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CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 16MAR Bryan MacDonald, RT : Putin looking very well for a man who died last week.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 16MAR Phil Butler, : Vladimir Putin's Happy Disappearance Ending.


CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Israel Election 2015 - official results.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18MAR : Israelis vote against pretence of peace.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 20MAR Adi Dovrat-Meseritz, : Why did pollsters get the Israeli election so wrong?

CLICK TO VIEW MAP  - : Map of Palestine over the years, and the loss of land to Israel.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 15JAN Julian Borger, : The truth about Israel's secret nuclear arsenal .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 14FEB Gordon Duff, : Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Violation Doc Before Bibi Visit.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 30AUG2013 Gilad Atzmon, : Israeli Scientist Challenges Hypothesis of Middle East Origins.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18MAR Peter Beaumont, : Israel election: Bibi the magician pulls off a victory – but at what cost?

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18MAR Michelle Malka Grossman, : NY Times comments on 'ugly' elections after Netanyahu win .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09FEB Sharmini Peries, The Real News Network : Over 90% of Netanyahu's Campaign Contributions Come From the U.S. (Video).

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 20MAR : American digital strategists bask in Netanyahu's victory.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18MAR Preston James, Veterans Today: Bibi's endless Nightmare.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18MAR Thomas Walkom, : Benjamin Netanyahu win a good omen for Stephen Harper.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 19MAR Avshalom Halutz, : First-time voters in Israel explain why they chose Netanyahu .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 07NOV2014 RT : Putin: 'Love is the meaning of life'.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 19MAY2012 Alexander Del Sol : Love your enemies, as they serve you well.

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CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE   - 17MAR : EU allies defy US to join China-led Asian Bank .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 16MAR : "Colossal Defeat" For Obama As Australia Joins China's Regional Bank".

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 17MAR The Australian : EU nations to join China bank: report.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 17MAR : America's European "Allies" Desert Obama, Join China-led Infrastructure Bank.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18MAR : Greece adopts anti-poverty law in face of EU opposition.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18MAR Jason Easley, : Bernie Sanders Storms The Senate and Rips The Republican Rich Get Richer Budget . (up to the 3:40 mark approx)

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video : Direct link to video of Bernie Sanders' statement to the Budget Committee.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 20MAR : Back to Thatcher era? UK creates 'political & economic reform' fund for Eastern Europe.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 17MAR Josh Sigurdson, : The Government of Canada is Effectively Shut Down? Opposition to Stephen Harper Stifled.


CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Published 18MAR David Whitehead: Full Disclosure, Honourable Paul T Hellyer. 'The Money Mafia'.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 12MAR Mike Adams, : McDonald's in global profit free fall as people everywhere increasingly reject chemically-altered toxic fast food.

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10. ( 73:53 ) ANNOUNCEMENT

In an announcement for this week, I have to inform everyone that there may be some disruptions to my website over the next week or so.

Sadly, a severe crisis has impacted the LIFE-path of the man who has been giving so much of his time to create my website and keep it secure from attacks.

This crisis is so severe that it will be having an impact on his ability to continue his business and therefore his service to me.

Therefore, I have been advised by a mutual friend who is close to Mark to begin looking for another solution as quickly as possible, to avoid losing my website. I do not know when the servers that look after all of Mark's clients will be shut down, so it could happen at any time. I am in contact with a company to set up a hosting account, and I am waiting for the necessary information before I can proceed with the migration.

I have to choose now whether to keep the current website I have, with Joomla coding. I have really grown to love this website, and I was looking forward to making a few changes with Mark's help this year. This will no longer be happening. I do not have enough Joomla knowledge or experience to maintain the current website, so I am contemplating having the website moved over to a WordPress format as I have a couple of trusted friends who have this knowledge and are able and willing to assist in getting a new website up and running.

If there are any listeners with substantial Joomla knowledge who may be available to answer questions, if I have them, this would be great!

It is with a heavy heart that this situation has arisen, as I have been so grateful for all the time and effort Mark has given in his support and belief in my work and service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families! I send a prayer to him, and ask our celestial and galactic families to reach out to help him, guide him and protect him as he moves through this extremely challenging LIFE-path experience. I would like to envision a day when this kind soul will be able to return to his service once again!

So, if the website does go down, please know that I am working on another solution, and will do my best to bring the website, the blog and show summary page back up as quickly as possible. I thank you for your patience, if it is required, during this unfortunate transition.


In this week's FINAL WORDS:


Ok, now that we've broken the ice on the topic, and perhaps now that I have your attention, we can get to the important topics of discussion.

I certainly do not need to spend any length of time on the historical influences of sex, primarily heterosexual sex, but now expanding to other physical relations as humanity evolves in increasingly more directions to explore the higher nature of love between souls at the physical level.

It's power has been often praised, and it has often been abused. Historically, it has been used as tool for manipulation, control, entrapment, profit, and harm. In more than one religious context, love as a physical experience for either enjoyment or procreation has been treated as a secret taboo, if not expressly denied, primarily within the western world.
As the global cabal has had its reign of control over humanity and our planet, fear-based stereotypes and criteria of separation have been drilled into humans, causing them to form judgments and criticisms of other souls...or perhaps I should say, other aspects of themselves...since we are all One.

When fears and systems of belief have been drilled into people over years, decades and lifetimes, and without the key knowledge of the true energetic nature and Oneness of humanity and all LIFE in all forms, it has been easy for humans to slip into patterns of negativity regarding love and sex.

Of course, this is not exclusive only to love and sex, for almost every aspect of our human experience on Earth has been controlled by a small group of humans and non-humans for most, if not all of our lives as we have currently incarnated into.
The current paradigm we have existed in is arguably collapsing, but it may more appropriately be described as a transformation or a transition to the next phase of our human journey.

We are expanding beyond everything that we have been taught that we are, and this must therefore also include what we think, feel and understand about love and sex.

There are those who choose to abstain from sex and physical relations, anchoring exclusively a masculine or a feminine energy. These choices are as equally honoured in the overall human experience. There are those who choose purely for its raw, wild energies without any focused intent on love in a higher sense. There are those who have chosen very disciplined approaches to love, sex and the conscious merging of masculine and feminine energies, in whatever form or forms souls choose to experience that.

For people who are just beginning to awaken and are unsure about how to be in service at this time, is there possibly a way they can help. There are obviously many ways they could choose to help...but the question is...will it be something that they enjoy doing? Maybe.. just maybe.. sex and love, in its higher context, could be used to help uplift human and planetary consciousness.

I would like to share an article on the Elephant Journal Blog. The article, written by Sarah Peterson explores the topic of 'Evolutionary Sex'
Here is what Peterson offers from the feminine perspective:

"I am well aware that I am swimming in a sea of men.

They are everywhere I look, and for the most part they all seem to want the same thing...Sex!

I have come to understand that if I navigate this man pool with balance and consciousness, I can shift the face of human evolution. I mindfully choose which penis is worthy enough to merge with my sacred vagina, and I have evolutionary sex.

Evolutionary sex is the most potent sex of my life; it's so powerful that Earth is transformed afterwards. When I pick my partner from a balanced place, I choose balance in my mate and as a result, I help restore balance in my world. I choose conscious evolution through conscious conception.

Back in college I chose to have sex with hyper-masculine hotties that I would meet through friends, at the gym or out at the bars. I chose these men because I reveled in their strength and self assured attitudes.

But when I would repeatedly wake up the next morning with a throbbing head and hollow feeling inside, my inner feminist would shake her head in disapproval. She wasn't a bit surprised when I would once again have my heart roughly handed back to me after being carelessly man-handled by my latest masculine mate. I found myself stuck in this heart-breaking cycle.

It took years, but I finally figured out how to step out of my cyclical sex samsara (cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth). I realized that my search for strength and self assurance in a mate was arising because I lacked those things in myself. I was never satiated by masculine partners because what I truly needed was to awaken my internal man, or my masculine side. I found that I was out of balance.

So I made a list of all of the things that I was searching for in a man, and I set about awakening those things in myself.

I like strong men, so I forced myself to become physically and emotionally stronger. I like knowledgeable men, so I worked to increasing my own knowledge. I like independent men, so I became more independent in my actions. I like passionate men, so I started to follow my passions.

By empowering my masculine side, I enable myself to become whole again. I learned the full feeling I used to seek out in sex is actually generated by my inner balance. I am the only one capable of filling my hollow self up.

I balance my internal yang with my internal yin, and I come into wholeness within—into balance in my being. This balance radiates out from my center like a light turned on from within.

I come into balance and I find that I am no longer searching for men, instead they are actively searching for me.

My internal flame attracts a myriad of male moths. I feel exponentially more attractive. I believe this is because I have tapped into what truly makes me sexy—my confidence, which I generate through obtaining balance in my being.

I transcend the need to have another being complete me. I am a strong, empowered and balanced human being.

As it turns out, there is nothing sexier than that.

When I realize I'm more than just my vagina, I demand that my mate be more than just a dick. I am a balanced being, and I expect the same out of my partner.

It turns out the balanced male archetype is a bit of an anomaly these days. He is being fazed out of the gene pool and has been for quite some time. Society has labeled him a "nice-guy" and told him he is going to finish last.

It seems like my hyper-masculine culture has taught men to oppress their feminine sides, which creates internal imbalance. This imbalance manifests externally—I see it daily on a global scale.

It appears in the form of large scale oppression of women around the world. It can be seen in the face of rape, domestic violence and even war.

Through selecting hyper-masculine men to have sex with, I had been feeding my culture of feminine oppression.

Through searching for my masculinity outside of myself, I created a demand for my hyper-masculine culture.

Now I think about sex a little differently. I realize that my sexual preferences and escapades actually shape evolution and I want to be a part of a culture evolving towards balance.

This knowledge changes who I decide to have sex with.

What does this change look like? It looks like more sex for the "nice guy."

That's right, watch out macho men, that guy you just called pussy will be getting more of exactly that!

Evolutionary sex is experienced when complete individuals merge and consciously co-create. From this co-creation, a new era of balance, unity and consciousness is born. My revolution is sexual in nature.

I choose to revolt against my imbalanced, hyper-masculine culture.

I do this by by refusing to have sex with it."

The link to her article will be in the show summary."

So there is hope for the 'nice guy' afterall. This helps put my own heart a little bit more at ease. However, for all you nice guys out there, it also means that you may have a bit of work to do also in balancing the feminine aspects of yourselves. Granted, most or all of you have done a better job at this then the macho man stereotype, but we all, myself included, would benefit ourselves in balancing the feminine aspects that we claim to be searching for in our partners.

I am going to give all of you some homework, and it may arguably be the best homework assignment you have ever been offered.

At least once, or possibly twice a week, depending upon how often you choose to engage in lovemaking or actual intercourse, focus on a conscious intent to bring the loving, peaceful, and oneness energies of the universe down into the body of one person, perhaps the one who is on top. The one on the bottom can focus on a conscious intent to bring up into the body the loving, peaceful and Oneness energies of Earth in her highest expression.

As you engage in foreplay, or the beginning stages of lovemaking, envision these two energies swirling around both of you and merging. As you approach the point of orgasm, bring those energies up into your heart, and then see the energies merging from both hearts. Then, with one focused push, send those energies out from both of you, envisioning the highest manifestation for humanity and our planet at this time, and see these energies going beyond your bodies, beyond your home, your city, your completely surround the planet with those blissful energies. See Earth in her pristine form, and all humans being healthy and free as a birthing peaceful and loving, galactic star nation.

So the single people do not feel left out, if you choose and feel comfortable doing so, you can bring yourself to orgasm, and focus on pushing the energies of love, peace, health and harmony for humanity and our planet into your heart, and then out from your body to surround Earth also.

Since Hollywood, and other institutions have used these energies in a negative, controlling way...perhaps it is time for humanity to own this aspect of our being, and use it in a powerful way to help transform, not only those participating in this activity, but also humanity and our planet!

Create an orgasmic week... until our next moment of 'now' !

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - NOV2103, Sarah Peterson, : Evolutionary Sex.


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