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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. ILLUSION OF TRANSPARENCY: BILDERBERGERS GO ON 'CHARM OFFENSIVE'.  ( 01:07 MARK )  - 03JUN Charlie Skelton, : Bilderberg 2014 roundup: privacy, transparency and birkn bags.  - 02JUN Charlie Skelton, : Bilderberg 2014: George Osborne and the man at the centre of everything.  - All of Skelton's articles about Bilderberg on his blog.  - YouTube Video : : Bilderberg 2014 was a big victory for the information war.  - 28MAY : NATO chief, former US intelligence director among Bilderberg elite.  - 31MAY : Bilderberg actually talks nukes, euro nationalism, and Barack Obama – leak.  - YouTube Video: Dan Dicks, : Former Canadian prime minister confronted on Bilderberg 2014.  - 01JUN PressTV: Bilderberg's new world order plot hits Iran-Russia-China wall.

2. PUPPET INAUGURATION: UKRAINE PRESIDENT-ELECT PROMISES EU TRADE DEAL 'IMMEDIATELY'.  ( 17:46 MARK )  - 04JUN : Ukraine ready to sign EU trade deal 'immediately' – Poroshenko.  - 06JUN : Victoria Nuland to attend inauguration of president-elect Poroshenko in Kiev.  - 24MAY Peter Lavelle, : Ukraine: from tragedy to farce.  - 27MAY PressTV : Obama offers full support to Poroshenko.

3. SPANISH KING ABDICATES; PEOPLE CALL FOR REPUBLIC AND REMOVAL OF MONARCHY.  ( 23:17 MARK )  - 02JUN : Spanish King Juan Carlos abdicates.  - 02JUN : Anti-monarchy protesters demand referendum following Spanish king's abdication.  - 04JUN Neil Clark, : Crown and out? European monarchies change faces to fight for relevance.  - 02JUN Benjamin Fulford, : Fulford report for 02JUN14.

4. CANADIAN PM PRAISES SOVIET RUSSIA, DESPITE 'PROBLEMS' WITH DEMOCRATIC RUSSIA.  ( 31:06 MARK )  - 05JUN Brandon Martinez, PressTV: Canada PM glorifies communist role in WWII.  - 06JUN PressTV: West fakes history to please zionists: analyst.

5. SMOKE/MIRRORS FINANCE: ECB MAKES HISTORIC BANK RATE CUT; PROBABLE DECEPTION.  ( 37:36 MARK )  - 05JUN : ECB cuts deposit rate below zero in historic move.  - 06JUN Mark O'Byrne, : ECB historic gamble looks set to print euros and debase currency vs gold.

6. BANKING REFORMS 'TOO SLOW' : IMF'S LAGARDE.  ( 43:43 MARK )  - 27MAY M.E. Synon, : IMF boss says banks resisting reform.  - 30MAY : Rumblings in precious metals markets a sign of the coming monetary system collapse

7. SHOOTING IN CANADA; FALSE-FLAG? DRUG-INDUCED? ELECTIONEERING? ALL OF THE ABOVE?  ( 49:58 MARK )  - 05JUN Joseph Brean, National Post : Moncton shooting accused may be a classic 'pseudo-commando' with anti-government freeman ideology.  - The reply to Brean's article by Robert Menard, Director of the World Freeman Society.  - 18DEC2012 Democratic Underground : 66 acts of school violence involving SSRI drugs (only up to 2012).  - Stories involving Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), the drugs believed to be responsible for violent outbursts associated with many more recent false-flag events.  - YouTube Video: Why do we keep seeing mass shootings in America?  - About SSRI discontinuation syndrome.  - The Facebook profile for the alleged shooter, Justin Bourque. As of 06JUN, the profile was still active, and the profile was only activated on 19FEB 2014.

8. CELEBRITY MAKES SLUR COMMENT; SCORES ON HIS APOLOGY.  ( 60:16 MARK )  - YouTube Video : Comedian Jonah Hill offers apology for slur on The Tonight Show.  - 04JUN Ashleigh Schmitz, : Jonah Hill offers heartfelt apology for slur remarks.

9. DISCLOSURE: KINGDOM OF HAWAI'I DECLARES ET SANCTUARY FOR GALACTIC FAMILIES.  ( 66:09 MARK )  - 29MAY Michael Salla, : YouTube Video: Reinstated Kingdom of Hawai'I, to create extraterrestrial visitor sanctuary.  - 31MAY Nancy Detweiler, Way Of Love Blog : The Kingdom of Hawaii and Russia more open to the presence of Extraterrestrials Presence With Us.

10. INTERNET 'MESH' NETWORKS: CREATEIVE ECONOMIC AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS.  ( 70: 03 MARK )  - 19AUG Joe Kloc : Greek community creates an off-the-grid internet.  - 03JUN : Small German village builds own broadband service.  - SEP/OCT2013 Clive Thompson, : How to keep the NSA out of your computer.  - 31MAR Christina Zander : In Bjørndalen Norway, a small cabin enjoys some of the worlds' fastest internet.

11. FLU VACCINE FAILS HEAVY-METALS TEST: MASSIVE OVERDOSE OF MERCURY LEVELS.  ( 77:27 MARK )  - 03JUN Mike Adams, Natural : Exclusive : Natural News tests flu vaccine for heavy metals; 25,000 times higher mercury level limit for water.

12. FINAL WORDS  ( 82: 54 MARK )

In this weeks FINAL WORDS.. I have decided I will give you all a break from having to listen to me at the end of the newscast, and will share the audio of a video compilation circulating from Russell Brand. Whether you agree with him or not, he does have some very profound things to say, and he, like Jim Carrey, whom we heard last week, seems to be finding his awakened, spiritual voice, in the midst of his status as a celebrity, and he is choosing to now use it.

Create a wonderful week until the next moment of now! Here is a compilation of Russell Brand audio clips, pretty much destroying everything that we have been told :  - Russell Brand destroys everything we are being told.


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