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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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 1. SATELLITE DEAL BETWEEN FRANCE AND UAE INFILTRATED BY NSA SPYING. IS NSA SPYING ON LEGISLATORS? GREENWALD REVEALS MUCH MORE TO COME AND WHISTLEBLOWERS APPEAL TO OBAMA TO SHARE WHAT THEY KNOW OF NSA ABUSE.  - 06JAN France-UAE satellite deal shaky after US spy tech discovered onboard – report.  - 06JAN NSA refuses to answer whether it spies on Congress.  - 07JAN Greenwald reports there are more leaks to come from Snowden. - 08JAN Former NSA whistleblowers plead for chance to brief Obama on agency abuses.  - 09JAN : Obama expected to curb spying on foreign leaders, limit NSA access to phone records.  - 09JAN PressTV: Global surveillance can be forced to end.

2. US AND UK SOLDIERS SPEAK AGAINST WAR, AND AGAINST FIGHTING FOR 'QUEEN AND COUNTRY'.  - YouTube Video: Speech by US soldier Mike Prysner condemning war and the elitist machine that profits.  - YouTube Video: British soldier Beau Griffin slams fighting for the Queen and country.  - 09JAN PressTV: Al-Qaeda's real origins exposed.

3. CHINA TO ALLOW PRIVATE BANKS FOR FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INVESTMENT. - 07JAN The BRICS Post: China announces new private banks.  - 07JAN DW Deutsche Welle: China willing to allow first private banks.

4. STATUS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE, AND THE CONFIRMATION OF JANET YELLEN AS NEW FED CHAIR.  - 06JAN Dominic Rushe, London Guardian: Senate confirms Janet Yellen as next chair of the Federal Reserve.  - Blogsite for Dave Schmidt: 'The Sedona Connection'.  - Homepage at BlogTalk Radio for The Sedona Connection, with Dave Schmidt.

5. 113TH US CONGRESS: LEAST PRODUCTIVE, LEAST POPULAR, YET HAS THE MOST MILLIONAIRES EVER.  - 09JAN Make the money, make the laws: US Congress has more millionaires than ever – report.

6. FRANCE TIRE WORKERS TAKE BOSSES HOSTAGE TO PROTEST CLOSURE; PRESIDENT HOLLANDE FACES CHOICE TO REFORM OR MAYBE LOSE HIS JOB.  - 08JAN London DailyMail : French Goodyear tyre workers labeled 'lazy and overpaid' by US company chief take two bosses hostage.  - 11JAN The Economist: Can Francois do a Gerhard?  - 06JAN John Lichfield, London Independent: Francois Hollande makes drastic U-turn on tax cuts and welfare to save presidency.

7. KAREN HUDES INTERVIEW PART TWO. - homepage for Karen Hudes.

8. DISCLOSURE: MARS ONE PROJECT: MAINSTREAM CANADIAN STATION COVERS STORY; INTERVIEWS ROUND TWO CANDIDATE. - 10JAN - Peter Rakobowchuk Canadian Press/Global TV: Mars One takes 75 Canadians in 2nd round for one way mission.  - Homepage for the Mars One project.

9. TECH: ZEOFORM PLASTIC – TURNS HEMP INTO ALMOST ANYTHING.  - Difference between hemp and marijuana; benefits of hemp.  - 19NOV13 - Zeoform: A new plastic that turns hemp into almost anything.

10. TECH:  POSSIBLE HOUSING SOLUTIONS FOR COMMUNAL/SINGLE LIVING.  - 05DEC Katie Hosmer : Swedish University students design modern solar-powered home.  - 29OCT Peter Meiszner GlobalTV: Vancouver company hopes to kickstart micro home revolution.

11. HEALTH:  72 USES FOR SIMPLE HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS TO SAVE MONEY AND AVOID TOXINS.  - 05APR Cortney Harden: 72 uses for simple household products to save money and avoid toxins.

12. HEALTH:  RECIPE FOR A 'WELLNESS SHOT'. - Recipe for the 'wellness shot'.  - 10SEP13 : How to make an all natural wellness shot.

13. FINAL WORDS: ENERGY UPDATE FROM DANA MRKICH.  - 01JAN Dana Mrkich: Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2014. - YouTube Video version with commentary from Dana Mrkich.

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