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Friday, 14 March 2014 00:00

Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. WASHINGTON BOMBSHELL: FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE CHARGES US WITH PROVOKING UKRAINE.  - 05MAR : Democratic presidential candidate accuses US of provoking Ukrainian crisis. - YouTube Video: Dennis Kucinich about US involvement in Ukraine.  - 07MAR : Putin to Obama – Russian-American relations should not be sacrificed for differences over intl problems.  - 13MAR Aleksander Nekrassov : Russia and the US: The veritable chess players.  - 07MAR : US presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich says US instigated Ukraine crisis.

2. EXPOSING ZIONIST MEDIA INFLUENCE INVOLVING UKRAINE.  - 04MAR Greg Satell, : How the western press is getting it terribly wrong in Ukraine.  - 01MAR Timothy Snyder: Ukraine: The haze of propaganda.  - Some of Snyder's Jewish-related articles.  - Wikipedia bio of Snyder shows his link to the cabal controlled Council of Foreign Relations. Also shows a link to his wife, Marci Shore.  - Wikipedia bio of Snyder's wife, Marci Shore, shows her extensive connection to Jewish/American circles, including at Yale University.  - Greg Satell's bio on the Forbes page.  - About Greg Satell from his website.  - About KP Media, the company Satell helped run. Founded by Jed Sunden in 1995. - Sunden is apparently an American Jew, although in this article he was referred to as a German millionaire.  - Satell worked for Publicis Groupe  - 07MAR Jim W Dean,

3. AIRLINE MYSTERY: SPECULATION FROM ALL PERSPECTIVES, BUT STILL A MYSTERY.  - 11MAR : From mystery to coverup: Was missing MH370 'engineered' to deflect attention?  - 13MAR Matthew Weaver and Tom McCarthy, : MH370: US officials say plane sent signals 'hours' after losing contact.  - YouTube Video – DABU 7 : Flight MH370 on radar; unusual aircraft activity, and flight 'disappears'.  - YouTube Video: MH370 disappeared over ley line vortex?  - 10MAR : Six important facts you're not being told about MH370. - 08MAR : 20 employees linked to Freescale Semiconductor Inc on board MH370.  - 09MAR : Texas-based company says 20 employees were onboard MH370.  - information about Freescale Semiconductor.  - Info about Blackstone Group, one of the owners of Freescale Semiconductor.  - Info about co-CEO of Blackstone Group, Peter George Peterson  - Info about co-CEO of Blackstone Group, Stephen Schwarzman  - Info about Carlyle Group, one of the owners of Freescale Semiconductor.  - 22MAY12 – Bilderberg story linking Carlyle Group to cabal and global control.  – Info about William Conway, co-CEO of Carlyle Group.  - Info about David Rubenstein, co-CEO of Carlyle Group.  - Info about TPG Capital, one of the owners of Freescale Semiconductor.  - Information about TPG's Biotech division.  - 13MAR : US suspects missing Malaysian plane flew on for hours; report.  - Website for Jim Stone, freelance reporter: AWACS Hijack proven for MH370.  - 12MAR Kevin Barrett, Malaysian plane disappearance linked to 9/11: Barrett.  - PDF document of the passenger manifest for MH370.

4. WORLD MARKETS HOLD BREATH AS CHINESE SHADOW BANKING GRINDS TO A HALT.  - 10MAR Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, : Markets hold breath as China's shadow banking grinds to a halt.

5. CHINA: 'PREPARE FOR INDUSTRIAL BANKRUPTCIES'; INVEST IN 'QUALITY DEVELOPMENT'.  - 13MAR Philip Inman, : China's Li Keqiang warns investors to prepare for a wave of bankruptcies.  - 13MAR : China stress 'quality development' over GDP growth.

6. NO SPIES ON US: US SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE PROTESTS SPYING ON THEM.  - 11MAR Dan Roberts and Spencer Ackerman, The : Feinstein accuses CIA of 'intimidating' senate staff over torture report.  - 12MAR : Snowden accuses head of senate intelligence panel of hypocrisy.  - YouTube Video: 24JUN13 Glenn Greenwald : Dianne Feinstein is 'outright lying' about NSA spying.  - 12MAR PressTV: EU report on NSA spying presented to EU parliament.

7. ISRAEL: TEENS SEND PM LETTER PROTESTING WEST BANK SETTLEMENTS AND MILITARY ENROLLMENT.  - 09MAR : Israeli teens refuse to join army over settlement policies.  - Yesh Gvul: a uniquely Israeli innovation in the culture of protest. (old website, but the movement appears to have started again)  - Yesh Gvul Israeli website in Hebrew. (for any speaking Hebrew – I hope this site is the site of the movement)

8. RUSSIA TARGETING OF UKRAINE MAY HAVE AN E.T. CONNECTION.  - 31AUG2012, Crimean News Agency, QHA.COM.UA : World's oldest pyramid found in Crimea.  - 04MAR Dr. Michael Salla, :  - YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 1 of 8  - YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 2 of 8  - YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 3 of 8  - YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 4 of 8 - YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 5 of 8  -YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 6 of 8  - YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 7 of  - YouTube Video: The secret KGB UFO files Part 8 of 8  - YouTube Video: Men In Black: Russian documentary with English subtitles (47 minutes)

9. UFO SIGHTINGS IN CANADA FOR 2013 2ND HIGHEST IN 25 YRS.  - 11MAR14 - : UFO sightings soar to new heights in Canada.  - 15OCT97 : What if government really listened to the people?  - undated : Summaries of some opinion polls on UFO's over the years.  - CANADIANS WANTING TO REPORT A UFO SIGHTING:  - Canadian UFO Report Homepage.  - Canadian UFO Surveys 1990-2013

10. VIDEO SHOWS UFO FLEET AROUND ISS: NAT GEOGRAPHIC TO AIR TWO HOUR LIVE FEED FROM ISS.  - 11MAR : Specific clip of the appearance of alleged starships from beyond the Intl Space Station, ISS.  - 14MAR : Live streaming broadcast from space at 2000hrs (8PM) eastern time from the ISS.  - Live ISS NASA/UStream  - : Announcement from NASA that the ISS stream will be retired in two weeks, around 28MAR.

11. HEALTH: WOMAN IN CANADA HAS OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES AT WILL; RESEARCHERS STUDYING.  - 07MAR Sarah Griffiths, : Woman has voluntary out of body experiences at will; student helps shed light on the phenomenon.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS,... It amazes me, sadly perhaps, to see so many people on Facebook claiming to be Lightworkers and yet are so publicly and unapologetically critical of others. Out of one side of their mouths come these affirmations of peace, harmony and oneness, and yet out of the other side comes negative criticsims without any apparent understanding of the BIGGER, bigger picture to which they are leveling this criticism.

It is one thing to politely say that one does not resonate with choices that one is making, however it is something very different to publicly judge an individual as 'bad' or 'evil' in the face of the oneness that we all are.

We claim to want peace and harmony, and yet by our very words and actions, we are attempting to create a new paradigm based on energies of negativity.. energies that will not hold in a 5D paradigm of existence, and thus these energies must now come up for release and healing.

I pass no judgment on individuals choosing this. I observe your choices, and although I personally do not resonate with those choices, I have to allow one to be who one is, and send energies of peace and healing to any choosing negativity, in the prayer that they will remember who they are, and choose not to create a new paradigm based on fear, judgment and negativity.

We are all dealing with our own personal negativities come up for healing at this time. Why would we choose to complicate it by adding to those energies?

Now some of these souls deserve compassion, because they may be taking on some of the collective energies of humanity. They may be expressing these energies, for the purposes of healing for those that are unable or unwilling to release those energies themselves. Again, in this case, who are we to judge another? Our job is to BE the example, and to help these individuals to awaken and release that energy, so they can re-member themselves to.. or rejoin.. the oneness energy. We do not know what their soul-contract is for the Highest Good at this time.

Many are judging current leaders based on actions from many years ago. I would lay odds that there is not one among us who has not done something in years past that he/she now considers to be regrettable. Each soul is where she/he is now because of the experiences that have brought one to this knowing of who one is. Is it therefore not equally possible that certain leaders make choices in the past that may now be considered less than LIFE-honouring, but they were made for reasons unknown at that time? A few global leaders appear to be demonstrating an attempt to do this. Putin, Obama and Pope Francis are perhaps the more notable examples. All three chose the very difficult path of moving through circles where there was great corruption, crime, fear and death. They may have done things at certain times that were less than LIFE-honouring...however in not doing those things, they may not now be in the position they are in, to start making the changes that they appear to be trying to make. We do not know the BIGGER, bigger picture that is unfolding, and we do not know the full extent of the cabal control that has influenced anything that they may have attempted or are attempting to do.

I worked for a union at Toronto airport many years ago while loading and unloading aircraft. We were on probation for six months, and of course each was expected to be on his/her best behavior during that time. After six months, the union members became more critical of me, because I continued to do my job well, and some did not like that at all. They tried to break me. The union protected employees who damaged aircraft, and stole from peoples' luggage, but did not protect me because I did my job well. Eventually I did move away, to become a global instructor to travel agents for a computer reservation system.. two of them. It was time to move on to the next growth opportunity. I then learned how the corporate world cares more about profits than about the quality of products and services as well as the well-being of employees.

Leaders are expected to play a certain game.. for the public up to a point, but then when the chips are down, they either play by cabal rules, or they are removed, one way or the other. To make changes from within, one has to be willing to get in..and this may mean doing things one may not normally choose to do.

The honest undercover police officers would know this. However, I might take a guess that there are no really and truly honourable undercover police officers, because if they were really and truly honourable, they would not likely get accepted for those assignments, because the assignments require broken souls who are willing to do the dirty work that the honest officers would not likely choose to do if they have strong morals and ethics. They are willing to commit crimes to infiltrate groups. Some may even be willing to harm another.

Look at the soldiers in our militaries around the world. They are killing innocent civilians, looting countries, transporting drugs and helping the global cabal to profit and perpetuate the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet. Will you judge them as evil or bad? Some of the patriotic forces who are now attempting to take down the global cabal had to commit those acts in order to be where they are now, to do what they are now doing. Would you choose to arrest and punish these souls for things that they did in their past?

Make no mistake, souls will be held accountable for anything done that was not for the Highest Good of humanity and our planet. Some chose to take on negative roles... I choose to believe this.. for the purposes of awakening at this critical time to help bring in the transformation now unfolding.

Whether or not we as a species are willing to move forward may depend upon how willing we are to let go of that which is in our past, and that which no longer defines who we are choosing to be in this moment of 'now'.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has said: " If you judge another, you do not define define yourself.

Some leaders are better at revealing a bit of their Light even when they are doing things that may not be considered LIFE-honouring in that moment. Some humans are better at seeing this Light, or feeling this Light or intuiting this Light within others.

As we begin this Golden Age, how would you personally want to tell your children and grandchildren about this grand transformation? Would you tell them how humanity rose up and killed all the oppressors in violent conquest to issue in a new era of 'peace', or would you rather that collective humanity stood up and affirmed its identity, its freedom and its desire to live in peace and harmony through peaceful and lawful resistance, resorting only to physical force when it was necessary for self defence?

Today's children look to us to be the example, and yet many adults wonder why the children appear lazy, disengaged and not interested in the world. Why is that? It is because there are few adults in their world who are showing them how to engage and become interested in creating a better world.

What are you choosing to create? Take the first step and create a great weekend!  - 12MAR Steve Beckow, National ego. (A supplementary article that may of value to read, in understanding better our 'national ego' as having been put ahead of humanity's collective will in the past.



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