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Friday, 17 May 2013 21:55

Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. Houston, We Have A Hero: Astronaut Becomes Commander, Thrills The World, And Returns A Celebrity.

2. Illegitimate Canadian Government: Ambitious Campaign To Turn Fraudulent Election Tactics Used By The Government Against Itself.

3. UN Report: US Should Return Stolen Lands To Indigenous Peoples.

4. First Nations In Canada: Report Says Conditions Are Ripe For Insurgency And Change.

5. CEO And Senior VP of Russia's Rusbank Arrested For Extortion.

6. Former Chairman Of CajaMadrid Arrested For Financial Corruption.

7. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Asks Why Bankers Are Not Being Arrested. Also: Euro Member Of Parliament Godfrey Bloom.

8. Pope Addresses Global Financial Collapse In Speech To Ambassadors: "Money Has To Serve, Not Rule".

9. Federal Reserve Implements 'Final Rule' Re: Retail Foreign Exchange Transactions, Effective 13MAY13.

10. FASHION FAUX-PAS: Clothing Company CEO Causes Backlash Over Exclusionary Comments.

11. TECH: An App To Help Shoppers Avoid Bad Companies.

12. HEALTH: Cancer Scandal – Celebrity's Chosen Mastectomy Focuses On Fear And Exposes More Corruption Within Institutions Of Profit And Control.

13. Sheldon Nidle Webinar For May: Decipering World Events As They Relate To The Divine Plan.

14. FINAL WORDS: Commentary On The Info/Disinfo Surrounding The Speculated Currency Revaluations.

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