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Cosmic Vision News - June 19, 2015

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CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 05JUN Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, : IMF has betrayed its mission in Greece, captive to EMU creditors.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN Sputnik News : Greece Rejects 10-Month Extension in Bailout Talks.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 15JUN : Greece’s Syriza weaves scheme for default, return to national currency - media.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 17JUN AFP via : IMF trying to 'humiliate' Greece: Tsipras.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 17JUN Shaun Walker, : Tsipras to meet Putin over bailout loan as fears of Greek exit from EU mount.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18JUN : Greek PM Tsipras Sighted in Russia as Euro Cabalists Scramble for EU’s Future.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18JUN : Depositors withdraw €820mn in single day ahead of Eurogroup ‘crunch’ talks - media.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18JUN : Greek debt 'illegal, illegitimate and odious’.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 19JUN Isabella Fraser and Peter Spence, London Telegraph: Greek debt crisis last chance to avoid Grexit.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 19JUN : The IMF "Trained" Greek Journalists In Washington To Spin Stories In Favor Of Troika.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08APR Tyler Durden, : "Odious Debt" Has Finally Arrived: Greece To Write Off "Illegal" Debt.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Jason Manolopoulos, “Greece’s Odious Debt” - excerpt taken from the book.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Homepage for ‘Greece’s Odious Debt’, by Jason Manolopoulos.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 19JUN : Greece joins new Russian gas pipeline project to Europe.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 19JUN : Russia, Greece sign €2bn deal on Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 15JUN : Greek gov’t holds emergency meetings.


CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - Video of Belgian MP Raoul Hebedouw, calling for solidarity with Greece and speaking out against the ‘troika’ and the banking scam.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 13JUN : Citizens take power in Spain’s largest cities as a political revolution sweeps the country.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 14JUN YouTube Video, Chris Hedges appearing on Tavis Smiley : Chris Hedges on Tavis Smiley: Change Will Come Through Organizations of Mass Resistance. (audio clip saved)

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - 15JUN (from CVN last week: Sahra Wagenknecht speaking to German Bundestag about Ukraine and the US/global cabal. )


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - : General election coverage in Turkey. 

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN : Turkey enters new and uncertain political era as AKP loses majority.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN : HDP leader wants to represent all of Turkey’s ‘oppressed’.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN : What now for Turkish-EU relations?.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN : Turkey’s more diverse vote is obstacle to government.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN : Turkish markets plummet after general election.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 07JUN Ercan Gurses and Nick Tattersal, : Kurdish party thwarts Erdogan's ambitions with Turkish election advance.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 07JUN : Deutsche Bank co-chiefs to step down .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 07JUN John Bacon, Mike Snider, : Deutsche Bank CEOs step down under fire.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 07JUN : Bix Weir ALERT: Both CEO's of the World's Largest Derivative Holder Suddenly Resign .

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN Mark O’Byrne, : Deutsche Bank CEOs “Shown Door” – World’s Largest Holder of Derivatives In Trouble?

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 07JUN Reuters and Erin Fuchs, : Deutsche Bank picks new CEO at emergency meeting after 2 co-CEOs quit.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 12JUN : 'Are you crazy?' People in Moscow widely oppose fake petition to nuke America.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 09JUN : ‘Obama zombies’: Americans sign prankster’s petition to nuke Russia (VIDEO). 

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CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18JUN : Pope Francis Encyclical Letter On Care For Our Common Home.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 18JUN Stephanie Kirchgaessner, : Pope's climate change encyclical tells rich nations: pay your debt to the poor.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 13JUN John Vidal, : Explosive intervention by Pope Francis set to transform climate change debate.

7. ( 44:40 ) LIFE BEYOND EARTH.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 12JUN Kelly Dickerson, Yahoo News : Moving to Mars could create a whole new breed of people.

CLICK TO LISTEN TO INTERVIEW  - 11MAY Terry Gross, host of ‘Fresh Air’ interviews Chris Impey. His comments, used on CVN, begin around the 14:35 mark.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 06JUN Whalen MacHale, : NASA Directors, Astronaut Address the State of the Extraterrestrial Economy.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 08JUN : Whistleblower Spills Beans: ‘I Spent Three Years Serving on Deep Space Fleet’.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 31MAY Michael Salla, : Secret Space War halts as Extraterrestrial Disclosure Plans move forward.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 10JUN Kevin Loria, : The Fermi Paradox.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 02JUN Jessica Orwig, : NASA is not ready to detect alien life on Jupiter's beautiful water-rich moon.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 25APR Carolanne Wright, : The Greenhouse of the Future — Grow Your Own Food Year-Round With This Revolutionary System.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 22FEB2013 Kimberly Mok, : Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video).


CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  -Electrical Power from Water Fuel

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  -SunCell™ - Solid Fuel Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition Cell

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE CIHT Cell - Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition Cell

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics by Dr. Randell Mills.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Homepage for Blacklight Power.


CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 31JAN : This Miracle Recipe Will Heal Your Back, Joints and Legs Pain in Just 7 Days!

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 19NOV2014 : Home Made Shampoo with gelatin.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - Undated, : 12 Uses for Gelatin.

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Alice can be contacted at: .

Beaver, K.; Vaughn, M.; Wright, P. (2008). Androgenic Steroid Use and involvement in violent behavior in a national representative sample of males in U.S.

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Mind Control Program Information:

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Is depression a disease, or promoted by Big Pharma?

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Dr. John on Veritas Radio - The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Propaganda and Manipulation: How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: CIA Medical Experiments: Treating Psychosis - MKULTRA Mind Control Documentary Film (1955)

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: LSD - Testing On British Marines (1964) (Misc.) [HD].

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Army acid test

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Mind Control through Tv and the Children {Documentary}.

CVN notes:

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Wikipedia explanation of the DSM book to which Alice refers. This is the ‘Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’.

12. ( 77:21 ) ANNOUNCEMENT

As an announcement for this week, a few listeners may have discovered that a new CVN website is now active. This website is an attempt to simplify the work I am feeling called to take on with regard to global change, peace and healing. This work has been divided up into the two separate parts, with the Cosmic Vision News part being on the left side of the website, and the more spiritually-relevant work related to The Greenprint For LIFE is put on the right side. 

As well, the idea was to try to make the site look a little bit more credible as a news-oriented website, and the idea is to market and promote my biggest asset right now, and that is the newscast itself.

The most recent broadcast will appear at the top, and three of the recent newscasts will appear below.

The site is still under construction, as there were things that I thought I could do, that took a bit longer to figure out.

It will still take some time to get everything into place, but the most recent shows are now in order, and it is my hope to have this week’s newscast in place on the CVN page, in time for its regular air time.
By having the key product and service I offer clearly available, it is also my hope that those who may wish to financially support CVN but who have not fully understood what it is that I am offering, will find this more clearly offered on the new site.

This is another stepping stone to the evolution of CVN. For the time being, CVN is being pre-recorded. If and when a time comes that global changes require a return to live broadcasting, I will explore a solution at that time, or when the resources become available to do so on the CVN website.

Many thanks for your continued patience as I get things set up on the new page.


In this week’s FINAL WORDS,

Last week, I offered a bit of an observation about how even those claiming to be in higher service to humanity and our planet, are finding themselves being drawn into polarizing patterns of defending what they are claiming as the ‘new truth’, to replace that which is now transforming within human and planetary consciousness. I will use the term Lightworker, just to make it simpler, although I know some do not particularly like this term.

Like many people defending the truth of their religion, Lightworkers seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of their new-found ‘truth’, and there are some who are perhaps taking this new truth to what might be considered a ‘new-age extreme’. I then offered that this ‘new-age truth’ may also contain, not only parts of the illusion, but also disinformation. In fact there may be yet more truths to discover as each human moves along in his or journey. What we are experiencing at this time, seems to emphasize more clearly than ever, how important it is to connect within the truth that is within oneself, without looking beyond to me, or to any other for answers that really are uniquely your own.

By all means, use external sources and information, such as this newscast or others, to guide you to information that will assist in your uniquely different, equally beautiful truth, but I gently advise against becoming too attached to any sources of external information as your only guidance, for there is no external source of information out there that truly has the answer that can only be found within the hearts of each and every one of you. Whatever your message is meant to be, or whatever your service is meant to be, for humanity and our planet, lies within you only, and no one else has the right to determine who you ARE, or who you can choose to BECOME in any moment of ‘now’.

We are all dealing with issues right now, myself included. It is important to deal with them and to avoid trying to repress them, which is what I have been guilty of in my past. They only keep coming up.

An article appearing on the Collective Evolution website by Milan Karmeli from mid-January offered information on the importance of understanding your dark side. The article writes that: “ In truth, much effort goes into repressing and hiding it from ourselves and others. It’s our dark side. The parts we are ashamed and afraid to show. But through denial, we fail to see that in the obscurity of darkness also lay our strengths.

For reasons originating in the past, we have decided to negate and hide this dark side without exploring it further. And so in return it keeps us distant from truly expressing ourselves.”

The article continues: “ In many ways, hiding our shadow can be considered the highest form of betrayal. By concealing this part of us, we are saying we don’t deserve to show our complete selves, thereby betraying ourselves. In return, secrecy, manipulation, and pretending take over large parts of our lives from fear of being ‘exposed’ and rejected for the part of ourself we are hiding.
our shadow can show itself as weakness or strength. Becoming aware of our complete self allows us an opportunity for expressing strength. Ignoring these qualities, however, will always produce a damaging result.

The more we repress these dark corners of our being, the more we face disorder in our personality. This can manifest as addiction, anxiety, intentionally failed relationships or jobs, or other behaviors that cause destruction to ourselves and others.

To become aware of our shadow is to shed light on our earliest wounds and to give ourselves a chance for healing and transformation. But as long as we choose to close our eyes to this, the wounds will continue to decay while emitting poison into our lives.”

Karmeli shares the journey of deepening one’s spirituality requires passing through the shadow. He writes: “ Solely focusing on finding our light keeps us away from places of shame, guilt, jealousy, greed, competition, lust and aggression. But it is these very emotions that must be worked through first before coming near our lighter sides.

As with all strong emotions, what we don’t want to look at always keeps us contracted and in rejection. Deep down we know these qualities and feelings reside in us, and hiding them leads us to a life of inauthenticity and sometimes incomprehensible self-destructive behavior.

If our shadow is not acknowledged and embraced, the depth of our spiritual and personal growth is limited. Denying to look at the darkness is rejecting ourselves the need to be received in totality by others.

There is a challenge, and it is a challenge that I am very much aware of in my own life. Karmeli writes that: “ The shadow should be met in a safe and loving environment. Otherwise, it is too afraid that its face will cause devastation and result in further isolation. When it’s safe we can start looking, seeing, and expressing what has been hidden from our awareness.

There are many unpolished diamonds of strength, creativity, and beauty, which we’ve kept limited so that others close don’t feel small, intimidated or scared. Speaking to our shadow is an immense step towards healing and self-love.

Initially, when we embark on this exciting and necessary journey, we may not be sure who we really are. But this is only because we are so used to our masks that expressing our true self is like meeting a familiar stranger. Soon new possibilities, choices and, perceptions appear.

Suddenly we can face the many question marks in our life from a place of strength and authenticity. We strengthen our capacity to be in this world more fully and completely.”

Another article supporting the healing of one’s shadow appeared on the Elephant Jouranl website in January by David Arenson. Arenson asks: Is there a root of our collective dysfunction as individuals and as a global society.

He offers that: “ It seems that in today’s world, selfishness, lust for power, hatred, violence and other unwanted dramas are still very much at play. The despair and separation seems to be reaching saturation point. It is an invitation to consider what historian Charles Beard said when asked what he had learnt from history, “when it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

If now is the darkness before the dawn, what is the most powerful act we can do as individuals and as humanity to sweep away the conflicts of history? Where is the glimpse of light striving to shine forth?

There is never a time when peace can be resolved with hatred. If the past taught us anything, it is that conflict stimulates more conflict. So, too, forgiveness stimulates more forgiveness. We stand at a threshold of spiritual opportunity that can take us into the stratosphere of our radiance.

When we liberate ourselves, we automatically liberate others.”

He writes of radical forgiveness, stating that: “ Radical forgiveness is not sensible, rational, logical or “right;” it’s an invitation to open the heart to acting completely and unconditionally loving without a selfish motivation.

It’s not selfish, but we still get something out of it—essentially forgiveness is an act of self-love, offering a double gift by rewarding both the giver and the receiver. That’s why the choice to truly forgive is one of the most powerful ones we can make for ourselves and for humanity.

Practising radical forgiveness is allowing and accepting all that is happening in our world. It releases one to be present without trying to control others and the quality of our experience. Taking the “letting go” pill activates a deep surrendering. In this space of surrender, we glimpse a greater part of reality and who we are—that which is unconditional freedom.”

He also adds the following: “ The cosmic joke is that the very external world we judge so harshly, only reflects our internal world. What is seen in others is a projection that emanates from within. This mirror shows us who we are, it reveals exactly what is happening inside. There is no escaping from the self—one always suffers the consequences of what is occurring in one’s internal world. One who is able to accept and forgive himself (or herself) is also able to accept and forgive others.”

One example is the following. A Yahoo news story by Esther Crane on 03JUN about Hadley and Gentry Eddings, who chose to forgive the man implicated in the deaths of their two sons in a traffic accident. The article added that: “ From a spiritual or secular standpoint, grief experts say that forgiveness — the conscious act of releasing anger and vengeance toward someone who hurt you— is crucial when it comes to processing loss.”

There are different aspects of darkness that appear within us. That was merely one example. Hiding from our true potential because of fears or darkness in our past is another.

A pleasant Hallmark movie entitled ‘The Music In Me’, starring musical artist Debbie Gibson, touched me inside this past week, about denying who we are.

Links to all articles, the homepage for Radical Forgiveness and also the Hallmark movie, as long as it remains active, will appear in the show summary for the FINAL WORDS.

Create a fantastic week, until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 13JAN : Why It’s Important To Understand Your Dark Side.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE - 03JUN Esther Crane, Yahoo News: Parents Forgive the Driver Who Killed Their Two Young Children. Could You Do the Same?.

CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE  - 11JAN David G Arenson, : Practicing Radical Forgiveness.

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Homepage for Radical Forgiveness.

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO  - YouTube Video: Debbie Gibson, ‘Promises’ - from the Hallmark movie ‘The Music In Me’.


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