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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. GAME OF THRONES: GEOPOLITICAL AND GEOECONOMICAL BRINKMANSHIP CONTINUES.  - 19MAR Kevin Barrett: Putin puts the fear of God into the new world order.  - 21MAR PressTV : US, Russia tension mounting over Ukraine: analyst. Cold war reboot?  - 21MAR : Crimea, Sevastopol officially join Russia as Putin signs final decree. - 21MAR : Putin mocks US sanctions, vows not to retaliate. : Russian lawmakers ask President Obama to impose sanctions on them all.  - 19MAR Argentina censures UK, US for hypocrisy over Crimea.  - 20MAR PressTV: EU Summit to focus on Ukraine crisis.  - 21MAR : Stephen Harper to make historic stop in Ukraine on trip to Europe.  - 21MAR William Jasper, : Polls" Americans repeatedly say 'No!' to US intervention in Ukraine.

2. FLIRTING WITH SECESSION: NORTHERN ITALY, SCOTLAND AND CATALONIA.  - 17MAR : Venice referendum aims to see city and region secede from Italy.  - 16MAR : 'Serene' referendum: Italian region votes on restoration of Venetian Republic.  - 17MAR : Crimea? No, Venice! Independence referendum in Italy almost unnoticed.  - 04MAR Huffington Post : Against Scottish Independence: arguments and reasons for a 'no' vote.  - 18MAR : Scottish independence – 20 questions answered.  - 13DEC Giles Tremlett, : Catalonia joins Scotland in push for 2014 independence vote.

3. SOUTH AFRICA: UBUNTU POLITICAL PARTY RAISES FUNDS TO BE IN ELECTION.  - Website for the UNBUNTU political party announcing their participation in South African elections.

4. BELGIUM: OUTSPOKEN POLITICIAN HARASSED /ARRESTED.  - Laurent Louis search for video addresses with English subtitles.

5. TURKEY: PRIME MINISTER ATTEMPTS TO SHUT DOWN TWITTER.  - 21MAR Nick Tattersal and Orhan Coskun, : Furious reaction, political split after Turkey bans Twitter.

6. GREECE: NEW AUSTERITY PROTESTS.  - 20MAR PressTV: Greece anti-austerity protest enters second day.

7. FINANCE: DID A MAJOR COUNTRY JUST DUMP US TREASURY BONDS?  - 14MAR Wall St Journal : Did Russia just move its treasury holdings offshore?  - 14MAR Tyler Durden, Foreigners sell a record amount of treasurys held by the Fed in past week.

8. MEDIA FALSE-FLAG: WAS ANCHOR'S ON AIR RESIGNATION A NEOCON STUNT?  - 20MAR : Brainwash level – 'neocons': staged Liz Wahl psy-op exposure explodes on Twitter.  - 05MAR : Democratic presidential candidate accuses US of provoking Ukrainian crisis.  - undated interview with Karen Hudes : comments on the BRICS alliance and the new credit rating agency.

9. SANDY HOOK: WAS ENTIRE TOWN BOUGHT OUT FOR FALSE-FLAG EVENT?  - 16MAR LogicBeforeAuthority : Sandy Hook: whole city got FREE houses.  - YouTube video: YouTube channel for the source reporting that many homes were bought out on 25DEC09.  - 14JAN13 Eddy Levin : 10 facts that prove Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.  - photos showing Sandy Hook principal and woman at the Boston marathon bombing are identical.

10. TECH: INTERNET, SURVEILLANCE AND THE FUTURE.  - 14MAR – Gautham Nagesh, : US plans to give up oversight of web domain manager.  - Edward Snowden, speaking at the TED Conference in Vancouver Canada  - 12MAR : Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Worldwide web needs bill of rights.  - 04OCT13 Brad Chacos, : Tor stands strong against NSA but your browser can bring you down.

11. HEALTH: BAKING SODA FOR HAIR HEALTH.  - 21APR13 Sonnet Lauberth, : DIY: This banking soda shampoo saved my hair.  - 10MAR12 Sara, : DIY Baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner – 100% green and effective.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS...

I would like to follow up from my final words of last week where I reflected on the importance of showing love and compassion to those among us who are engaging in energies of negativity towards humans and to our planet. I had commented that we do not know the soul-level contracts that each individual signed up for, and thus we cannot fully know what each soul is meant to bring to the awakening collective human consciousness. I emphasized the importance of being willing to forgive souls that have committed violence and not judging them.

I may have created the impression that I am advocating 'spiritual fluff', so to speak. Lots of love and Light talk without releasing what needs to be released at this time in order to move forward.

I would like to be clear about something. To the very best of our abilities, we are here to co-create a golden age upon our planet. We are here to birth into being a new planetary, galactic consciousness, and release technologies and abundance that will benefit and save our planet but also benefit and save humanity. We have two ways we can do this. We can do it with violence and killing, but then we have to ask ourselves if we have really created a golden age, because all we have done is replace killers with killers only claiming to want a world for themselves.

We can do it through compassion and love. When I say this, this does not mean that there will be no incidents of violence or perhaps even death. What I am saying is that to the very best of our abilities, we are choosing to practice the BE-ing of love, compassion and forgiveness in our attempts to transform and transmute negative energies around us. In certain situations, depending upon soul-levels contracts, this may fail – and there may legitimately come times in this evolution where we have to defend ourselves. Forgiveness does not mean releasing another soul from the consequences of one's actions or choices. It means releasing one's attachment to the energies that often consume individuals.

The key word is 'defend'. We are not co-creating a golden age by proactively seeking out cabal members to inflict harm and punishment upon them. However, in their choice to mistreat us, a time may come when we are forced to put an end to it, and this end may require the use of physical force and perhaps even death.

Do I advocate violence and physical force? Of course not. Do I advocate the use of violence and force in the name of self-defence? This is not to be judged by me, but only by the individual being faced with oppression. When every reasonable attempt has been made to diffuse a situation and every attempt has been made to reach out to the hurting souls who are inflicting harm, and they choose not to awaken, some more drastic choices may become necessary.

I am not suggesting that every human just bury their hatred and anger for all that has been done to them. If you are an individual that requires an emotional release through expression anger through words or perhaps through actions, this is your choice. Some release negativity by going to the gym - and working it off. Some bury themselves in creativity, and express it through that creativity; others need to explode verbally; others need to cry... Each is uniquely different, yet equally beautiful in her/his service to humanity, and each has an important role. Some will turn their anger into negative treatment towards humanity and our planet.

There are souls that are very good at using physical force against another. Some are addicted to it, and seek to find careers where they can use their physical force. Others are able to control it, and use it only when necessary. The world has needed both of them in order for humanity to awaken.

There are souls that are not good with using physical force, and will avoid it at all costs. I am one of these. Not a typical alpha male. However, this does not mean that I do not get angry and that I do not resist and fight back in my own way. Cosmic Vision News is my expression of the anger I have felt over what has happened to humanity and our planet. However, my expression of anger is not one of anger to get others upset. It is a release of my energies by reporting on what is being done, and as these energies are released I can begin to empower others to see what is happening, so that they will choose to act in whatever way is meaningful for them, to help humanity and our planet.

If the cabal attacks us, there will be souls who are ready to use physical force for defence only. There will be Lightworkers or Lightservers who have agreed to do this for humanity if a time was needed. There are also Lightservers who need to anchor the energies of love and Light, to help support those souls who defend for our Highest Good. They need the help from others among us so that they will not fall into the pattern of killing beyond that which is necessary for protecting humanity. Others among us have the job to help keep them grounded in their service so they do not wholly forget who they are.

It is a balance, and we both need each other if humanity is to move forward.

We are being attacked from many angles, yes; we are being poisoned, yes; we have been enslaved, yes and more. We are in this situation because we allowed it to happen. Getting mad and blaming another soul without owning our own participation in what we've created may not help the situation.

We are 'calling out' the cabal by exposing their games and tactics. By not resorting to anger and fear during all these false-flag events..we have denied them the energy that they need for their power. When we are attacked however physically...we defend ourselves...and many are starting to do that, in whatever ways they feel are meaningful to them.

there is a time and a place for anger, as well as a direction in which to place that anger. One may not like what his/her child may do, but they do not love them any less. A good parent tries to set the best example of what they would like the child to learn, but of course the parent her/himself must also be grounded to be able to do that. With a spouse or of the rules is: fight fairly. If you have to get mad, get mad at the situation or the choice...but do not make another 'bad' or 'wrong'. Avoid making your love conditional upon choices made by others.

To perhaps put it a bit more clearly - there is what is called destructive anger, that seeks to blame, make 'wrong', and judge another as 'bad' or 'evil', while seeking revenge, or the etocentric need to be 'right'. Then there is the constructive anger, that looks at a situation or an issue that is displeasing, disempowering or dehumanizing, while looking for ways to address the issue for the Highest Good of all.  I choose to not focus so much on the making of individuals as 'wrong', as opposed to creating the structures and societal paradigm that will declare everything the cabal represents as redundant and no longer need. This to me represents a more honourable manifestation, and dare I even use the word 'revenge'?

We heard Snowden describe a few moment ago his work and the future of the internet.  This may be considered an example of constructive anger.

A two part article has been written by Wes Annac of the Aquarius paradigm entitled, 'Can The Cabal Be Forgiven'? The links to that article will be posted in the show summary.

Quite honestly, I am willing to forgive any cabal member who either switches loyalty to the forces of Light, or to one who simply resigns his or her position and disappears somewhere away from influencing and its evolution forward. I only want the change to manifest as quickly as possible. This is my personal feeling however.

If people want angry truth news, they can go get it from Alex Jones and others. That is their niche and I honour that. CVN is my niche, my truth and my service and I choose to do it from the positive, energetic perspective.  - Wes Annac, Aquarius Paradigm: can the cabal be forgiven, part one.  - part two.


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