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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. UKRAINE FALSE-FLAG AND WESTERN INTERFERENCE.  ( 01:10 mark )  - 13MAY PressTV : Fascists burned people alive in Odessa: report. - 13MAY PressTV: Russia never to be sucked into war: analyst.  - 07MAY Neil MacFarquhar, : Putin announces pullback from Ukraine border.  - 13MAY RIA Novosti : German N-TV phone poll shows 89% back Putin's Ukraine policy.  - 15MAY Link to a TV news report from Croatia showing the poll results.  - 13MAY : The farce is complete: Joe Biden's son joins the board of Ukraine's largest gas producer.  - 13MAY : Son of US VP Joe Biden appointed to board of major Ukrainian gas company.  - information about the Center for National Policy. (linked to Hunter Biden)  - Board of Directors of the Center for National Policy.  - Information about the US Global Leadership Coalition. (linked to Hunter Biden)  - Homepage for the US Global Leadership Coalition.  - : Odessa massacre, IMF, Ukraine Russia US conflict, Kiev crisis.

2. NIGERIA FALSE-FLAG: BOKO-HARAM.   ( 17:32 mark )  - 16MAY Caleb Moppan, PressTV : African-Americans suspicious of US intervention in Nigeria.  - 15MAY : Is the US government funding Boko Haram?  - 11MAY : Boko Haram: US Africom's latest false flag.  - December 2011 : Boko Haram: A CIA covert operation – America's destabilization plots against Nigeria – GreenWhite Coalitition. Exposed! America's destabilization plots against Nigeria.

3. INDIA NATIONAL ELECTION  ( 28:16 mark )  - 16MAY : An anti-congress wave in India propels the Hindu Right to power.

4. OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING  ( 32:50 mark )  - 16MAY : Rachel Maddow mocks Operation American Spring.  - 16MAY Washington Times: OAS falls flat: 'Very disappointing' Texan says.  - Operation American Spring.  - Live streaming of Operation American Spring.

5. CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER HARPER ON 'ASSIMILIATION AGENDA' WITH INDIGENOUS TRIBES.  ( 34:05 mark ) - 13MAY : Harper's assimilation agenda just had a head-on collision with indigenous resistance.  - 15MAY : Economic shut-down of Canada's economy from coast to coast.

6. ISRAEL: DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITIES, JAIL FOR FORMER PM OLMERT, AND PRESIDENT DENIED ENTRY TO SWEDEN AIRSPACE.  ( 39:34 mark )  - 13MAY The Israeli justice minister issue diplomatic immunity to safeguard her entry to UK. - 13MAY : Former Israeli PM sent to jail.  - : Sweden denies Israeli presidential plane entry to airspace.  - 27NOV13 Marie-Louise Olson and Helen Pow, : Hollywood producer spies for Israel.  - 26NOV13 : Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan says he spied for Israel.

7. FINANCE: RUSSIA-CHINA PLANNING 'HOLY GRAIL' DEAL TO DUMP US DOLLAR.  ( 46:48  mark )  - 13MAY : Russia holds de-dollarization meeting with China.  - 16MAY : APEC trade ministers to meet in China.  - 16MAY : Russia-China to sign 30 agreements next week.  - 16MAY : Russia-China trade may exceed 100B by year's end – Putin's aide.

8. RICHARD BRANSON: 'BANKING AS WE KNOW IT IS IN MIDST OF ENORMOUS CHANGE AND INNOVATION.' – BITPAY ORGANIZATION.  ( 50:37 mark )  - 13MAY Rob Wile, : Richard Branson : Banking as we know it is in the midst of enormous change.  - 16MAY Joseph Menn, Reuters/TorontoSun: Bitcoin foundation hit by resignations over new director. - Information about Digital Information Network, the company connected to Bitcoin Director, Brock Pierce.  - Homepage for BitPay.

9. UBUNTU SOUTH AFRICA VISION: MICHAEL TELLINGER.  ( 57:50 mark )  - YouTube Video: Michael Tellinger, UBUNTU Party South Africa  - Results from the South African election of 07MAY14.

10. CHEMTRAIL LAWSUIT IN SWEDEN, AND A PHONE CALL TO THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY.  ( 67:56 mark )  - Citizens file 60 million lawsuit against govt of Sweden.  - 19APPR : Citizens file 60 million lawsuit against govt of Sweden.  - SWEDISH – Rädda Sverige : För en värld utan banker och skatter  - English information page about the JustitieKanslern – the Office of the Chancellor of Justice.  - 01MAY : EPA rep has loose lips about geoengineering.  - YouTube Video: What In The World Are They Spraying? Documentary: 98 minutes.  - YouTube Video: Why In The World Are They Spraying? Documentary: 73minutes.  - YouTube Video: Pilot forgets to turn off sprayers on landing. 1:23 – 1:27 mark interesting video of shadow airplane hitting the tower.  - YouTube Video: Chemtrails UK govt admits deadly spraying

11. SCIENCE: SCIENCE IS CLOSE TO PROVING EXISTENCE OF PARALLEL UNIVERSES.  ( 75:45 mark )  - Homepage for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies  - link to the video interview of Dr. Brian Greene.  - Link to the Canadian TV show 'Continuum'

12. HEALTH: DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE IN HEALTH INDUSTRY BY ONE DOCTOR.  ( 80:47 mark )  - 16MAY JD Heyes, : Doctor declares independence from government-run health fiasco. - 28APR Daniel F Craviotto, Wall Street : A doctor's declaration of independence.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS.. as most parents will know, and as most wise adults who are not parents will know, children tend to push the boundaries in their desire to grow and assert their individuality and independence. The generations have often experienced challenges in communication and understanding as the elder generation seeks to impart the wisdom of what that generation feels has served them well, while the younger generations attempt to demonstrate what is not working with those generations and create beliefs, patterns and structures that either, rightfully or wrongfully help the younger generations to learn who they, even through those experiences of who they are not.

Human egos and pride often get caught up in the mix, adding to the challenges. This has often resulted in a fracturing of individual social and family networks while ultimately breaking down the larger societal structures. Of course this is what the cabal loves to see, because the more fragmented society becomes, the more easily it can be controlled and enslaved through debt and fear.

However, children embrace characteristics of both parents, and in their expression of who they are, they often mirror back to their parents the aspects of themselves that they may not particular like.

Let's move this up to the societal level. Over the last few decades we have witnessed a change taking place to allow greater tolerance of certain beliefs that were still absolutely taboo as little as a decade ago. We have seen a shift for example towards greater acceptance of our brothers and sisters of the lesbian, gay, bi and transgendered communities. Every so often, another soul comes forward to push the boundary a little further forward.

Now, let me change topic briefly to address what we are witnessing in Europe on the geopolitical scene. Over the last few years, the general European populations have become bolder and more courageous in standing up and speaking out against the enslaving procedures being forced upon humanity. They have done so over the last few years, even as the complacent North Americans sit back and do almost nothing except remain addicted to their enslavement, their media entertainment and their illusion of freedom.

A new barrier has been crossed in Europe this past weekend. At that time, the annual Eurovision musical contest was held. This year's contest was held in Copenhagen, Denmark because Denmark won the competition last year. It is a competition where, for a period of time, people forget their political differences, and come together to celebrate cultural differences through music. However, even in the midst of this, political messages can often find themselves interwoven into a song or in the case of this year, the performer also.

Israeli news website Haaretz wrote on 11MAY that: "The Eurovision competition, which has been held annually since 1956, was created to help foster unity after World War Two and is meant to be non-political. But political strife slipped between the cracks at this year's contest."

A sad moment in the contest came when many, politically-motivated members of the audience booed the 17 year old Tolmachevy twin sisters from Russia.

Sweden came third and The Netherlands placed second but the winner of Eurovision 2014 came from Austria with the name of Conchita Wurst – at least that is the female persona of 25 year old Tom Neuwirth. Conchita is a bearded lady. Some have called her transgendered, although she has apparently said this is not so. From the results of this year's competition, the people of Europe are saying things like this no longer matter – and they are correct. This is Austria's first Eurovision win since 1966.

Paris Lees, writing for the London Guardian, summed it up nicely when addressing the potential confusion about whether he.. or she.. is a bearded lady, a drag queen or a transgendered performer. Lees writes: "But what does it all mean, this hair and that beard and those lashes? Conchita has been crowned queen of Europe, but is she a transvestite, a drag queen, a bearded lady, a transgender woman or what? And does it even matter? Facebook recently introduced more than 50 gender options in the US, and if you're puzzled about what all those terms mean, Conchita is a clue as to what this gender diversity might look like in practice. "She" is actually a boy called Tom. Conchita is his lady persona, a strangely compelling mix of Katy Perry and Jesus, but it's female pronouns, please, when the lashes are on – and male ones when they come off. Confused? This is gender fluidity and you'd better get used to it."

By most accounts, this years competition was different in a number of ways, because it was considered a true song contest, meaning that the primary focus was on the song itself and less distractions such as special effects. According to the Eurovision music website, there were at least five:

1. Eurovision 2014 songs top iTunes charts. The charts across Europe are ruled by the spirit of the Eurovision Song Contest and have many of its songs in their iTunes top positions!

2. Both the music expert juries as well as the viewers at home decided that Conchita Wurst's Rise Like A Phoenix was one of the best songs at the contest this year.

3. In the top three the performances concentrated only on the songs and the vocals with no props on stage. Further than that, in the top 10 only the contestants of Ukraine and Russia used extravagant props in their act.

4. Music videos were watched more than 100,000,000 times.

The official preview and performance videos of all the songs were watched more than 100 million times in the official YouTube channel just in May!

5. Conchita Wurst, the winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, has received support worldwide, even from some of the most legendary superstars.

The voice of Europeans has been rising and it was Conchita's very short but very powerful acceptance speech that summed up the mood that seems to be sweeping Europe and the world at this time:   "This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are! We are unity and we are unstoppable!".

CVN sent a message once again to this year's winner, hoping to receive an interview, but again not response was received. So, we close this week by sending congratulations to Conchita, to the people of Austria, to the people of Europe and to the listeners worldwide who are once again finding ways to challenge the status quo peacefully to send a message that the will of the people can no longer be held down. From the ashes of our current paradigm of enslavement, humanity will rise like a phoenix.

The lyrics to this song and a link to view all the official music videos of the performers in the grand final will be in the show summary. Here is Austria's Eurovision winner for 2014, Conchita Wurst with her song, a James Bond-type balled called 'Rise Like A Phoenix' . Create a wonderful week until the next moment of 'now'!

Rise Like a Phoenix
Waking in the rubble
Walking over glass
Neighbors say we're trouble
Well that time has passed
Peering from the mirror
No, that isn't me
Stranger getting nearer
Who can this person be
You wouldn't know me at all today
From the fading light I fly
Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes
Seeking rather than vengeance
You were warned
Once I'm transformed
Once I'm reborn
You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you're my flame
Go about your business
Act as if you're free
No one could have witnessed
What you did to me
Cause you wouldn't know me today
And you have got to see
To believe
From the fading light I fly
Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes
Seeking rather than vengeance
You were warned
Once I'm transformed
Once I'm reborn
I rise up to the sky
You threw me down but
I'm gonna fly
And rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes
Seeking rather than vengeance
You were warned
Once I'm transformed
Once I'm reborn
You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you're my flame


Performer: Conchita Wurst
Song writer(s): Charly Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali Zuckowski, Julian Maas
Song composer(s): Charly Mason, Joey Patulka, Ali Zuckowski, Julian Maas  - 11MAY Reuters/ : Austria's bearded drag diva Conchita Wurst wins Eurovision Song Contest.  - 12MAY Paris Lees, : Drag queen? Transgender? Conchita's an ambassador and that's what matters.  - : Five reasons why Eurovision 2014 was a true song contest.  - YouTube Video : Conchita Wurst acceptance speech: 'We are unity, and we are unstoppable.'.  - Eurovision page to watch ALL the official music videos from the grand final – including 'Rise Like A Phoenix' by Conchita Wurst.  - Golden Age of Gaia: Eurovision: We are unity and we are unstoppable.  - Homepage for the Eurovision Song Contest.


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