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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You? :

 1. 2600+ OF GLOBAL ELITE MEET AT WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM IN SWITZERLAND.  - 20JAN : 2500 leaders to participate in WEF Davos meet.   - 18JAN Jeremy Warner, London  Davos:  Why this meeting of the worlds super elits is as relevant as ever.  - 20JAN Kim Hjelmgaard, Global elite descend on Davos to 'reshape world'.  - 15JAN : INTERACTIVE PARTICIPANT INFOGRAPH of people attending the WEF  - The mission of the WEF.  - 22JAN : World 'great' for billionaires at Davos; rampant inequality still a threat.  - 21JAN : Pope to Davos elite: Humanity must be served by wealth, not ruled by it.  - Homepage for Dr. Courtney Brown  - Patricia Cota Robles : 2014 will be a year like no other.  - 23JAN Huffington Post: Actress Goldie Hawn leads global leaders in meditation at the WEF.

2. UKRAINE: TENSIONS RISE; GOVERNMENT PREPARED TO RESIGN; UNDERSTANDING THE PEOPLE.  - 20JAN Tymoshenko urges 'to defend Ukraine'.  - 24JAN Ludovica Iaccino, Ukraine protest – government ready to step down. - 23JAN : Ukrainian government will step down if parliament demands it: PM Azarov - 23JAN Reuters : Ukraine parliament speaker says emergency session should consider call for government dismissal.  - 24JAN Interfax-Ukraine: Crimean parliament's presidium urges Yanukovych to declare a state of emergency. - 23JAN Yuras Karmanau/Laura Mills – Canadian Press : Ukrainian president faces ultimatum to call new elections for face street rage.  - 23JAN Reuters : Merkel outraged over Ukraine crackdown. - 23JAN Taras Ilkiv OP-ED: A Ukrainian journalist explains 10 things the West needs to know about the situation in Kiev.

3. BANGKOK: STATE OF EMERGENCY DECLARED – ELECTION MAY BE POSTPONED. - 21JAN Thailand declares Bangkok state of emergency.  - 21JAN LaPrensa: Thai gov't declares state of emergency in Bangkok.  - 24JAN Amy Sawitta Lefevre and Panarat Thepgumpanat, : Thai court ruling adds mounting pressure on PM Yingluck.

4. SYRIA: ALLEGED REPORT HINTS AT DEFECTIONS FROM REBEL CAMP TO SUPPORT LEADER ASSAD.  - 23JAN PressTV: Footage shows Syria 'FSA' militants defecting ranks.   - 23JAN PressTV:  Assad will win if he seeks re-election:  Iranian official.

5. TURKEY: PM ERDOGAN – ATTEMPTING TO INTERPRET RECENT ACTIONS IN THIS COUNTRY.  - 23JAN Ruth Sherlock, London Telegraph : Turkey faces 'war' within its borders as PM Erdogan cracks down on opponents. - YouTube Video : interview of John Perkins: Confessions of an economic hitman.  - Webiste for John Perkins.

6. FINANCE: A PERSPECTIVE ON THREE STORIES RELATING TO GLOBAL ECONOMIC CHANGE.  - 08JAN JC Collins, : Is the IMF hinting about an economic reset? - 16JAN JC Collins, : China to purchase the Federal Reserve.  - 21JAN JC Collins, : SDR's and the new Bretton Woods – Part One

7. FINANCE: ICIJ ANNOUNCES REVELATIONS OF CHINESE ELITES LINKED TO INTERNATIONAL TAX HAVEN FILES.  - 21JAN Gerard Ryle, : China's elite linked to secret offshore entities.  - ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database link.


9. GENERAL: DAVID WILCOCK COMMENTS ON SYNCHRONICITIES, EARTH CHANGES, AND 'CHILLING' NSA REVELATIONS.  - 23JAN David Wilcock : The polar vortex: a physical manifestation of the 'chilling effect' of NSA surveillance?  - 17JAN Has the Sun gone to sleep?  - 20JAN PressTV: Sun falling asleep, ice age dream to come true.

10. SPACE: VIRGIN GALACTIC SPACESHIP 2 HAS THIRD SUCCESSFUL TEST FLIGHT.  - 10JAN Virgin : Virgin Galactic reaches new heights in third supersonic test flight.  - Successful test firing for Virgin Galactic's LauncherOne ship.  - Homepage for Virgin Galactic.

11. TECH: UK COMPANY BREAKS 'REAL WORLD' INTERNET SPEED TIME.  - 23JAN : Team in UK manages fastest 'real world' internet speeds.

12. HEALTH: LIVER AND LYMPHATIC FLUSHES FOR OVERALL BENEFIT.  - Andreas Moritz: Does your liver need an overhaul? The importance of liver flushing.  - YouTube Video - Andreas Moritz : The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder flush.  - Homepage for Andreas Moritz.  - Some information about the herb Fenugreek, used for lymphatic cleansing.  - The : Fenugreek benefits.  - 2005 Michelle Schofro Cook, : Love your lymph.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS, each of us, through the course of our LIFE-paths have found ourselves in situations where we are dealing with others who are upset, or we may be upset and finding ourselves having to deal with others. It can be a very challenging, if not unpleasant experience, especially when the wrong things are said at the wrong time, and if only one or both had taken a moment to consider the feelings of the other or others involved before speaking, how everything could have worked out differently, and perhaps even beautifully.

Certainly as the energies continue to rise, we are going to find ourselves increasingly placed into situations that require our attention for healing. If we are unable or unwilling to recognize how we interact with others, we may continue to find ourselves facing situations over and over again. I'd like to read the following article by Dr. Leahy in the hopes that some of this information will resonate with at least a few people for consideration in how they are communicating with loved ones at this time of energetic shift.

Dr. Leahy, the director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York City writes:

"Imagine that the person that you love is upset about something -- her job, his health, her feelings about the relationship. Let's say she is worried about her health, worried that she might have some terrible illness -- and that even if you think she is going to be OK, you want to comfort her, make her feel better. What are the worst ways and best ways of talking? What should you say, and what should you avoid saying?

Let me give you a hint. The most important thing in talking to someone who is upset is to communicate that 1) you understand they are upset, 2) you care about how they feel, and 3) you respect their right to have their feelings.

What Not To Say

Let's start with the biggest mistakes in talking with your partner. For convenience, I've broken them down into six problematic styles:

1. Minimizing. This is the style where you treat your partner's concerns as trivial: "It's nothing. Why are you making a big deal out of it?" You are trying to tell them that their feelings are not related to anything real or important. So, the message they get is, "My feelings don't matter to you."

2. Rationalizing. You treat your partner's concerns as evidence of their irrational and distorted thinking. You try to argue away their concerns. This is a specific kind of minimization, and it sends the same negative message: "Your feelings are based on nothing real. Get over it."

3. Competitive complaining. In this little game you don't want your partner to "win" by being the one with the biggest complaints. So you start bringing up your own: "You think that's bad? I think I might lose my job!" Again, your partner feels there is no room for her feelings. You matter more.

4. Fixing. If your partner has unpleasant feelings, you jump in to try to solve all the problems. Laying out your well-thought-out plan, you get frustrated when she doesn't buy into your solutions. This makes her feel less understood and she thinks, at times, that you are patronizing.

5. Defending. In this scenario you treat your partner's emotions as a personal attack on you. If he is upset, you feel that you are to blame, so you turn it into a trial and start defending yourself. This goes nowhere; you get more angry and dismiss his feelings.

6. Stonewalling. In this case, you just withdraw. Feeling frustrated listening to her feelings, you withdraw, become silent and sullen and may leave the room. Now she is all alone, feeling abandoned.

So, what should you say?

Hint: Your partner wants to feel that 1) you understand that they are upset, 2) you care about how they feel, and 3) you respect their right to have their feelings.

Consider some of the following. Would you like to hear any of this when you are upset?

"I know it must be hard for you feeling this way.""I can see that it makes sense that you would feel down, given the way that you are seeing things.""A lot of times you may feel that people don't understand how hard it is for you.""You must be thinking that this really down feeling is going to last a long time. It must be hard to feel that way.""I want you to know that I am always here for you.""I don't want to sound like I don't want to hear about your feelings. I do. But if there is anything that I can do to help you feel better, please let me know. Your feelings are really important to me."

Here are some simple guidelines (from my recent book, "Beat the Blues Before They Beat You: How to Overcome Depression"):

1. Help make sense of feelings. Tell your partner how you understand that her emotions make sense given what has happened and how she is thinking. "Others have these feelings." "Your feelings make sense given the way you are looking at things." "You are not alone."

2. Expand the range of feelings. Help your partner understand that there are many feelings -- not just the current one. Feelings come and go, there are mixed feelings, and feelings vary in intensity. "You have so many different emotions -- some feel positive and some seem negative." "I know you are feeling sad, but are there other feelings that you are having as well?" "Are you having mixed feelings?"

3. Reduce shame and guilt. Help your partner understand that feelings are not a sign of being weak, but rather a sign of being human. "We all have difficult feelings at times. Your emotions are a sign that you feel things intensely, because things matter to you. You are most human when you have your feelings."

4. Accept your partner's pain. When you love someone, it's natural that you want to jump in and make that person feel better. Sometimes that can be helpful, but at other times it may convey the message that your partner's pain is too much for you to hear. You can communicate acceptance by saying, "I know that you are having a hard time, and I accept that you will not always feel upbeat." Acceptance and validation go hand and hand.

5. Link emotions to higher values. Sometimes your emotions can reflect the things you value -- competence, love, belonging or responsibility. You can support your partner emotionally by saying, "I know that these things bother you because you truly value them. Things matter to you."

Your partner needs your love -- but your love is an active verb -- to love her or him in a way that they understand that you care, that you get it and that you are there for them. No one wants to feel that their emotions are a burden, or based on some irrational idea, or that every problem has to be fixed by you. Maybe solving the problem might be helpful -- if they want it solved. But showing you care involves making time for listening, being there to hear, respecting the right to feel bad at times. - 01JUL2011 Robert Leahy/Huffington Post : What not to say when your loved one is upset.

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