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CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 12FEB RT : The Minsk ceasefire deal, point by point.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 12FEB RT : Ukraine peace deal: Ceasefire starting February 15, removal of heavy weapons.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 12FEB BBC : Ukraine crisis: Leaders agree peace roadmap. Diagram also showing a comparison of the the two cease-fire agreements.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 13FEB RT : Ukraine ultranationalist leader rejects Minsk peace deal, reserves right 'to continue war'.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 13FEB RT : Busted: Kiev MPs try to fool US senator with 'proof' of Russian tanks in Ukraine (PHOTOS)

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 12FEB RT : Restrained optimism follows Minsk summit, new Russia sanctions off table?


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 11FEB The Real News Network : A Look at the Greek PM Tsipras' First Address to Parliament -Dimitri Lascaris discusses how the SYRIZA government plans to end austerity and carry out the clear mandate of the people.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 11FEB The Event Chronicle : How Fast Would Contagion Spread If Greece Exits The Eurozone?

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 09FEB Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, London Telegraph : Greece's leaders stun Europe with escalating defiance.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - 12FEB UKIP EU Parliament via YouTube: UKIP Leader Nigel Farage addresses EU parliament re: Greece.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 11FEB RT : 'Bankrupt but Free': Greeks stage nationwide anti-austerity rallies.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 10FEB Tyler Durden via Zero Hedge : After Greece Warns It May Get Funds From Russia Or China, Europe Said To Propose 6 Month Extension.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 10FEB Lorcan Roche Kelly , Bloomberg : German Finance Minister Schaeuble Just Poured Cold Water on Market Expectations For A Greece Deal.


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 10FEB PressTV : Palestine opens first W Europe embassy in Sweden.

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CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 08FEB Gerard Ryle, Will Fitzgibbon, Mar Cabra, Rigoberto Carvajal, Marina Walker Guevara, Martha M. Hamilton and Tom Stites, : Banking Giant HSBC Sheltered Murky Cash Linked to Dictators and Arms Dealers.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 08FEB Will Fitzgibbon and Martha M. Hamilton, : The Real 'Housewives' of HSBC.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - The homepage for all stories related to the HSBC Swiss leaks scandal.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 11FEB Andre Damon, : HSBC Documents Reveal Criminal Conspiracy of Banks and Governments.


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 12FEB : Former heads of failed bank Kaupthing receive the heaviest jail sentences for financial fraud in Iceland's history.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 11FEB : Iceland declared the most peaceful country in the world for the eight consecutive year.


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 12FEB Jack Ewing, : Sweden Imposes Negative Interest Rate and Plans Bond-Buying Program.


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 05FEB Brian Stelter and Tom Kludt, CNN : Brian Williams suspended for 6 months.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 05FEB Tom Kludt and Brian Stelter, CNN : How Brian Williams' Iraq story changed

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 05FEB Alessandra Stanley, : After a Decade Building Trust, an Anchor Starts a Firestorm With One Wrong Move.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 09FEB : Freudian slip? CNN says Obama considers arming pro-US Ukraine.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 10FEB Gordon Duff, Pravda via VeteransToday : Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 09FEB Cenk Uygur, via : My ironic defines of Brian Williams.

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CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 02FEB Yue Wang, : Hanergy Holding To Build Solar-Powered Cars.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBSITE  - English homepage for Hanergy Energy of China.

CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 12FEB Victor Luckerson, : Tesla Is Devising a Way to Let You Power Your Entire Home.


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 18DEC Renee Kirsten Cowert, Spirit Science: Ten mind-blowing technologies about to emerge.


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE - 12FEB RT/UK : Big Sugar's scandalous sweetheart deal with public health experts exposed.


CLICK TO READ ARTICLE  - 29JAN Nick Meyer Alt Health Works : Doctor Sells His Practice in New York, Buys Organic Farm & Begins Treating Patients Himself.

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In this week's FINAL WORDS:

Last week, I offered a perspective on a term called LIFE, capitalized. This ever-evolving process encompassing the ALL THAT IS - the physical, non-physical, the visible and the invisible that support and sustain the presence of everything on and beyond Earth. From this point, I will simply use the word LIFE, but it will mean the capitalized definition.

CVN WEBPAGE  - Understanding LIFE (capitalized) as proposed/offered by Geoffrey West

CVN WEBPAGE  - Understanding/defining 'peace', as proposed/offered by Geoffrey West

I noted that everything is energy, and that the major aspects of LIFE that most are familiar with, humans, animals and natural plantation, share a high percentage of water in terms of physical composition.

We are here to discover and remember who we are, and this has been done through a long history of events of being who we are not.

It could be argued that we as a species will not be able to know or experience 'Peace' until humanity is able to individually, but on a mass scale, begin to see and understand not only one's individual relation to oneself, but also to LIFE with its infinite aspects of Oneness. The individual must then choose to serve LIFE in all its aspects from the uniquely different and equally beautiful soul that each human incarnated to experience and create.

In other words, even though our global structures have created criteria of separation among humans for the purposes of slavery and control, it is how we choose to awaken and create differently, using our differences not for collective fear and separation, but in unity of service to LIFE for the Highest Good of all.

Everyone claims to want to experience 'peace'. As we are learning however, 'peace' appears to have many different definitions, and the definitions appear to be dependent upon how one is perceiving LIFE based on one's race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, language...etc etc etc. It is also dependent upon one's relation to LIFE - how one has been conditioned to think about those races, religions, genders, cultures, orientations, languages of all the other aspects of LIFE surrounding that one individual in that one moment of 'now'.

Peace, as I have mentioned before, is a word that lacks a true, broadly-accepted, holistic definition. I believe I am beginning to understand why. 'Peace' as I choose to experience and BE it, will be uniquely different yet equally beautiful to 'peace' as a chosen experience or BE-ing, shared by every other aspect of LIFE, human or otherwise.

Peace, I offer to you now, becomes not a definition of something tangible or even conditional, but rather it becomes a relation to LIFE. One's experience of 'peace' will change from day to day, moment to moment, depending upon the relation one chooses to have with all aspects of LIFE, in every moment of 'now'. If one is not being loving, the experience of 'peace' for that one will be different. It will not be any more 'right' or 'wrong' than another's experience, but it will be an experience that allows one to grow, if one chooses to do so.

What if humanity could bring together our collective energies, and send forth an energy that could raise and potentially transform the vibratory frequencies of all aspects of LIFE in a singular moment of 'now'?

In many western countries, February 14th is recognized as Valentine's Day. It is more commonly associated with the energy that is love. Love is an energy that Dr. Emoto has shown to have a positive influence on water.

What if, for example, on a day that is recognized and celebrated as a day of love, could become a wave of frequency upliftment for the collective human and planetary consciousness? What if this energy empowered soldiers worldwide to lay down their arms or walk away from their drone guidance systems? As Iraq veteran Mike Prysner has said, 'While weapons are created and owned by this government (the US), they are harmless without people willing to use them".

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video : US war vet Mike Prysner confesses to the lies of the Iraq war.

What if we could help influence the manifestation of such a reality?

Neale Donald Walsch in his book 'Tomorrow's God' wrote: "So long as you believe in a Two-Faced God, you will create ecstasy and terror side by side. You have imagined a God who is the epitome of both, and by telling yourself that you are created in the Image and Likeness of God, you have given yourself the moral authority to demonstrate both. You love and hate in the name of God."

Walsch also wrote that: "Until you can see God in the face of your enemy, you cannot see God at all, for in truth, there is no such thing as an 'enemy'. There is only the aspect that is you, living in contrast to another aspect of you. God does not exist for you if He exists for you only in people and things you like. God is not real for you if She is experienced by you only in those things with which you agree"

(Walsch, Neale Donald (2004). Tomorrows God. London. Hodder and Stoughton. Unknown page for quote 1 and p.142 for quote 2)

A true holistic, global and galactic peace has not been possible - - - until now. Are you one who is willing to know it, BE it, and experience it? What would you do if you woke the next morning to find it had manifested? What would you do if you awoke to find that it had not?

To those who consistently say: "I told you so" or "See? I knew it would not happen" or some other kind of similar comment, I put this question to you: "What have you done lately to demonstrate or BE peace in the world? When was the last time you put yourself on the line by taking a risk in declaring something? Are the complaints one is making about things not manifesting, an example of BE-ing peace in this world?

It could perhaps be argued that the reason it didn't manifest was because of the complainers and doubters. Those who are saying that something is impossible are gently requested to remain silent and stand aside, for those who are making it possible.

There are several quotations made by others worth considering. From this unknown source:"A different world will not be created by indifferent people"

From Rosemary Fillmore: "The world we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness, and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping to create it"

From Johann Wolfgang Goethe: " Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no one could have dreamt would have come one's way."

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Quote by unknown source and also quote by Goethe.

I have been as guilty as all of you in playing it safe, and not firmly committing to something that has the potential to change the world. At the same however, I have firmly committed myself to this newscast and this service.

If something does not manifest, is it because one chose not to fully commit to it? Was there something one did not do? Was it something that perhaps one was not supposed to participate with, in that moment of 'now', because of a soul-growth experience and lesson needed in some other future moment?

One will never known, while in a purely 3D vibration what one's purpose or truth is. As one awakens, learns and grows, the vibration of one shifts, and the individual is no longer fully in a 3D level vibration.

There is perhaps a quantum scientific argument that could now be made. If one has chosen not to believe peace is possible, or if one has chosen not to do something to help bring peace into reality, has this one jumped into a potential timeline where the possibility of no peace exists, and has one left behind the reality where peace was manifested? I am certain that last paragraph will blow the brain stems on more than a few people, so I'll just leave it at that.

Leaders, politicians, diplomats, researchers, teachers and institutions have attempted to define peace which is hypocritical since everything they depend upon has come as a result of the exact opposite; a state of peacelessness in the world.

If there was a way to define the word peace, I choose to create it this way, and propose it as follows: " An internal experience of unconditional love and service to LIFE, relative to one's uniquely different, equally beautiful connection and relation to LIFE in each moment of 'now'.

It comes down to this: what have you got to lose, by committing yourself to the manifestation of an experience of global peace? If one considers the worst-case scenario - that it does not manifest, what has one really lost? You have gained the gift of giving yourself practice in manifesting merely by believing in yourself and believing that the experience of it is possible. If it has not manifested, then one could reflect on one's true commitment to peace, and one's deep inner knowing of who one is, through the experience of what was not manifested in that moment, and use that for personal growth, or to lead by example to those around that one individual.

What are you ready and willing to choose in this moment of 'now'? Where does peace begin? It can only begin within you. When does peace begin? It begins the moment you choose to have a paradigm-shifting relation with LIFE in this current moment of 'now'!

BE peace - and create a wonderful week- until our next moment of 'now'!


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