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Cosmic Vision News - January 29, 2016


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As reported over the last couple of weeks, attention is being drawn back to the story of the Grand River Mohawks, located near Brantford, Ontario, roughly one hour west of Toronto.

This story will be a complicated one, and when I say this, I do not mean to imply that the complication is unique to the Grand River Mohawks. The story of the abuse of countless indigenous tribes worldwide has been complicated. The story of the enslavement of humanity in general, as many are now learning is incredibly complicated.

There are numerous issues that are being brought to the attention of many people, and some of those people are not able to connect the dots of the issue that they happen to be passionate about, with so many other issues.

This group known as the global cabal has been ingenious in finding ways to keep people distracted on multiple levels, while giving them the illusion that they are living in free and democratic societies. Although perhaps slightly true up to a point, the vast majority are only now beginning to see and understand the extent of the enslavement to which humanity has been kept.

Over the coming weeks, as this story is being told, CVN is going to try its best to tell the story in a way that can be followed by the listeners. The transcript to these stories will be posted in the show summary for people to read for greater clarity, and supporting documentation such as diagrams will be posted if they are provided to CVN.

As was reported last week, there is a brewing local-level controversy that, to some listeners may not seem important because it is affecting only one group of indigenous people in one location. This however would be a misinterpretation because the issues that are now being brought into the light by the Grand River Mohawks have profound implications worldwide and also upon numerous very prominent people in global affairs. On various levels, this story has the potential to touch almost every continent, because abuse of the Grand River Mohawks was committed by many of the same entities directly or indirectly connected to others who have been responsible for the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit, power and greed.

The story is about some Mohawks of three villages and their allies whose attachment to Crown treaties caused them to work together to protect the Grand River Territory and what was left of Tkanatahere GAN-AH-DAH-HEY-LAY - the traditional 5 Nations Hunting Grounds with the British up until after the war of 1812. Long before Canada. The Haldimand Territory was nearly 1 million acres and partially leased - earning revenue for the Mohawks and others of the formerly (American) "Six Nations" - at the end of hostilites. Power of Attorney was vested by "Six Natons" chiefs, warriors, and clan mothers - to Joseph Brant, a Grand River Mohawk (original founders of the League of Peace). Within the next decades following Brant's death, that territory would be reduced to Reservation No. 40 administered by the "Six Nations Elected Band Council" under Federal laws such as the Indian Act.

What makes this story important, is that, finally, an indigenous nation that is still truly free has the legal proof to expose the fraud and corruption, but it is also a nation that has committed to opening doors with other indigenous nations and even national governments to begin implementing plans to rebuild this planet and restore lands and freedoms to not only indigenous nations, but to any human seeking to live under the great tree of peace in harmony and unity not only with others but also in sacred bond to the Earth that sustains us.

This particular story starts in Canada, but it can link to virtually any other case of abuse towards indigenous peoples, their Earth wisdom or their Earth-honouring traditions. They are not unique, but little by little, their voices are once again uniting under the possibility that maybe this global cabal can shut down once and for all, and it begins here and it begins now.

Before we begin, let’s take a look at an example of indigenous racism in Australia. One scandal that broke out last August involved a celebrated indigenous Aussie Rules footballer named Adam Goodes. Goodes' indigenous mother has her ancestry linked two tribes in Australia.

The full controversy involving Goodes can read in a link in the show summary. The controversy appears to have started when a young football fan called Goodes an ‘ape’. Goodes pointed the fan out to security who had her removed. She was thirteen. There were apologies, including from the young girl. Goodes, although hurt, encouraged the community to stand behind her and not blame her. His pride in celebrating in indigenous connections continued to bring repeated rounds of booing, despite his success as a player. Eventually the stress forced him into retirement, despite apologies from the club that they do not support racism.  - The controversy of Adam Goodes.

Stan Grant, an indigenous journalist from the Wiradjuri tribe of New South Wales, wrote of the controversy last year and won an award for his work, describing the effects of the booing on the hearts and ears of the indigenous people. At the same time he was invited to speak on a debate program where the question focused on racism in Australia. The video of that speech was released online by the Ethics Centre that sponsored the debate, and the video has gone viral. An article appearing on the London Guardian website by Melissa Davey on 24JAN reports on the story that has taken on a new importance in Australia. The article contains excerpts of the speech made by Stan Grant that has gone viral. According to the article, as of the day it was printed, the video had received 850,000 views and 28,000 shares via Facebook and had been viewed more than 50,000 times total on different uploads of the speech by the evening of the 24th.  - 24JAN Melissa Davey, : Stan Grant's speech on racism and the Australian dream goes viral.'s-racism-is-killing-the-australia-dream-speech-viral/7110506  - 25JAN : Stan Grant's speech on racism and the Australian dream as part of IQ2 debate goes viral.  - 22JAN Alex McKinnon, : Indigenous Journalist Stan Grant’s Extraordinary Speech On Racism In Australia Is Compulsory Viewing.  - Homepage for the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

The article closes noting that: “The media commentator and writer, Mike Carlton, described Grant’s address as Australia’s “Martin Luther King moment,” and “Stan Grant” was still trending on Twitter on Sunday morning.”

Grant sums up the Australian version well, but it is a story that could be told in many countries with local variations, and it is happening across Canada and with the Grand River Mohawks.

The article closes noting that: “The media commentator and writer, Mike Carlton, described Grant’s address as Australia’s “Martin Luther King moment,” and “Stan Grant” was still trending on Twitter on Sunday morning.”

Until now, indigenous tribes have either had to surrender their rights and freedoms to various corporate or legal entities in order to receive any kind of recognition from national governments. Indigenous tribes that retained their natural status as free humans were not acknowledged and in the case of the Grand River Mohawks, were just treated as corporate entities and had their land stolen because the government and its partner entities thought that they could get away with it without getting caught.

At least part of the reason for the cabal attempts to suppress indigenous groups is for pretty much the same reason as they attempt to dumb down and harm children through dangerous vaccines, violent video games, and super-unhealthy foods. It comes down to fear. The cabal establishment fears what today’s younger children and indigenous cultures represent: an awakening of humanity’s deeper spiritual inner power.

Very few indigenous tribes, if any, have had any kind of legal footing to stand upon to exert their rights and freedoms according to their status as natural beings, free from the corporate entity enslavement.

Until now. The Grand River Mohawks have all the pieces to make a lawful claim, not only for their own lands, but also a claim on behalf of indigenous tribes worldwide, and humanity in general.

It is all connected, in ways that are more profound than most will fully be able to grasp right away, and to stretch it even further, these connections go beyond human consciousness and beyond even our planet to include civilizations and technologies beyond earth and awareness that transcends the current human 3D perception of it. That however is further down the road.

What is happening this week is this. In Brantford, there is a controversial land transfer that was expected to close on the 28th. This land was to transfer from Brant County to the city of Brantford itself. All the information about this land deal cannot be fully revealed at this time but will be forthcoming when the time is right.

The transfer is being protested by the Grand River Mohawks because they can show that they still have the deeded title to this land according to an agreement that was made even before the land was known as the country, or corporation of Canada. No one has the right to transfer any land to any one because this land was never surrendered, nor were there any negotiations involving the traditional and natural guardians of that land.

There are two terms that need to clarified at this point. The Province of Ontario website describes the ‘Six Nations of The Grand River’ according to their page these six nations are the “Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga and Tuscarora nations”. On that same page, there is a link to land claims where people can view all outstanding land claims. Strangely, the Mohawk land claim is not present, because the debt is not acknowledged, although it can be proven.  - Government of Ontario webpage for the Six Nations of Grand River.

An article by Jim Windle, appearing on the Two Row Times news website on 26JAN writes the following: “ The second of two consultation meetings on the Brant-Brantford land transfer, was held at the Grand Valley Church on Powerline Road on Thursday evening. As in the first meeting last week at Lions Park, it was full to the walls, and both Mayor Ron Eddy representing the County of Brant and Chris Friel representing Brantford were grilled by residents unhappy with the addition of Tutela Heights to the transfer of land from the County to the City.

Existing residents fear that high density development would ruin the esthetic appeal of their homes, and therefore, negatively impact the value of their property.”

As far as the residents are concerned, this is their major issue, however as many are now beginning to learn, the issue is much much bigger than just this.

One elder of the Grand River Mohawks, Jan Longboat appeared to be reflecting the language of a letter put out by the Chief of the Mohawk Wolf Clan earlier in the week when she spoke at the meeting. She was quoted as saying the following: “ “First of all, I would like to say that we are not citizens of Canada, and would you please refer to us as the indigenous people of these lands,” she began. “My family has lived at Grand River ever since we came here with Joseph Brant in 1784. The Haldimand Deed, or Proclamation, predates the creation of Upper Canada, which was 1791. Canada didn’t even exist when our people came to this territory under the Haldimand Deed.”  - 26JAN Jim Windle, : Residents oppose land transfer.

The Mohawk lands were deeded to them for their guardianship before Canada came into existence, and thus the Canadian government has no right to expropriate these lands from the Mohawks. Yet, this is exactly what they have been doing, with numerous big cities and a large industrial presence upon these lands with no compensation paid to the Mohawks. This is what the Grand River Mohawks are able to prove.

At present, there is a massive, outstanding debt owed to the Grand River Mohawks, a debt that was formally acknowledged by a former mayor of the City of Brantford, but has not been acknowledge by the provincial government of Ontario nor the federal government in Ottawa.  - Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada: Manual for the Administration of Band Moneys - Chapter 8 to Appendices  - Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada: Manual for the Administration of Band Moneys - Table of Contents.

Where it may get a bit confusing for listeners is in understanding the process of conflict but also the process of resolution. We have numerous corporate entities and one major global corporation involved in the lands that have been deeded for guardianship by the Mohawks. These entities operate under the commercial jurisdiction of admiralty law.

Although there is an extremely large amount of funds that are owed to the Mohawks with interest resulting from monies that have been taken without permission from accounts that were holding Mohawk funds in trust, the primary issue is not so much about the money, but more about the land. The Mohawks have determined that it is more important to secure the lands that are rightfully theirs, while also helping other indigenous nations to secure lands that lawfully belong to them, so that all indigenous nations can begin to work together, and also with any allies, to recreate a healthier, more peaceful, and more Earth-honuring prosperity that will benefit those choosing to live in ways that honour the great Tree of Peace.

More information will be forthcoming next week.

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In this week’s FINAL WORDS

I would like to draw on some insights from an entity named Bashar in messages coming via Daryl Anka.

I have to say it, because there will always be new listeners who will be immediately tempted to put up a wall of resistance because they do not accept the source of the information. I gently ask those listeners to consider ANY source with a degree of critical questioning, and I absolutely insist that you include this newscast in that category. Anything reported on this newscast is not ‘true’ because it appears on this newscast. As with any source, it is vital that one examine the message or information coming from the source and one must determine for oneself if the message has something meaningful for one to reflect upon in one’s own LIFE-path, in the current moment of ‘now’.

This particular audio segment was done sometime around the middle of last year, and was uploaded to YouTube on 04AUG. It looks at what will unfold through to the end of 2016. You may observe or possibly feel that so many of the things that have happened so far this year are steps towards the autumn of 2016.

I ask people to note very carefully Bashar’s insistence that what he shares is not exactly a ‘prediction’ because there are many possible timelines that could unfold. What he points out is that given humanity’s current level of awakening and engagement on global chance issues, the pattern suggests certain things will unfold dramatically by the fall of 2016. This could change, depending upon whether or not more humans fall into the patterns of fear resulting from numerous attempts by the global cabal to create situations of fear to push humans back into enslavement and control.

Note also his explanation of definitions. This is a common theme, and it relates to the lives of everyone, and absolutely I am included in this. As I evaluate my own life, I see patterns where I have been saying one thing, but perhaps I have not exactly been truthful with myself in believing that which I am saying or claiming for my reality.

Now is the time to be moving oneself towards greater alignment with the shifting energies of these times. Symptoms may arise that were previously not present. In myself for example, I am observing funky things going on with my eyes. I could perhaps be inclined to blame it on all the computer work I have been doing over the years, and this may be true. It could also point to a symptom of something that I am refusing to see, perhaps in myself, or in something relating to my LIFE-path. I have also suddenly begun having extreme sensitivity in one tooth. So much so, I decided to go to have the tooth checked, but there is nothing physically wrong with the tooth. The doctor asked me if I was familiar with the meridian system, and I was. She explained that this particular tooth is linked to the left side of the brain, and that numerous people have come in recently with tooth issues on the left side. This tooth was also linked to issues relating to TMJ - Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and also to other physical symptoms that I have been experiencing.

Observe the message, and note how you are feeling, and perhaps pay a bit closer attention to the definitions you have set for yourself and whether or not greater reflection is required for your continued growth at this time.

Create a great week, until our next moment of ‘now’. Here is Bashar via Daryl Anka:


CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO {IF VIDEO ABOVE DOES NOT WORK}  - YouTube Video : Posted 04AUG Bashar Communications: “2015 - 2016: The Years of Expansion and Contraction" highlights.”

CLICK TO VIEW WEBPAGE  - Homepage for ‘Bashar’ and Daryl Anka.


Thank you for supporting Cosmic Vision News and A Greenprint For LIFE! Your Light, and your energies of support, financial and other, allow me to continue being in service to you, humanity, our planet and our benevolent galactic families, for the Highest Good of all!

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