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1. EU ELECTION ROUNDUP AND LESSONS LEARNED.  ( 1:03 MARK )  - 26MAY Jerome Hughes, PressTV: Eurosceptic parties win dozens of European parliament seats.  - 26MAY Peter Oliver: 'Political earthquake': Euroskeptic parties surge.  - 26MAY : The right storms Europe vote: Your quick guide to the anti-EU hardline.  - 28MAY Neil Clark, : Ten lessons we've learnt from the European elections.  - 26MAY PressTV : Greece opposition wins EU vote.  - Blogpage for UK journalist Neil Clark.

2. UKRAINE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  ( 12:10 MARK )  - 27MAY Pepe Escobar, : Europe and Ukraine: A tale of two elections.  - 27MAY Gregory Kolyada, : Poroshenko – Ukraine's new president.  - 27MAY Barak Ravid, : Israel welcomes results of Ukrainian presidential election.  - 27MAY : ISS crew hug, take selfie to say 'No' to politics and Ukraine tension in space.

3. BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES ; FORMER TOP OFFICIAL.  ( 19:11 MARK )  - 30MAY David Edwards, : Bush counterterrorism czar: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld all committed 'war crimes'.

4. PUTIN PULLS OFF ECONOMIC COUP; STRIKES ANOTHER DEAL, ANOTHER BLOW TO CABAL.  ( 22:10 MARK )  - 27MAY Ariadna Theokopoulos : The bankers want Putin's head.  - 29MAY : Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan sigh 'epoch' Eurasian Economic Union. - 30MAY : Global financial expert Patrick Young comments on deal impact.  - YouTube Video: 26MAY – : Businessman Jim Rogers: US is pushing people away from the dollar.

5. BILDERBERG MEETS; ELITIST PANIC IN THE AIR.   ( 33:58 MARK )  - YouTube Video: Free Party of Sweden opposes Bilderberg. - 27MAY Paul Joseph Watson, : Bilderberg agenda revealed: elite desperate to rescue unipolar world.   - 26MAY : Official Bilderberg 2014 membership list released. - Wikipedia - list of all political parties in Sweden.

6. JIM CARREY SPEAKS TO GRAD CLASS OF HIGHER AWARENESS UNIVERSITY.   ( 44:12 MARK )  - YouTube video: Jim Carrey commencement address to Maharishi graduates class of 2014.

7. PHYSICIST: WE HAVE PHYSICAL PROOF OF UFO'S.  ( 50:45 MARK )  - MAY2014 : Stanford physicist: we have physical proof of UFO's.  - Paradigm Research Group and Stephen Bassett.  - MAY 1974 Peter Sturrock, : UFO reports from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Part 1  - MAY 1974 Peter Sturrock - Part 2 of Sturrock's reports.

8. HI-SPEED MAGLEV PROTOTYPE DEVELOPED BY CHINA.   ( 57:26 MARK )  - 17MAY China built a prototype for a train capable of reaching 1800mph. - 15AUG13 : : Is Elon Musk's hyperloop a pipedream?  - 08MAY Jonathan Kaiman, : Chinese experts 'in discussions' over building high-speed Beijing-US railway.  - 22MAY : Massive underground city discovered beneath house in Turkey; 13 stories deep.

9. NEW SPACE TRANSPORTATION MODULE DEVELOPED BY SPACEX.   ( 64:23 MARK )  - 29MAY Raquel Dillon, Huffington Post : Dragon V2 spacecraft unveiled by Elon Musk at SpaceX to ferry astronauts.

10. SOLAR ROADWAYS BREAKS CROWD-FUNDING RECORD.  ( 66:40 MARK )  - 29MAY – Solar roadway backers set crowdfunding record.  - Crowd-funding page for Solar Roadways, with several information videos about the company and the project.  - Homepage for Solar Roadways.

11. MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO – A NINE YEAR OLD SPEAKS.   ( 71:50 MARK )  - 24MAY Vancouver, Canada March Against Monsanto – Nine year old Daniel Bissonette talks food poisoning.  - media page with links to numerous other stories about the protest.  - 25MAY : World protests Monsanto grip on food supply chain.  - 28MAY : Millions march against Monsanto, calling for boycott of GMO's.

12. LIGHT AS A TOOL FOR TISSUE REGENERATION IN THE BODY.  ( 79:04 MARK )  - 28MAY : Researchers use light to coax stem cells to regrow teeth.  - 18MAY Ian Sample, : Matter will be created from light within a year, scientists claim.  - 19MAY Gail Wilson, : Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80 year quest.  - 05DEC : The illusion of matter: our physical reality isn't really physical at all.



In this week's FINAL WORDS, I would like to comment on my experience attending my first all-candidates meeting in preparation for a provincial election, in many years. This happened on May 29 in the city of Barrie, Ontario, about one hour north of Toronto for my international listeners.

I would like to apologize to my regular listeners, because this week's final words will most likely not resonate with you as a normal topic I speak about. I hope you will give me a little bit of leeway this week, because it is my hope to open a few doors, and maybe a few hearts in city in which know only a handful of people.

If anyone is joining from Barrie, I feel I need to preface by saying this. Although my regular listeners know me, and the language I use, these people may not, so I may explain some things that are natural for most of you, but are totally new for these beautiful souls. I will not name the candidates because I do not want them to feel that I am targeting them specifically. I will try to pick issues that were spoken about, and comment about what was missing from their campaign.

The experience of attending this meeting was, to be honest, disheartening at best. I guess I was hoping for two things: One was that, given the changes we are now witnessing around the world, that there would be more political candidates who are knowledgeable about the root source of all the problems that they tried to address. I was really hoping for even a glimpse that the mainstream candidates would demonstrate that they were ready to acknowledge the corruption, fraud and outside control that existed over the system, regardless of the party in power. The second thing was that I would be allowed to ask my own questions, instead of having to submit them for screening. Neither was the case, and my questions were disqualified.

Sadly, I came away from the evening feeling that it was not worthy of my two hours. The structure and organization of the event unfortunately tries to fit too much into a short time. Surprisingly, there were not that many people who came out. This shows the general disenchantment people have with the system. People, myself included have become fed up with the same rhetoric over and over, and in the big picture, nothing ever changes. The public has not yet caught on to this, and it appears that even the candidates are truly not aware of how corrupt and dysfunctional the system has become.

There were four political parties represented: Progressive Conservatives or the PC party, the Liberal party, which has the current government, the New Democratic Party or NDP and the Libertarian party. The Green Party candidate was unable to attend.

The Liberals and the PCs have had extensive governing experience in this province while the others have little or no governing experience. The evening primarily involved the trading of jabs between the Liberal and the PC candidate, because they could talk about what each party has done historically.

Sadly, this bickering was a waste of time. It was also a waste of time to throw out numbers and statistics because, to the average voter, statistics mean nothing until they are put into context. I personally no longer indulge candidates who wish to focus on all that is wrong with other candidates, other parties and other policies. This is neither honourable nor is it very mature.  I personally am looking for a candidate who has the strength of character to rise above and focus on a concrete step by step plan to fix the problems.

It is my humble opinion that the problems being experienced by voters everywhere, and not just in this province can be very easily resolved. The only problem is exposing the group of people who have been responsible for keeping all the solutions hidden from the voters. Apparently it seems that these solutions have also been kept hidden from the incumbent candidate and the others. There is currently no political candidate, there is no political party, nor is there any political platform that will fix the problems currently being exposed. Einstein said it best: No problem can ever be solved from within the same paradigm in which the problem was created. No one really demonstrated any outside of the paradigm thinking that would resolve current issues.

The other thing is that none of the candidates demonstrated any awareness of the approaching financial tsunami that is the demise of the US petrodollar fiat currency, and the system that will replace it. They demonstrated no knowledge of the fact that global financial leaders are talking about a global currency reset. They appeared to not be aware of how events like 9/11 impact the constituency where we live. They probably are not aware that local military families have lost their children in the wars that started because of the huge, criminally fraudulent lie that is 9/11.

They do not seem to be aware of how to connect the dots with how events in Ukraine, and numerous other false-flag events, impact the financial system and how it ultimate affects all in the constituency.

They do not seem to be aware that there has been a global banking cabal that has controlled governments and at the end of the day, it matters not which party is in power, because this group will only allow to happen, what they want the people to know and receive. They are not aware how Iceland rejected European bank bailouts, arrested bankers and politicians and how their country is now the best positioned for growth.

They are not aware of the coverups on technologies that could help our planet, nor are they fully aware of how corporate interests have destroyed healthcare, destroyed transportation, destroyed education, destroyed our legal commercial system of law and hijacked the media. They do not seem to be aware that Canada and Ontario are both corporations, and they were not aware that they themselves are enslaved to their corporate fiction identity.

To their credit, I believe that each soul truly wants a better world, but they are missing the truth of the whole situation. A problem cannot be fixed until first the truth of the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit, greed and power is exposed. We will never fix what is in each constituency, until it is wholly and fully revealed the source of what all the problems really is. This will only happen by working together at this time, and not bickering about the respective policies and flaws of the other party. This is exactly what the global cabal has wanted: sincere people who are sufficiently brainwashed to not question the structures that exist and how corrupt they truly are. I mean this as no disrespect to each candidate. Almost every current political candidate is equally unaware, or they are so caught up in the lies and frauds that they have to play along.

One candidate said that taxes pay for everything, which is technically not true. The candidate was not aware that our taxes really only pay for the interest on the loans that give us the money to pay for services. They do not seem to be aware that loans are created out of thin air, according to the fractional reserve system of banking. They do not know that bank loans are in fact fraudulent, because it is created out of thin air, and that a bank never risks anything to give a loan, but claims a right to foreclose on someone who does not pay back this something created out of thin air. Iceland realized this, and put a stop to it. Other countries are now waking up.

Things like this are what need to be exposed. When politicians become informed, and when candidates become informed, and begin addressing the ROOT issues of all the problems, these will be the candidates of the future.

The recent European parliament elections have proven just how much the people of Europe are pissed off at the leaders who have screwed them with criminal bailout loans that benefit the wealthy bankers while sticking the people with using their hard-earned money to pay off a loan created out of thin air..with interest. The people of Europe have begun a wave of indignation against the elitist class, but over here in North America, people are not aware, because the media is as corrupt and controlled as everything else.

The journalists present were equally as naïve, as their questions were patronizing to say the very least. Journalists are supposed to be asking hard questions, not fluff, and each journalist there, as honourable as they are as human beings, are not honouring the ethics of the profession in which they chose to enter.

Some candidates talked about improving transportation, without even mentioning the futuristic transportation that Japan and China have with their high-speed rail networks. This is one technology that is being held back in Canada because other industries would lose out on profits if this technology was introduced. One candidate said people need more money, and that minimum wages should be raised. This will not fix the problem at all. At best, it puts a band-aid on a problem that will only continue until it is addressed at its source. Remove the global banking cabal from controlling governments, banking, media, education, the legal system and more. Make communities self-sustainable, without corporate dependencies.

People do not need more money...they just need to be allowed to create the industries that will provide for their own nutrition and health and other basic necessities without having everything created in a more dangerous manner by corporations like Monsanto.

The candidates were asked about protecting endangered species and protecting our planet. Why on earth would we choose to create more and more rules to be forced onto people, when all that needs to be done is to expose the polluters, have them removed, and introduce the technologies that have been hidden that can clean our air, water and land?

Why do we insist on creating more waste associated with creating and administering to these rules, when it can be easily addressed by removing the sources of the problem. Yes, jobs may be lost, but who really wants to work for companies that are destroying humanity and our planet? Create a community network of jobs to grow organic food locally in tower gardens, hydroponic labs or something similar, and create free energy sources. There are always jobs available to replace the jobs that are harmful to humanity and our planet, people truly care.

The people have NO idea about all the rules that are currently in place...why would people demand our politicians to continue creating more legislative waste at our own expense?

The people have no idea that they are still slaves to a system of debt and fear. The people running for parliament have no idea sadly. The solutions are really so very simple, but no one wants to do what is necessary to make it happen, because they are scared and because they are lazy. I am talking about everyone here, not just the political candidates.

I have committed my life to standing up for truth, and for the creation of a better, more loving and more peaceful world. I am looking for candidates who understand the same. Sadly, I saw none of it.

So, it seems that Ontario is bound to continue in its corporate ways, with all the lovely sheeple of Ontario moving along blindy to sets of rules that have been created and are being enforced without their consent. The people of Ontario and of Canada have no desire to see what their European and Asian brothers and sisters are doing, and the price they are paying as they stand up for their freedom from enslavement to a group that controls through fear and debt.

I do not blame the candidates. At the soul level, each one has agreed to participate at this time in this election event. Each candidate, but especially the Liberal and PC candidates see the other candidates and their respective parties as the enemy. If each candidate knew the truth, and could convince their leaders of who the real enemy is behind government control, I think we would all be willing to work together for the betterment of all, instead of wasting resources on attacking the people who are not really responsible, but are perceived as responsible.

If any candidate has chosen to accept my invitation to listen to my newscast and these words, perhaps this was also meant to happen, and perhaps a new dialogue can open up about how to address the REAL problems, as opposed to all the little fires that distract us and waste our money without addressing the root source of all. I have the solutions that we all can agree on. We just need to come together to unite against the enemy who has been well hidden, yet also right there in front of our eyes, laughing at our own stupidity. The truth must first come out, before the people will be willing to accept certain cuts to make things better in the long run. I am willing to meet the local candidates, and then the party leaders if they are willing to meet with me.

I send love to each candidate, with the prayer that he or she will awaken and begin to see what is really going on, and begin to work with their party colleagues to force the change that I believe each candidate really wants to see, a change that create true peace, health and abundance for all humans and our planet that sustains us. We have only one planet, and we can no longer afford to lose it to corporate interests that put profit and shareholder returns ahead of all that keeps us alive here.

My apologies for this being longer than you can see, I kind of lost myself in it all. I would like my Barrie guests to receive as much as possible in this short commentary, and I thank you dear listener for allowing me to pursue this commentary for the benefit of the community I am currently in.

Create a wonderful week, until the next moment of 'now'.



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