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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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 1. NESARA UNFOLDING? POTENTIAL EVIDENCE SUPPORTING LONG-AWAITED CHANGE.  - Audio clip of caller from Ohio saying military have visited, will deliver packages and that changes in government are coming soon.  - posting by John McHaffie with comments on the Ohio caller, Nancy.  - Homepage for The National Liberty Alliance  - Is the citizen grand jury and common law reformation for real?  - 25MAR Sheldon Nidle, Weekly message from our galactic families.  - 27MAR Sandra Walter, : The Cosmic Christ Return: Fulfilling the Promise.

2. ISSUES UPDATE ON EVENTS IN UKRAINE. EU HAS BLOOD ON ITS HANDS.  - 27MAR : Ukrainian parliament passes austerity bill required by IMF.  - 27MAR PressTV: EU has blood on hands over Ukraine: UKIP chief.  - 25MAR PressTV: US, allies have decided to oust Russia from G8 over Crimea: White House.  - 24MAR Russia not clinging to G8 if West does not want it: Russian FM.  - 21MAR Sanctions effect: Russia to change its economic partners...for the better.  - 22MAR Umberto Pascali, : The Ukraine crisis and Putin: a new financial system free from Wall T. and the City of London.  - : About Yulia Tymoshenko.  - : About the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.  -24MAR : Time to grab guns and kill damn Russians – Tymoshenko in leaked tape.  - 27MAR PressTV: Yulia Tymoshenko to run for Ukraine president.

3. G7 LEADERS MEETING IN BELGIUM – WITHOUT RUSSIA / OBAMA MEETS POPE.  - 23MAR Susan Lunn, : Ukraine crisis: G7 leaders hold summit in Brussels without Russia.  - 22MAR David Gibson, Obama meets with Pope Francis.  - 27MAR John Hooper, : Barack Obama has first meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.  - YouTube video-21MAR Jillian Kitchener, : Pope tells mafia to stop evil or prepare for hell.  - 14NOV13 Pope Francis' anti-corruption stance agitating mafia – prosecutor.  - 26NOV13 : 'Not to share wealth with poor is to steal' : Pope slams capitalism as 'new tyranny'.

4. OBAMA SETTING UP ISRAEL FOR A FALL / ISRAEL NOT A 'JEWISH STATE' / ISRAEL CLOSES EMBASSIES WORLDWIDE.  - 23MAR Jennifer Rubin, Washington Obama is setting up Israel to take the fall.  - 10MAR : Arab League refuses to recognize Israel as 'Jewish state'.  -22MAR – PressTV : British friends of Israel should be named and shamed.  - 23MAR : Israel closes embassies all over the world, as diplomats go on indefinite strike.

5. OFFICE OF COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY ANNOUNCES INTRODUCTION OF VOLCKER RULE IN U.S. ON 01APRIL.  - 25MAR Bix Weir, : Volcker Rule effective Tuesday 01APR... bye bye banksters!  - 25MAR Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: Subject: Volcker Rule.

6. THE SCAM OF IMF LOANS TO UKRAINE / GOLD STOLEN FROM UKRAINE.  - 26MAR : IMF and EU capture of Ukraine.  - 21MAR, : The latest heist: US quietly snatches Ukraine's gold reserves.

7. BRICS ALLIANCE MOVING TO ISOLATE CABAL COUNTRIES?  - 26MAR Yuan could transform global capital markets, Australian official says.  -26MAR Tyler Durden, : How the BRICs (thanks to Russia) just kicked the G7 out of the G20

8. AURORACOIN LAUNCHES IN ICELAND.  - Homepage for AuroraCoin of Iceland. Launched via 'Airdrop' on 25MAR.

9. ALASKA PETITION SEEKS TO SECEDE FROM U.S. TO JOIN RUSSIA.  - 25MAR RIA Novosti : Tens of thousands sign petition to reunite Alaska with Russia.

10. MALAYSIAN FLIGHT UPDATE: CIA HOAX / LATEST SPECULATION / LESSONS TO BE LEARNED.  - 25MAR Gordon Duff, PressTV: Flight 370 the CIA hoax.  - 24MAR Mike Adams, : MH370 now clearly a government coverup: All evidence contradicts official story.  - 24MAR : Rothschild takes down Malaysian airliner MH370 to gain rights to a semiconductor patent – getting rid of those who stood in his way.  - 14MAR : Summary and links to MH370, story number three in the summary.

11. TECH: STUDENTS CREATE DISK TO CLEAN WATER.  - Carolyn Presutti, VOANews/ : Students invent water purification disc that can revolutionize clean water access.

12. HEALTH: TEACHER RESIGNS; CITES PRESSURES OF DYSFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM THAT FAILS CHILDREN.  - 23MAR Valerie Strauss, : Kindgergarten teacher: my job is about tests and data – not children. I quit.

13. URUGUAY SEEKS TO IMPORT CANNABIS TO MEET NEEDS AHEAD OF INTRODUCTION OF NEW LAW.  - 20MAR Will Carless, : Exclusive: Uruguay may import marijuana from Canada.  - 20MAR Will Carless, GlobalPost/ : REPOST FROM THE STORY ABOVE: Uruguay to Canada: Sell us your 'best quality' cannabis.

14. FINAL WORDS : WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE AND CHANGING PERSPECTIVES: DR. WAYNE DYER.  - YouTube Video: Dr. Wayne Dyer : How willing are you?  - YouTube Video: Wayne Dyer: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change".


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