water or elsewhere. I have been sharing with people for years and years now that we are all One, and that each one of us is a uniquely different, equally beautiful God/Goddess or Goddess/God.

The words I have used at times however, have reflected a connection to, or relation with the Divine Creator.

Each of you is a God/Goddess. I am a God/Goddess. We are all One. Therefore a question may be asked whether or not it is possible in fact to have a 'relation' or 'connection' to that which you already are? What part of you is experiencing 'relation' or 'connection'? The answer is the part of you that is humanity, which is another criteria of separation.

If you are not knowing that you are Divine, and if you are not feeling and experiencing the Divine in each and every aspect of LIFE that is mirrored back to you in each moment of 'now', then we are still in separation.

We do not know the soul-contract of other aspects of LIFE and what they came here to experience, and what they came here to teach. It is not our place to judge another. This includes the members of the cabal who have been harming humanity and our planet. Gary Zukav has said that "a soul that is engaging in violence is hurting deeply, for a balanced soul is incapable of harming anything.'

The separation has been caused by souls who are so deeply hurting themselves. Global change begins with multiple, separate acts of compassion. You are a Divine Being! There is no longer a relation or connection to be sought or experienced. It is to be known, and it is be lived. This is arguably, the one big thing the cabal does not want you to know.

Therefore, know yourself as Divine; experience others as Divine and experience our planet and all LIFE as Divine. Breathe this into the collective consciousness to empower the global change needed at this time.

You are Divine...and we are the ones we have been waiting for! Blessed be!

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