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2017-02-10 Cosmic Vision News - Summary/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - February 10, 2017

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Unfortunately, it appears that things may be once again starting to heat up in Ukraine.

Even though President Trump has not made any specific declarations of military activity in Ukraine, there are forces that are actively engaged in re-igniting the conflict. This is very likely because Trump has been avoiding being critical of Russia and of Putin, and the forces that want Trump removed are attempting to draw him into a conflict that he really had no plans of getting into.

Let’s try to make some sense as to where all this is coming from. On Feb 9th, RT reported that: “Donald Trump will not seek a conflict with Moscow as he does not see Russia as a threat to US interests, but may be drawn into it by the security establishment or a ‘provocative incident’ like a chance military encounter in Syria, George Szamuely told RT.

Szamuely, senior research fellow at the Global Policy Institute at London Metropolitan University, told RT the US President “senses, and he’s sensed it for a while, that there’s kind of permanent government in the United States, the national security establishment, is very anxious to provoke a confrontation between the United States and Russia.

The researcher suggests President Trump is going to concentrate on fighting Islamic terrorism and restoring America’s economic prowess rather than on Russia.

“His instinct is that Russia is not the United States’ main adversary, the main adversary geopolitically is ISIS or jihadism in general, and America’s economic problems and therefore that involves relations with China and how America can get jobs back,” Szamuely argued.

However, “there’s going to be more and more pressure on him, ” and there’s a “real danger” that some sort of a “provocative incident” might leave Trump no other option than being drawn into the conflict, says the researcher. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09FEB17 : ‘Trump confronting rabid Russophobia found in DNA of Republican Party’.

Trump is in a very delicate position of not wanting to fans flames with Russia, but also not wanting to be seen as a ‘Russian agent’. He is needing to address he clear Russophobia that exists in the heart of the Republican Party.

Where is it coming from? If you said Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham, then you would be correct.

While the warmongerers in the US Capitol attempt to smear and tear down Tulsi Gabbard for her so-called ‘unauthorized’ fact-finding mission to Syria that led to her condemnation of her country funding and training terrorists, another video has now surfaced online showing the same warmongerers going to Ukraine to instruct the troops to launch an offensive against Russia, and that they would go back to the US and continue to push for sanctions against Russia.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JAN17 : Tulsi Takes on the Syria Lie Narrative.

Simply another case of cabal elitists going into another country, and asking the poor and middle class to kill brothers and sisters who have been labeled as an enemy, because they do not follow the agenda of US and western hegemony.

An article on the website on Feb 6 reported it this way: “A video has surfaced online in which warmongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham are caught meeting with the Ukraine military, encouraging them to launch an offensive against Russia and restart hostilities, all the while describing Russia as the “aggressor” that must “pay a heavier price.”

Lindsey Graham delivers an incendiary speech in the video, egging on the Ukranian troops to re-start hostilities with Russia.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06FEB17 Baxter Dmitry, : McCain And Graham Caught Inciting Ukraine To Attack Russia.

Here is what Graham and McCain said to the troops in Ukraine on January 2nd, with Ukraine president Poroshenko present:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JAN17 via : President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with US senators in Shyrokino.

My heart bleeds with compassion and sadness that uninformed men in a foreign land are risking their lives to promote a US-agenda that not only harms Ukrainians and their homeland, but also harms Russia and ultimately the rest of the world.

The Ukrainian army did, in fact, start an escalation of the conflict with forces in eastern Ukraine in the Donbass region. A Sputnik News article on Feb 4th reported the following: “ This week, the situation in southeastern Ukraine took a turn for the worse, with clashes intensifying between Kiev forces and Donetsk People's Republic militia. Concerned by the situation, Opposition Bloc Rada lawmaker Vadim Novinsky reminded President Petro Poroshenko of his 2014 election campaign pledge to end the war in the Donbass.”

The article added that: “Each side is accusing the other of initiating the violence. Much of the Western mainstream media, meanwhile, has accused Moscow of using the violence to 'test' President Trump. Russian observers countered, suggesting that the spike in the violence is a blatant attempt by Kiev to derail the possible normalization in Russian-US ties.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04FEB17 : Ukrainian Lawmaker Calls Out Poroshenko for Blowing Pre-Election Peace Promises.

It seems that Poroshenko’s idea of ending the conflict is to blow the eastern Ukrainians to pieces, choosing instead to be a puppet for McCain and Graham.

It has also not helped at all that Ukrainian President Poroshenko burned his bridge with President Trump. RT reported on Feb 7th that: “ “The Ukrainian president exposed his preference for Clinton during the US presidential campaign, explains Daniel McAdams, executive director at Ron Paul Institute, adding that it could have resulted in a change of tone in the US after Trump’s win.

McAdams also added these comments, stating that: “First of all, it is very significant that President Trump spoke with Yulia Timoshenko before he spoke with Petro Poroshenko. I am certain that move was heard very loudly in Kiev.

But let’s not forget, Poroshenko jumped into the fray during the presidential campaign. He was caught doing some things to try to help Hillary [Clinton] get elected. Not very much reported in the US media. But it certainly is a fact that he was involved. So he exposed himself; he exposed his preference for Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency. So when Trump won, he put himself in a pretty bad position. Maybe that is why Trump wanted to talk to Timoshenko. Maybe he has other ideas for who should lead Ukraine.”

RT noted that numerous Ukrainian officials posted derogatory Twitter postings about Trump - postings that were later removed after Trump won. In commenting about this, and whether Poroshenko might be on Trump’s bad side, McAdams noted the video about McCain and Graham. McAdams was quoted as saying that: “ I don’t know that he is in hot water, but he is also, don’t forget, getting mixed signals from the US. There was this extraordinary trip that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham took to the front lines in Ukraine on January 2, where Senator Graham on videotape telling the Ukrainian troops: “You need to go on the offensive in 2017.” He also said: “When we get home we’re going to make sure that we punish Russia.”

What kind of a signal does this send to the Ukrainians when they urge to go on the offensive? By the way very shortly after they told them that, they did start a new offensive. There is a real crisis in Washington. And this is the President’s own party. The President, according to our Constitution, has a broad leeway in making foreign policy. Certainly, Congress, the Senate, and the House have an important oversight role. But from this tape that we saw the Senators in Ukraine - they are clearly making US policy in a way to undermine the policy of their own President. I just can’t see President Trump not doing something to put a stop to this.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07FEB17 : ‘When Trump won, Ukraine’s Poroshenko put himself in pretty bad position’.

An article from SputnikNews on Feb 9th reported on a trip to the eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk by members of the Czech Retired Soldiers For Peace organization. Retired Lt. Colonel Ivan KRAtochvil described it this way: “ We arrived in Rostov-on-Don because this is the only way foreigners can possibly get to Donbass. Russian border guards keep a close eye on the border, but if your intentions are good they will let you through.

Donbass lives on, the local stores are full of fresh meat, eggs and sausages made from real meat, and all this is available at prices everyone can afford. Western values such as artificial meat, genetically modified food etc., are happily missing there. We didn’t see many cars in the streets of Donetsk, but public transportation operates with clockwork precision, bus fare is just three rubles and there is no crime at all.

Grenade explosions are heard all across the city from morning till dark. Holes gaping in the walls, a nine-story building without windows, several apartments with neither floors nor ceilings. Dead and wounded people, mostly women and children. The men are manning the defense lines. During our brief stay in the city the Kiev military launched several attacks. The people of Donetsk are fighting for survival, for the future of their children and everybody else. “

The article notes how the conflict is escalating once again across the Donbass region, again coming after the little talk that Graham and McCain gave to Poroshenko and the Ukraine troops.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09FEB17 : 'People of Donetsk Are Fighting for Survival' - Czech Witness.

It is important to remind people that it was the US that started the whole revolution at Maidan Square in the capital city of Kyiv back in 2014. Some may recall the conversation that was recorded and leaked online between US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, planning the installation of Arseniy Yatsenuk as Prime Minister. They spoke of receiving the help of the UN to glue a deal together that would see Yatsenyuk or Yats as Nuland calls him put into the leadership role. Yatsenyuk became prime minister and served in the position until April of 2016 when he resigned, accusing politicians of not working together to create real change for Ukraine.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10APR2016 : Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk to resign.

Here are the highlights of that phone call:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29APR2014 via : Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation _COMPLETE with SUBTITLES.

For those of you who have never heard this conversation before, you did hear that correctly. Nuland did slam the EU by swearing at them.

Also as a reminder, there was the other recorded conversation leaked online between the Estonian Foreign Minister in 2014 Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton, describing how snipers had been positioned on top of buildings overlooking Kyiv’s Maidan Square and how they were shooting both police officers and protesters, to stir up the conflict. Here is part of an RT report on that conversation:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 12FEB2015 via : Kiev Snipers hired by Maidan leaders leaked EU's Ashton phone tape.

So as it looks at this time, there are elements within the US government, and especially within the Republican Party itself, led by Graham and McCain, who are seeking to force Trump into some kind of conflict with Russia that he is not actively seeking to start.

There is one other thing to remember about the US and its relationship with Ukraine. An article on the InformationClearingHouse website shares a video of an address given by Nuland to the International Business Conference at Ukraine, held in Washington DC on Dec 13 2013. Here is more smoking gun evidence of US interference in the governance of Ukraine:

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Regime Change in Kiev - Victoria Nuland Admits: US Has Invested $5 Billion In The Development of Ukrainian, "Democratic Institutions”.

CLICK TO VIEW  - published 09FEB2014 via : USA: 5 Billion to Ukraine Recently.

In the show summary for this story, I will also include an RT report from March of 2014 that highlights other countries as well that have been selected and targeted by the US for regime change.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22MAR2014 RT via : Exporting Chaos: 'West spent $5 billion destabilizing Ukraine’ (Many countries have been selectively targeted by US for regime change)

At this time, I am still standing by my position that Trump has found himself in a very difficult position, and that he is trying to put pieces into place that seem insane at the moment, but will hopefully make sense later on. We will hear about one such possible example of this coming up in financial news.

We have no idea what the bigger is, and why certain choices are being made, or why certain things are being said. If I was to speculate, we may later find that things that were said that appear to be negative, may have been said for a specific reason. The same thing with certain choices.

When dealing with the global cabal, one will never win by oneself. Trump needs as many witnesses as possible, whether or not they like him. This will make it hard for the global cabal to do much against him directly. They will have to use other tactics.

As I have stated, I am neither for nor against Trump at this time. I’m choosing to observe what happens over the next 30-60 days, to see if there is a pattern to his words and choices that may suggest he is employing a certain strategy against the cabal.

For those who choose to spread negativity without fully understanding the challenges of dealing with the global cabal, I gently suggest that they go back to their day jobs, and worry about creating greater happiness and joy in their world, until they have gained sufficient wisdom to offer something meaningful for creating a better world.


In other Trump-related news this week,

Nigel Farage stood up in the European Parliament recently and took aim at the hypocrisy that exists within the EU relating to the so-called refugee crisis. Farage also offers a few points for consideration that those who are critical of Trump may not be aware.

To be fair, discernment is required, because Farage and Trump appear to have a very friendly relationship, and there were rumours circulating that Farage may be considered for an appointment within the Trump Administration as possibly an EU ambassador.

However, regardless of this, Farage makes some very relevant points, and he holds back no punches:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 EuroParl via : Nigel Farage exposes EU hypocrisy and faux outrage over President Trump.

Parts of that address were removed, but the full speech is in the show summary. It seems pretty clear that Farage is not afraid to make enemies, even among his colleagues in the EU.

Farage refers to Trump as the most powerful man in the world, which is obviously not true at all, and what this reveals is that either Farage is truly unaware of the true power of the global cabal, which I highly doubt, or he is very aware of it and playing a bit of the diplomatic game so as to not get into too much more trouble by naming the global cabal directly.

For the most part however, Farage has presented valid points in calling out the hypocrisy within the EU, and it would serve many governments around the world better to have politicians who are ready and willing to challenge the status quo and the institutional enslavement that has been forced upon the world without the informed, democratic consent of the people.

One positive thing that Trump has done this past week is put Bill O’Reilly in his place, while exposing him further for the agenda that O’Reilly appears to be promoting. An article on the website from Feb 6th reports on the interview between the two. The article reported that: “Yet again, US President Donald Trump has made a public statement that sent many people into a state of shock or disbelief. This time, he called out the warmongering methods of the US government in an interview with Bill O'Reilly when O’Reilly tried to call out on his support for Vladimir Putin.”

The article continues: “After being asked why he supported the man, Trump continued "He is the leader of his country. I say it’s better to get along with Russia than not, and if Russia helps us in the fight against ISIS – which is a major fight – and the Islamic terrorism all over the world, that’s a good thing."

This seemed to set O'Reilly off, as he refers to Putin as "a killer," and ask Donald why he would support such a man.

Trump immediately responds, “There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country is so innocent?””

Whump..there it is. Like him or not, Trump just publicly laid it all on the line. The article closes with the following: “ It was a bold statement of truth, which is to be expected from Donald Trump. Though he does seem to say things that many people disagree with, he continues to say what he thinks which may be exactly what we need right now. In questioning the clean hand of the United States, he is calling out the drone warfare and regime change strategy that has seen the US at war for nearly two decades.”

It is statements such as these that reaffirm my personal choice to neither support nor condemn Trump, until his agenda becomes more clear and to see whether or not he will be able to successfully challenge the global cabal, or whether he will be broken by them.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06FEB17 : Alternative World News Network via : ‘You think our country is so innocent?’ says Trump after O'Reilly calls Putin "a killer"

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07FEB17 : The List Of Top GOP Who Took Money From George Soros Just Leaked and It's Bad.


It appears that another Ukraine situation may be developing in Romania.

At this time, I am prepared to say that I do not yet fully understand the position of the current government. I am attempting to reach out to sources who can help me to understand better if the current Romanian government is truly corrupt because of a US-installed puppet, or whether the government has been moving in an anti-US direction, and has been targeted by US/cabal interests for removal due to its position. At this moment, the information seems to suggest that the current government may be acting according to US-interests in Romania.

This is always complicated, but there are a few signs that may suggest what is going on. Here is what is known so far.

On Feb 4th Jack Burns, writing for reported the following about a growing protest in the Romanian capital of Bucharest:
“ Upwards of a quarter of a million Romanians have taken to the streets in record breaking numbers to protest the country’s corrupt politicians. The crowds gathered in Bucharest to protest the apparent double standard the oligarchy has created for itself. No longer is it illegal to take a bribe, for example, so long as the amount does not exceed 45,000 euros (roughly 48,500 dollars). Also, the measure sets free from prison, many politicians who were doing time for corruption.

Romania’s leftist Social Democrat Party (PSD) issued the emergency decree which decriminalized cases of corruption involving less than 45k euros. The PSD won the election of 2016 and the measure was one of the PSD’s first executive orders put in place since taking over power in November. To put things into perspective, consider this headline from the Economist describing the PSD’s rise to power, “Conviction politics: Romania elects a party led by a vote rigger.” Not only was the party’s leader already a convicted election defrauder, but he now reportedly wants to be the country’s new leader.

Burns also added that: “Following the election, the PSD reportedly wanted then to install their leader, Liviu Dragnea, as the prime minister of Romania. However, the party was unable to do so because Dragnea was serving a two-year suspended sentence for election fraud, although he denied any wrongdoing. The suspended sentence originally barred Dragnea from ever serving as the prime minister. But with the government’s new emergency decree decriminalizing political corruption in cases involving less than 45k euros, it’s now conceivable Dragnea will be named prime minister.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04FEB17 Jack Burns, : Media Silent as a Record 250,000 Romanians March to End Govt Corruption.

An article on the website on Feb 7th adds to this information: “The standing of the left-leaning government that assumed power two months ago has fallen so quickly that leaders found it necessary Monday to assert they would not resign even as the protests continued. The prime minister says a new proposal will be put before Parliament instead.”

The Romanian government is looking for a way to accomplish its goal of easing corruption rules for public officials.

The article continues: “ Laura Stefan, a Romanian anti-corruption specialist with the Expert Forum public policy think tank in Bucharest, said the government made a strategic blunder with the emergency decree. It would have tolerated abuse of power by officials — ranging from a mayor in a small village to a top government minister — if the amount of graft involved totaled less than about $48,500.

"It's simply un-defendable," Stefan said. "How can you explain to the people of this country, who maybe don't make $50,000 in their lifetime, that it is okay for public officials to misuse their office in order to obtain less than $50,000 from the state budget."

Public officials have not offered a specific explanation for why the law is needed, although one minister said it would bring the country in line with other European nations. “

The key sentence there might be: the law would bring the country in line with other European nations. This would suggest that corruption is wide-spread across the European Union, much as Nigel Farage hinted at in the previous story.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07FEB17 : Romanian government seeks loophole on corruption.

In a separate article on the same day from , the following was reported: “ In an address to Parliament, President Klaus Iohannis, a critic of the two-month-old government, said the majority of Romanians now believed the country was going in the wrong direction. "Romania needs a government that is transparent, which governs predictably by the light of day, not sneakily at night," the president said, referring to the late hour the government passed an emergency ordinance last week aimed at decriminalizing some forms of official corruption.”

CLICK TO VIEW - 07FEB17 : Romania protests endure as president says country in crisis. reported on Feb 5th that: “ The leader of Romania’s Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, probably the only man who managed to have his name booed by 600,000 people in the streets of Romania in the last 25 years, claims that the protests that have been taking place in Bucharest and all over the country in the last six days have been “professionally organized.” He also pointed the finger at multinationals for supporting the demonstrations against the Government that his party named less than a month ago.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05FEB17 : Romanian PSD leader says protests “professionally organized”, points finger at multinationals.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07FEB17 : President to the Parliament: Romania needs a strong Government that does its job transparently.

This is one of those confusing statements because from one perspective, he is very likely telling the truth. The question is from which perspective is he talking - the multinationals he is seeking to play ball with, or the foreign interests that may be seeking to expose the corruption. Will Russia be blamed for this, for example? If so, then you can be sure that the US is pulling the strings in Romania.

Where things start to get suspicious is if we look to at least one American global institution that has an operation in Romania. which is the American Chamber of Commerce has taken a public position on the protests against the government.

In one article from on Feb 9th, the following was reported: “AmCham Romania in a public statement, rejected the recent claims that multinationals in Romania supported the protests in response to the impact of the recent tax and legislative changes and called them “untrue and nonconstructive for the economy and society.”

“It is unhealthy for the Romanian society to disseminate such untrue statements. Romanian citizens working in both multinational and local companies have voluntarily expressed their point of view in public without any interference by their employer,” a statement from the AmCham reads.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09FEB17 : AmCham Romania rejects allegations about multinationals’ involvement in protests.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09FEB17 : AmCham Romania: Allegations against multinational companies – untrue and unconstructive for the economy and society.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 : AmCham Romania: The lack of transparency in adopting legislative changes sends a strong negative wave of mistrust and uncertainty, internally and externally.

In another article from Feb 7th on the website, the organization reported that: “ It is detrimental for Romania’s medium and long term development to reach budgetary targets by way of cutting investments or changing the fiscal policies that directly and immediately affect the business community, the main contributor to the state budget.

Given the importance of the budgetary framework for the business environment, AmCham Romania emphasizes the need for a genuine and open consultation process with all relevant stakeholders, as should be the case for all public policies impacting the business community.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07FEB17 : AmCham Romania: Increasing the budget revenues collection and high allocations for investments are essential for a budgetary planning that generates growth.

More details will follow, as the nature of the protest becomes more fully understood, but as it seems right now, another US-supported puppet government, acting in accordance to rules from the EU allowing low-level corruption among public officials is getting exposed, and the voices of the people of Romania are ready to say to the world that they have had enough of this.


As I have stated before on this newscast, we are in uncharted waters at this time.. at least during this current physical lifetime. It could be argued that humans in the past have gone through very similar situations, because history is not what it has been taught to the people of the world. This has become more than abundantly clear on so many different levels.

A financial transition of some kind is very clearly in the near future for those with the foresight to see it. It is going to impact the world in ways that we may not even fully understand yet, because we do not have access to the full big picture, nor we we have full access to the complete BIGGER, bigger picture of what is happening and why.

Bix Weir who is considered to be an expert on gold, silver and Bitcoin appeared recently with Greg Hunter on USA and he shared some insights about what he is currently seeing. I have stated that people are too quick to assume that Trump is ‘bad’, without understanding what is really going on behind the scenes.

A few weeks ago, I commented on the strategy that Trump was intentionally appointing people that many consider ‘bad’, and are jumping to the conclusion that Trump is therefore ‘bad’. Willie hints in this interview that Trump may have appointed certain people, because there is an intentional plan to crash the system and rebuild. Certain people are going to have to take the fall, so Trump has positioned certain people into certain positions, setting them up as pawns to be removed when the crash/reset comes.

This does not necessarily make Trump ‘good’, but it starts to put some things into perspective when people understand everything that Trump is up against, and why Obama was not able to succeed where Trump may just now be able to succeed. Willie explains why in this interview.

The conversation started out with some political talk about Trump and the possible secession of California from the United States. Weir comments that California will not secede from the US for the same reason that the breakup of Europe is trying to be prevented. It would collapse the derivatives markets worldwide. The conversation starts from this point:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31JAN17 Greg Hunter via : Bix Weir-Trump Will Crash System then Rebuild.

Weir’s website is   and the link can be found in the show summary.

What may also be of interest to those who are actively following the potential financial paradigm shift are statements made by Trump recently at a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

When asked by a Chinese reporter about a phone conversation with Chinese president Xi Jinping, the following statements were made by Trump:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10FEB17 via : Donald Trump ''All Currencies will be on an Even Level”.

What this means exactly, remains to be seen, but the fact that Trump has been complaining about currency devaluations and the fact that he has suggested that something will happen much sooner than people understand or think, points to a possibility that certain financial changes that many are expecting and waiting for, may finally happen.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10FEB17 Justin Sink, : Trump Vows ‘Level Playing Field’ for U.S., Japan, China Currency.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10FEB17 Matthew Belevedere, : Trump: US must stop China from eating our lunch.

CLICK TO VIEW  : : Homepage for Bix Weir.


If the information shared by Weir in the previous story is correct, then it would make sense that many holders of US Treasury debt bonds would be seeking to sell them, and this is exactly what has been happening according to reports.

An article on the Russia-Insider website by Matthew Allen on Feb 9th has reported that: “It's no secret that Russia and China both share a growing appetite for gold. But how excited are they about U.S. Treasuries, the most boring but "safe" investment which basically translates into "we believe that everything will basically stay the same"?

From the looks of it, Moscow and Beijing no longer think T-bonds are a safe bet or in their national interests.”

Allen refers to a Bloomberg article by Zhuo Zhang in China. Zhuo writes that: “ As they sharply increase their gold reserves, China and Russia are selling off their U.S. Treasuries, with their hunger for the metal coming amid a strict diet excluding dollars. Gold is appealing to these countries because it shields them from the U.S. government's ability to control the value of their holdings. Gold is a country-less currency. A continuing trend of reserve buildup and Treasury sales might weaken the dollar and pressure gold prices higher.

China and Russia have officially added almost 50 million ounces of gold to their central banks while selling off more than $267 billion of Treasuries.”

It would seem that both Russia and China are preparing for some kind of financial event, and it could very likely be the event that Weir described moments ago.

Allen also added the following to his article, writing that: “Moscow realizes that despite the risks, a policy of gradual de-dollarization is crucial in order to shield itself from western economic warfare. China of course is in the same boat. These countries aren't just dumping the dollar, they're also positioning their own currencies for trade throughout Eurasia.

And the fact that growing demand for gold could lead to a weakened dollar is definitely an extra "F-you" to Washington.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09FEB17 Matthew Allen via : Goodbye Petrodollar: Russia and China Dump US Treasuries, Buy Gold.

Late in the day on Feb 10th, RT is now reporting that Germany appears to be realizing that something may be about to happen. According to RT: “ Berlin is bringing home its gold reserves stored in New York, London and Paris faster than scheduled, Germany’s central bank said Thursday. The move is linked to surging euroskepticism, as new governments in France and Italy may ditch the single currency.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10FEB17 : Germany repatriating gold faster than planned as confidence in euro plunges

As French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and Italy's 5-Star Movement are openly calling to pull out of the euro, some economists in Germany say the repatriated gold may be needed to back a new deutschmark should the eurozone collapse.”

Reading between the lines, it is being said very clearly there that Germany is actively preparing for the introduction of a gold-backed currency, and this points to what Weir has said about the movement to a new financial paradigm of gold-backed currencies.

Let me try to explain this more simply to those not fully understanding what is happening here.
There are at least two parts to the US Treasury; the Treasury itself and a formerly secretive part called the Exchange Stabilization Fund. Weir mentioned moments ago that Trump has control of this fund. CVN gave a series of reports recently on the history of this formerly secretive institution. The main function of this fund is to protect US interests while the US Fed Reserve steals from the rest of the world, protected by a military-industrial complex, a criminally fraudulent legal/judicial system, and a criminally fraudulent system of fractional reserve banking.

For decades, the US has been able to manipulate the world by controlling them financially. They go into countries, destabilize them, get them into debt or into the debt-based system, and then they can be controlled. To preserve their economies, certain countries have been forced to buy up US debt. This was done even though the US has had more than enough money stashed away to pay for those debt bonds. The trick was to sell debt bonds to keep countries in alignment with the US hegemony agenda. However, when a country sells a US debt bond, the Exchange Stabilization Fund is the institution that pays off that bond. How this is balanced off in the book-keeping, I am not quite sure.

Russia and China, and the rest of the world have grown tired of these games. They have built their own financial model, and they are creating their own economic reality that involves the creation of the new Silk Road. This is a Pan-Eurasian economic and trading network that will be supported by countries choosing to align more with the growing influence of the Eurasian-aligned countries. Now that Russia and China have most of the pieces in place, they can begin selling off their US debts because they have protected themselves sufficiently from any punishments the US may try to do.

As the US debt bonds are sold, they receive US dollars. These countries immediately turn around and use the increasingly worthless US dollars to buy physical gold and put it into their reserves. This gives both countries a massive store of metal with REAL value, instead of imaginary value that will only disappear when the US dollar is finally put to sleep.

By uniting together and creating a new model, the old model is being declared redundant, the banking cabal that has stolen billions, if not trillions of dollars from the world, is being shut out from their profit-taking schemes, such as the foreign exchange markets, and many more.

All of this is going to be significant in the coming near future, as more is revealed, and as the shift to this new system unfolds.

So, if we are heading towards some kind of significant financial event in the near future, which assets are most likely to survive this reset?

If you listen to the full interview with Weir, he offers his own insights about what he believes people should do. The first thing is to get out of any holdings that deal with third parties. Stocks, bonds, derivatives, paper metals - basically anything that is not physical. He leans towards gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

ZeroHedge, in an article from Feb 6th reported that: “ It's a question of great import because not all assets are equal in terms of survivability in crisis, when the rules change without advance notice.

There are many who doubt that a global economic implosion/reset will occur, and this is becoming very dangerous thinking. The previous day, on the 5th, ZeroHedge also presented an article with graphs and charts that reveal clearly the sobering economic reality that the US is now dependent on multiple, ‘asset-bubbles’ not popping. The article suggests that, according to history, this is something that is not possible…. and yet, it is.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05FEB17 : Is America In A Bubble (And Can It Ever Return To "Normal")?

The article continues: “ It isn't just a financial re-set that's inevitable--it's a political and social re-set as well.” The article links to a short book entitled: ‘Why Our Status Quo Failed And Is Beyond Reform.’

The article describes the following as being part of our current economic reality: “The "fix" for insolvency has been higher debt and debt-based spending--in essence, borrowing from future income to fund more consumption today. But each unit of new debt is generating less economic activity/growth. This is called diminishing returns: eventually the costs of servicing the additional debt exceed the increasingly trivial gains.

What happens when the bubbles pop, despite massive central bank/state interventions? The entire socio-political/financial system goes through a "system re-set" in which all the fantasy-based valuations, political denials, false promises and fraudulent claims collapse in a heap.”, something Weir also mentioned.

In times of crisis, the elites and the global banking cabal will change all the rules they can, to preserve their own power, but as the article notes, the trick is to do this without sparking an immediate political insurrection. It may now be too late for that.

The article suggests the elites will pursue two basic strategies to expropriate, or steal, the wealth of non-elites. The first is that: “They will expropriate what is easy to expropriate: financial assets in centralized institutions the state controls: banks, brokerage accounts, insurance policies, etc.

The second way: “will use the time-honored "stealth expropriation" methods: inflation and taxes.”
Getting through this transition will require EVERYONE to work together, using the very things that the state cannot expropriate or steal from you. The article writes the following: “ It's impossible to expropriate one's skills, experience and social capital. These are intangible forms of capital and so they cannot be confiscated like gold, currency, land, etc.” As the author discusses in his book Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A Model for Positive Change, there's one other asset the state and its ruling Elites cannot expropriate: community.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06FEB17 : Which Assets Are Most Likely To Survive The "System Reset”?

Uniting together, working together, and combining all the skills of everyone will allow people to survive any short-term chaos that the global elites may desperately attempt to try at this time.

These changes are absolutely necessary if the world is to move forward in co-creating a new, more peaceful, more abundant, more healthy global community, free of the enslavement of those who have harmed not only humanity but the planet as well.

All links will be in the show summary for those choosing to learn more.


In general news, for the benefit of those who wish to hear some of the more ‘esoteric’ news of shifts and changes taking place beyond the purely 3D, I would like to offer something for them. This news is not for everyone, but I do invite new listeners to give it a try. Some of it may resonate with you, and some of it may not. Regardless however, the changes our planet is going through at this time is connected to events and to energies beyond the current understanding of much of humanity. This will shift in time.

We’ve heard in the first part of this broadcast some insights leading to revelations connected to the ‘bigger picture’, the exposing of lies, frauds, and crimes that have been committed against humanity and the planet. Connecting to the ‘BIGGER, bigger picture’ however is a bit more a stretch for people; the attempts to understand WHY these things are happening now, and why there is this shift in human and planetary consciousness, and what it will mean for their immediate future, but also the future of humanity and our planet. It’s clear that humans were never meant to be slaves to the criminally fraudulent systems of banking and commercial law. The human journey has been to understand to some degree what our true purpose is for existing on this planet, at this time, in physical form.

One article describes the shift as being an unravelling, or tearing down of the old, 3D matrix as a new, higher vibrational Earth and consciousness is being born. This is a very complicated article to read and listen to, so I am choosing to put it in the show summary, so those who truly understand our shifting reality can access it. The important thing to note is that our reality, as we currently know and experience it, is rapidly changing and evolving and it is affecting people in different ways, depending upon their current vibration and worldview.

With the new energies that are coming to the Earth, including the very recent energies, our bodies are being affected at the cellular level. An article on the LoveHasWon blogsite shared on Feb 6th that: “ You have entered the great gateway and portal of the Third Wave and this boost of energy will be ongoing for the next few weeks for your spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

Your physical,emotional and etheric DNA is currently being upgraded to the 7th dimensional frequencies.

Your 12 strands of DNA are awakening, which include your physical DNA, etheric DNA and emotional DNA strands.

Your physical DNA is experiencing now a higher amount of resilience and self repair attributes within the cells of your body. This activation will increase over the next weeks.

Your emotional DNA is now being activated to hold a higher capacity of love, which is the all-transmuting energy to dissolve any old beliefs that do not serve you anymore. These beliefs are being replaced by collaboration, upliftment, deep love, appreciation and the contribution to the Highest Good of All That Is.

Your etheric DNA is now being activated to a stronger connection and interaction with, what you call, the un-seen world.

The unseen world includes all realities, past/present/future and parallel, your Galactic Families of Light, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Elementals, the Animal Consciousness, the Agartha Inner Earth Network, the Crystal Consciousness, the Plant Consciousness and your Higher Self.

From now on, trust and know what you see, feel, perceive and experience from these realms to assist you on your path. The doors are now wide open, to take great strides to step into the New Earth.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06FEB17 : Council of Light ~ Your 12 Strands of DNA Are Awakening.

As our bodies adapt, new experiences will be had by those who are able to more fully integrate these new energies and not resist them. There has long been talk among some sources of a reuniting of twin flames. The twin flame, according to sources is supposed to the other, opposite sex part of your soul, this other part of you. Historically, in physical form, there was the separate male and female entities. As we evolve beyond a purely physical form, we may reintegrate or reconnect with the other half of our soul and become a complete Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine entity.
In 3D physical form, we live in separation from a Divine Creator/Source, from each other, and even from ourselves. As we move into a higher energetic existence, we are witnessing the fading away of separation towards an awareness of the Oneness of all things.

Kate Rose shares the following about twin flames and the coming period of time. She writes: “ We are each on a unique journey with our flame, and we’re not all meant to join with our love during this lifetime. Yet, we are seeing more and more flames moving on similar paths toward reunion.

It was important for us to have taken this journey together. We needed to experience all the stages of this type of love, because that is the only way to learn about ourselves and our place in this world.

Only our flame can elevate us in such a way that we come to see our divine purpose in this life.

The biggest lesson we’ve been trying to teach one another is this: In order to reunite, that connection can’t be the main focus of the relationship.

If we have done our deep soul work, then this month offers all the magic of finally bringing those twin flames together who are meant to join at this moment in time.

We are meant to be at different levels, because we’re supposed to help one another.

If we all arrived at the destination at the same time, there wouldn’t be any teachers to lead the way for others. That’s what this first large wave of flames has been doing—traversing this path and learning about this connection so that we might pass down our lessons to future flames.

We have been urged to make more mistakes than successes so that we might lead the movement toward higher love.

The past few years have been difficult for flames.

We had to watch our old lives be blown to smithereens. While they may have been comfortable, we weren’t fulfilling our divine purpose on this earth.

The thing about our flames is, even if we’re separated by physical space, our spirits are always connected.

The fastest way to our flame is in fact through our self. If we run, or deny our inner light, then by extension we also push our flame away.

The only way to be ready for reunion is also to connect with our core self as deeply as we can—to no longer hide who we are, and be ready to embrace all of our beautiful chaos.

If we have done this during the past year, then our flame has also felt that and will have been on a similar journey, inspired by ours. We won’t ever join together if both flames don’t acknowledge this process of connection and love.

One of the most difficult aspects of twin flame love is acknowledging it and allowing ourselves to discover who that soul might be in this lifetime. In order to do that, we need to be able to talk about this esoteric concept and discuss with others if we both in fact think we are each other’s flame.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01FEB17 Kate Rose, : Twin Flame Forecast for February: It’s Time to Reunite.

So, it might seem that one part of the human journey is to find completion within oneself and this may or may not include a reuniting with one’s twin flame on the physical plane of Earth. However, the journey is aided by being aware of the synchronicities that one experiences when one is open to seeing them.

An article on the website addresses this. In an article on Feb 6h it is written that: “ everything in our life is linked. From the past, to the present and future — every single coincidence or accident we stumble upon is linked. No matter how small or big of a movement is, it is all about synchronicity.

Whether you feel like you are having a perfect day and everything goes smoothly, or experience a bad period in which ‘a lot of coincidences happen,’ the universe is sending you a message. People and things happening in an exact moment is nothing but synchronicity and, fortunately, there is a way to accept it.

Do you know the saying “When the student is ready, the master appears”?

That is exactly how synchronicity is explained. Whenever you are synchronized with something you truly want, you are more likely to meet that thing, which is why similar people meet ‘accidentally’. The thing is, they are tuned in to the exact same frequency, and synchronicity does its best to match them.”

It might help for some people to think of it this way: You are able to speak with your friend on a mobile phone because you know the number or the frequency of that person. You are able to be in tune when you know this number. It is also said in English that when two or people agree on something, they are said to be ‘in sync’ or ‘on the same wavelength’.

Synchronicity aligns people of a certain frequency to connect with who or what they may need to move forward.

The article continues: “synchronicity works best for people who believe it to be true. So, for starters, you should believe in it and stop saying that every event is an accident or a coincidence. The thing is, if you are saying this, you are sending a weak spiritual signal to the universe, as opposed to the strong signal that the universe sends you by syncing everything around you.

By understanding synchronicity and seeing things not as an ordinary, but as a committed person, you are able to connect more deeply with your inner sync, and actually don’t have to work hard to make the things you want happen. Instead, you will just believe in them and let them happen, without any force whatsoever.”

Synchronicity Happens For A Reason -There Are No Accidents And No Coincidences.

This awakening may be recognized by certain symptoms that one may be feeling physically. An article on the In5D website on Feb 6th shares 25 symptoms that people may be feeling that point to a shift happening inside. Some of these changes include: headaches; hearing strange sounds; increased sensitivity and awareness of everything around; stronger senses especially the sense of smelling; a feeling of being out of focus, like being in a movie; loss of coordination and balance; strange, unfamiliar sensations in the body; sudden waves of chills or goose-bumps; a loss of the sense of time; weird sleep patterns and a strong need for extra sleep and also experiencing an increase in the synchronicities in one’s world.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06FEB17 Isabella Greene, : 25 Strange ‘Symptoms’ People Are Experiencing Worldwide.

In the midst of these changes, it is important to remember this, and I have to make sure I pay attention to this for myself. Brenda Hoffmann in an article on the LoveHasWon website reminds us of the following: “ The 3D world of anger, hate, and rage draw you in day after day because you are not noticing positive changes in your world. Instead, you are sensing more negative actions – in your terms – than ever in this lifetime.

All seems hopeless – creating a helpless feeling within you because of the fear and anger now seemingly rampant.

You have read and studied what is happening – that the rage and anger are clearing the last vestiges of outer-directed power. Even though you want to believe that such is true, your vision, your current world does not indicate that.”

Hoffmann continues: “Just as you cannot tell others how to live their life, you cannot force yourself to do so.

Many of you are starting to believe that you SHOULD be a different, more loving, more forgiving, and more 5D perfect being. By shoulding yourself, you force yourself into something that is not quite you. Like trying to force your feet into shoes that are a size too small.

Your only role now is to follow your heart, your inner-being – wherever that leads you. Perhaps you need to address pieces that surprise you. Perhaps you find yourself disliking a group of people, and that astounds you. Perhaps you do not wish to be with anyone now. So be it.

You cannot be someone you are not. Allow yourself to evolve at the pace that is correct for you. Trust yourself enough to know that when something is too unpleasant, too painful, too heavy or just not right for you, your internal being will shift your direction.

Allow yourself to be in all your facets, and you will quickly adjust to 5D. Curtail your various facets, and you will continue to function in a 3D manner.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06FEB17 : Your Only Role Now is to Follow Your Heart.

So as we listen to our hearts, we can begin to expand in our consciousness, and we recognize certain symptoms that show us we are changing. As we pay closer attention to the syncrhonicities, we will be guided to the people and things that can move us forward. We are experiencing this at this time, because of all the energies that are shifting and evolving our physical body.

This is what we are evolving towards, and I am the first to admit that I still have some work to do on this one, following my heart and the synchronicities.

We are all moving there, together, in our uniquely different, equally beautiful ways and timeframes.


CLICK TO VIEW  - 04FEB17 Kyria Aluéla Lumina, : Old Matrix Unravels – New 5.D. Earth Replaces the Old.


Over to science and tech-related news now;

In keeping with the theme we discussed a few minutes earlier about following one’s heart, or listening to one’s heart, it may surprise some people to learn that there is a science to the intelligence of our hearts and there are ways to begin learning how to listen to one’s heart.

An article appearing on the website on Feb 6th shares the following: “ Our hearts wake us up in some ways that we prefer not to experience but if we work on listening to it, instead of waiting to be woken up through some uncomfortable experience then well, we can save a lot of time and pain. Here’s the science behind our heart’s intelligence for the rational part of our brain that is afraid to trust the unknown and a few guidelines to begin practicing, because, like any muscle that you want to build, it takes some discipline and effort.”

The article explains that: “ The heart is an organ of enormous electro-magnetic intelligence. Sixty to 65 percent of the heart is composed of neuron cells (not muscle cells) and like the brain generates a very powerful electromagnetic field that permeates every cell in the body — but is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain!!

An electromagnetic field is essentially a broadcasting device so to rephrase that last sentence: the heart’s ability to broadcast messages is 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain! The heart is also the first organ to function after conception whereas the brain begins to start operating after 90 days.

So our heart, as you can see, is a very powerful messenger. It speaks a language similar to the brain but uses a more sophisticated inner guidance system based on both feeling and thinking.

The brain with its hallmark attribute of overthinking tends to want to control and play things safe. In the case of our brain, this is why we get messages that are not always in our best interest. The brain says: “Follow the map you were given, it’s a sure bet! The heart says: “Take this route! You don’t know it yet but it will lead you to a new and more fulfilling life!”

Some may start to question the importance of the brain, if it is our heart that is so strong. The brain has a function of bringing order and perhaps clarity when our emotions threaten to sweep us away, and it is the brain that gives us the tools to exist in the world in a safe manner.

The article continues: “ Unfortunately though, it’s an overused one and this is why we often feel exhausted. Our brains are on overdrive trying to do all of our problem solving. Our heart — always present, always ready for our arrival even if difficult to locate at times — is where the fuel lies and where our whole body, brain included, can take a break to recharge and get some wise direction on how to navigate the path ahead.”

How might one begin to learn the difference between the signal of the brain, and the signals of one’s heart?
The article writes that: “ When your heart is speaking you feel it all over your body. Heart messages feel open and expansive. They jolt you. They make your blood flow and your body pulse. Your vision gets clear, your sensory perceptions heighten and become more acute. The answers that come to you feel “ready-made”, channeled and handed down from a higher place of knowing, not dissected or chewed up. In other words, it’s a full body experience.

When a message is coming strictly from your head, that’s pretty much the only place you will feel it. Irrational and overanalyzed brain messages usually coming from fear based belief systems and tend to feel constricting. When the brain takes over, we feel obsessive, our muscles tense, our breath shortens. We get anxious, we feel tired. We feel disconnected. There’s a general feeling that something is off.”

How might one begin to fine-tune one’s ability to listen? The article offers the following: “ Talk to yourself. To test this theory out, tell yourself something you know to be absolutely true about yourself and see where you feel this in your body.

After you do that, tell yourself something that you know to be absolutely false and see where you feel this in your body. You can also practice this with a decision you made that you knew was right for you and a decision you knew that wasn’t. Once you get a sense of this, you can start asking yourself all kinds of questions. As you do this over and over, you begin to become fine tuned to your bodies’ inner guidance system based on the signals it gives you.”

Another way is to keep a journal and this involves a practice of writing down a question, and then asking your head to answer the question and then your heart to answer the question, and noting the different sensations in your body.

The third way is to focus on breathing. According to the article: “ there has been a lot of research showing that one important way the heart speaks to and influences the brain is when the heart is “coherent” meaning it is generating a stable pattern in its rhythm. When this is so, the body and brain begin to experience many benefits some of which are greater mental clarity and intuitive ability.

An exercise for helping your heart become more coherent is to focus on your breathing. Take at least a minute or two to do this. First ask your mind and heart to join forces. You can imagine a gold channel of light connecting the two feeling the flow of energy between them. Then take deep breaths, holding your inhale for four counts and breathing out for four counts. Do this ten times. At this time, you may choose to practice either talking to your self, or writing your question in your journal.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06FEB17 Danielle Benvenuto, : The Science Behind Our Heart’s Intelligence and Tips on How to Start Listening.

For those who have done rapid-breath meditations, they will know and understand the power of breath-work, and the impact it can have in one’s spiritual awakening.

In the show summary for this story, I will add a link to a scientific study done relating to breathing and how one’s breathing can impact one’s memory and one’s perception of fear.

No wonder the global cabal has been so desperate to keep people sick, in debt and in fear. Keeping people from connecting to the power of their heart energy and then having them unite with other heart energies worldwide would have been fatal to them.

Indeed, perhaps this is why the global cabal is now being exposed worldwide - enough people have begun making conscious efforts to create a heart-space for global change and are now empowered to create that new world that so many are now claiming to want to be in.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07DEC2016 : Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear.

CLICK TO VIEW - : Chakra Breathing Meditation.


Finally, in health-related news;

Amazing, is it not, to see all the information that is now coming out about the truth of the healing potential of cannabis?

On last week’s newscast, I offered a number of links to relatively new information that is showing how cannabis can help many different conditions in the human body but it can also help animals as well, that feed on hemp.

We have heard how cannabis has potential benefits for not only cancer, but Parkinson’s disease and other neuro-degenerative conditons; herpes in all its forms, lyme disease, and arguably so much more.

This week, we can continue with several other related stories. An article appearing on the website on February 5th shares the following: “ It was discovered during a recent survey that cannabis was the most effective treatment against fibromyalgia, with an efficiency exceeding all existing medications.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is accompanied by chronic fatigue, deep muscle pain, headaches and depression.”

The article also added that: “ Although patients with this disorder have a choice of three drugs, cannabis has proven to exceed that of all drugs synthesized in the laboratory. In a recent online survey conducted by the National Pain Foundation, more than 1,300 patients with fibromyalgia were interviewed. The result is that cannabis has been designated as the most effective in treating the symptoms.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05FEB17 : Study: Cannabis Is The Best Medicine For Fibromyalgia.

Of course, the news only gets better and better as far as cancer is concerned. The AnonHQ website reported on February 5th that: “ Cannabis has been making a lot of noise lately. In November 2016, Australia became the first entire continent to legalize cannabis (the first country to fully legalize cannabis is Uruguay). In January 2017, Germany legalized medical cannabis allowing patients with “exceptional cases” to get a cannabis prescription from their doctor as well as a refund for the upfront cost of cannabis from their health insurance. This spring, Canada is set to legalize the personal use of cannabis.

In recent years, support for cannabis legalization in the United States has reached a tipping point. According to surveys from Gallup, support for legalization has risen from 31% in 2000 to 60% in 2016. 28 states and Washington D.C. allow cannabis for medical purposes.”

The article adds also that: “There is evidence that cannabis oil destroys cancer, cures severe epilepsy, treats muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis, and saves lives. The National Cancer Institute has admitted cannabis oil kills cancer cells. Likewise, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has also admitted cannabis kills cancer cells and shrinks brain tumors.

There are over 100 peer-reviewed studies, prominent medical organizations, and major government reports, which all combine to prove that marijuana is safe and effective in treating many serious ailments, including cancer.”

What this article also highlights, that perhaps many do not yet know, is that it is not always necessary to smoke cannabis, or take the cannabis oil, both of which can cause someone to get ‘high’ because the THC component has been activated through a heating process. In fact, just eating raw cannabis, including the juicing of it, can help prevent health issues from arising - without the psychoactive effects.

What is also becoming more understood are the long-term effects of cannabis on the brain. An article on the website from November of 2014 reported that: “the debate can finally move out from the realm of opinion into scientific evidence as researchers from the University of Texas just published their research into the long-term effects of marijuana use on the brain in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

The researcher helped dispel the dying myth that marijuana use lowers IQ, and actually provides more evidence to marijuana’s potential role in fighting Alzheimer’s. The research revealed that earlier onset of regular marijuana use leads to greater structural and functional connectivity in the brain. The most significant increases in connectivity appear as an individual begins using marijuana, with results showing that the severity of use is directly correlated to greater connectivity. These results will also need to be viewed in light of other research showing that cannabinoids actually promote brain cell growth/regrowth (neurogenesis) even in adults.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14NOV2014 : Marijuana’s Long Term Effects On The Brain Finally Revealed.

Why would the global cabal want to keep cannabis criminalized? If this study is true, that cannabis can help promote growth or re-growth in the brain, this would mean that people would be able to think critically even more than they do already, and this alone represents a threat to those who have been in control. However, for those who may not have access to cannabis from a source that they trust, one may also choose to do some research on the spice Turmeric, as an article on the website has reported on the potential health benefits that whole turmeric has in healing a damaged brain.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01OCT2014 Sayer Ji, : How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain.

In the show summary, I will also include a link to a YouTube video showing how cannabis helped to calm down a man with Parkinson’s disease.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21NOV2016 via : Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Part 3 of 3.

<iframe width="400" height="250" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kortney Briggs, writing for on 09FEB notes also how cannabis and one component, THCV has helped to lower the blood sugar levels of those affected by Diabetes type 2.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09FEB17 Kortney Briggis, : Research - THCV lowers blood sugar diabetes type 2.

As I have stated countless times on this newscast, hemp and cannabis can change the picture of life on this planet. Stuart Miner, writing for The Guardian on Feb 4th agrees with me. He reports the following: “ Imagine a plant that cuts cholesterol, reduces our exposure to toxins, can ease joint inflammation, proves more durable than concrete, and can provide the economy with much-needed jobs for farmers and manufacturers. This wonder of the world exists – it’s hemp. But it is illegal to grow in America.

Hemp and marijuana both are cannabis plants – in fact, both are cannabis sativa. Hemp, however, contains virtually no THC (the psychoactive ingredient in pot), so smoking it will not get you stoned. Yet industrial hemp has endured 80 years of purgatory and prohibition at the hands of the government.

Hemp has been hailed as the little plant that could for centuries – for making fabric, rope, sails, paper and canvas. Hemp plants require less chemical spraying than cotton, soy, corn and wheat. It can help reduce soil degradation by faring better with less water and in drier climates. Paper made from hemp could help reduce deforestation, and requires fewer chemicals for processing than wood pulp. Hemp fabric has antibacterial qualities that can help it fight staph infections in hospitals.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04FEB17 Stuart Miner, : Hemp: how one little plant could boost America's economy.

It’s not just the US that can turn itself around - it is any community, in any country that seeks to take control of its future, instead of being dependent upon people, organizations and institutions that profit from not allowing people and communities access to these kinds of solutions.

John Trudell was a Native American rights activist, musician, actor, poet, and protector of the earth who passed away in 2015.
Ironically, hemp was not only legal in America’s past, but for a time the federal government actually required farmers to produce industrial hemp as part of the original plan to turn the United States of America into an industrial global powerhouse. Many of the nation’s founding documents were even written on hemp paper, again, highlighting the remarkable history of hemp and casting suspicion on the reasons given for its prohibition.

In 2011, Trudell gave the following explanation of why hemp is the king of all crops and why the world simply cannot survive without it. In simple, direct language, Trudell explains why a hemp-based economy would be much more advantageous for our world than a fossil-fuels-based economy. The message is especially prescient at a time when Native Americans are engaged in a struggle to prevent oil pipeline progress in America’s wild lands, as hemp offers an incredibly salient alternative to oil.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07FEB17 Vic Bishop, : The Late John Trudell Explains Why We Need Hemp Now.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22SEP2011 via : John Trudell on Hemp :: The real reason Marijuana is illegal // Mending News.

In the show summary will be a video from Trudell explaining the values of hemp and why it has been criminalized.

Governments are against hemp and cannabis because they have been hijacked and controlled by corporate interests including Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Oil, and supported by Big Media.

So why is Big Pharma against cannabis legalization? Two reasons in particular: 1. As a natural substance, it cannot be patented, and therefore Big Pharma cannot profit from the sale of it. Therefore, the natural compound must be criminalized in order to allow a less beneficial, synthetic compound to be made that can be patented, and therefore used to get corporate profits.
Cannabis alone has the potential to bury the pharmaceutical industry, unless they can get control of the market, so they can trick the less informed people into buying their products because they are not informed enough to know just how dangerous pharmaceutical products are.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05FEB17 : More Than 100 Peer-Reviewed Studies Conclude: Cannabis Cures Cancer.

Thankfully, this is also changing. An article on the AOL website from the UK reported last June that: “ Cannabis users seeking treatment often have an expertise about the drug which is leaving those trying to help them lagging behind, a conference has been told.

Dr Mark Monaghan, a lecturer in criminology and social policy at Loughborough University, told the delegates: "There is this 'inverted expertise' around cannabis in which the users have all the up-to-date knowledge of the local markets and the service providers are lagging behind. The providers are slightly lagging behind in terms of their knowledge base. Because they are lagging behind they don't have intelligence on what the consumers are using; it creates this situation where they don't really know what to do.”

CLICK TO VIEW - 07JUN2016 : Cannabis users 'have more knowledge' of drug than experts.

This may seem surprising to some, but it really should not be a surprise. The medical profession has for a very long time been out of touch with the healing process. It could be argued effectively that the medical profession is not interested at all in maintaining health. They are only interested in diagnosing disease. The medical profession abandoned the oath to do no harm decades ago. Everyday the profession does harm to people on multiple levels. Money can only be made when there sickness and disease. It is exactly the same with global peace; money can only be made when there is only war and conflict, not true peace.

This is how the people of the world are beginning to turn the tables on those who have been enslaving us; they are becoming informed and empowered on numerous levels, not just with the cannabis issue. This is where the people will be able to win, even as Monsanto and Bayer threaten to take over the cannabis industry.

This unfortunate news was reported on Feb 5th through the AnonHQ website as they wrote the following: “The 66 million-dollar merger between Monsanto and Bayer has a lot of people watching. The potential legalization of marijuana also has a lot of people watching, including the CEOs of Monsanto and Bayer…and George Soros. Ah yes, there is that name Soros again. …

The merger, as reported time and again is the largest agricultural merger of all times. The Bayer-Monsanto merger will result in a 29 percent ownership of the global seed market and a quarter of the pesticide market. If you throw in the other giants DuPont and Dow with their own merger and Syngenta, 64 percent of the world’s pesticides and seed market are controlled by these three corporations alone.

Now, with the latest tug-of-war debate about the legalization of marijuana – even if just for medicinal purposes – has piqued the interests of the Bayer-Monsanto conglomerate.”

In late January, Monsanto announced they had created their first GMO strain of marijuana at the corporate facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05FEB17 : Investigation: Bayer-Monsanto Set to Take Over Marijuana Industry.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 29JAN17 Justin Gardner via : DEA ‘Chief Propagandist’ Says Agency Knows Pot is Safe, Keeps it Illegal for Profit.

Here is where the corruption begins to get exposed. The article quotes lawyer and marijuana law specialist Edmund Groensch as saying that: “A major player as Monsanto could bring confidence within government and towards investors in the market if it were to own a large part of the exploitable lands and commercial products.”

In the wake of this announcement at the end of January - the creation of a synthetic, GMO strain of cannabis that can be patented and profited from - comes the news this week that a Republican Party bill has been introduced into the US Congress that will finally reschedule marijuana and de-schedule CBD.

Of course, this would only happen AFTER a more dangerous product has been created and patented. This by itself sends a very strong message that governments are controlled and that they are not genuinely interested in health, but only interested in catering to the interests of corporations and of the Big Cartels such as Pharma, Medicine, Media and others.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03FEB17 : Breaking: House Republican Bill Would Reschedule Marijuana and De-Schedule CBD.

In the show summary will also be some links from last week as a refresher to share with family and friends. The key is to become really informed about the FULL value and benefit of both cannabis and hemp, and to understand the differences between the two, and how both can contribute to a better world for everyone. Everyone that is, except those who have been profiting from the criminalizing of cannabis and hemp and preventing humanity from achieving its full potential. As we become more informed, we will have the power to challenge our political leaders because we will understand the issues better than they do, and thus the pressure will be on them to listen and act, instead of catering only to corporate interests that seek to keep people sick, in debt and in fear. Many are actively no longer choosing to buy into that fear.

CLICK TO VIEW  -07FEB17 : Once Again, Marijuana Positive Drivers Show “No Signs of Impairment”.

Links from last week:

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9. ( 1:44:45 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS;

It is unfortunate perhaps that I do have to repeat certain things many times over.

Of course, there are two reasons for this, actually three. The first reason is that there may always be new listeners who need to hear what has been said in the past. The second reason is that it is a good refresher for listeners, because each listener may have a new friend who might benefit from the information shared. The third reason is that, by repeating certain information, it also helps me to remember the things that are important, but it also allows me to ‘check-in’ with myself, to see if the information I have shared still resonates as ‘truth’ for me in this current moment of ‘now’.

Many beautiful souls are struggling financially, because standing up against the criminal elites of the world is currently not a very lucrative profession. I would like to believe that it will be someday soon, but not currently in this moment. Many souls are struggling emotionally; trying to find friends, companions and partners who think and feel the same way about the world, or at the very least want to learn more about what is not working, so they can try to begin making a difference.

It is a very lonely journey that many of us have signed up for. For many people, just having a companion to share the journey would make all the other stresses and frustrations bearable.

There are incredible stresses dealing with the current paradigm, while this global cabal still has some degree of control left. There are incredible stresses dealing with living and existing outside of the ‘status quo’. The question becomes: which stresses would you rather deal with?

One may choose to stay attached to the current paradigm and its stresses. This individual may end up dealing with being laid off because the company is replacing human labour with robots. This individual may end up dealing with a broken relation because neither partner was fully prepared and committed to working through the challenges that put the stresses on the relation in the first place. One or both souls in that partnership may still have unrealistic expectations about how things are in the world today, without acknowledging that the world we once lived in - is gone.

For some, this will be cause for alarm, distress and incredible fear. For others who have been witness to the changes so far, and who have become even a little informed as to what is going on in the world, these people are mostly going to welcome the major changes that are now necessary, even if it means a period of time of hardship.

Face it, we are already in a period of hardship. The last 100 years have been nothing but hardship because humanity has been enslaved to criminally fraudulent systems of banking and commercial law. For those who are ignorant of their slavery, it is possible for them to keep doing their day to day routine because they do not know what they do not know.

For those who are awakening, they are seeking friends, groups, partners, companions and even colleagues with whom they can create a trusted circle and network, so that as the more challenging parts of these changes begin to happen, they will have a support network, where people can help each other, comfort each other, empower each other and listen to each other.

I see a day coming, and given the way things are unfolding in the world right now, I’m beginning to think that this day may not be too far away, where the cabal is going to try to play its remaining cards in creating hardship for humanity and the planet. They have done a grand job of enslaving humanity and destroying our planet up to this point.

Now that humans worldwide are waking up to this, many are searching for their role and their purpose in these global changes.

The irony of the times we live in are both exciting yet sad; funny yet horrifically tragic. Yes, I bet a few of you started to think about the beginning of the book, Tale of Two Cities. It is indeed the best of times and the worst of times. For those seeing their power, control and wealth disappearing, these times are going to be tragic. For those who are beginning to get their first taste of a growing freedom for our planet, the times are exciting, even if some frustration, stress, sadness and loneliness are mixed in to the equation.

It is an age of wisdom, and yet an age of foolishness. In a more cosmic sense, it is a season of Light, and a season of darkness. Depending upon one’s worldview right now, we have everything before us and we have nothing before us.

Before an individual surrenders to the realization that his or her personal world has to change because she or he has hit rock bottom, so too must this happen on various collective levels, but also on a global collective level.

Good people are being criticized, demonized, threatened, killed or otherwise discredited for attempting to make the world a better place.

Take Tulsi Gabbard for example. Gabbard is a Democratic Congresswoman who represents Hawaii. She quit her job with the Democratic National Party, to throw her support behind Bernie Sanders. She recently went to Syria on a fact-finding mission. People in both the Democratic and the Republican parties have been criticizing her going and they are attempting to discredit her as quickly as possible.

According to an article by Caitlin Johnstone on the website on February 6th: “ The most revolutionary thing an American leader can do today is stand up to the military industrial complex and throw a monkey wrench in the corporatist wars of the oligarchs. Not only is war itself one of the most profitable industries in the US economy, but the entire neoliberal economic scheme is premised upon its ability to prop itself up with the barrel of a gun. The only reason America’s economy is still officially standing tall after obliterating its middle class and funnelling all new income to the wealthiest of the wealthy is because it’s been able to force the governments of the world to submit to the dominance of the US dollar using the carrot of military alliance and the stick of military retaliation.

This psychopathic balancing act depends upon America’s corporate crony politicians falling in line with the agenda, and Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is refusing to fall in line with the agenda.”

As the article suggests - if the people in power do not stop Gabbard now, there is a very strong possibility that she could become the 46th president of the United States. Well, she would only become the 46th president if the corporate US govt somehow manages to remain intact until the next election. If a US Republic government is announced, as some believe it will be, then there will be a whole new structure to deal with, and it is very possible that Gabbard could play a role in that as well.

Isn’t it amazing? Many people are examples, but Gabbard also highlights the truth behind the following quote: “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth can be a revolutionary thing”. She exposed the lies and crimes of the US in Syria, and power-brokers certainly did not like her going over there without their authorization.

Such are the things that some courageous souls must now do, if the world is to become better for the rest of humanity.

The hypocrisy of politicians, bankers, lawyers, judges, police officers, journalists, priests, corporate CEO’s and others has reached a breaking point where the people of the world are fed up with their lies, their crimes and their BS of pretending to care for humanity and the planet, when every choice that has been made is very directly threatening the lives of all humans upon this planet.

Although it may not seem like it or feel like it, the consciousness of humanity and the planet is rising and if one is looking for it, it is not really hard to see. It can be seen in the fear and anger of those who are so attached to the current paradigm that they are hysterical about losing all their status and material possessions. It can be seen in the amount of groups appearing around the world to discuss global peace and healing.

Meanwhile, the Buddhist monks will continue to do their meditation in the mountains, away from the world; there are courageous people in every country seeking to help share wisdom of a new golden age of consciousness, and yes, there are still people who either knowingly or unknowingly are prepared to physically fight for ‘something’, even if they may not be exactly sure of what it is they are fighting for. As well, there are also the galactic families that are apparently around Earth at this time, helping as much as they are are allowed to do, until permission is given to do more.

In this time, each soul will have to explore whether he or she is ready to let the old part of her or himself die, in order to open up and be birthed into the new consciousness. Believe me when I tell you that this can be as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. I say this because I think I have chosen the hard way, and although it is not always pleasant, it is something that I know I have to do, because I really do not want to live the remainder of this lifetime as a slave to people who are killing humanity and destroying our planet for profit, power and greed.

No one is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ if she or he is not ready to choose this. Each soul must choose this at the time when he or she is ready, prepared and willing to do so. Thankfully, this is happening much more quickly at this time, and perhaps it is this energy that is finally pushing the global cabal to the brink of its own destruction, an event that will finally remove the chains that have held humanity back from the full knowing of our full potential - as humans on Earth, but also as awakening citizens of a new, galactic star nation!

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!

CLICK TO VIEW - 06FEB17 Caitliin Johnstone, : They’re Not Fooling Anyone — We All Know Why The Dems Are Attacking Tulsi Gabbard.


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