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Cosmic Vision News - Show Summary With Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - September 11, 2015

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1. ( 01:06 ) THE CRISIS OF ISIS: LIKE ITS PREVIOUS INCARNATIONS AFTER 9/11, LATEST TERROR THREAT CONTINUES TO BE EXPOSED FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS.  - YouTube Video: 18AUG2010 : Proof 'Plane' Was Hologram That Hit 9/11.   05JUN2006 YouTube Video: WTC Owner Larry Silverstein gave order to "pull" Building 7.  - 26FEB2007 YouTube Video: BBC News Reports WTC7 Fell Before It Happens!  - 19NOV2012 John Craven, : On the trail of New York's lost Teardrop: John Craven tracks down a forgotten monument to the 9/11 victims  - Homepage for the Teardrop Memorial - A gift from the people and government of Russia, to the people of the US.  - 17AUG Nancy Detweiler, WayOfLove Blog : This Is Absolutely Appalling And Americans, You Need To Take Note!  - YouTube Video : 911: In Plane Site - The Truth Behind 9-11.  - 03SEP2013 via YouTube: General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years.  - 20FEB : America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776.  - 12MAR Ben Swann via : The Origin of ISIS.  - 27AUG Lew Rockwell via YouTube Video : Sibel Edmonds: ISIS is US.  - 04SEP TeleSur via YouTube: The Empire Files — The Rise of History's Biggest Empire  - 01OCT2012 YouTube Video: 9/11 Cognitive Dissonance: Why People Are Afraid of 9/11 Truth.  - 03JUN Seumas Milne, : Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq.  - 10SEP : Defeating ISIL Without Moscow and Tehran ‘Not Possible’ – German Media.  - 24MAY : Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad.  - 12AUG Seema Mustafa via : And now it is confirmed, Islamic State (ISIS) is a US creation.

2. ( 35:34 ) THE SYRIAN STORY: WHY SYRIAN REFUGEES…AND WHY NOW, AFTER SO MANY YEARS?  - 04SEP : Putin blames US for migrant crisis in Europe.  - 04SEP : Putin Says Assad Willing to Share Power With 'Healthy Opposition’.  - 06SEP : Putin Now 'On the Offensive' in Syrian Conflict - German Newspaper.  - 09SEP Lyndon LaRouche, : Obama Walks into Putin Syria Trap.  - 09SEP Lyndon Larouche, : Former NATO Military Committee Head General Kujat Calls for 'Grand Alliance with Russia' To Stop the War in Syria.  - 07SEP : Putin: The Only World Leader Speaking Sense on Syria & The Migrant Crisis.  - 09SEP Democracy Now: German Lawmaker: At the Root of Refugee Crisis are Wars Led by the United States in the Middle East.  - 21FEB2013 Craig Murray, : Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild. (2013)  - 11SEP : Saudi Arabia has 100,000 Air Conditioned Tents That Can House Three Million People Sitting Empty, Yet Has Taken Zero Refugees.  - 09SEP YouTube Video : ‘Syrian Girl’ vlog: RefugeeCrisis: What The Media Is Hiding, Help #SyrianRefugees Go Home.  - Wikipedia page for Yulia Marushevska.  - CVN news broadcast with story and details about Marushevska’s links to US/Israeli interests in creating destabilizing campaign in Ukraine.  - 07SEP Adrian Lancashire, : Germany’s winning refugee welcome formula.  - 05SEP YouTube Video UNHCR Melissa Fleming in Austria : 'Leadership based on values'  - 08SEP : Hungary: Journalist KICKS refugees fleeing police at border camp.  - 09SEP Economic Times of India: Hungarian TV journalist fired for tripping up fleeing migrants.  - 08SEP Lydia Willgress and Simon Tomlinson, : Hungarian camerawoman faces criminal investigation after kicking a little girl and tripping up a migrant father carrying his terrified young child as they fled police.  - 06SEP : Athens Denies US Request to Close Airspace for Russian Aid to Syria.  - 09SEP Jerusalem Post : Egyptian billionaire offers to buy Mediterranean island to accommodate refugees.  - 08SEP Amanda Froelich, : Egyptian Billionaire Will Purchase An Island To Provide 200,000 Refugees New Home.


3. ( 61:19 ) ELECTION HYPOCRISY: CANADIAN PM WARNS DIPLOMATS ABOUT ELECTION INTERFERENCE, AND HIRES FOREIGNER TO INFLUENCE HIS CAMPAIGN.  - 08SEP Amanda Connolly, : Keep your noses out of our election, Foreign Affairs warns diplomats.  - 11SEP : Desperate Harper hires TFW tobacco lobbyist to lead campaign in violation of election law.  - 09AUG Ricky Kreitner, : Canadian Prime Minister Locks Himself In Brazilian Bathroom Until He Gets His Way.


4. ( 66:44 ) INTERPRETING CHINA: ARE FINANCIAL ACTIONS A COLLAPSE OF THE OLD, OR THE BIRTH OF THE NEW?  - 06SEP Lingling Wei via : China's Central Bank Chief Predicts End Nigh for Market Rout.  - 06SEP Wall St. Journal : China’s Central Bank Chief Predicts End Nigh for Market Rout - PBOC Governor Zhou Xiaochuan offers first public comments on stock market turmoil and Beijing’s response in statement to G-20 leaders.


5. ( 74:48 ) BRICS MONETARY FUND OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  - 05SEP : $100bn BRICS monetary fund now operational.


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 6. ( 77:13 ) CRAZY ABOUT CANNABIS: RICK SIMPSON SPEAKS OUT ON CANNABIS, THE OIL, THE PLANT, THE LAWS AND THE CRAZINESS.  - 10SEP MintPress News via YouTube: Rick Simpson Takes On Big Pharma & Rockefeller Medicine w/ Mnar Muhawesh.



If I may at this time, I would like to make a request. I am would like to ask if there are any CVN listeners who are extensive business travellers, and who may be willing to donate some frequent flyer points for the purposes of possibly taking a trip to Canada in early October.

The plans for this trip will depend upon whatever happens on the geoeconomic scene over the next few weeks. However, if the trip goes ahead, it is my hope to travel on 29-30SEP or latest 01OCT.

I would be looking to stay for about two to three weeks and then return back to Sweden.

The trip is not an urgent one but there are a few things that I would like to attend that feel important to me at this time.

I can be contacted through the CVN website,   or through the email: .



In this week’s FINAL WORDS,

Given the fact that the newscast comes on 11SEP, it is perhaps appropriate that we focus on creating ways of stepping beyond anything that is connected to energies of negativity.

We close this week with a recent segment from Daryl Anka and a galactic entity named Bashar. In this clip, come highlights from a presentation entitled ‘The Black Box’ and the YouTube page describes the video as follows: “In these three transmissions, Bashar will prepare you with the necessary tools to navigate the period of rapid change that will occur in these next two critical years of 2015 and 2016, providing you with a link and a bridge to a new time on Earth. Use these tools to become your highest vibration!”

For those who choose to reject the idea of a channeled message, this is perfectly okay, although I invite those individuals to focus more on the message, and not focus on the source.

Create a wonderful week..until our next moment of now, here is Bashar:  - 04AUG Daryl Anka and Bashar via YouTube: "The Black Box" highlights “



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