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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. FINANCIAL: HINTS OF GLOBAL FINANCIAL DURING 'QUIET' WORLD CUP MONTH.  ( 01: 04 MARK )  - 12JUN Joe Weisenthal, : The Bank of England Chief Just Fired The Ultimate Warning To Markets At The Most Awkward Moment.  - 12JUN Lee Brodie, : Jim Cramer cautious, 'something unexpected may be imminent".  - 10JUN : Jim Willie's most shocking claim ever: Japan, Saudis, Germany and France will turn against US, join Russian alliance.  - 11JUN Jim Willie, : BRICs gold central bank outpost.  - Homepage for Jim Willie

2. EU FALLOUT: BULGARIA CABINET TO RESIGN AFTER ELECTION LOSSES.  ( 22:15 MARK )  - 10JUN : Stanishev : After European parliamentary elections, we realized that cabinet could not complete its term.  - 10JUN Stanishev: Bulgarian cabinet to resign in days, early elections 'possible' end of July.

3. EU FALLOUT: FRANCE'S LE PEN CRITICIZES US/EU INTERVENTIONISM AFTER ELECTION.  ( 25:05 MARK )  - 07JUN : EU lost its foreign policy to the US: Marine Le Pen to RT.

4. POPULIST UPRISING IN US: 'POWERHOUSE REPUBLICAN' CANTOR LOSES PRIMARY, SHAKING WASHINGTON.                 ( 28:15 MARK )  - 10JUN Jack Fitzpatrick and Alex Roarty, : Eric Cantor falls to shock defeat in primary.  - 11JUN Ron Fournier, : Elites beware: Cantor's defeat may signal a populist revolution.  - Election results for the primary that defeated incumbent Eric Cantor.  - 13JUN : Cantor loss unleashes US Republican divisions.

5. MARKETING SPIN: WHISTLEBLOWER TELLS HOW INDUSTRY 'SELLS' YOU TO PRODUCTS/MESSAGES.  ( 34:16 MARK )  - 05JUN San Francisco Globe: This woman's speech leaves the audience so disturbed at themselves they cannot move.   - YouTube Video: Stop The Spin: No amount of marketing makes factory farming acceptable. Join the campaign to expose the truth about factory farming.

6. DISCLOSURE: COMMENTS FROM CITIZEN HEARING REVEALS WHY LEADERS CANNOT SIMPLY ANNOUNCE DISCLOSURE.  ( 42:10 MARK )  - YouTube Video: Stephen Bassett, commenting at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure about the pressure on presidents to keep them from disclosing.  - YouTube Video: Comments made by John Podesta at press conference on 22OCT2002 about disclosure.

Audio clip of Joseph Buchman, moderator for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: My apologies, I lost the source to this audio and could not find it in time for the newscast. Buchman asking about Obama and the coverup, due to the official White House response that there is no known life beyond Earth.  - Committee members for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.  - : Main page for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure  - : Main page for the group pushing for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

7. TECH: TESLA MOTORS RELEASES COMPANY PATENTS TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.  ( 57:26 MARK )  - Tesla Motor Company announcement: 'All our patents belong to you.'  - 27MAY Rob Wile, Elon Musk is making the most difficult bet of his career.

8. TECH: SOLAR ROADWAYS UPDATES, JOB OPENINGS AND SOLAR IMPACT ON THE ENERGY INDUSTRY. ( 64:07 MARK )  - 03JUN Rob Wile, : How solar will destroy the power companies in 5 steps.  - Solar Roadways Indiegogo Crowdfunding page – to get the latest on the funds raised.  - Homepage for Solar Roadways.  - Solar Roadways job openings.

9. HEALTH: DRINKING THREE LITRES OF WATER DAILY FOR CELLULAR REGENERATION AND HEALTH.  ( 68:13 MARK )  - 11JUN Dyani Love, : 3L of water a day could take ten years off your face and more!

10. HEALTH: MILLET FOR REMOVAL OF KIDNEY STONES.  ( 73:23 MARK )  - 04MAY : Get rid of kidney stones in just ten days using this recipe.  - : Definition of urolitiasis.  - 14JUN : Three day fast regenerates entire immune system.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I came across a YouTube video clip of galactic entity Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka, addressing what appears to be a common thread among some Lightworkers, but more especially among those who are taking their steps towards weaning themselves off of the 3D reality that has historically defined them.

More and more people are finding themselves in uncharted waters, but then again, it could be argued that the waters are not necessarily uncharted – rather we have just not yet found the appropriate tools, maps or sources to guide us in a way that resonates with how each soul is choosing to be in each moment of 'now'.

Many people, myself included have said something to the effect that: " I have to learn this or that". Lightworkers, again myself included, have suggested to others, albeit with the best of intentions that one may wish to learn something to help them in their awakening process. People are recognizing that things are changing around them. They may even be observing the changes and shifts that are happening within them. They may however not be quite ready to experience trust, because they are not sure of what they have been told in past moments of 'now', and they may not be sure of sources sharing information in the current moment of 'now', that will give them confidence to manifest in the coming moments of 'now'.

Perhaps this message from Bashar may be meaningful for some, and hopefully many of you. For those who are unable or unwilling to trust the idea that a channeled message is real, I invite you to set aside this part of the message and just listen to the words themselves, and even if you may not believe in the source, ask yourself if the words at least resonate with who you are choosing to be, in this moment.

Create a wonderful week, until the next moment of 'now'! Here is Bashar on changing, shifting and trusting:  - YouTube Video : Galactic entity Bashar via channel Daryl Anka, commenting on the processes of changing, shifting and trusting.  - Homepage for Daryl Anka and Bashar.



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