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Cosmic Vision News - March 4,2016

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Fine Gael - 50 Fianna Fáil - 44 Sinn Fein - 23 Independents - 23  Labour - 7 People Before Profit Alliance - 6 Social Democrats - 3 Green Party - 2


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In this week’s Mohawk Initiative update, CVN has received word that the office of the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne has responded to the letter that was sent as part of the initial group of letters sent to individuals and entities addressing the outstanding debts and land claim issues being undertaken by the Grand River Mohawks.

As well, a letter has been received from the Province of Quebec, and the province has instructed the relevant minister to engage with the Mohawks directly, just as the Province of Ontario has done.

According to the Mohawk Workers spokesman Bill Squire and assistant Jason Bowman, the letters appeared to have a language that suggested a sincere desire to address the issue as soon as possible. The Government of Ontario letter stated that Premier Wynne would have her Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, David Zimmer, or someone from his office contact the Mohawks directly for consultation.

This follows on the news from last week that at least one entity, the Trillium Railway Company has responded to the letter, stating that they are not aware of their alleged debt to the Mohawks.

The Mohawks have indicated that they will enter into discussions with the company to ensure the facts and information are presented and understood from both parties, before moving forward. For now, any further action regarding this company has been suspended, pending the outcome of the next round of discussions.

The Mohawks, generally, would prefer not to have to resort to legal actions against anyone, and instead would rather negotiate a settlement that reflects more the indigenous practice of justice that is known as truth and reconciliation.

Those debtors choosing to ignore the letters or to address their debts are expected to be dealt with in terms of further legal actions.

The land claim issue is heating up in the city of Brantford meanwhile.

An article appearing on the Brantford Expositor by Michael-Allan Marion on 01MAR has reported that: “A delegation comprising Brantford Mayor Chris Friel, Brantford Coun. David Neumann, city staff, Brant Mayor Ron Eddy and county CAO Paul Emerson appeared this week before Six Nations elected council's committee of the whole.

Their purpose was to explain in detail the city-county agreement to transfer into Brantford in stages 2,585 hectares of mainly Brant farmland in return for compensation according to an agreed-upon formula. They also highlighted the possible benefits in Brantford, Brant and Six Nations operating as partners.”

While Mr. Marion may believe he is on the right side of the story, what Marion is either unaware of, or is intentionally ignoring, is the fact that the Six Nations elected Band Council, is a corporate entity connected to the corporate entity known as the Assembly of First Nations, which is guided by the commercial legislation known as The Indian Act.

The Six Nations Band Council is not the entity to whom the Haldimand lands were ceded to, nor is this Band Council the lawful body having the authority to speak for the lands that are in question. Although I would like to believe that Mr. Marion reported his story in error, it would appear that Mr. Marion is being guided by other interests seeking to keep the lawful and true guardians of the Haldimand lands, the Grand River Mohawks away from having any say in how the land issue moves forward.

With this story…as with any story of this nature really, it is vital to understand who represents corporate entities and commercial legislation, and who represents the truly free and natural people who have not surrendered their rights and freedoms to those corporate interests or commercial legislation.

One particular piece of land, known as Tutela Heights. The Tutelo Village is a significant historical site located on these lands.

Jim Windle, in an article for the Two Row Times on 02MAR reports on the events surrounding this land.

Windle writes that: “At recent community meetings in Brantford, Brant and Six Nations regarding the large housing development targeted by land bankers, Walton International, there has been concern spoken over the desecration of the former Tutelo Village, a significant historical site.

Archaeological Services Inc., has been hired by Walton to perform the necessary archaeological surveying of the area, and have stated that have not found any sign of burial ground or the central Longhouse of the Tutelos.”

In order for a contract to be truly recognized and honoured in a commercial court of law, the commercial agreement must be signed between consenting commercial entities. Hence, Walton International has negotiated with the corporate entity of the Six Nations Band Council, without any consultation involving the Grand River Mohawks.

It was for this very reason, that the Cease and Desist letter was sent to various governing entities - so that the Mohawks would no longer be intentionally excluded from discussions involving their lands, their assets, their rights and their freedoms.

Although Walton claims that its surveyors found nothing of significance on the lands, Windle reports that longtime residents can very clearly identify the historical sites, and it puzzles people as to how they could have missed them.

It is not hard to understand why, when corporate interests see no value in things of historical interest.

Windle added that: “Six Nations Elected Council has entered into agreements with Walton in exchange for some form of compensation. However, others, including the men’s fire, the traditional Confederacy Council as well as the Mohawk Workers continue to oppose the project.”

The Mohawk Workers is the group representing the Grand River Mohawks.

In a separate article, Windle goes into some of the history of the land in question. He describes the lands overlooking Brantford that are known as Tutela Heights, but these lands were annexed into the City of Brantford. Windle writes that: “They were not part of the original Town Plot of Brantford, one might wonder how a large part of the former Mohawk Village and hunting lands along the Haldimand Proclamation lands got into the hands of settlers in the first place.

When posing that question the first thing to consider is the political and social climate of the turn of the 1800s. The second is to seek an order in council from the Six Nations Chiefs or minutes of Confederacy meetings that would show they allowed the full and unrestricted transfer of Haldimand Deed lands, and for what compensation.”

It is this that is forming the foundation for what CVN has been calling the ‘Mohawk Initiative’.

Windle writes his articles primarily for the understanding of the locals. However, those listening to CVN who are interested some of the history as it relates to these lands and to the land claims issues will find links to Windle’s articles in the show summary.

Windle notes that: “By the mid 1830s, the Six Nations reserve system had been introduced as a means to help the government enforce removal of all non-Natives without a Brant Lease or bill of sale from the Haldimand Tract and to protect Six Nations from land thieves and squatters. But as history proves, the acceptance of that plan was akin to leaving the fox to guard the henhouse.

Among the tsunami of white settlers that came to the region were carpetbaggers and thieves, unfortunately many of which were also lawyers and government officials using their office to cheat Six Nations out of large portions of the Tract for personal gain.”

As a result, many towns and cities appeared, and more and more lands were taken away from the Mohawks.

Where corporate entities are given preference over the rights and freedoms of natural people, without the informed and lawful consent of those involved is a truly criminal act, for it causes harm to entities.

This is an example of how the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreements have been negotiated.

It represents the commercialization and quantification of everything, while subjecting those commercial entities to rules created by wealthy people having the power to influence, blackmail or bribe politicians into creating rules that have not received the informed democratic consent of those who elected the politicians.

It is this, among many other things, that the Mohawk Initiative seeks to bring an end to, once and for all.

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In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

As the planetary energies continue to rise; as human consciousness continues to awaken worldwide; and as individuals find themselves in situations where their personal energies are bringing up internal issues for release and healing conflicts are going to arise.

The challenge is in how we attempt to deal with it. These conflicts may come up within oneself - something that I personally believe was the true meaning behind the Muslim word ‘jihad’, or ‘holy war’.

The jihad was not originally meant to be a crusade against other humans in the name of a Divine, but more importantly the inner battle that goes on within each individual, when the moment of truth has arrived for an individual, in his or her unique moment of ‘now’ in how to deal with the duality and the illusion of the reality around that individual.

The individual, in strength or in weakness has the choice to create how each future moment of ‘now’ unfolds.

Individuals are reacting out of the stress, the pain and the fear that is arising within them, and those energies are projected out upon others, in sometimes accusatory ways; sometimes in emotionally painful ways and in the most unfortunate of circumstances, sometimes in physically abusive ways.

I have spoken of them before, but it is always good to have a review, especially for new listeners. The author of The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield discusses the control dramas on his website. In particular, he writes about the ‘Sixth Insight’, in releasing these dramas from within oneself, while recognizing these dramas in others, so that they cannot hold any energy over oneself.

“Everyone manipulates for energy either aggressively, directly forcing people to pay attention to them, or passively, playing on people’s sympathy or curiosity to gain attention.

For instance, The Sixth Insight calls the intimidator drama, the most aggressive kind of drama for energy. You experience someone threatening you, either verbally or physically. You are then forced, out of fear of something bad happening to you, to pay attention to them and thus, give them energy. The person confronting with you is pulling you into the most aggressive kind of drama for energy.

On the other hand, you may have the experience of someone telling you about bad things that are happening to them. The confrontation could be about their health or a relationship, and they want you to change your behavior to support them or be more sympathetic, sometimes even implying perhaps that you are responsible. Other times they may tell you that if you refuse to do what they need, these awful things will continue or get worse. This person is seeking to control at the most passive level, which is what the Manuscript calls a poor me control drama.

Anyone’s drama can be observed according to where it falls on this measure from aggressive to passive. If a person is subtle in their aggression, finding fault and slowly undermining your world in order to get your energy, then this person would be an interrogator.

Less passive than the interrogator would be your aloofness drama. (Trying to lure you into connection by acting distant and unreadable. They want you to connect with them, but they only partially connect themselves, while withholding information.) So the order of dramas, from aggressive to passive, goes this way: intimidator, interrogator, aloof, and poor me.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : The Celestine Prophecy: Sixth Insight Experience Study.

Recognizing the dramas is one thing. Letting go of those energies may be particularly challenging for some. Yet, Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book ‘The Four Agreements’ wrote this for ‘Agreement 2’ : “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - :  Homepage for Don Miguel Ruiz, author, 'The Four Agreements'. 

The more enlightened of our global leaders will understand that fighting this pain through fear - with the threat of punishment and incarceration, is no way to heal a situation.

When individuals attack another, with seemingly no reason whatsoever, or over an issue that is so minor it seems insignificant - reveals a deep level of pain coming to the surface, and it may be intentionally or unintentionally directed at others.

The less enlightened leaders will say that ‘our society is threatened’. Reading between the lines, this is interpreted as saying ‘our elitist way of living and controlling humanity is being threatened’, and they will call for more police, more prisons, more punishment and all of it is being billed to the taxpayers. The taxpayers are funding the very institutions that are being used to strip others of their rights and freedoms over commercial rules that no one ever consented to in the first place.

There is a sad and tragic irony playing out in the current US election. …

Let me correct that…there are MANY sad and tragic ironies that are playing out in this election. They are serving a purpose however in bringing many issues into the light, so they can be acknowledged.

Let’s look at one such irony. A Huffington Post article on 20JAN by HA Goodman observed the differences between Democratic presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Goodman reveals the following: “As immigration and incarceration issues become central to the 2016 presidential campaign, lobbyists for two major prison companies are serving as top fundraisers for Hillary Clinton.

Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group could both see their fortunes turning if there are fewer people to lock up in the future.”

In 1994, when she was First Lady, Clinton was been quoted as saying: “ We need more police, we need more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders. We need more prisons to keep violent offenders for as long as it takes to keep them off the streets.”

Of course there is no acknowledgement from Clinton that the main reason there are so many crimes is because the elites have created a society of lack, and they are blaming the people who are suffering, as opposed to addressing the people, the corporations and the entities that created the societal conditions in the first place.

As if it is not bad enough that this kind of corporate mentality is dominating a candidate and society in general, but when one observes the results of the recent Super Tuesday voting, the tragedy becomes more apparent.

All the states that Clinton won by a large majority in the south are the states that have very high if not dominant, populations of African and Latin Americans. It is already no secret that the US already has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and it is generally not a secret that the vast majority of people in US prisons are of these two demographics.

In other words - these two groups are actively supporting the one candidate who is campaigning to incarcerate them, so private companies can make more money off of them while they are in jail.

Of course, the jails themselves do not foster any kind of healing at all, but rather encourage negativity and violence, so that even if someone should be released from jail, they will likely not be able to return to society, but will rather be inclined to end up in jail again, perpetuating the profit, the fear and the control over society.

A leader who is trapped in the materialistic world and not understanding the changing spiritual landscape of human and planetary consciousness will support corporations desire for profit through private prisons and more militarized police, an action that again does not help the mainstream population, and only further contributes to their enslavement, through the illusion of ‘protection’ that only benefits the elites and power holders in any society.

According to the article: “ "Sanders recently introduced a bill to ban government contracts for private prisons, including immigrant detention centers."

Unlike Clinton, Bernie Sanders wants to end private prisons.”

Never before has it become so clear; the influence the power of the people can have at the grassroots levels. There are two things this is helping to achieve: One - it is showing the people that they can unite and that their actions can bring results that were virtually impossible to achieve, as little as two years ago.

It is happening across Europe: in Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Iceland. It is starting to happen in other locations also in different ways. The second thing that these grassroots movements do is force those in control to resort to increasingly more risky and dangerous acts to preserve their power, and this seems to be failing, and it thus exposes them.

Seemingly ‘bad’ things may still be occurring, but they are occurring with a greater revelation that exposes the global cabal. As this power is taken down more and more…it also means that all humans on their individual levels, will have to begin doing their inner work; releasing their control dramas, and reaching out with others to co-create the world and the reality that we are claiming to want to experience, one of global peace, harmony, health and abundance for all!

Create a great week - until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20JAN HA Goodman, : Bernie Sanders Will Dominate Super Tuesday and Defeat Clinton in Southern States.



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