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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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 1. LATIN AMERICAN/CARIBBEAN LEADERS DECLARE REGION AS A 'ZONE OF PEACE'.  - 04DEC11 : Latin America unites in new bloc, US not invited.  - 29JAN : Proclamation of Latin America and Caribbean as a zone of peace.  - 10APR11 – John Vidal, : Bolivia enshrines natural world's rights with equal status for Mother Earth.

2. SNOWDEN HOLDS 'ACE' OF PRIVATE INFORMATION ON US OFFICIALS.  - 06FEB Turner Radio Network: Bombshell: Snowden downloaded entire roster of US govt employees, law enforcement, bankers, corporate boards of directors and more.  - 04FEB Reuters/ChicagoTribune: FACTBOX: Members of US Congress who are leaving office.  - 28DEC David Harris-Gershon: Top Israeli online magazine names Snowden 'person of the year'.  - 11FEB Maryland bill would cut water and electricity to NSA headquarters.  - 10FEB : Maryland legislators move to kill NSA headquarters. - 09DEC Michael Lotfi, Arizona senator introduces legislation to nullify NSA.  - Stop the NSA action website.  - 12FEB Rebecca Kaplan, : Rand Paul sues Obama over NSA surveillance.  - 13FEB Chris Gentilviso, Huffington Post/ Rand Paul accused of plagiarizing NSA-Obama lawsuit.  - 13FEB Catherine Thompson, : Updated: Lawyer dismisses ex-wifes's plagiarism allegation against Rand.

3. UK PM CAMERON ABANDONS 'AUSTERITY CUTS' AFTER MASSIVE STORMS.  - 12FEB George Eaton, : Cameron's declaration that 'money is no object has destroyed his austerity message

4. US DEBT CEILING A 'NON ISSUE' AT THIS TIME.  - 12FEB US House raises 17.2 trillion debt ceiling, no strings attached.  - 11FEB Jason Easley, : Obama stares down Republicans and wins as congress pass clean debt limit bill, 221-201.

5. PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS: GLOBAL CURRENCY FLUCTUATIONS AND DOLLAR COLLAPSE.  - Believed to be 01FEB, : Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts re:  - 23JAN Paul Craig Roberts, : Federal Reserve – "They do not have any more gold"  - 12FEB Greg Hunter, : US currency weak and about to crash – Karen Hudes. -30JAN YouTube Video: Banksters scene with whistleblower Karen Hudes.

6. FOREX RATE FIXING 'AS BAD AS LIBOR'; ALMOST 6000 SACKED DUE TO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN FINANCIAL SECTOR.  - 04FEB Patrick Hosking, : Forex fixing 'could be as bad as Libor.'  - 06FEB Juliet Samuel, : Banks wary as maverick regulator wades into forex inquiry. - 10FEB Patrick Hosking, Thousands of rogue bankers sacked since financial crisis.  - Video in partnership with Jones: Gerald Celente: At least 20 bankers dead.  - 12FEB Paul Joseph Watson, : JP Morgan executive becomes 5th banker to die in last two weeks.

7. REPORT: THE NETHERLANDS WOULD BE BETTER OFF OUTSIDE OF EURO AND THE EU.  - 06FEB Bruno Waterfield, Dutch would be 'better off' if they left the euro.

8. ICELAND TO LAUNCH ITS OWN CRYPTOCURRENCY.  - Homepage for AuroraCoin in Iceland.  - Google search: Current population of Iceland.

9. 2012 ARTICLE: "US ECONOMY ON SCHEDULE TO CRASH IN 2014". - 25OCT12 Grady Means, : US economy on schedule to crash March 4, 2014.

10. ITALY OVERTURNS LAW BANNING CANNABIS.  - 12FEB : Italy dumps cannabis law blamed for jail crowding.

11. FLORIDA HIGHWAY TROOPER ARRESTS FELLOW OFFICER; PAYS THE PRICE, AND FILES LAWSUIT.  - 11FEB14 : Trooper sues more than 100 cops and agencies for harassment after pulling over Miami police officer.  - 13MAR2012 – Report on FHP trooper stop in Broward County cites poor communication.  - 11FEB Dan Bloom, London : Florida trooper who pulled over 190km/hr officer sues for harassment.

12. BASHAR (2011/2012?) : CHANGES TO TAKE PLACE DURING 2010-2015.  - Homepage for Daryl Anka and Bashar.

13. TECH: CONTRADICTION IN AVAILABILITY OF COLD FUSION TECHNOLOGY.  - 12FEB Wil Dunham, : US scientists achieve 'turning point' in fusion energy quest.  - 13FEB : Nuclear fusion breakthrough: US scientists make crucial step to limitless power.  - 01FEB Barry Simon, – Final report of cold fusion 101 class at MIT: The NANOR emerges.  - 26NOV13 Sebastian Anthony, : 1 megawatt cold fusion power plant now available – yours for just 1.5 million.

14. HEALTH: BELGIUM APPROVES EUTHANASIA FOR CHILDREN.  - 13FEB : Belgium's parliament votes through child euthanasia.

15. HEALTH: AUSTRALIA FARMER SUES OVER GMO CONTAMINATION.  - 10FEB : 'world's first' farmer trial over GM crop contamination begins in Australia.  - 13FEB EU ministers link GM crops approval to future elections.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I have a bit of a confession to make.

For many nations around the world today and perhaps this weekend, they may observe or even celebrate Valentine's Day, a day of love to recognize someone special or extra-special in your LIFE-path.

For some who are single, they may hate this day, and use it to fuel their anger about the uselessness of this day. Others still may be wise enough to know that every day is a day to love, and that this day really is only another marketing holiday to sell chocolate, cards, flowers, presents and perhaps more luxurious items such as jewellery.

There are of course varying degrees of love, as everyone knows. As we move more and more into the higher vibrations, we connect with various sources and/or messengers who share their perspectives on what love will be like at the 5D level or higher.

While we still exist in this current level of vibration, it may cause a bit of an internal battle within oneself. I confess that I am one of those individuals. I can speak in front a large audience about global events, peace and other topics without any trouble. However, put me into a one to one communication with a woman whom I feel a degree of attraction to, and I bottle up. We are often told to just be ourselves, but I am sure that many single Lightworkers have been out on dates and they were themselves, only to find the evening either does not work out well or it completely tanks, because he/she was too open his/her perspectives of the global situation or of energy or whatever.

So, the Lightworker tries all the usual justifications to make one feel better:

"It was a test to see how well I stand by truth without giving into lust with my ego."

"That person was not resonating with me."

"I'm glad I found out early what this person is about."

"I deserve better"

And probably any one of many other reasons.

At the end of the day however, regardless of the reasons or excuses, one still does not have the desired companionship one may be seeking.

Some marketed spiritual messages sell the idea that we should not be seeking physical relations at this time, because we are stepping into our higher mastery and vibration where we are not supposed to need or desire that kind of companionship. We are supposed to be raising our vibration to the point where we are detached from that level of interaction.

One of the arguments is that men and women often are not at the same level of awareness and that any kind of physical relation is not spiritual because one or both partners are only together for the physical interaction, without the awareness of the spiritual growth at the heart of their purpose for being together.

Other sources may say that it is perfectly okay, and in fact should be encouraged because this is who we are.

Others still are confused, and not sure what they want. They avoid relations because they want to assure themselves that they are focusing on their individual spiritual growth without letting their ego rule their hearts. At the same time, they desire varying levels of companionship, romance, intimacy or physical contact.

Is being together with another too selfish for one supposedly on a spiritual path of awakening? Does being with another mean I am sacrificing my own energies and limiting myself from my full potential? If I am being selfish, am I holding someone back from his/her full potential? How do I know when I am entering a relation with someone for the right reasons, where both can be honoured? How can I communicate this to a potential partner, without scaring him/her off, if she/he is not fully aware, but still interested?

The list goes on. One of the big justifications I have used in the past is that my work carries a certain degree of risk, and as people hear about my work, a potential partner may become a target, and I have been reluctant to put another into that situation.

Having been single for so long, and having gone through all of these questions and more, the simple answer appears to be: it is all of it, and it is none of it.

If you find that confusing, you are now entering what may be the mindset of the single Lightworker trying to navigate the field of love at both a 3D and a 5D level of vibration.

The answer is not necessarily an acceptable and understood answer, and this may be why some Lightworkers are more insecure.

Of course there is also this reason: the Lightworker is not where he/she is supposed to be, in order to connect with sufficient numbers of people of similar vibration. For some, it is easy to give up everything, and go and live in a self-sustaining, spiritual community somewhere. Others are still serving roles within the 3D society, and have to deal with the lower vibrations on a daily basis, while trying to maintain their higher vibration, while trying to argue within themselves whether or not they wish to take the risky step of inviting someone out on a date.

My LIFE-path has brought past experiences that pushed me into closing my heart and making excuses. Although I may have wanted to blame past relations for who I am now, I realize it is not honourable to do that. I created my LIFE-path, and I must be accountable to what I have created.

It still does not necessarily make me feel better, while watching a romantic comedy movie, or being in an environment that couples might consider romantic while being solo.

Some Lightworkers may feel they are being punished, while missing the lesson that drives them to reflect on their lives and what they are creating in the current moment of 'now'. Others just want to know what they have to do to find love.

Loving oneself and honouring one's truth or LIFE-path is indeed a part of it. If one cannot love oneself, how can one expect another to?

A Russian friend in Sweden always warned to not talk about my 'voodoo shit' when I was going out on a possible date. I told him that this is who I am, and I would rather find out early if someone is not interested, so I do not waste her or my money. As I do not have a lot of money, I of course am using this as another possible reason for avoiding the dating game.

Now I am neither unique, nor am I any more special than another Lightworker. I have made choices, either rightly or wrongly in terms of the alignment to my LIFE-path. I am aware enough that I want to try to avoid the patterns and mistakes of the past. I may or may not know exactly what I am desiring or looking for, but I know that I what I do carries some element of risk, and that it is neither honourable nor fair to put a potential companion into a situation without their prior knowledge.

Friends say "Don't reveal everything too early. Tell them after you are officially together." This has not felt particularly honourable with me.

The irony is that I have counseled friends through their relations over many years, and they have felt that I know so much about relations but they question me as to why I am not in a relation myself. I am very aware of the comic irony in that.

We are cleansing a lot at this time. We may be fearful of what we are giving up. We may fearful of what may replace that which we are letting go of now.

Sometimes it is hard to be in joy, to create that attitude that allows all the good energies to flow into one's world, when one is processing and releasing things that are no longer meaningful. Having an understanding companion might be nice, but is it fair to impose our energies upon another?

I am intentionally not going to offer any suggestions to Lightworkers. This is because I know that whatever I advice I offer to you, dear listeners is advice that is truly meant for myself. Now the question becomes: is that response my selfish ego, based in fear, or my respecting others enough to not impose my own uninvited thoughts an feelings on others?

If you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day, may you celebrate in the highest way possible, in alignment with your Highest Good. If another special soul is involved, may it also be respectful and honourable to the Highest Good of him or her also.

Create a wonderful weekend!


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