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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. UKRAINE MISCALCULATED: U.S. GETS CAUGHT WITH ITS PANTS DOWN – AGAIN.  - 17APR Annie Machon, ex MI5, 'Washington Has Miscalculated The Wishes Of Ukrainian People.'  - 18APR Eric Draitser, OP-ED: 'Question Of Whether West Really Wants De-Escalation Of Ukraine Crisis.'  - 17APR Agreement Reached To Ease Tensions In Ukraine.  - 17APR Roland Oliphant, Damien McElroy, London Telegraph: Russia And West Reach Surprise Deal on Ukraine Crisis.

2. 'I AM UKRAINIAN' VIDEO; NOT WHAT IT WAS THOUGHT TO BE.  ( 14:00 mark )  - 27FEB The : Mass Protests In Ukraine: Tracking America's Hand In Regime Change.  - 07APR : Russia prepares to attack the petrodollar. {from last week's newscast}  - 21JAN14 JC Collins, SDR's and the new Bretton Woods – part one. What are SDR's, and what is Bretton Woods?  - : Seven Jewish Americans Control Most US Media.  - Huffington Post: About David Sable, CEO Young and Rubicam.  - About Young & Rubicam.  - Richard Branson's posting on his meeting with Yulia Marushevska.  - About USAID.  - about Rajiv Shah, Administrator for USAID.  - Zionist conspiracy: USAID funding political advertising in Israel.

3. RUSSIAN PRESIDENT PUTIN ANSWERS QUESTIONS IN ANNUAL LIVE PUBLIC Q AND A.  ( 27:06 mark )  - 17APR : Putin's annual Q and A: 10 most compelling quotes.  - YouTube Video: 17APR : The full (subtitled), televised Q and A by Putin.

4. US IS NOT A DEMOCRACY; PRINCETON SCIENTIFIC STUDY.  ( 30:50 mark )  - 16APR Tom McKay, : Princeton conclude what kind of government the US has, and it is not democracy.  - 09APR Martin Gilens, Benjamin Page, : Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens. (PDF document of the scientific study)

5. BRICS NEWS FROM IMF/WORLD BANK MEETINGS.  ( 35:32 mark )  - 11APR : BRICS finance ministers meet in Washington.  - 18APR The : Russia-China ties to alter global equations: Putin.  - 14APR Benjamin Fulford, Surrender Or Die; That Is The Choice The US Cabal Government Now Faces.  - 12APR : World Bank Group Hones Poverty Strategy As Meetings Wrap.  - 14APR Olga Samofalova, : BRICS countries to set up their own IMF.  - 26MAR2013 BRICS plan new 50bn bank to rival World Bank and IMF.

6. STOCK MARKETS AND SEC RIGGED; PAM MARTENS.  ( 43:08 mark )  - 14APR Pam Martens, : Insiders tell all: both the stock market and the SEC are rigged.

7. FICTICIOUS CORPORATE PSA REVEALS DUALITY OF CORPORATE ACTION AND PUBLIC MESSAGE. ( 46:30 mark )  - YouTube Video: Fictitious Australian Company Reveals Its (Hidden) Thoughts In Public Service Message. (NOT a real message – it is a creative exposé)

8. NO POLITICS IN SPACE; ISS CREW RECOUNTS IMPORTANCE OF WHAT MATTERS MOST WHILE ON SPACE MISSION.  ( 51:46 mark )  - 12APR : No politics in space: ISS example of what Russia and US can achieve working together.

9. TECH: ALLEGED NSA-PROOF EMAIL SERVICE GOES ONLINE.  ( 56:58 mark )  - 17APR : 'Zero Knowledge Privacy': NSA-Proof Email Service Goes Online.  - Homepage for

10. HEALTH: ADDICTIONS AND RE-PROGRAMMING NEURONETWORK OF THE BRAIN.  ( 61:44 mark )  - 03APR Marilyn Gordon: Train Your Brain To Let Go of Habits – 10 Steps To Create New Neural Pathways Of The Brain.

11. BUBBLES, PEACE AND SPORTS: WHAT COULD THESE TERMS POSSIBLY HAVE IN COMMON?  ( 68:32 mark )  - New York Daily News : Bubble Soccer/Footbal.  - YouTube Video: Sample of bubble football.  - YouTube Video: Sample of bubble football.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I do not have tell most listeners about the effects of energies that are unfolding at this time. As I have recently mentioned, I have not been immune to feeling a range of energies, and not all of them have been positive. This is however, part of the cleansing. Maybe playing some bubble football will help also.

It is particularly challenging to observe these thoughts and energies, especially when you know deep inside that this is not who you are...or at least this is not who you are choosing to BE, in that current moment of 'now'. Therefore, all that you may be experiencing at this time, may be either energies from your current LIFE-path, energies from a past LIFE-path, energies from Gaia, energies from the collective whole of humanity, or more likely, a combination of several or even all of the above.

Meg Benedicte, a pioneer in bio-energetics and quantum vortex healing, shared an article on her website,, addressing some of the energies at this time. Benedicte writes:

"When the astral plane gets whipped up like this, we need to take extra caution to be in our Still Point of balance, order and coherence. Take time out to tune inside and breathe into your Soul rhythm and pulse...get centered. Don't plan too much, don't exert yourself these two weeks. Keep it simple, and as calm as can be.

When the astral is polarized like this, there are aggressive entity reactions, disturbances in the field. We must use our crystalline container to install personal boundaries and sovereign space, especially in the 4D astral plane. Our emotional body/heart center is active in the 4D and must be as still/calm as possible. Do not get pulled into Polarity!

When we emotionally react, our heart center opens to the 4D astral disturbance, and we can be interfered with by astral entity attacks. This can show up as negative thoughts, disturbing dreams, painful emotions, sabotage actions and choices, increasing addictions, and more."

If you are experiencing any such interference, continue to clear your sacred space/living space of all 4D astral disturbances, as you focus on maintaining your divine Still Point Power." Meg Beneditcte

From the website, an article highlights that the recent lunar eclipse with the full Moon in Libra brings the focus on relations and the dynamics in those relations, as they reflect back to us that which we are being. From this article comes contributions from several sources.

Cathy Pagano shares that: "Lunar eclipses give us the awareness to bring a situation to an end. "While the Sun's light is blocked by the Earth's shadow, our unconscious motivations and desires are more easily felt. Without the constraints of our 'shoulds and oughts', perhaps we can find clarity and healing of our relationship wounds now..."

"This lunar eclipse occurs within the womb of the Cardinal Grand Cross that is perfecting this week... As these Powers turn the cosmic wheel, new energies will be available for us to use in our lives and for our world."So this month stay awake, have faith, be brave and face death. A new birth is upon us...a collective yearning for something better to arise in our world..."

Astrologer Dipali Desai offers that: "There may be a key emotional habit, tendency that comes to light now that occurs in relationship (to self, others, life, Divine etc). This habit no longer will serve your highest good and path. It is time to transform it.

"Also, remember the 'relationship' can with anyone and anything; the Divine, health, work, money, body, healing, Spiritual journey, romantic partner, spouse, child/ren, death, aging process, Earth and so forth."

"...There is a deep purging and cleansing occurring now. Individuals may be feeling a bit raw, very emotional and even on the verge of grieving something very old or from the distant past such as a relationship to someone or something. What is off-balance will really feel off-balance.

Pat Liles writes in the same article that: "The weeks surrounding an eclipse pair contains intensified energy even without an added Grand Cross and will bring to the surface issues that have been long in the shadows especially in those areas where the eclipse falls in your personal chart.

"This energy and pressure has been palpable since the New Moon. It will blow through any veins of weakness encouraging the ego to wallow in victimhood, arrogance, depression, stubbornness, fear, helplessness, etc., and it can take you to incredible heights of higher-centered joy, gratitude, creativity, inspiration and connectedness.

"We all have a choice point here, a major choice point, as to how we want to manifest this huge gift. Actively choose the highest vibration you can in every moment!"

"....If you are feeling personally overwhelmed at some level by this up-welling of pressure and energy characterized by the Grand Cross/Eclipse event use this advice from river rafting: If you find yourself in a raging, whitewater river whirlpool eddy (of reactivity), don't try to fight it, there's nothing to grab onto, it's not real, it's not what it seems.

"Trust and Surrender are called for; let yourself be pulled downward (into the awareness of your biggest fear). You will hit the bottom (of this illusion) and you'll catch some downstream current and it will pull you out of your hole and release you into the river (of life).

John Smallman who channels messages from both Jesus and celestial entity Saul, a personal commentary offered this week noted that: "Self-assessment, self-judgment, anxiety, worry, unworthiness, and fear are all aspects of the egoic illusion that we built, to hide Reality from us while we played at being independent beings aloof from or removed from our Creator."

A source known to CVN but choosing to remain anonymous at this time has offered that: " With the lunar eclipse past, a solar eclipse coming later this month, the Grand Cross alignments, Uranus in Pluto beginning as well as Pluto retrograde until September, it is bringing up many issues for us to face in Truth. Holding a space of truth is very difficult right now, but it is your duty to hold the integrity of truth and that is a very difficult space to hold and you are not alone.

The anger and fear and repressed rage many are feeling is 'normal' and it is time to give ourselves permission to let go. Letting go of the rope is the key. The energy and power of rage, anger and fear no longer serves you or others, but it is very natural to feel this and if we do not express it creatively through art, writing, music, composition then it can come out sideways and that requires the recipients of that to stand back, apply understanding and empathy and know we are all feeling the waves of this powerful time.

It is time to make this a loving time. Just remember that the majority are struggling not just you. You are never alone in this and this time is a blessing we have been given and when we look back on it we will realise how big a gift it is and Joy will become our birthright again.

This individual reminds each listener 'to look after yourself and then all can be nurtured during this process of change and transformation. Stay focused and when things become overwhelming, breathe and focus on your most basic functions like your breath and heartbeat."

Be comforted knowing that awakened and awakening humans are adapting and anchoring energies, while bringing new gifts to our planet to counter the debt, fear and the negativity.

The music track under tonights FINAL WORDS was offered to CVN by musical artist Stellar. The track is called Ut Queant Laxis and was recorded in 432Hz instead of the more harmful industry standard of 440Hz. More of Stellars music can be found on her music page: The link is in the show summary.  - Musical score provided by Stellar: Name of track: Ut Queant Laxis.  - 17APR Meg Benedicte : Lunar Eclipse Sets Up Grand Cross.  - 14APR John Smallman : A (personal) thought from John.  - 10APR Patricia Cota-Robles: April Energies: Fasten Your Seatbelt!


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