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CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 03APR Spencer Ackerman, : Senate committee votes to declassify parts of CIA torture report.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC : Senate accuses CIA of torturing prisoners, overstepping legal boundaries.

CLICK TO LISTEN TO AUDIO  - : Direct link to soundcloud audio interview with former CIA analyst, commenting on torture. (from the story immediately above)

CLICK TO VIEW PDF INTEL REPORT  - {SEE LINK BELOW, THIS LINK NO LONGER WORKS} Senate Intelligence Committee PDF document of the report on torture by the CIA. - {REPORTED:   This link works as of 30NOV2015}

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Igor Volsky, : 17 disgraceful facts contained in the torture report.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Timothy Lee, : Instead of prosecuting torturers, Obama prosecuted the guy who revealed the program

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Paul Blumenthal/Christina Wilkie, : Architects Of CIA Torture Program Raked In $81 Million, Report Reveals.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Robert Windrem, : CIA Paid Torture Teachers More Than $80 Million.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 10DEC : 'US to face global protests over CIA torture report'.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC : Outrage after CIA #TortureReport release.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Anshel Pfeffer, : (subscription required to view article - see link below for more story details) CIA cited Israeli Supreme Court rulings to justify torture, Senate report says .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 10DEC (more details from the original article above) : CIA relied on Israeli Supreme Court rulings to justify torture, Senate report says.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08DEC Mark Fallon, : Dick Cheney Was Lying About Torture -The Senate report confirms it doesn't work. As those of us on the inside knew.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC David Edwards, : Fox melts down after torture report: 'The United States of America is awesome, we are awesome!'

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video 09DEC The Real News Network, interview with March Wheeler, investigative journalist: CIA Torture Report Incomplete as Key Documents Remain Withheld .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 06APR Antonia Molloy, The London Independent : Tony Blair 'knew everything about CIA interrogation programme' .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Samuel Oakford, Vice News: UN Official Wants US Administrators Involved in Torture to Be Prosecuted.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Jason Easley, : Calls Grow For Dick Cheney and George W. Bush To Be Prosecuted For Torture.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08DEC : Prominent Israelis join petition calling on Europe to recognize Palestine.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 04NOV : 105 Israeli ex-generals, spy chiefs call on Netanyahu to make peace with Palestinians.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08DEC Simona Sharoni via : The Israel of your dreams has turned into a nightmare: A letter to Jewish students

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 07DEC PressTV : Mossad training ISIL terrorists: Putin aide.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Ahuva Balofsky, : Putin Aide Accuses Israel of Training ISIS Fighters.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 10DEC Jerusalem Post : Top Putin aide: Mossad training ISIS terrorists in Iraq, Syria .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 03DEC Jan Olsen, : First to recognize Palestine, Swedish government falls.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 10DEC PressTV : Israeli forces kill senior Palestinian official.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC Mike Coogan, : State Department's response to discrimination by Israel is broken, literally.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08DEC : Palestinians ruled by secret regulations even the army can't explain.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08DEC Matt Robinson, Dave Michaels, : SEC Seeking S&P's Suspension From Rating Commercial Mortgage Bonds.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08DEC : India refuses to join anti-Russian sanctions

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08DEC : Sanctioned Russian banks begin testing national payment system next week.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09DEC : "Isolated" Russia Begins Testing De-Dollarization-Driven Payment System.

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CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 14JUN : Oil prices could drop to $50 - Credit Suisse.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 11DEC Steve Hargreaves, : U.S. oil prices could sink to $50.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 13OCT Pavel Koshkin, Russia Direct : As the price of oil drops, so do hopes for Russia's economic future.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 10DEC : OPEC 'effectively dissolved'; oil will slide to $50 - Bank of America.


CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video posted 18JUL Nigel Farage on Fox News.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 12DEC Royce Christyn, : Crude, Arrogant, AMAZING: Russell Brand and Nigel Farage On Question Time.


CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video : Stephen Bassett on Disclosure at the Secret Space program conference 2014 1-3

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Citizen Hearing on Disclosure 'Truth Embargo' movie trailer.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Facebook group: #Disclosure

CLICK TO VIEW WEBSITE  - Paradigm Research Group homepage.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBSITE  - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure homepage.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - Pathway To Ascension blog: Why the campaign for a congressional hearing for disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence with us?

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE - Pathway To Ascension blog: Instructions for how to vote on the White House petition, starting 07JAN2015 for the disclosure of the ET presence on Earth.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Facebook group:  White House disclosure petition page.

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CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 11NOV : 'Consciousness creates reality' - Physicists admit the universe is immaterial, mental and spiritual.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video : Dr. Quantum - The Double Slit Experiment.

CLICK TO VIEW PDF DOCUMENT  - {SCIENCE ABSTRACT} This is more for the people who want to understand the science behind the double slit experiment.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 10DEC Dr. Mercola : New Science Website Reveals the Truth About Sugar

CLICK TO VIEW WEBSITE  - Homepage for Sugar Science : The Unsweetened Truth.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - : Different names of sugar hidden in plain sight.


By way of an announcement for this week, I am monitoring a story about alleged changes that Facebook is proposing for the first of January for next year. has reported that after this date, anyone using the service is apparently consenting to having his or her private data monitored by intelligence agencies.

Many have indicated a desire to move away from Facebook, and I am also consider this also. I have begun setting up profiles on several other possible social media network sites, and it is my hope that many of you who leave Facebook will choose to connect with me or with a CVN page on various other social media, so you can receive the show posting each week.

Currently, either I or CVN has a presence on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and now a YouTube channel where the newscast has been put together by a listener Gordon. CVN is grateful to Gordon for the time he shares each week in putting this together, so that many of you may access the newscast through this particular medium.

I or CVN now also have a presence on several new social media networks. If you are a member of FaceUni, or Ello and now another site from Iceland called, please feel free to reach out and connect, so you can stay on top of show postings and news postings.

If Facebook seeks to make me consent to new terms on January 1st, I will be taking a look to see if there is truth to this report. If there appears to be truth to it, I may be considering shutting down my Facebook personal page and CVN page.

There is a YouTube video that I cam across shortly before airtime that apparently is a tutorial about how to leave Facebook and why, without deleting your account. The individual doing the tutorial apparently makes the claim that by following the tutorial, one can leave Facebook on one's own terms, without following the delete option in Facebook, which may not really mean 'delete'.

I was unable to evaluate the video in time for the newscast, so I have to suggest that the video be watched with your own discernment to guide you in using the information offered.

Although I choose to believe that many of us are protected, and that the global cabal is in the process of being shut down, there may still be a need to set the example that I choose not to support Facebook and the revenue it receives from advertising that I have not consented to, and possible spying by various government agencies.

Links to these various sites will be in the show summary if you wish to explore for yourself a new social media network to join. Please connect with me. If you do add me in the new social network, I would kindly appreciate your sharing the work of CVN, if it is meaningful to do so, so that CVN can try to establish a greater presence on the alternative social media networking sites around the world.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - 03JUL (LAST MINUTE ADDITION BEFORE NEWCAST - THIS HAS NOT YET BEEN VIEWED, DISCERNMENT IS ADVISED.) YouTube Video tutorial: How To/Why Leave Facebook without deleting your account.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video from : Facebook Spies on You For The Government.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBSITE  - (note from 2009) 15FEB2009 CWalters, : Facebook's New Terms Of Service: "We Can Do Anything We Want With Your Content. Forever."

CLICK TO VIEW SEEN.IS  - Social media networking site hosted in Iceland, with some of the toughest internet laws protecting privacy on the planet.

CLICK TO VIEW FACEUNI  - - "FaceUni gives people the power to share and make the world more private, safe and connected."

CLICK TO VIEW ELLO  - Ello : "Simple, beautiful, and add-free." (NOTE: Check their 'Privacy' information as there MAY be conditions here that do not resonate with everyone:   Not as pretty, but it is advertising free - at least for now.

CLICK TO VIEW LINKEDIN  : LinkedIn - claims to be the world's largest professional network.

CLICK TO VIEW CVN Y/T CHANNEL  - Cosmic Vision News YouTube Channel.

CLICK TO VIEW GOOGLE+ CVN  - Google+ for Cosmic Vision News.

CLICK TO VIEW MINDS.COM   - : " The Internet is shifting -Users are migrating to crowd-sharing and revenue-sharing networks to finally be rewarded for their energy online. Minds Channels and Sites are dynamic, professional, social websites which cluster to form a crowd-sharing network of social networks."

 CVN Website Development


In this week's FINAL WORDS:

If you are like me, and I am quite sure that most of you are, at least in this sense, you have been having feelings of frustration, impatience, eagerness, fatigue and a wide range of other feelings and emotions relating to global change not happening fast enough.

For those of us who are able and willing to see through the illusion, we can see what is going on, and we want and perhaps some of us pray for global change.

In last week's FINAL WORDS, I commented on how people often are willing to look anywhere else except within themselves for the changes that they want to see in the world. Whatever one wants to see in her/his outer world, one has to at least be willing to practice it to some degree, or to the best of one's ability, in one's immediate world.

Throughout history, those who have been raised in very religious households have experienced sadness and tragedies, and they have no doubt gone through their own dark nights of the soul, where they question their faith, and question the Divine Creator in whom they have placed their faith and their lives.

There are those who still need this experience, so I honour all souls who are still choosing the experience of religious attachment, for the benefit of the that soul's LIFE-path growth and soul-contract fulfillment.

I grew up attending church also. It was the United Church in Canada, and was one of the more open-minded faiths in Canada. When I was really young, I found church to be very boring, and the ministers not very entertaining. Suddenly, a new minister appeared on the scene, and he brought with him a new energy, and more importantly a sense of humour to the church services. He made church fun again, and I became more active in the youth group, and we started performing musicals. It was a grounding that helped me at that time.

As I grew, I moved away from religious practices, because they were no longer resonating with me. This is not to say that the practice was 'wrong'. It was just not what I was needing any longer. I had begun evolving myself beyond the need to seek validation from within a particular religious belief, and I no longer wanted to be held down by rules and conditions that were becoming increasingly more in conflict with how I was choosing to see, feel and experience a Divine Creator.

I have recently heard that this minister has himself gone through his own spiritual crisis of sorts, and I believe that he has now left the church because he has perhaps begun to question some of the practices related to everything that he had been taught to believe, accept and preach without question or condition.

Everything and everyone serves a purpose in some way, shape or form, even if one is unable to see or understand this purpose in any current moment of 'now'.

As one experiences a spiritual crisis, or a 'dark night of the soul', or goes through an experience of profound doubt relating to one's relation with LIFE or with one's Divine Creator, certain questions will always come, at some time or another. A few examples of these are:

* Why does a Divine Creator allow bad things to happen to good people?
* Why does a Divine Creator allow young children or babies to die?
* Why is the Divine Creator allowing all of this to happen in our world?
* Why are these bad things happening to me?
I am praying and praying for something, but the Divine Creator ignores me, 
 or doesn't listen to me.
* Does a Divine Creator even exist?

Of course, one can replace the term 'Divine Creator' with any other term that is more relevant to one's faith or practice.

What religion has traditionally taught is fear and separation. We have been conditioned to think that we are separate from a Divine Creator; that we are separate from each other; and that we are separate from the sentient life form that is our planet and all life upon her. We have been conditioned to believe that this Divine Creator is a punishing deity, and that we have to give our faith, our allegiance, our power and our money to some religious entity to secure salvation. This has been the power over us, and it is the power that humanity is beginning to reawaken to, within themselves worldwide.

Let's look at the questions posed a moment ago. Why do 'bad' things happen to 'good' people? The term 'bad' is relative to the individual judging the experience. What is deemed 'bad' in one's world may be totally insignificant the world of another. I would offer that the Divine Creator does not allow bad things to happen to good people, but rather that the Divine Creator is allowing one to choose to demonstrate strength and courage in the face of all challenges, because that soul has been found worthy enough to be an example for all others to follow in how to survive and move forward from any challenge one experiences.

A challenge is a gift from the Divine Creator to allow one to demonstrate to others how to overcome. With the shifting Earth energies at this time, and with the awakening human consciousness on a planetary scale, this is becoming easier and easier.

Why are young children allowed to die? This is heart-breaking for the parent or the couple that do not understand the BIGGER, bigger picture of the LIFE-path journey. Until one begins to grasp this concept, that souls come, for a period of time to bring certain lessons and experiences for others and for the soul itself, humans will only judge life from our lower-consciousness, limited perspective.

We have been taught to accept trials or tragedies as punishment, and religions will use this to scare people to supporting a particular faith. A dying child is not a punishment, or at least, it does not have to be. That soul probably chose to come for a short period of time for its own growth, but also because of the lessons that could be gained by the surviving family members, if they chose to learn those lessons and move forward.

Sadly, many people choose to fall into patterns of depression, grief, anger, resentment, blame and this leads to breakdowns in family relations when it never needed to. LIFE always goes on, regardless of the period of time that the LIFE was experienced in our current 3D, physical form. More and more humans are thankfully coming into this awareness also at this time.

Why are these things happening in our world? We are only beginning to grasp an understanding of this concept. Historically, we have been taught that we are humans and that we are to seek a spiritual existence. We are now understanding that we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience. This one little understanding, by itself, changes the whole perspective of the human experience and journey.

We no longer see ourselves being punished for a lack of spiritual faith, but rather we see ourselves as owning the power of the Divine Creator within each of us, and that we can choose to create what we experience, and as we awaken further, we can consciously choose more and more to manifest what has been called the experience of 'Heaven on Earth'.

What is currently happening is because we have chosen and allowed it to happen; and we are being given the free-will choice to create something else, if we are ready, willing and able to choose this.

The same could be said for why 'bad' things are happening to oneself. Everything is an experience for personal growth, personal accountability, and personal choice about how to learn and move forward in service to the Highest Good for all, including our planet.

One is not being punished, but rather one is being given the opportunity to demonstrate courage and strength in overcoming any obstacle, and to demonstrate how to create something better, not only for oneself, but for humanity and our planet together.

One prays for something from a Divine Creator and wonders why one does not receive it. There are several thoughts to consider here. One is the nature of the thing being prayed for. Is one praying for it because the ego wants one to pray for it? The ego will almost always guide one towards wanting and taking things only for oneself, without consider others or our planet. Is is a prayer based in selfishness or selflessness?

The other is whether or not the thing being prayed for is really for one's Highest Good in that moment. One may pray for a particular outcome, believing that this is the outcome one wants, but one may not be aware of the consequences of that prayer in the coming moments of 'now'. This again comes back to whether the prayer was selfish or selfless as well.

There is a saying: "Be careful what you wish for, because it just may come true". Some have had certain prayers or wishes come true, only to regret it later, because one did not have the foresight to see what the potential consequences may have been of that wish or prayer.

We are all one, so the matrix of LIFE receives all energies of all requests and prayers and tries to process these mini-creations. It has been said that the Divine Creator hears all wishes and prayers. In this case, the Divine Creator will always respond, whether the answer is 'no', 'yes' or 'not yet'.

As far as to whether or not a Divine Creator exists, I cannot answer that for you. I can answer it as far as my own personal beliefs and experience, but ultimately it comes down to each individual and his/her own experience within this ever-evolving process that I call LIFE (capitalized). It is the ALL THAT IS, the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that sustain all of us, not only on Earth but also beyond.

Only you can define that experience to yourself, in this current moment of 'now', relative to how you are choosing to see the world and create your experience at this time.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of 'now'!


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