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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. LATEST UKRAINE DEVELOPMENTS; YANUKOVYCH SPEAKS.  - 26FEB : Maidan protestors announce line-up of Ukrainian cabinet, propose Yatsenyuk for PM.  - Huffington Post:  Ukraine protest in pictures.  - 26FEB Michael Kelly, : Riot police get on knees and ask for forgiveness for being part of Kiev crackdown.  - YouTube Video: 25FEB Nigel Farage addressing the EU parliament on social aspects of a single market governance.  - 27FEB Kiev requests intl arrest warrant for Yanukovych.

2. VENEZUELA: A NATION DIVIDED.  - 28FEB : Venezuela 'divided in two'

3. EGYPT INTERIM GOVERNMENT RESIGNS.  - 24FEB Patrick Kingsley, Egypt's prime minister and cabinet resign.

4. CROATIA: NEW PROTEST BEGINS THIS WEEK.  - 27FEB Multiple writers, (Item number two on the list): Labour protests in Croatia.

5. AUSTRALIA: CASE FOR CITIZEN ARREST OF FORMER PM JOHN HOWARD?  - 24FEB Antony Loewenstein, The :  Australia - Could John Howard be citizen-arrested for his role in Iraq war? 

6. WHITE HOUSE PURGING OF 'LAMEDUCK' INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES.  - 22FEB PressTV: Obama purging American intelligence agencies.

7. CHINESE CURRENCY MAKING MOVES TO BECOME INTERNATIONAL RESERVE.  - 27FEB : Yuan can become dominant world reserve currency: survey.  - 26FEB M Caulfield, : China looks set to introduce gold-backed, new world reserve currency.

8. BANKER DEATHS UPDATE.  - 21FEB : Highly suspicious 12 banker suicides linked to JP Morgan investigation for FOREX manipulation.  - 25FEB Benjamin Fulford, via Weekly update report.

9. GREGG BRADEN: HIGHLIGHTS OF ROMANIA INTERVIEW.  - YouTube Video:  Gregg Braden interview in Romania February 2014.  - Homepage for Gregg Braden.

10. UNUSUAL (AND SURPRISE) REQUEST FOR DISCLOSURE OF AREA 51.  - FULL VIDEO ADDRESS from The Nation of Islam: Farrakhan Speaks: The Time And What Must Be Done. Comments about Area 51 occur at approximately the 22:35 mark.   - 24FEB Alejandro Rojas, Huffington Post: Islamic leaders issue fatwa prohibiting one-way trips to Mars.   - Nation of Islam – about Minister Farrakhan. - Homepage for the Nation of Islam.  - The world council of religious leaders website.  - Webiste for a council for a parliament of the world's relgions.

11. UFO CONGRESS IN ARIZONA: SUMMARY AND PROFILE.   - 24FEB Lee Speigel : 2014 UFO Congress Recap  - Homepage for Jeffrey Bennett, the scientist spoken about in the UFO Congress audio clip.  - Website for the UFO Congress   - Homepage for the Paradigm Research Group, the Congressional Hearing Initiative and Stephen Bassett.

12. NASA: KEPLER TELESCOPE DISCOVERS 715 NEW PLANETS.   - 26FEB Associated Press/CTV News: NASA's Kepler telescope finds 715 new planets outside solar system.

13. HEALTH: HOLISTIC AND NATURAL EYESIGHT HEALING.   - 14FEB Dr. Mercola,  How to heal your eyesight naturally.

14. NORA YOLLES-YOUNG: FINDING JOY IN A JOB YOU HATE.  - Finding Joy In A Job You Hate - Part 1.   - Finding Joy In A Job You Hate - Part 2.    - Finding Joy In A Job You Hate - Part 3. - Homepage for Nora Yolles-Young


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