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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. WAVE OF ACTION: THREE MONTH GLOBAL CAMPAIGN TO REOCCUPY THE WORLD BEGINS.  - Homepage for the Wave Of Action global movement.  - 04APR : #Reoccupy the world: WaveOfAction sweeps the globe.

2. NOOSE TIGHTENS AROUND THE NECK OF ISRAEL'S ZIONIST AGENDA.  - 29 MAR PressTV: European Union parliament joins boycott Israel campaign.  - 16MAR Times of : El-Al expert: Iran likely involved in MH370.  - 17MAR : Israel fears attack from 'hijacked' MH370; Iran's role still suspected.  - Information about the twin jet in Tel Aviv.

3. WARMONGERS GETTING SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES: JIM DEAN.  - 31MAR PressTV: Warmongers getting shot down in flames.

4. POSSIBLE PLANNED TURKISH FALSE-FLAG EVENT.  - YouTube Video: Breaking The Set : Turkey's insane false flag plot to start a war with Syria.  - 01APR Turkish police use water cannon against rally.

5. INDIGENOUS GENOCIDE CONFIRMED/ADMITTED IN CANADA.  - 01APR Cara St. Louis, : Mass murder of Canadian children admitted.  - Homepage for the International Tribunal Into Crimes Of Church And State.

6. EARTH CHANGES; VOLCANIC AND SEISMIC ACTIVITY.  - 31MAR : Chile hit by tsunami: At least five dead and 300 female prisoners escape as huge waves triggered by 8.2 magnitude quake force evacuations along entire Chilean coast.  - 02APR Animals fleeing Yellowstone spark fears of volcanic eruption.  - Earthquake watch warning from source'Dutchsinse'.  - 19FEB Monte Morin, LA Times : It's up, up and away for ancient trapped helium at Yellowstone.  - 30MAR Michael Snyder, 12 signs that something big is happening to the Earth's crust under North and South America.

7. FINANCE: STOCK MARKETS ARE REVEALED AS BEING RIGGED.  - YouTube Video uploaded 31MAR14, CBS/60 Minutes : Is the U.S. stock market rigged.

8. FRANKFURT WINS BID TO BE CHINESE RENMINBI CLEARING HUB.  - 29MAR Matthias Inverardi, : Germany, China say renminbi hub in Frankfurt will boost trade.  - 31MAR Frankfurt beats London to become RMB clearing hub outside Asia.

9. RON PAUL: UKRAINE BAILOUT BAD FOR U.S AND BAD FOR UKRAINE.  - 31MAR : Ron Paul: Ukraine aid bill is a bad deal for all.  - 30MAR : An action in support of bank Rossiya to take place in Moscow.

10. LAKOTA NATION LAUNCHES CRYPTOCURRENCY.  - Homepage for AuroraCoin, the cryptocurrency of Iceland.  - 05MAR Adrianne Jeffries, : Native American tribes adopt Bitcoin-like currency, prepare to battle US government.

11. U.S. FCC TO START CRACKING DOWN ON MEDIA CONSOLIDATION.  - 31MAR Brendan Sasso, FCC to break up Big TV stations.  - Information about the currently serving CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters, Gordon Smith.

12. PRESIDENTS COMMENTS ON AREA 51 AND DISCLOSURE.  - YouTube Video: Clinton discusses Area 51 on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  - YouTube Video: Obama becomes first sitting president to acknowledge Area 51.  - YouTube Video: Charles Hall on Australian TV about 'Tall Whites' aliens at Area 51.   - YouTube Video: Ronald Reagan on Russia and 'alien' presence.  - YouTube Video: "Aliens exist", says astronaut Buzz Aldrin.  - YouTube Video: Vatican's Father Balducci says aliens exist and describes them.  - YouTube Video : Russian Prime Minister Medvedev discloses alien presence and talks about 'men in black'.  - YouTube Video: Medvedev repeats his disclosure.  - YouTube Video: Will Smith on ET conversation with Obama at the White House on a UK radio show.  - Information about Charles Hall.

13. GALACTIC CONTACT: ASHTAR VIA CHANNEL PHILIP AND 'SENSES' FROM BASHAR VIA DARYL ANKA.  - 03APR Ashtar via Philip, : Ashtar speaks: 'Contact'.  - 03APR Taryn Crimi, Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: You must first let go of the old before you can make room for the new.  - YouTube Video : Bashar on 'The New Senses' – from 'Rising From The Ashes' (Bashar Communications.)  - website for galactic entity Bashar and Darly Anka.

14. TECH: IONIC TOOTHBRUSH.  - Ionic toothbrush as an example of new technology for future cleaning of anything.

15. RESTAURANT CHAIN EXPOSES FACTORY FARMING.  - 29JAN Alanna Ketler, : Factory farming exposed and you'll never guess who's doing it.  - YouTube Video: Official trailer: "Farmed and Dangerous" – created by Chipotle Restaurants.

16. FOR 'STILL AWAKENING' SOULS - IF ONE STILL FEELS FOR ENJOYING BEER, ARE THERE BETTER CHOICES THAN OTHERS DURING THESE TRANSITION TIMES?  - 03APR : Eight beers that you should stop drinking immediately.  - 21JUN13 : Modern wheat a 'perfect, chronic poison', doctor says.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I would like to make a comment on a news story that has come out this week, and use it as an example that will hopefully help people to piece together how we get scammed by politics, while believing that politics actually serve the masses.

This story was posted on on 04APR, announcing that the EU parliament has voted on new bill for internet neutrality, with a headline that it will hit the online giants 'hard'.

According to this article: "The European Parliament has voted in a bill that will eliminate cell phone roaming fees and keep big telecoms operators from selectively slowing down web traffic to make more profit. The popular measure is set to create a single EU communications market.

That is what its creators believe is needed for a Europe segmented by overcharging mobile phone operators and prioritized internet traffic. The law, while containing a few other provisions to make the EU consumer's life easier – like increased consumer protection on contracts – will also deal a huge blow to traffic-hungry companies like Google and NetFlix, who have always insisted that such measures create extra costs for them.

The idea of the 'single market' will also strike at giant cell phone operators like Britain's Vodafone and France's Orange, forcing them to provide a better service to their customers.

'This vote is the EU delivering for citizens,' Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner for digital affairs said at the session, which took place in Brussels. 'This is what the EU is all about - getting rid of barriers to make life easier and less expensive'."

Near the bottom of the article, the truth begins to appear about the purpose of the new bill. The article writes: "The bill is a big blow to companies, but also a notable advantage for the MEPs waiting for the upcoming EP elections in two months' time. The no-roaming-charges and anti-favoritism measures have been on the agenda for the past several years, as MEPs and telecoms providers were locked in battle.

When Brazil passed its own version of the bill last month, it did so not only to combat higher telecom charges, but to follow the lead of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, whose revelations of a wide US data-mining initiative prompted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to get Google and Facebook to abide by Brazilian laws, where private user data was concerned.

The current EP package is still subject to changes, as it must still get the approval of the Council of the European Union, which is comprised of representatives of each member state."

There appears to be a lot of excess waste in this system. The Council of the European Union is not to be confused with the European Council or the Council of Europe.

Although members are elected to the European parliament, the leaders of three of the man EU institutions are unelected; Manuel Barroso, president of the European parliament, Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank and Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council.

The main observation I wish to offer this week is this: While the idea of 'net neutrality' will be perceived as 'good' and as 'necessary' by the people, there are some things that people are not thinking about. The masses have become addicted to a high—tech, fast-paced lifestyle with increasingly mobile devices. This new law will get people singing praises that governments may actually be doing something for the people, and they will get all excited and will vote certain politicians back into office.

The kicker is this: The more society gets addicted to wi-fi technologies and services, the more it is likely to kill us and make us sick. It is becoming increasingly well known the dangers of wi-fi signals and how they mess with our brains and our bodies.

The global banking cabal has succeeding in creating this fast-paced lifestyle of debt, fear and competition, while getting everyone addicted to serving that lifestyle, a lifestyle that takes people away from having time or energy to question the thousands of other ways in which they have become enslaved to this system, while not questioning it.

The people of the western world may THINK that life is 'progressing' because a government throws a bone out to us once in a while, to fool us into electing them again, so that they can go back to passing other legislation that further destroys the evolving fabric of human and planetary consciousness evolution.

This bone entices us to give our consent to elected officials who then use this umbrella 'consent' to pass more harmful legislation that the people have not truly consented to.

As election time rolls around in each country, each state, province or territory; each city, town or municipality, people must begin to question intensively those who are seeking to represent the people. The trick is to force candidates to answer 'yes' or 'no' questions publicly, in front of as many people as possible, so that there are witnesses to the comments being made. The idea is to lead a candidate in much the same way as a lawyer will lead someone on the witness stand towards confessing to something.

People need to get very creative in presenting questions to candidates that will force them to commit to everything they stand for and do it publicly.

For example, one might start out by asking a candidate question like : 'Do you acknowledge that elected officials work for the people?' A smart politician will have to answer yes, but this has now put the candidate in the position of being held accountable to that answer. As other yes/no questions are asked, the candidate will be forced to admit that certain structures, such as the system of admiralty law are in fact systems of enslavement, and the banking system is a system of debt and fear. Therefore, how can the candidate serve the people, when the institutions the candidate works within do not serve the people?

This begins to put pressure on candidates that shows them that the people are becoming informed, and that if they are truly wanting to win their votes, they are going to have to start standing up and speaking out for the interests of the people, and not just getting blindly sucked into getting a nice bone to chew on every election time, such as a perceived gift of internet neutrality, that is only killing us in the long run.

It's time to start putting the pieces together folks, and thinking about the longer-term consequences of what is being offered to us. If it seems too good to be true...coming from a politician, a lawyer or a banker, you can be very sure that you are being drawn in, hook, line and sinker... and this is a game that must now stop. No more blind consent to our enslavement.

Create a wonderful weekend!  - 04APR : EU parliament votes for net neutrality bill set to hit online giants hard.  - About the Council of the European Union.  - About the Euopean Council.  - About the Council of Europe.



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