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Cosmic Vision News - February 5,2016


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The Mohawks of Grand River have now launched the initial phases of their plan to not only reclaim the lands and funds that have been taken from them since before the confederation of Canada in 1867, but also to initiate more international actions that will expose entities that have harmed and stolen from other indigenous nations worldwide.

Although CVN has mentioned the Grand River Mohawks in stories in the past, last week was the story that gives people a bit of an introduction to the Grand River Mohawks; who they are, why they are different other indigenous nations in Canada; what has been done to them, and who it has been done by.

This week, the ball is being put into motion as to how the Mohawks are planning to move forward, not only for their interests, but as mentioned, the interests of other indigenous nations and also humanity in general.

It is a legal initiative, because the Mohawks are dealing with corporate entities that only understand commercial rules on their terms. It is much bigger than this however. It is an emotional initiative, for seeks to reclaim and re-empower the indigenous Earth wisdom that the global cabal has been seeking to remove from the world, because this wisdom represents a direct threat to all that gives this cabal its power. Most importantly however, it is a spiritual initiative: a movement to not only reclaim lands, but to work in partnership with any individuals, companies and allies that truly understand what it means to live under the Great Tree of Peace, and are willing to work and serve others but also our planet that sustains us.

It is about creating a new world within an old world, one that will render that old world obsolete. On a human/spiritual level, the Mohawk initiative seeks to work in a form of unofficial partnership with other current initiatives worldwide that are being undertaken worldwide to help strip this global cabal of the power that has historical held over humanity and the planet, arguably for centuries.

Last week, CVN introduced briefly the story that before Canada became a country, the Mohawks fought on behalf of the UK and the monarchy In recognition of this, a parcel of land, their original beaver hunting grounds, was deeded to the Mohawks, through an agreement known as the Haldimand Treaty. A Grand River Trust fund was set up to sustain the Mohawk families as well as the other "Six Nations" and other allies such as the Delawares and Tutelos..

What the Mohawks are able to prove, that most other indigenous nations appear unable to prove, is that not only were monies from this fund stolen and used without the consent of the Mohawks, and paid to numerous entities around the lands now known as the corporation of Canada, this money was never repaid, and now all the beneficiaries of these monies, including the monarchy of the UK are on the hook for the return of these funds.

The Mohawks can also show that since Canada’s confederation in 1867, the Canadian government has embarked on campaigns of cultural genocide, crimes against humanity, and theft of the land deeded to the Mohawks before the government ever existed.

This is a huge story, and it has the potential to radically shake the foundations of Canada, although this is not the intention of the Mohawks. The intention is not to upset the status quo, but to re-create it in a more LIFE-honouring and LIFE-affirming way, and those who willingly choose to ally with the Mohawks will have the potential to benefit from living on lands that are truly free, and having first access to healthier foods, jobs with green businesses and industries, as well as having access to greater health and healing opportunities.

The initiative will not be easy, but it has the potential to become much easier with the help of allies and the support of people choosing a more holistic way of living that honours our planet according to the Mohawk Great Tree of Peace. As lands are reclaimed from this global cabal worldwide, people will have a choice to live how they wish, but the pre-condition will be that people live in a sacred bond to the Earth and to the Great Tree of Peace.

There will be those who may not fully understand what this means. Let me try to rephrase it another way, perhaps in more ‘legal’ terms that people may better understand. Harm no one; respect the property of others, and honour all contracts and treaties. These three criteria form the basis of what may be considered natural law. Everything else that has been created by the commercial system of justice known as admiralty law is not law at all.

It is a system of rules that have been given the force of law. These rules were created by people in power. The people in power never consulted the general population on these rules. They abused the power given to them in being elected, to create rules that were not consented to by the people, and other rules were created to put fear into the people if they did not follow those rules.

Living as a natural human being, outside of all the commercial rules will be very liberating to many who understand how they have been kept as slaves to fear, to debt, to separation and to criminal systems such as fiat currency banking and commercial admiralty law.

All of this, and more, is going to be called to account. Today, Friday February 5th, the Mohawks of Grand River have begun sending out official letters from the Office of Ohrerekó:wa, the Mohawk Wolf Clan Chief, with the authorization and support support of the Mohawk Workers and elder women from the Turtle, Wolf and Bear Clans who represent the power of the feminine energy in this more matriarchal society. The first letters will be delivered to officials in the city of Brantford and nearby counties, where many or most of the Grand River Mohawks currently reside, and this will be addressing their immediate land claim and the debt owed by the city to the Mohawks. Following this, letters will be delivered to various entities that were beneficiaries of the historical funds of the Mohawk Trust before Canada became a country.

These include the Regional Municipality of York, the St. Lawrence Seaway; Trillium Railway Company; the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railway companies; the City of Hamilton; the African Methodist Episcopal Church; the City of Toronto; The Law Society of Upper Canada; McGill University; the City of Montreal; the County of Simcoe and arguably the biggest fish, Walton Family, who are behind the Wal-Mart chain of stores and their multinational corporate entity, Walton International.

It should be noted that in December, a statement put out by Canadian National Railways indicated that CN would be giving five million dollars for Syrian refugees in Canada. What this very likely means, as regular listeners might guess, is that CN, while having a debt to the Mohawks, is spending money to support what is very likely Daesh militants, trained and funded by the US and Israel, being admitted into Canada under the humanitarian title of ‘refugee’.

Last year, CVN reported Daesh, the group known as the Islamic State, as having said that they were going to smuggle their militants into European countries as ‘refugees’ and then begin to cause trouble. The world is witnessing increased unrest in European countries and this is likely to happen in Canada…but that is a different story.

Also named are various individuals and entities in governance including the Province of Ontario, the Province of Quebec; the Clerk of the Privy Council in the federal government of Canada; the minister for Indigenous and Norther Affairs; the Prime Minister of Canada, the Governor-General of Canada; the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in the UK Parliament; the Queen of England and the governor of the Bank of England.

The federal, provincial, regional and municipal governing entities in Canada who were named in this letter were given a ‘Cease and Desist’ letter. This is a legal term stating that the governing entries: “stop failing to consult with the Chief, deliver records of past dealings, and undertake to establish meaningful communications without delay.” Until now, the Grand River Mohawks as natural beings, have not been invited to participate in any government activities involving the indigenous groups in Canada because the government does not recognize their status as ‘natural humans’ upon the lands to which they have been given custodianship, but also whose lands have been taken from them by the same entities who are not recognizing them.

The other entities: “Additional parties were also further issued requests to acknowledge and/or clarify current and historic indebtedness values and payments made to the KA-NYEN-GEH-HA-KAH (Mohawks) of Grand River respecting lands and monies misappropriated between the pre-Confederation years of 1784-1867 by the Crown. Each entity was given 14 days each to respond with the appropriate information.”

Assuming no responses are received on or before this date, a second letter will be included stating that they have been duly informed; given the opportunity to reply and in choosing not to reply, have now opened the door for possible legal action against them. This will be reported on more in the coming weeks.

Essentially, in two weeks what the Mohawks expect to confirm is this: who among those in the list intend to cooperate as allies with the Mohawks, and who is choosing not to cooperate with the Mohawks and thus risk further legal action.

The following is a short statement from Bill Squire spokesperson for the Mohawk Workers. He shares a very quick summary of the residential school program and what it did to the Mohawks, and how important it is to move forward:

AUDIO CLIP: CVN 05FEB Bill Squire - Spokesperson for the Mohwak Workers ( 01:46)
Ends with: “…”

In the meantime, the Mohawks are inviting indigenous groups and corporate entities to submit a one to two minute greeting either in English, or in their native language with an English translation provided, indicating their support for the initiative and their desire and commitment to work in cooperation with the Mohawks in creating lands where people can live peacefully, and in greater harmony with each other and the planet, while creating societies that are committed to living in ways that honour the planet and the Great Tree of Peace.

These greetings will be posted on a new website being created for this initiative, and the Twitter account will be re-activated, so any choosing to follow this initiative will be able to do so. CVN may choose to air some of these greetings in upcoming broadcasts. The Mohawks have entered into preliminary discussions with several natural indigenous groups on the west coast of Canada, in an attempt to help them exert their power once again as natural beings.

This will represent a threat to politicians and law enforcement whose power is drawn from the commercial rules being passed off as ‘law’.

An article from The Canadian Press via The Globe and Mail on 31JAN reported the following: “ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a culture is needed within Canadian police forces to ensure indigenous people are treated the same as everyone else. He said that culture must be changed and he predicted the push for change will come from the Canadian people.”

Trudeau’s statement may be seen as hypocritical to those who understand the difference between those who have surrendered to corporate identities,and those who have kept their natural freedoms and rights, given that the Trudeau government has not demonstrated a formal willingness to include the Grand River Mohawks in any discussions relating to indigenous affairs in Canada.

There is another group of Mohawks, located in the French-speaking province of Quebec that have not retained their natural rights and freedoms, although according to an article on the Montreal Gazette website on 01FEB, this group is beginning to exert its authority, ahead of new land claim negotiations. According to the article, “Last week the Kahnawake band council finalized a report outlining the demands of its community members as it moves toward a new round of land claim negotiations with the federal government. Though the report is confidential, Grand Chief Joe Norton made it clear there’s one point the Mohawks won’t back down from.

“This is our land, we’re not surrendering any of it,” Norton told the Montreal Gazette. “A lot of these negotiations come down to a cash settlement in return for the surrendering of lands. That’s unacceptable to us.”

This may present a serious problem to the federal government. Kahnawake’s 45,000-acre claim stretches from Châteauguay to St-Lambert — a swath that encompasses nine Montreal suburbs. Most of the land Kahnawake wants to recover has already been converted into housing, strip malls, factory farms and gas stations.”

If Prime Minister Trudeau is looking for change to be pushed by informed Canadians, and empowered natural beings, he is about to get more than perhaps he was bargaining for.

Considering that humans in general, and in this case, Canadians in particular have been enslaved to commercial/corporate entities, this statement may seem unusual, since the people elected representatives to act on their behalf, and the vast majority are not choosing to do so on the levels that are most important to humanity and our planet.

In the US, an article appearing on the Fort-Russ website on 31JAN has reported the following, although this unconfirmed: “ The indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii appealed to the international community through the United Nations with a request to ensure their right to self-determination. The letter was circulated in Geneva.

In the address, the representatives of the peoples of Alaska and Hawaii urged UN members to raise the issue on May 11th in the framework of the consideration of the UN Council on Human Rights of the periodic review of the human rights and freedoms in the United States, according to TASS.

The appeal emphasizes that the sale of Russian Alaska to the United States in 1867 did "not mean the transfer of sovereignty over Alaska to the United States" and the "US invasion of Hawaii in 1893 was a violation of bilateral treaties and international law."

"The territory of Alaska and Hawaii in 1959 were absorbed by the United States through deception and deliberate breaches of the mandate and UN principles, and the process of self-determination", - stated the document.”

Going back to Australia again this week, an article on the website last October 1st reported the following: “ Ghillar Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union and co-founder of the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy, made the following statement after departing an indigenous community in South Australia, the lands belonging to the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara:

He stated that: “Tjilpi (senior Lawmen), Wati (Lawmen) and Pompa (Law Women) have now come to understand how the authority of the Tjukurpa Law is what gives the sovereign Peoples, the Anangu, dominion, in the absolute sense, over their Lands and Territories. Whiteman law is an imposed law and they no longer accept that the whiteman law is to prevail on or within their Country. They have now decided to develop their own strategies for their Tjukurpa Law to be the effective Law in their County, as it was before the whiteman came.

Murray George, the Chair of Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Law and Culture Pty Ltd was quoted as saying: “Queen got no right here. This is our Country, under our Tjukurpa Law and Culture.”

Further down, the article adds the following: “Another significant issue that was voiced is for people to understand is that the Tjukurpa (Dreaming) in one place has a songline to another and this is replicated across the continent. We may speak many languages, but we have One Law. They also proposed that there can only be one way to unite our people and that is under our Aboriginal Law, not under whiteman law, as whiteman law is about division – not unity.”

As this article was from last October, it was noted that there would also be a Sovereign Union’s Gathering of Nations in November in the Australian capital of Canberra. One of the issues reportedly on the table was the discussion on how to let the world know that indigenous law is the law of the land, and not the Queen’s law.

For those who may be having some challenges attempting to connect the dots, let me explain it this way:

Before Canada, there was the monarchy of the UK, Turtle Island, now known as North America, and all the indigenous nations upon Turtle Island.
As the corporate entities of Canada and the United States came into being, these entities stripped away the natural status of the indigenous peoples and forced them into their own corporate entities, so that they could be governed and controlled by commercial rules given the force of law.

In the US, indigenous nations that surrendered their natural rights and freedoms became identified by terms such as ‘tribes’. In Canada, the indigenous groups that surrendered their natural rights and freedoms became identified as ‘bands’ under the corporate entity of the Assembly of First Nations, as defined by the corporate legislation known as the Indian Act.

As mentioned last week, there are indigenous groups that have consented to surrendering their natural freedoms and rights to attain other privileges as corporate entities existing under commercial rules. Then there are those that never surrendered their rights, and yet governments still attempted to impose their commercial rules upon them and treat their lands as those they belonged to a corporate entity, which they do not.

What makes the Mohawk Initiative so significant and so powerful is that the Mohawks can actually prove all of this, whereas other natural indigenous groups may not be able to prove it, and if the can, they may not know exactly how to use the information.

To be fair, some of the entities named in the Mohawk letter may never even have understood what happened, and this is why the Mohawks have issued this letter, inviting them to investigate and to acknowledge their debt, before any further action is taken against them. However, once this further action has begun, it is going to expose a lot of corruption and mistreatment in Ontario and Canada.

It will also expose several very large, current and historical commercial entities that have mistreated and abused indigenous groups worldwide, while stealing land, abusing the land, and enslaving humans under rules to which they never consented. This is where the Mohawk initiative has the potential to help numerous indigenous groups worldwide, and humanity in general.

CVN will be continuing to bring developments to this story and how events expect to move forward once the cooperators and noncooperators have been identified.

It could be fair to say that this initiative represents a massive, tectonic shift, that is moving the foundations under which numerous governments and corporate entities have based their power, fraud and corruption. The coming earthquake represents not only a physical rebalancing on the land of Earth for many humans, but also a coming freedom from these entities in a healing and rebalancing of humans on multiple levels.

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In this week’s FINAL WORDS, the message this week is not going to be for everyone.

Some will hear these words an will know immediately that it feels right, and they will relate to what is being said because one is experiencing it on some level in one’s own world.

For other listeners, these words may blow your mind into next week or next month, and it may be information overload. Either way, it is perfectly okay.

As I remind listeners constantly, what is true for one in the current moment of ‘now’, may not be true for some one else. However, in a future moment of ‘now’, one may decide that something is now true, when it was not true before. One may also decide that something is no longer true, when it was true before.

That which is considered ‘truth’ is often relevant only to the individual perceiving the information, and giving that information meaning, based on the definitions that one is using to explain reality to oneself. Last week, Bashar described this idea of definitions and how one uses definitions to define one’s experience in the world.

This week, I’m going to go in a direction that many people are beginning to talk about, even though there are many others who are not ready to handle this information. If you feel you are not ready for this information, just set it aside. It may not mean anything to someone this week, but maybe in the near future, one will meet another person and this topic may suddenly come up for discussion. The individual may seem surprised that suddenly this topic has again come up in one’s world. This is the magic of synchronicity, and as one pays attention to synchronicity, and begins to follow it, things begin to speed up.

Many are already describing the feeling that time is speeding up. There are those who believe humanity is moving in a particular direction, and this feeling is based on our current 4D reality.

In the past, I often spoke about the 3D reality, which is true to a point. Although I knew this subconsicously, I was not really communicating it properly. Our current reality is in the 4th dimension. We can perceive our spatial reality in terms of length, width and height, which are three dimensions, but add the dimension of time, and we now have a fourth dimensional reality. It has also been called a 3rd density.

As our collective consciousness awakens and expands further, we step into our greater power as spiritual beings. This is the power that the global cabal is desperately trying to prevent from awakening at this time. They know that if humanity fully awakens to who and what they are, it is game over for them. This is, in fact, what is already happening. We are moving into the last dimension of physicality, the 5th dimension, or 4th density. More and more humans are perceiving things on multiple levels that they were not previously able to do. Children are coming with amazing powers and gifts, and thus the cabal wants them poisoned with bad food, fluoride, chemtrails, vaccinations and radiation from cell phones, wi-fi, microwaves and more.

This week, another clip from Bashar explains this concept of dimensions and densities. If you do not resonate with the source, that is perfectly okay, but try to get a sense of the words, and see if the words have any meaning at this time.

As the concept of time continues to fade away, many will be called upon to help interpret the changes that are happening now, and the audio message this week may just be helpful for you in this sense.

Also in the show summary will be a link to another popular video featuring Dr. Quantum as he attempts to explain the concept of three dimensions to a two dimension being.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’…I leave you with Bashar, a message received via Daryl Anka as he answers a question relating to dimensions and densities:  - YouTube Video Bashar: Explain of 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions.  - YouTube Video: Dr. Quantum: Flatland.



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