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1. A LOOK AT FALSE-FLAG EVENTS, AND A BIT OF THE 'HOWS, WHATS AND WHYS'. ( 1:04 MARK )  - 18MAY : General of all American intelligence: 911 was a fraud.  - 06MAR, : John Lear: Holograms used in 9/11.  - 19MAY PressTV : Rodney Shakespeare: UK complicit in 9/11 false-flag.  - 19MAY : Is Putin considering whether to expose evidence, satellite photos, proving 9/11 was an inside job?  - 21MAY Dr. Kevin Barrett,  - Patriots question 9/  - YouTube Video at the Pentagon: There does not appear to any indication of a plane hitting the building.  - YouTube Video : One example of possible use of computer animation to perpetuate the hoax of 9/11.

2. VIOLENCE IN UKRAINE IS A TOOL TO PERENNIAL WAR FOR GLOBAL BANKING CABAL – SECRET OF GOV'T CONTROL REVEALED.  ( 24:40 MARK )  - 23MAY PressTV : US responsible for worsening crisis in Ukraine: Putin.  - 22MAR Umberto Pascali, : The Ukraine crisis and Vladimir Putin: A new financial system free from Wall St. and the City of London?

3. MILITARY ASSUMES CONTROL OF PARLIAMENT IN THAILAND. ( 35:12 MARK )  - 22MAY PressTV: Thailand military seizes power : military chief.  - 22MAY, DeutscheWelle : Thai coup 'unlikely' to resolve power struggle.

4. DEFENCE REPORT: SCOPE OF DAMAGE BY SNOWDEN IS 'STAGGERING'. ( 36:58 MARK )  - 23MAY PressTV : Snoweden leaks did staggering damage to US national security: Pentagon report.

5. FINANCE : RUSSIA CHINA DEAL – HUGE BLOW TO US DOLLAR. ( 35:50 MARK )  - 21MAY : Russia and China seal historic 400B gas deal.  - YouTube Video : Keiser : Down with the dollar, petro-ruble is on the rise.  - 20MAY : VTB Bank signs cooperation agreement with Bank of China. - 22MAY Paul Craig Roberts, : Bye bye America: 'World is moving away from American financial hegemony'.

6. GENERAL: TURNING THE TABLES ON THE MEDIA COVERAGE OF BENGHAZI. ( 55:40 MARK )  - 13MAY Daniel Noe, : It took just 3 minutes for Trey Gowdy to shame an entire room of journalists into silence.

7. GENERAL: GERMANY SETS NEW RECORD FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY GENERATION. ( 60:55 MARK )  - 14MAY Kiley Kroh, : Germany sets new record; 74% renewable energy.

8. PAST-LIFE REVISITED: YOUNG BOY REMEMBERS PAST LIFE; HIS DEATH, AND SOLVES HIS OWN MURDER. ( 63:28 MARK )  - 17MAY Tara MacIsaac : 3 year old remembers past life; identifies murderer and location of the body. - link to the book by Trutz Hardo: "Children Who Have Lived Lives Before: Reincarnation Today."

9. NEW INDIAN GOVERNMENT HAS AMBITIOUS GOAL TO PROVIDE SOLAR ENERGY TO EVERY INDIAN HOME. ( 67:00 MARK )  - 21MAY Brandon Baker, : New Indian Prime Minister Modi: solar energy for every Indian home by 2019.  - 19MAY Benjamin Fulford, : Fulford weekly update.

10. CHINA BUILDS PROTOTYPE TO TEST NEAR-VACCUUM MAGLEV TRAIN CAPABLE OF 2900 KM/H. ( 70:32 MARK )  - 17MAY China built a prototype for a train capable of reaching 1800mph.  - 15AUG13 : : Is Elon Musk's hyperloop a pipedream?  - 08MAY Jonathan Kaiman, : Chinese experts 'in discussions' over building high-speed Beijing-US railway.  - 22MAY : Massive underground city discovered beneath house in Turkey; 13 stories deep.

11. SCIENCE CONFIRMS: EVERYTHING 'MATERIAL' IS LIGHT ENERGY. ( 77:33 MARK )  - 18MAY Ian Sample, : Matter will be created from light within a year, scientists claim.  - 19MAY Gail Wilson, : Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80 year quest.  - 05DEC : The illusion of matter: our physical reality isn't really physical at all.

12. MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO WORLDWIDE EVENT MAY 25TH. ( 83:05 MARK )  - YouTube Video: 17MAY : GMO 'terrorists': Russia seeks criminal punishment for biotechs. - 22MAY : This latest GMO ban in North America proves how the power of the people is making a difference.  - March Against Monsanto homepage.  - March Against Monsanto blog page.  - Occupy Monsanto March page.  - Facebook page for the March Against Monsanto event.

13. FINAL WORDS: ( 89:33 MARK )

In this week's FINAL WORDS the message this week is directly mostly to adults who are closely connected to children who are exhibiting frustration not only with what is happening in the world at this time, but also showing frustration about not achieving something significant at a young age. This is perhaps a bit of a double-edged sword. On one level, many of today's younger generations are fully capable of achieving some great things, and there are many YouTube videos to prove it. On the other hand, there are those of the younger generations that are just simply not accomplishing something, or are making a conscious choice to reject accomplishment.

Another possibility is that it is simply not their time, and the journey of these souls is practice being in service to humanity, while fine-tuning their gifts and abilities, until they are called in to service on some higher level.

A video by a young man, Ben Roberts, appearing on the website and asks the question: Do you know any overachievers that are upset over not yet doing something great?  - YouTube Video : Know any overachievers that are upset over not yet doing something 'great'? Show them this.

There is one other individual. He had not accomplished much by age 30 and in his 30's, he was very much a rebel against what was happening in his country. He became a guerilla warrior.

He participated in the 1969 brief takeover of a small town and was later convicted by a military tribunal under a governmentthat had suspended certain constitutional guarantees. This man was captured by the authorities on four occasions, and he was among those political prisoners who escaped prison in 1971. He was eventually re-apprehended in 1972, and was shot by the police six times. After a military coup in 1973, he was transferred to a military prison.

In all, he served 14 years. During the 1970s, this included being confined to the bottom of a well for more than two years. During his time in prison, he remained in contact with other leaders of the various guerilla groups in his country.

In 1985, when constitutional democracy was restored, this man was freed under an amnesty law that covered political and related military crimes committed since 1962.

He decided to join a coalition of political parties on the left side of the political spectrum. He fell in love with a woman who was also a part of the resistance movement. One might feel inclined to judge them both as rejects and as being useless by normal societal standards. They both achieved very little that could be considered great at that time, although suffered beatings, gunshots and torture as a result of their beliefs.

They both stood strong and stood together. In their mid-lives, they both became active politically. They lived in a very small cottage, grew flowers to make a little extra money, and he drove a beatup Volkswagen beetle to work.

Now they are seniors, and to this day they still live in the same small cottage, grow flowers, and he still drives his beatup Volkswagen beetle to work. His salary is about 12,000 dollars per month, but he donates about 90% of that to other people in his country who have less. His wife is Luisa Topolansky, and she is currently a senator in the government of Uruguay. Today, her husband, who just turned 79 about a week ago, is the current president of the country of Uruguay, Jose Mujica.

From all that they both have experienced, they chose to live by example. An article in the Huffington Post on May 21st writes that: "Uruguayan President José Mujica raged against neckties on Tuesday in a televised interview that drew applause from Spaniards on social media.

Speaking to interviewer Jordi Evole on a left-leaning Spanish television show, Mujica's anti-tie comments were part of a larger criticism of how our leaders live in luxury unimaginable to most people -- a state of affairs Mujica views as inconsistent with democracy.

"The tie is a useless rag that constrains your neck," Mujica said during the interview. "I'm an enemy of consumerism. Because of this hyperconsumerism, we're forgetting about fundamental things and wasting human strength on frivolities that have little to do with human happiness."

Mujica eschewed a tie when he visited Washington last week to meet with President Barack Obama. The Uruguayan president has also been known to appear at public functions in his country in sandals.

"The weird thing is how they live, not me and the majority of people -- presidents enter office to live like a rich minority," Mujica said. "Here no one is more than anyone else. Democracy aims to be government by the majority and I live like the people in my country live, but there's a powerful minority that lives very well."

Asked about his frugal lifestyle, Mujica said, "I don't want to use the word 'austerity,' because they prostituted it in Europe," referring to controversial policies of deeply cutting government spending to confront some European countries' fiscal crises. "I live with little, with moderation, so that I can occupy myself with what's important."

Are you worried about not accomplishing something great yet? You are being prepared through your life experiences. How you embrace your current situations will determine how you serve when your time comes to shine. If you have learned the lessons while younger, your opportunity to shine will be greater. If you have chosen the darker path...well, your star may not shine as brightly as perhaps you were hoping...or you will be led down a path will not be the greatest service.

It comes down to choice and how you choose to BE in the current moment of 'now'.

Create a wonderful week, until the next moment of 'now'!  - 21MAY Roque Planas, Huffington Post : 'Worlds' poorest president rages against the necktie, calling it a 'useless rag'.  - website for Ben Roberts who did the video.  - Information about Jose Mujica.


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