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Cosmic Vision News - Show Summary With Links

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1. TUNISIA: A PROGRESSIVE CONSTITUTION TO SHAME WESTERN 'DEMOCRATIC' CONSTITUTIONS.  - 03FEB Tunisia: A success story?  - 06FEB PressTV: Iran's Larijani travels to Tunisia for constitution celebration event.  - 27JAN Hayes Brown, : Four ways Tunisia is now more progressive that the U.S.  - PETITION: ( Three cheers for Tunisia's revolutionary constitution!  - 30JAN PressTV : Tunisia's new technocratic government sworn in.

2. US GETS A TASTE OF ITS OWN MEDICINE IN UKRAINE.  - 06FEB : 'F**k the EU': US state dept top official caught in alleged phone chat on Ukraine.  - 07FEB : US will give money to Ukraine if they make necessary reforms – Nuland.  - 07FEB : 'Nuland apologized, but didn't mention US plans to midwife a new government in Ukraine.'  - 26JAN – : The interview with Edward Snowden and also the transcript of the interview.

3. VOTER ACTION AND VOTER SILENCE TELL THE STORY IN THAILAND ELECTION.  - Thailand sham elections unravel in humiliation.  - 02FEB Thomas Fuller, : Protestors disrupt Thai voting, forcing additional elections.  - 03FEB Nile Bowie, OP-ED commentary: Thailand's political crisis: Time up for Thaksin?

4. ASIA IS NOT THE 2014 VERSION OF 1914 IMPERIALIST EUROPE. - 02FEB : Asia 2014 is not the imperialist 1914 Europe: China

5. EU PARLIAMENT: NIGEL FARAGE 'WELCOMES' GREEK LEADER TO SIX MONTH STINT AS EU PRESIDENT.  - YouTube Video: 15JAN #1 : Nigel Farage commenting on the incoming Greek presidency of the European Union in an election year. Farage: We are now run by Big Business, Big Banks and Big Bureaucrats. - YouTube Video: 17APR13 Farage commenting on the current situation in Cyprus at that time, saying the EU is communism. - YouTube Video: 21NOV13 – Godfrey Bloom commenting on the action programme for taxation in the EU for 2014-2020: "The state is an institution of theft." - 05FEB13 YouTube Video: 05FEB13 Farage commenting on EU becoming a war machine with French intervention in Mali.

6. US DEBT CEILING STORY: NO NEWS AS OF AIR TIME.  - 04FEB : US teeters towards debt default; cash could run dry by the end of February.

7. US ECONOMICS PROFESSOR REMOVES MONEY FROM BANK OF AMERICA: BIG BANK CRASH IMMINENT?  - 30JAN Terry Burnham, : Is your money safe at the bank? An economist says 'no' and withdraws his.

8. EU CORRUPTION COSTS UNION 185B PER YEAR. - 04FEB : 'Breathtaking' corruption costs the EU 185 billion per year.

9. ICIJ: OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS LEAKS DATABASE IGNITES GLOBAL RESPONSE.  - 28JAN Kimberly Porteous, Michael Hudson and Sasha Chavkin, : Release of offshore records draws worldwide response.

10. TSA WHISTLEBLOWER: BODY SCANNING MACHINES 'USELESS', EXCEPT FOR ENTERTAINMENT. - 01FEB : "Useless" TSA scanners provided endless fodder for employees, former agent alleges.  - 02FEB PressTV : Ex-agents: TSA engaged in rampant racial profiling.

11. ENERGY UPDATE FROM CELIA FENN: 'FIRE AND ICE'.  - The printed article 'Fire And Ice' by Celia Fenn from her website.  - An audio version of the same message for those who prefer audio, although it is a computer-generated voice and the quality is not excellent, but it is acceptable.

12. HEALTH: CANADIAN DOCTOR EXPOSING MEDICAL LIES SINCE 2004.  - YOUTUBE VIDEO 2011: Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot, 'Vaccination 101'. PART ONE  - PART TWO  - PART THREE  - PART FOUR  - Download the free PDF copy of 'Medical Mafia' by Dr. G Lanctot.

13. FINAL WORDS: 10 YEAR OLD ALEX PIRVU OF ROMANIA – PERFORMS 'MY WAY'.  - YouTube Video: Alex Pirvu 10years old from Romania sings 'My Way'.

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