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2017-02-24 Cosmic Vision News - Summary/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - February 24, 2017

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Former CIA Director William Casey was quoted in 1981 as saying the following: “We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes, is false.”

This week an intriguing article has appeared on the website, reporting the following: “ There is a struggle going on right now between the the global elites, C.I.A., Donald Trump, Julian Assange and Wikileaks. A struggle so powerful it threatens to rip apart the fabric of our current reality. It's not a struggle between left and right. it's a war between the infinitely rich and powerful, and the rest of human civilization.
It involves Vault 7, Pizzagate/Pedogate, the State Department and The White House, whistle blowers, espionage, hackers and ddos attacks, Ecuador, Russia and us, the masses.  It's a very real story of corruption at the very core of our society.”

Things are being exposed rapidly and furiously at this time. Former Democratic US Representative Dennis Kucinich, who recently went with Hawaiian Represenattive Tulsi Gabbard to Syria to help expose US crimes there, appeared on Fox Business News on Feb 14th and had this to say:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 14FEB17 Fox Business via : Intel community trying to undermine Trump's presidency?

This is a democratic politician talking about a Republican president. Kucinich has long been speaking out on the military industrial complex and for him to publicly come out in support of a Republican president in this way may mean something to some people. This would also explain why Trump is trying to bypass the media by going to the public directly, and also why he is planting fake stories, some of which are shared on Facebook by people looking for any justification to bash Trump. It MAY also explain why certain comments were made during the election campaign, so he could begin to find out who he could trust.

Returning to the original article however. This story contains a vast amount of info that is challenging to fit into this newscast. I may have to take this in parts. However, the article notes the following: “ The world as we know it is about to change. Within our society there is a shadow government. A government that has accumulated great wealth and power. A government that is so woven into the fabric or our reality we can only see what they want us to see. This is a government that has manipulated and blackmailed people and Countries for decades. This government controls the media, the banks, the army, the intelligent services, and most of the internet. They control narratives and agendas. They start wars then set up charities and foundations to help the victims. These charitable foundations are just fronts to provide a platform and face for their hidden agenda. This isn't simply just a plan to see who can accumulate the most wealth. This is a war. A silent war that has been unfolding right in front of our eyes. A war against us the masses and the prize is to become leaders of the new world.”

Where it starts to become more interesting are the revelations concerning ‘Vault 7’, referring to the 7th floor of the US Department of State, formerly under Hillary Clinton’s control. There is allegedly a file that comes from this secretive ‘Vault 7’, and it threatens to expose the CIA and hundreds of people.

At this point, the article’s author does not appear to have such a document in actual possession. It may seem that someone does, possibly even someone at Wikileaks. It was Wikileaks that revealed the CIA’s involvement with the presidential elections in France in 2012.

CBS News reported on Feb 17th that: “While Rex Tillerson is on his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, his aides laid off staff at the State Department on Thursday.

Much of seventh-floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed.

These staffers in particular are often the conduit between the secretary’s office to the country bureaus, where the regional expertise is centered. Inside the State Department, some officials fear that this is a politically-minded purge that cuts out much-needed expertise from the policy-making, rather than simply reorganizing the bureaucracy.

There are clear signals being sent that many key foreign policy portfolios will be controlled directly by the White House, rather than through the professional diplomats.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17FEB17 Margaret Brennan, Kyle Atwood, CBSNews : State Dept. carries out layoffs under Rex Tillerson.

Again, coming back to the original article, the following was reported: “There is certainly more going on here that what is initially reported. Trump decided to lay off many of the 7th Floor staffers from Hillary Clintons department. This by itself wouldn't be unheard of but then to also shut out the entire state department from talks with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems rather extreme. So when trump famously said he would 'Drain the swamp' he meant that he would remove the shadow government from power.”

In this article Glenn Greenwald was referred to, as stating the empowerment of the ‘Deep State’ to undermine Trump was a prescription for the destruction of democracy. Greenwald was quoted as saying that: “ The deep state, although there’s no precise or scientific definition, generally refers to the agencies in Washington that are permanent power factions. They stay and exercise power even as presidents who are elected come and go. They typically exercise their power in secret, in the dark, and so they’re barely subject to democratic accountability, if they’re subject to it at all. It’s agencies like the CIA, the NSA and the other intelligence agencies, that are essentially designed to disseminate disinformation and deceit and propaganda, and have a long history of doing not only that, but also have a long history of the world’s worst war crimes, atrocities and death squads.”

There appears to be a reason for this Wikileaks release. The article states that: “The Vault 7 file is an insurance file against Julian Assanges life and freedom. Over the 2 weeks prior to the first CIA document release Wikileaks had tweeted out 5 coded messages eluding to what/when/where/why/who Vault 7 could be and where it could be found. Each one of these tweets being a coded threat directed at Floor 7/shadow Government/Globalist elites warning them that if anything happens to him on the day of the Ecuadorian elections he will release them. The timing for this release was slated for FEB 19th as this was the day of the Ecuadorian general election, and two of the leading candidates were promising to remove Assange from the embassy if they were elected. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20FEB17 : VAULT 7 | We take a look and it's scary as hell.

As of Feb 25th, the International Business Times was reported that the election results were too close to call, and that a runoff election is now expected in April. This appears to give Assange at least a bit more time.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21FEB17 Jason Le Miere, : Ecuador Election Results, Second Round Runoff Date 2017: Lenín Moreno Set For Faceoff With Guillermo Lasso.

The author of the article claims to dislike Trump, however makes the following point: “ If we hate or fear what Donald Trump stands for, whips up, and is trying to do, it is easy to be gleeful about anything that weakens his administration. But this is a moment for discernment, and most of us are getting sucked into something extremely dangerous.

The Deep State (a/k/a the Foreign Policy Establishment) consists of people and institutions who maintain a fairly consistent foreign policy regardless of which political party holds power. It has been reshaping Russia into an enemy again for some time. The weapons manufacturers, the oil oligopoly, and their bedfellows in agencies like the CIA have much to gain from the growing adversarial relationship.

In the meantime, the general public is polarized, because they do not fully understand what is going on, and it may have to remain this way for a period of time, because those who are uninformed, have tendencies to react irrationally and only by the blind emotions of their limited worldview in the current moment.

The coming weeks are shaping up to be a really wild ride!


I have indicated to CVN listeners that I would not be devoting significant energies to reporting on the emerging pizzagate pedophilia scandal and there are reasons for this. Firstly, many are becoming aware that this is going on, and that the abductions of children worldwide are not only for sexual purposes but also for the purposes of satanic rituals. We are becoming aware that it is going on, and that it involves a very large group of high-profile people worldwide.

It has been my choice to not focus on all the gory details of this story, although I do acknowledge that it is important for this story to come into public awareness. I just happen to feel that the CVN listeners do not need to be exposed to significant amounts of lower vibration energies that this story generates. We know it is happening…this is all we need to know, except maybe a few significant developments that are being taken to stop it.

This week, we may now have one of those signals that the global pedophilia network may be targeted for arrest and removal.

In a statement recorded by the press on Feb 24th, here is what Trump had to say regarding this issue:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 24FEB17 NeonNettle via : Trump: I Will Use The Full Force Of The Federal Government To Take Down Pedogate.

In a separate YouTube video by former Huffington Post investigative journalist David Seaman, among other things, states the following: “ He's addressing Pizzagate and that's what today's press conference was about. He's not necessarily going to use the phrase "Pizzagate" and legitimize some online communities, but this is what he's talking about. He's trying not to scare the world, but it was addressed, and I feel so much better.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23FEB17 David Seaman via : Bitcoin Breaks All-Time High + Trump Addresses PIZZAGATE!

As I emphasized in last week’s newscast, Trump appears to be choosing his battles very deliberately and very carefully. Battles that are not the most urgent are put on the back-burner, and Trump may make a comment to keep people distracted and focused elsewhere, such as restarting a pipeline.

As has also been recently revealed, Trump appears to have been putting out certain strategic ‘disinformation’, in order to trap any staff. It was reported on CVN recently that one staff member had been caught passing out a bad story.

I could be wrong, but what I think I am observing is that the stories that appear to be negative about Trump are all written stories, coming from certain sources, while other things come from Trump directly. Those who are attaching themselves to negative stories pass them forward, hoping that their networks will also pass them forward to try to discredit Trump, when in fact, it may have been a planted story from the beginning. Perhaps Trumps team is monitoring the sources and websites that are sharing these stories.

It is for these reasons that I am choosing to give Trump 60-90 days to see what he is really up to, before making any kind of assessments on his actions. For now, he appears to be keeping his word as far as his election promises. He has been acting very quickly on numerous fronts, which suggests he knows that there are people wanting to see him fail or removed, so he has to get things done quickly.

As it turns out, it appears that Senator John McCain has been identified as a possible leak of information about Trump. CVN recently reported that McCain and Senator Lindsay Graham were recently recorded in Ukraine, fanning the flames of aggression to Ukraine troops against Russia. It has also been reported that McCain was recently in Syria, attempting to do the same thing with resistance fighters there. Perhaps he should just pick up a gun himself, and put his money where his mouth is.

In an article from the 112.International website on Feb 23rd it was reported that: “ Senator John McCain secretly traveled to the northern Syria last week to speak with American military officials and Kurdish fighters at the forefront of the push to drive Islamic State out of their de facto capital of Raqqa, announced US officials.

McCain became the first among the American authorities, who went to the Kurdish-controlled territory. Before this meeting Senator visited Saudi Arabia.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23FEB17 112.International : US Senator McCain secretly goes to Syria.

McCain appears to be deliberately trying to undermine his own president, by stirring up war.

Has McCain been baited into a trap? This is unclear, however ZeroHedge reported the following on Feb 22: “ One reason McCain is so focused on international policy is because that’s where the wars are. For the last 75 years, and even before that, America has been turned into a kind of beast of burden for international banking. It’s been made to shoulder numerous wars that were stalemated at best.

Gradually America is bleeding to death from these wars at the same time as China in particular has been raised up. McCain’s preoccupation is more with tearing America down. But meanwhile China is gaining in power and prestige.”
One can be certain that, just like the previous story, there will be much more to come in the very near future on this story as well.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22FEB17 : McCain Fingered as Major Trump Leaker.


Taking a look at one part of the Russian piece of the geopolitical events unfolding, there are also the recent deaths of numerous Russian diplomats to factor into this equation.

Adam Garrie, writing for on Feb 21st reporting that: “ Russia's long time ambassador to the UN has died suddenly in New York - this is the fourth Russian diplomat who has died in the last 3 months.” Garrie makes the claim that: “Vitaly Churkin was one of the wisest voices in international diplomacy. His voice will no longer echo in the halls of the United Nations. Articulate, polite yet commanding, wise yet affable, he oversaw some of Russia’s and the world’s most important events in a position he occupied since 2006. Vitaly Chirkin is the highest profile member of Russia’s diplomatic corps to die in recent years.”

Garrie notes a macabre pattern is emerging. He writes: “ First there was Russia’s RT founder and special adviser to President Putin, Mikhail Lesin. He died in November of 2015 in his hotel room. Reports said that he appeared discombobulated during his last sighting before he died. Later it emerged that he died of a blunt head trauma. Drinking was blamed, but many questions were left unanswered.

Earlier last month, Andrei Malanin, a Senior Russian Diplomat to Greece was found dead in his bathroom. The causes of death remain unknown.

Just last month, Russia’s Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, an always prestigious role, died of a heart attack, although no one was aware of any previous health issues.

In December of last year Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by a lone jihadi gunmen in an art gallery. There was no effective security as the killer simply walked up to Ambassador Andrei Karlov and shot him multiple times in the back.”

The article notes how all targets were very high profile, and thus raises the question as to who stood to gain from the removal of these individuals.

Garrie writes: “In the matter of Karlov, any derailment of restored Russo-Turkish relations would be good for those happy for Turkey to continue her support of jihadists in Syria rather than moving towards accepting a Russian and indeed Iranian brokered peace process which respects the sovereignty of Syria as Russia and Iran always have, but Turkey has not.

In the case of Lesin, anyone wanting ‘vengeance’ for RT’s popularity would be able to say that a kind of former media boss was taken down.

For Malanin, many fear that if ‘Grexit’ happens, Russia will become an increasingly important partner for Greece. The EU would not like one of its vassal states enjoying fruitful relations with Russia, a country still under sanctions from Brussels.

For Kadakin, it is a matter of interest for those wanting Pakistan to continue favouring western powers and not wanting Russia to be able to mediate in conflict resolutions between New Delhi and Islamabad.

Churkin had come to dominate the UN in ways that his counterparts on the Security Council simply could not. No one really stood a chance in a debate with Churkin. His absence leaves open the possibility for a power vacuum that would makes other peoples’ jobs easier.”

All deaths took place on foreign soil and that health concerns were attributed. The pattern is more than suspicious, especially given the intense media and western demonization of Russia.

It can be a certainty that Putin is observing what is unfolding and when the time is right, he will strike and strike hard.

Assuming of course that the US does not implode over the issues just reported on. Putin may not have to do anything.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21FEB17 Adam Garrie, : 4 dead Russian Diplomats in 3 months.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21FEB17 Vladimir Rodzianko, : 6 best moments from Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s UN Ambassador.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21FEB17 : Was Vitaly Churkin Assassinated in New York?


In financial news;

It has been reported this week that there is another bank run taking place in Greece. According to Jacky Murphy on the website on Feb 19th: “Mass panic has exploded across Greece as citizens frantically withdraw over £2billion from their bank accounts in just 45 days amid economy crash fears.”

CLICK TO VIEW - 19FEB17 Jacky Murphy, : Panic In Greece: Citizens Withdraw $3B Amid Economy Crash Fears

This followed the news from last week that Greece was being forced to sell off its rail network to a company in Italy, as part of a deal to secure more bailout funding from the EU. The Greeks have wisely learned what that means - and it means that they will be getting screwed again, so any money people have, they are trying to get it out of the banks. This also explains why some European countries are attempting to move as quickly as possible towards a digital currency and not a physical one - as a means of preventing people from having access to physical cash during times of forced austerity upon people, therefore keeping them under control.

The former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis also appeared in the news this week, and his comments pointed to the idea that western democracies need a new deal:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 31JAN17 BBC Newsnight via : Yanis Varoufakis: ‘Western Democracies need a New Deal’ - Viewsnight.

Varoufakis hints at the very thing that has now brought the EU to the verge of collapse. An honourable vision of the EU, where every citizen of every country was paid the same wage for the same work while receiving the same benefits would have been the honourable vision. This did not happen however, and the EU controllers thought that they could profit excessively on the chaos and crises created from treating some countries better than others.
It is now in the process of failing, if it has not already failed, and the signs are rapidly becoming available for all to see, that the current system needs to be replaced.


As this realization spreads to the general population that the current financial paradigm of debt-based banking is no longer sustainable, it has been extremely hard to discern that the forces trying to create the new paradigm do not want things to progress so rapidly, that it causes a crash that will cause great global distress. There has been information to give people hope that something new is coming, but at the same time, a certain amount of disinformation, so as to slow the process down, so certain structures can be implemented and not destroyed in some kind of global panic.

Then there are the forces desperately trying to prevent their paradigm of profit from collapsing. They put information that may indeed be true according to the old paradigm and those attached to that paradigm live for that information, but they also put out disinformation to prevent people from moving away from their system and to keep people enslaved to their debt and in fear about anything that prevents the changes that have to come.

We have observed Russia and China creating their own structures and doing their own trades without using the US dollar. They have created development banks to compete with the western banking cabal and they have created their own international money transfer systems. These indications, among others, suggest that countries in the East are preparing for the eventual collapse of the western paradigm which will allow the emergence of the new paradigm.

There are few signs of such in the past week. An article in The BRICS Post from Feb 17 has reported that: “ Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told a G20 meeting in Bonn, Germany on Thursday that Beijing wants to see an open world economy system and said his country stresses multilateralism and globalization.

He called on his German hosts to work with China to promote global rebalancing and safeguard trade and investment liberalization and facilitation.

He said such efforts would ensure continued global economic growth.”

If one reads between the lines, this may hint that Germany has been invited, or has already agreed, to work more closely with the Chinese. As well, the article notes that: “ During his meeting with (EU) foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini that China and Europe should work together on global security and trade.

He also called on the EU to fast track Article 15 of the protocol on China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.”

Again, reading between the lines, there may be a hint here that, in terms of global security, China may be ready to work with Europe if Europe is ready to break away from the US and NATO. As well, by bringing China into the World Trade Organization, this may allow China to revamp this organization, to bring it into alignment with the new paradigm.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17FEB17 : China pushes for open world economy.

In a separate article, relating to Russia, the BRICS Post reported the day after on the 18th that: “ Russia’s Ba1 (government bond) sovereign rating has been upgraded from negative to stable by Moody’s international rating agency.

“The main driver for changing the outlook on Russia’s Ba1 government bond rating to stable from negative is the government’s enactment of a medium-term fiscal consolidation strategy that is expected both to lower the government’s dependence on oil and gas revenues and to permit the gradual replenishment of its savings buffers,” the influential rating agency said in a press release on Friday.

The Russian economy has been steadily regaining momentum from recession to growth despite EU and US economic sanctions on Moscow for its alleged involvement in the Ukraine crisis.”

There may be quite a bit happening here, if one reads between the lines. First, the fact that an international agency has raised this rating suggests that something positive globally must be going on, despite the western attempts to demonize Russia and blame the country for alleged events in Ukraine, Crimea and elsewhere around the world. The article suggested that Russia is is lowering dependence on gas and oil. This is primarily why the western sanctions failed this time. The western banking cabal thought they could drive Russia into submission again by lowering the global price of oil, thinking it would destroy Russian revenues from oil sales. The tactic failed however, and if I was a betting man, I’d lay odds they have already begun creating other energy sources. Speculation already has it that Russia has built their own version of Tesla’s tower for unlimited energy production in 2014.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 15JUN2014 Beverly Mitchell, : Russian Physicists Launch Campaign to Rebuild Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower and Power the World.

The other hint in the BRICS Post article is the statement that the Russian economy is ‘gaining momentum’, and this may be a veiled hint to certain sources that things are getting close to happening worldwide. I am not saying that this is the case, but we have to keep coming back to how desperately the US is trying to demonize Russia right now, to justify some kind of military action and this is likely because the global cabal realizes that they are close to being shut down.

The article also reported that: “ In the face of sanctions, Russia has moved to diversify its economy, pursuing investments in different sectors and with different European, Chinese and Japanese firms, to name a few.”

Reading between the lines, this MAY be interpreted to mean that Russia is moving ahead with plans to do the new Silk Road Eurasian trading network, while also doing trades without the USD and while selling off worthless US Treasury debt bonds and using the money to substantially boost their gold reserves, in anticipation of a new global gold standard for currencies.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 18FEB17 : Moody’s upgrades Russia’s sovereign rating to stable.

One hint coming out of the US this week appeared in an article from ZeroHedge on Feb 21st. According to this article : “ With the Trump administration having gone radio silent in recent weeks on the issue of currency manipulation and whether it sees the dollar, or other currencies, as under- or over-valued, there was a notable if vague update from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who spoke to the IMF's Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Tuesday and told her that he expects the IMF to provide "frank and candid" analysis of exchange rate policies.

The spokesperson said that in a phone call with Lagarde, Mnuchin also "noted the importance that the administration places on boosting economic growth and jobs in the United States, and looked forward to robust IMF economic policy advice on its member countries and tackling global imbalances.”

The article added that: “ a full transcript of the conversation would have been far more useful for all those wondering if the dollar is set to continue its recent growth spurt or if Mnuchin hinted that Trump would be happier with a lower dollar going forward.”

This article has hints that could mean many things to many people, depending upon what they are seeing. Is it a veiled hint to the speculated and necessary global currency reset? This cannot be said for certain. As far as a lower dollar, this may be a hint that Trump understands that the current hyper-inflation of the USD has been because of the Asian sell-off of US Treasury debt bonds, and the subsequent repurchasing of these bonds by the Exchange Stabilization Fund. On the Feb 10th newscast, CVN reported Trump as saying that ‘all currencies would be on an even level’

Is it possible that Trump is taking aim at this formerly secretive fund that CVN reported on over a month ago, and pushing for a global currency reset? This also remains to be seen, but it is becoming very clear that there are powerful interests in Washington and abroad that are extremely scared about everything that he appears to be doing at this time.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21FEB17 : Mnuchin Tells IMF He Expects A "Frank And Candid" Exchange Rate Analysis.

It is hard to report on things such as these because there are so many things happening on different levels that we really cannot say for sure how it will all unfold. Will the new paradigm be permanent or will it be a transition to an eventual economy where money is no longer needed? This remains to be seen, but if human and planetary consciousness continues to rise, and if the global cabal is finally defeated once and for all, I personally could envision a world where everyone has what they need, and money will not be required, at least as we currently understand and use it.

I personally, am leaning to the belief that Trump does not want to be president for long, and I suspect that his wife does not want to be in this kind of spotlight for long. I might suspect that he will take down whatever parts of the global cabal he can, and reset the global financial paradigm, and then exit so he can go back to what he loves: business.


Looking now to some disclosure-related information to share this week;

It might seem that someone at NASA has been given high-level clearance to begin preparing the world for the eventual, formal declaration, that we are not alone in the Universe, and that there are civilizations with other life forms out there.

Of course, that vast majority of listeners already know this, and they know full well that there has been a high-level coverup of this news for decades. Pressure appears to be building on global leaders, and it seems that they are trying to find ways to make information known, while also trying not to create the image that they have been participating in the coverup, either directly or indirectly.

This week on Feb 22nd, NASA came out with another announcement, claiming the discovery of seven, Earth-sized planets around a single Sun, with three of those planets located in what we currently understand is the ‘habitable zone’ for life as humans currently understand it. This news follows a series of other, similar disclosures, leading some to speculate that NASA has embarked on a policy or agenda of ‘soft disclosure’ - smaller, but more regular announcements of information that people are going to need to know.

According to the NASA webpage announcing the news: “NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. Three of these planets are firmly located in the habitable zone, the area around the parent star where a rocky planet is most likely to have liquid water.

The discovery sets a new record for greatest number of habitable-zone planets found around a single star outside our solar system. All of these seven planets could have liquid water – key to life as we know it – under the right atmospheric conditions, but the chances are highest with the three in the habitable zone.”

I personally would want to question the use of the words ‘first known system’. My gut and my belief tells me that this is far from being the ‘first known system’, but my guess is that someone felt justified in using those words because it may the first known system that has been revealed in the soft-disclosure process to the people of Earth.

An RT article reporting on the discovery added that: “The exoplanets, meaning planets outside our solar system, circle the star TRAPPIST-1, which lies just 39 light-years from Earth. The discovery sets a new record for the greatest number of habitable-zone planets found around a single star outside our solar system.”

So many discoveries being made of asteroids and planetary bodies that are so close to Earth, and yet these were never ‘known’ before. Again, my gut is telling me that there is so much more to this, and the general population is only now being prepared for something that so many humans already know, and have been eagerly waiting for.

Here is one of the more interesting things of this story. According to the RT article: “ The TRAPPIST-1 star is much cooler than our sun and is classified as an ultra-cool dwarf, meaning it is cool enough for liquid water to exist on planets orbiting very close to it, much closer than is possible even on planets in our solar system.

All seven of the planets are closer to TRAPPIST-1 than any planet in our solar system is to our sun. The planets also are clumped very close to each other, NASA says. If a person was standing on one of the exoplanet’s surface, they could potentially see geological features on the neighbouring planet.”

From the NASA link to this story, which will be in the show summary, one can also see many of the other announcements made by NASA over the last few years.

If I was to place a bet, I would lay odds that we can expect numerous more announcements of this nature to come from NASA throughout the coming months of this year.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22FEB17 : 7 new Earth-sized planets discovered, 3 found 'in star's habitable zone' - NASA (VIDEO)

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22FEB17 : NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star.


It seems also that the CIA may be embarking on its own agenda of soft-disclosure as well.

An article appearing on the Earth We Are One news website reported the following on Feb 20th: “ In January, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, the CIA, published online more than 12 million pages of declassified documents. Among them, ufologists have found a very interesting document which details a paranormal experiment which revealed fascinating details about Mars.

The document titled “Exploration of Mars” dates back to 22 May 1984 and contains the transcript of an experiment carried out by a CIA. The agency focused their research on specific coordinates on Mars: 40.89 degrees North / 9.55 degrees West among others.

As reported by the Mirror, during the interview, the psychic used in the CIA experiment is said to have accurately described the surface of Mars – and aliens that used to live there.”

The article added that: “ in recent years numerous scientists have spoken out about Mars and how there is enough data to suggest that in the distant past, Mars was in fact inhabited by one (or more) intelligent civilizations.

According to Dr. John Brandenburg—who has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Plasma Physics from the University of California, and worked for NASA— there is enough evidence to prove that at least two major nuclear blasts went off on the surface of the red planet in the distant past. According to Dr. Brandenburg, ancient Martians known as Cydonians and Utopians were massacred in the giant nuclear attack – and evidence of the genocide can still be seen today.”

This particular type of psychic work has been described as ‘remote viewing’, a practice long used by the CIA and kept secret. This term is considered controversial in some circles. By definition, ‘remote viewing’, according to the International Remote Viewing Association is: “a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a "viewer") to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - International Remote Viewing Association, : Definition for ‘remote viewing’.

Michael Salla from the website, also reporting on the story, uses this term as writes that: “The first reference to artificial structures found in Cydonia date to an October 25, 1977, National Enquirer article titled “Did NASA Photograph Ruins of an Ancient City on Mars?” It’s worth pointing out that the Enquirer was a tabloid run by Gene Pope, a CIA asset who was trained in psychological warfare.

Pope and the National Enquirer’s chief purpose was to hide the truth in plain sight by releasing it in sensationalized news stories with questionable sources that would be widely ridiculed by the general public. Subsequently, any academics or scientists prepared to investigate such sensational claims faced ridicule from their peers and ruining their professional careers.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17FEB17 Michael Salla, : CIA Used Remote Viewing to Learn about Mars Pyramids & Inhabitants.

In a secondary article to this first part, Salla goes into further details on Feb 21st begins to link this knowledge about Mars to the activity that is currently surrounding Antarctica, but also to another theory that a large ‘super-Earth’ existed beyond Mars, and it was destroyed, and its remnants have now become the asteroid belt that is presently beyond Mars, before Jupiter.

Salla shares that: “ The remote viewing of Mars revealed in a May 22, 1984 CIA document gives details of a planet wide-catastrophe that led to many refugees leaving in spacecraft to safer locations over a million years ago. This leads to the intriguing possibility that a flash-frozen civilization recently found in Antarctica with cannibalized spacecraft nearby was the remnants of a colony originally established by Martian refugees.

Such a scenario is consistent with the claims of Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode who says that extraterrestrial refugees have been finding sanctuary on Earth for at least five hundred thousand years, and that preparations are currently underway to officially disclose excavations of a flash-frozen Antarctica civilization.

Longtime listeners will already be familiar with reports that there is already a civilization currently on Mars, and that there is teleportation technology that allows travel to the planet, and that this information has been deliberately suppressed. It would seem that there is an accelerated process being implemented, as though some other kind of announcement or event may be forthcoming to make this information known to the world once and for all. “

According to Goode, Mars in particular was hit by a series of environmental catastrophes that were related to devastating wars with the inhabitants of a nearby “Super Earth”, around which both Mars and our current Moon orbited up to 500,000 years ago. The “Super Earth” orbited the sun in the area of the asteroid belt as it exists today between Mars and Jupiter.”

Is this theory about a so-called ‘Super-Earth’ based in any scientific evidence?

Salla writes that: “ The first major scientist to seriously research the possibility that the asteroid belt is the remains of a former planet is Dr. Thomas Van Flandern, who was the chief astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory. He wrote several academic papers on what he described as the “Exploded Planet Hypothesis”, which suggested that the main asteroid belt in our solar system arose from the destruction of a large planet around which Mars once orbited.

Van Flanders was quoted as saying that: “Putting all this evidence together, we have strong hints for two original planets near what is now the main asteroid belt: hypothetical “Planet V” and “Planet K”. These were probably gas giant planets with moons of significant size, such as Mars, before they exploded… The above summarizes evidence that Mars was not an original planet, but rather a moon of a now-exploded planet occupying that approximate orbit. Many of these points are the expected consequences of having a massive planet blow up nearby, thereby blasting the facing hemisphere and leaving the shielded hemisphere relatively unscathed. Especially significant in this regard is the fact that half of Mars is saturated with craters, and half is only sparsely cratered.”

Salla continues, further adding that: “Van Flandern’s Exploded Planet Hypothesis lends scientific support to Goode’s claims about both the Moon and Mars being two former moons of a Super Earth. The CIA’s remote viewer’s claims of the history of Mars is therefore supported to varying extents by both Goode and Van Flandern’s information.”

With all the unusual activity over the last year or two, of global leaders traveling to Antarctica, it is clear that ‘something’ is going on, and it is something that the world has not been previously informed about, and that leaders are attempting to present some kind of united and consistent message that will either reveal a complete truth, or it will be an attempt to continue a complete lie. Given the rate that lies by global leaders are being exposed at this time, I would highly doubt that a lie would survive for very long.

The link to the CIA document will be included in the show summary for those wishing to read more, as will be the link to the scientific document by Van Flanders for those who are interested in scientific papers relating to space events.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 20FEB17 : The CIA publishes declassified documents about pyramids and a lost civilization on Mars.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 17FEB17 Michael Salla, : CIA Used Remote Viewing to Learn about Mars Pyramids & Inhabitants.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 21FEB17 Michael Salla, :

CLICK TO VIEW  - 22MAY1984 : Mars Exploration.

CLICK TO VIEW  - Tom Van Flandern, Meta Research: The Exploded Planet Hypothesis 2000.


After a few weeks of science news, we shift this week to some technology-related;

Although the world going through a series of complicated geopolitical and geoeconomic shifts that most do not fully understand yet, it is still important to have a few dreams that can get us excited about the future. There really are so many things happening in our world that are extremely positive, and these things will become more mainstream, as the current, controlling global powers are removed from enslaving humanity and the planet.

Incredible ideas are coming out in architecture, whether it be modern, or green architecture, and there appears to be a global race developing to produce exciting and sustainable designs for the future. Some designs unfortunately are only available for the ultra rich, but if certain economic changes unfold as are predicted to unfold as the USD is removed as a global reserve currency, then perhaps similar and even better buildings will be designed and constructed by people who are more focused on advancing humanity, instead of catering only to the elites.

Take for example this story. Many people have experienced going to a revolving restaurant. Take this a step further and imagine living in a rotating apartment:

CLICK TO VIEW - : Dynamic Tower Hotel – The World’s First Rotating Skyscrape.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09FEB17 Your Discovery Science, via : The World's First Rotating Skyscraper | NextWorld.

I could almost hear the collective groan when people heard the price. Again, this is assuming the current global economy remains as it is, and it is my personal belief that the current economy cannot sustain itself for much longer. This type of building may be one option available to all people in the future, as it becomes more common.

That type of design and style will not appeal to everyone however. There are those who would prefer to have more nature incorporated into their living space, especially if they live in urban areas. An article posted on the Architectural Digest website last December 19th by Nick Mafi highlights at least eight new designs that are featuring trees and plants into apartment building designs.

According to this article: “ Tree-inspired architecture continues to sprout up around the world, including plant-covered buildings currently under construction in Taipei, Dallas, and Singapore. Several firms, from Los Angeles to Switzerland, have turned to trees and shrubs as an integral building material. The arboreal aesthetic is inspired by a number of practical considerations: In efforts to minimize the effects of greenhouse gases from new buildings, architects have incorporated more greenery to supply shade, boost air quality, and lessen the occupants’ need for air-conditioning. AD surveys eight beautiful, tree-centric buildings that are changing the way we look at modern architecture. “

One design featured in the article was the following: “ Architect Vincent Callebaut’s Agora Gardens Tower is currently under way in Taipei and due to be completed in 2017. The eco-friendly building, which was inspired by the double-helix structure of DNA, will feature plants and trees on every floor to absorb carbon dioxide and even allow residents to grow their own food.” People could grow their own hemp and cannabis to promote their own health, for example.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 19DEC2016 Nick Mafi, : 8 Remarkable Buildings That Use Trees as a Design Element.

Of course, hemp can not only be grown, but it can also be used as a building material known as hempcrete, and there are increasing numbers of workshops offering to teach people who to make hempcrete homes that ‘breathe’ carbon dioxide, while also becoming stronger over time. A link will be in the show summary to one such website offering workshops.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Information about workshops from

For example, an article from 2015 appearing on the Inhabitat website by Nicole Jewell reports on hempcrete insulation making a comeback in Belgium. The article writes that: “The hemp-based render, made out of a mixture of hemp, lime and water, provides a more sustainable and economical building solution than concrete, and boasts superior insulation properties.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 28OCT2015 Nicole Jewell, : Hemp-based insulation makes a comeback in Belgium.

One company in the US has been preparing itself for the day when hemp cultivation becomes legal in there. Hempitecture was a small start up in 2014 and has been quietly staying under the radar. According to their website: “ Hempitecture is a startup focused on the implementation and development of natural building strategies using rapidly renewable biocomposite materials to create energy efficient and non-toxic buildings. The Hempitecture approach sequesters Carbon Dioxide from the environment while simultaneously offering both personal health and overall energy consumption benefits. We can work hand-in-hand with your design+build team to bring your green building project to life.”

This article also explains that: “The inner wooden core of the Industrial Hemp plant, often referred to as the "hurd," is a waste product in the Hemp textiles and paper industries yet is ideally suited as a component in an insulating wall system. With the growth of the Hemp industry in the US, Hemp building techniques could become increasingly cost effective while having value added benefits:
Carbon Sequestration
Highly Insulating
No need for landfilling
Fireproof & resistant to mold and pests
Increased energy performance

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Hempitecture in the U.S.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09MAY2014 Derek Markham, : Hempcrete startup kickstarts a revolution in sustainable green building in US.

One project in China will see a series of buildings that resemble a nearby mountain range. The article by Lucy Wang on the Inhabitat website on Feb 23rd writes that: “ London-based architecture firm Tonkin Liu recently revealed their competition-winning designs for the Cradle Towers in Zhengzhou, China. Centered on a large green space, this collection of five mixed-use towers is designed with a swooping sculptural form to mimic the nearby Songshan mountains. This urban “mountainscape” will be partly covered in greenery and feature a responsive skin to control solar shading and maximize energy efficiency.

The towers pay homage to the city’s ancient past with its nature-inspired form and simultaneously looks to the future with its contemporary design. The five tapered towers will be built at different heights atop a podium. The towers surround a central park with a large man-made lake that will double as an ice skating rink in the winter.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23FEB17 Lucy Wang, : Mountain-inspired skyscrapers unveiled for Zhengzhou.

Looking at some of the designs it was hard not to get a little excited about the future. A few designs are very appealing to me personally. The future is inspiring a whole new generation of people however.

The World Urban Campaign, according to its website: “is an advocacy and partnership platform to raise awareness about positive urban change in order to achieve green, productive, safe, healthy, inclusive, and well planned cities. Its goal is to place the Urban Agenda at the highest level in development policies. It is coordinated by UN-Habitat and driven by a large number of committed partners - currently 136 partners and networks - from around the world. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - : About the World Urban Campaign project.

The campaign sponsors urban thinking campuses around the world to help inspire a new way of living for humanity. Urban thinking campuses are currently listed in Brazil, India and Bangladesh and more may also be listed.

So even though things may not always seem so positive on some levels, we have to accept that in order to move forward, we have to clear out older energies that are no longer serving human consciousness and the planet. This has been taking a lot of time, longer than many listeners and I would have preferred for sure. However, there are ideas out there to get excited about, and these are the ideas and energies that we need to focus on, to bring into manifestation, as the enslaving global order is broken down and removed!

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Urban Thinker Campuses offered via the World Urban Campaign project.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 23FEB17 Lidija Grozdanic, : Philippe Starck reinvents himself again with striking green YOO Quito tower.


Finally, in health-related news;

This week, I would like to start exploring the nature and the energy of relations. As humans evolve, the way we interact and communicate with others, is becoming increasingly more important. As one human awakens, one may find that suddenly something is different among family members, or among colleagues, but especially among partners, and perhaps even one’s children.

It’s a great feeling to come into contact with new information that is so exciting to one individual and one wants to share it with others, only to find that, on various occasions, that information is rejected, and the individual suddenly begins to feel isolated from those around him or her.

This series is going to focus primarily on relations between partners in any kind of committed relation with another.

I wish to start by stating the following: I consider any relation between committed individuals to be a sacred bond and experience. Whether it be a heterosexual relation, or any other kind. They all have a function and purpose in advancing the evolution and experience in this physical 3D form. Never having been in a same sex relation myself for example, at least not in this lifetime, I may not be able to relate to certain aspects of these relations, It does not mean that I do not honour them. I do.

Please know that I am not intending any disrespect upon those beautiful souls in any other kind of relation, in presenting this series. Any relation based in love is to be respected, cherished and honoured. In this context however, I will be referring mostly to the heterosexual relation.

A few interesting articles have crossed my path over the last few weeks, causing me to reflect on the nature of relations and I have to reflect on this also for myself, even though I am sharing this with you.

The evolution of relations has gone from a more Victorian-era approach, meaning getting married young, having the 2.6 children, for example, and having one paid job while the woman primarily tended to the home, for the rest of their lives. This evolution has gone in multiple directions since then, with not only multiple orientations, but also the fact that most people will no longer only have one job, but many have not yet even been able to find a job, and many children are being forced to stay at home due to the economic environment that has been created.

This has caused people to have feelings of insecurity - meaning that they are unable to provide for themselves, and forget being able to provide for another. There are those who have been fortunate to have jobs, and they have become critical of those whom they may perceive as ‘lazy’, because they are unable to find a meaningful job.

There is the evolving 3D role of women in our current world, with women becoming more empowered and they are reclaiming their role and status within the world. The same can be said for people of the gay and lesbian communities, although in the other orientations, this movement is still young, and it is still being birthed into the larger global consciousness. Yes, I understand that things are still not perfect for women, for gays, for lesbians or for the other orientations, but things are evolving. Arguably, things are no longer perfect even for the heterosexual community.

The question therefore becomes who and what is responsible for socialized perceptions of relations, and why is love, in its purest and most simple form, being commercialized and yet ironically, ostracized at the same time? The message being put out is that love and relations are important, and yet at the same time for all those who have been unable to create meaningful relations, for whatever reason, are left to feel ‘less worthy’, because they have been unable to live up to an unrealistic standard. Sound familiar? It is almost exactly the same thing that has been socialized into the world concerning ‘beauty’ or a woman’s body needing to fit a certain pattern.

Perhaps the same thing could be said about the nature of men.

Men are being given a bad reputation. In many cases, we deserve it. We have been socialized into being aggressive, sexual, protective, and to not show emotion. White men especially have been responsible for most, and arguably all of the major ills facing humanity and our planet.

When I have given presentations on relations, I speak about how the pressures of our current world have forced people away from the true purpose in the LIFE-paths. By being forced directly, either by parents or by one’s social expectations, or indirectly, by one’s economic status, people are forced into situations that are not ideal for one’s own spiritual growth and service.

In trying to fulfill this standard for others, or in trying to do a job that one hates only to pay bills, this prevents one from giving one’s best to one’s relations. In their unhappiness, they falsely look outside of themselves, believing that another can replace the unhappiness they feel inside, only to discover, days, months or years later, that it did not fulfill that emptiness inside. Of course, years later, children may now be involved because the partners believed that a child would complete the emptiness.

In some cases many cases no. Therefore, many relations were ending, and divorce rates soared because people began to realize that despite the socialized conditioning of many years ago, people could no longer stay in relations they were no longer happy being in.

John Gray, author of the older, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus series of books, explored the nature of the dating process.

CLICK TO VIEW - : Homepage for John Gray

Men have been socialized into being providers, and this new world where women no longer need men to be providers has created an identity-crisis of sorts within men. They no longer know how to feel useful to a woman. This can cause friction even from something really simple.

Here is an example. A woman comes home from work, tired, stressed and upset about something that happened that day. As a woman, she wants to let it out and share it. Another woman will immediately understand, and allow her friend to vent - just to get the energy out. A man sees that his partner his hurting, and unintentionally wants to do something to fix it, or make her feel better. This is often not what the woman wants.

She just wants someone to share it with, and then she feels better. The man, by doing what he thought he was supposed to do, may suddenly find himself in a conflict without knowing or understanding why. By sharing, the woman was saying: let me get it out of my system, and then I will be fine. The man is hearing: ‘help me, I’ve been hurt. Fix it.’

A very simple miscommunication, and yet can lead to a massive fight, and in extreme cases even an end to the relation, if both people are too caught up in their egos to see the energy dynamic that is playing out. Had the man understood this, he could have ‘fixed’ it by just listening and doing nothing. She could have helped by asking him to allow her to just vent, and that she would love and value him to just give her a few minutes to vent. This way he feels appreciated, even if he is only listening.

James Redfield, author of the The Celestine Prophecy series and author Eckhart Tolle, have both explored the nature of the competition for energy in relations. Redfield calls this competition ‘control dramas’ and Tolle uses the term ‘pain bodies’. Both are accurate in their own way and describe the dynamic. For now, I will use the term ‘control dramas’.

In any kind of relation, when things are not working out to the satisfaction of someone, one will resort to a tactic that allows one to take energy from another. At the root of ALL conflict in the world, from the global to the personal relations…any conflict comes from a competition for human energy, and this competition comes in numerous forms. Redfield describes four primary types:

The Intimidator - who uses physical force or the threat of physical force to push others into submission. People surrender energy to the intimidator for fear of being hurt. The United States on a global scale has been an example of this. An abusive partner is a personal example.

The Interrogator - one who consistently seeks to find fault in others and to makes others ‘wrong’, so that one receives the validation of being ‘right’. Someone who is constantly being critical of another, is seeking self-validation. There is the saying that many people do not want the truth but only the validation that what they believe is the truth. So many people are critical on social media, when in reality, they are seeking to validate their idea of truth. If one does not accept that, then one may resort to becoming an intimidator.

The Aloof drama - is harder to explain but is a trick where people intentionally do not offer all the information when it is asked and instead keep forcing people to ask more and more questions, to keep their attention, and therefore their energies flowing into the one using this drama.

The Poor Me - the victim who uses guilt to steal energy from others. On a personal level, one complains about something expecting sympathy from others or by claiming to be hurt and laying guilt on others if they do not fulfill a certain expectation. On a global level, the Zionist agenda uses this tactic. A global ‘poor me’, using alleged crimes against them as a reason for everything they are claiming.

Everyone uses one or more of these dramas when things are not working out. These dramas were learned in response to the dramas used by parents, friends and family when the individual was young. An abused child for example, may become either an Intimidator or a Poor Me, depending upon what works. This drama then manifests in adult relations and in most cases it is subconscious.

For over a decade, I have defined a relation, and in this case I am referring to two people in a committed relation, I have defined a relation as being: “two people who are committed to helping the other fulfill his or her highest potential in the world”. At the same time, it is challenging to do this when one has challenges loving oneself. How can one expect another to love being alone with you, if YOU do not love or enjoy being alone with you?

As more humans worldwide awaken to the deeper, energetic nature of the world we live in, and as we move into spaces of healing various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks within us, one’s approach to relations will be … hopefully… more evolved. This does not necessarily mean ‘perfect’ however. We will all continue to grow as one searches for meaningful partners.

Gary Zukav in his book, ‘The Seat of the Soul’ wrote the following: “A soul that is committing violence is hurting deeply, for a healthy and balanced soul is incapable of harm”.

Violence can exist in multiple forms and can even be unintentional, based upon one’s socialized values. It can be physical, emotional, mental and this therefore affects the spiritual nature of all involved. In this sense, ‘violence’ can be interpreted as the use of control dramas upon another for one’s own personal, energetic benefit.

Zukav, on his website, shares this following insight:  - CVN NOTE: This video promotes a spiritual partnership workshop offered by Zukav. The references to this workshop were removed from the audio that was aired on the newscast.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Gary Zukav, author.

More and more of humanity is choosing consciously a shift in how they approach relations, while others are beginning to look for something more meaningful, even if they have not yet begun to explore or understand what this new relation energy is about.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll look at several articles and videos that may help further the understanding of relations and how they are evolving, in the hopes that it may help people to choose more meaningful relations at this time, and ultimately help to lift the energetic vibration of the planet towards something better that millions worldwide are now claiming to want.

 Show summary image

10. ( 1:23:49 ) FUND-RAISING UPDATE

As many listeners now know, I made an appeal last week for some financial assistance to allow me to start planning to settle in a location, at least for a known period of time.

There have been about 30 listeners who have so very kindly offered some assistance. Some of you have been exceptionally kind, and I will be sending out thank you notes to those who have contributed in the very near future. Those who are able, and have chosen to assist so far - you are all amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for your faith in my service! The assistance so far has helped to ensure that I am able to provide at least the basic necessities, or cover roughly two or three months of renting an apartment at my current location, although I am still unable to plan for at least six months of accommodations.

As I also mentioned, I am also asking if there are listeners who are connected to individuals or companies that may benefit from my voice, as I am able to contribute to English-language voice projects such as corporate videos, podcasts, website audio and perhaps other English-related pubic relations such as proof-reading for websites.

I am willing to travel to nearby locations in Europe to connect with groups of people that are wanting to discuss or hear more about global change, but I can also speak to the issue of relationships at this time.

If there are listeners who may still be willing to contribute, I will keep people updated as to the progress of this campaign.

I realize how hard it may be to know for sure how sincere someone is in asking for money. I gave a huge amount of money to a man in Sweden years ago who has chosen not to honour his commitment to repay me.

I have made mistakes in trusting some people to whom I have loaned money to offer help. I do not blame them…but I look to myself for what I am creating in my world. As the saying goes: How others treat you is their karma. How you react is your karma.

However, having said this, it is my hope that this newscast itself is proof to some degree of my commitment to you, and that people will choose to feel that it is worthy of support!

11. ( 1:26:42 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS

I was invited this week by the CEO of an English-language publication to submit a 3000 character article on the subject of migration and xenophobia, as a contributor had backed out of a commitment. I was given the freedom to approach the topic any way I wanted to. It seems they may not have been really prepared for how I would approach it.

I very quickly put together an article, and sent this rough, unfinished copy to him. He had asked me to not to be too controversial, so I had to choose my focus on this subject carefully. I chose to re-write the next day to include some other ideas that came to me. Given how impossible it is to address the nature of change in only 3500 characters including spaces, one might guess how challenging this became for me. I chose a format that included asking what I felt were ‘serious’ questions that needed to be asked. I felt it better perhaps to focus on questions to make people think.

I would like to share the longer version of what I submitted, in the hopes that this message will resonate with listeners.

An exploration of the migration issue, and the understanding of the xenophobia that has resulted from this, is as complicated to understand as it is to resolve. It is also important to understand the difference between a migration of people resulting from a genuine humanitarian crisis, as opposed to a manufactured crisis with an intended agenda.

Let’s start first with the understanding that xenophobia is an intense fear of people from other countries.

Let us also understand that the word ‘peace’ is a very vague concept, and lacks a full and holistic definition. Yes, many speak of ‘peace’ for our world. There are key questions that need to be asked and answered.
What does ‘peace’ REALLY mean?
Who is defining this ‘peace’?
What are the ‘terms’ and ‘conditions’ of this so-called ‘peace’?
Is TRUE peace really the intended goal, or an attempt to market the ‘business of peace’? By this, I mean people and organizations pretending to want peace, but really seek to profit and provide for their own security on the glory of claiming to want global peace.

The key to understanding the current issues of refugee migration and this global campaign of Islamophobia is this: IF ‘peace’ was profitable, we would have it in our world at this time.

Humans worldwide have been socialized and conditioned into viewing the world from a perspective of separation: race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, political belief, mental/physical ability, and many more. Is there another way to view the world – and are people ready to view the world this way, despite those attempting to profit from conflict, fear, debt, illness and separation?

Science and spirituality are now confirming that there is more that every human has in common, than we have that make us separate. Everything that makes us ‘separate’ have been criteria created by others seeking to profit from this. One look at the distribution of global wealth in our world at this time should prove this conclusively. Yet, the vast majority of humans continue to believe and fight for values based on differences instead of values based on what we share as humans on this planet.

The migration and Islamophobia crises were intentionally created to keep humans from uniting and standing against the root source of all the conflict in our world. Serious questions need to be asked:

Why is this condition present in our world?
Why, ‘suddenly’ now?
Is this a ‘false-flag’ to distract us from something else?
Who is responsible for this condition?
Who profits?
What are the consequences for those who profit and for those used as pawns?
How can we move forward, individually and collectively, towards creating a world of peace that so many people are claiming to want? After these questions comes the next big question:
Why are the western media neglecting their responsibility in asking those seven questions?

It is my firm belief that there are BIG changes happening in our world, and those who profit from conflict and separation are seeking to keep people distracted from learning about key information that has the potential to unite and change our planet for the better.

Leaders claiming to want a peaceful world are not demonstrating this through their actions. Therefore, we each need to ask ourselves: ‘Am I being the example of peace that I am wanting to see in the world?’ ‘Peace’ is not something that can be created by people whose lives and careers are dependent upon conflict in all forms.

Our world has been separated, but the separation is an illusion to create profit and power. Global peace and healing begins with a choice, but it is a choice that can only be made within each individual claiming to want a peaceful world, and demonstrated by her or his actions!”

What I was hinting at, without directly saying it was that the refugee/migrant and Islamophobe crises have been manufactured with primarily two goals: distraction and conflict by a group of people for profit, power and control.

This is what I submitted, and this was sent to an editor for approval.
The response I received back, was that I was throwing a random idea out to readers, just to see what might happen. The comment was made that my material was ‘fluff’, and that readers would not likely read it.

I was asked to focus more on the readership, which is primarily Europeans, and to stick primarily to the ‘facts’. I could give Europeans something that I think they already know, or we could offer them something that might actually begin to make them think a bit more. In the next revision I sent in, I removed all the questions that need to be asked about peace and about the migration crisis. I stated basically what was known: 1. A group known as Daesh is causing destruction in certain countries. 2. People are being forced to leave and live in countries that they have not have been prepared to live in. 3. This is having consequences of violence and destabilization in countries like Sweden. 4. Western people are being labeled as racist or xenophobic by simply questioning these events. 5. NATO is less popular and is struggling to find a way to remain relevant in Europe against a so-called Russian threat.

There are of course other facts, but remember, I was only given 3500 characters, which is just less than a full page of paper. This topic cannot be fairly and reasonably addressed in this space.

The Europeans I have spoken with seem to be pretty fed up with all the lies going around the European Union. They seem to understand what is going on, and I think they would have appreciated someone asking the questions I am asking. Considering that there are journalists putting out a mainstream story that is not satisfying people, it saddens me that, given my educational background, and years of following global change, including five years with CVN, that someone would consider my opinion or contribution to be ‘fluff’ or just a ‘random idea’ that I am throwing out to readers.

This reminded me of why I left the broadcasting/journalism industry so many years ago. I am given permission to approach a subject the way I choose to…as long as I do it a certain way according to a certain standard.

I share this because I want to help my listeners understand why it is so hard for me to get a standard job to pay my bills. My journalism is the way it is because I do not have to sacrifice my morals or my ethics to please editors or owners. I want them to succeed, but I also want to succeed, and also be true to my morals and also the truth as I believe it to be unfolding around our world, and in human consciousness.

This is why it is so hard for me to get a job, and it is also why I am so dependent… and so grateful… for the financial support that so many listeners have chosen to share with me. I would prefer not to have to sacrifice my morals and ethics just to pay for an apartment to live in. I would prefer to continue serving in a way that, although not always perfect, is rooted in a deeper commitment to serving not just humanity but also our planet. It is from this integrity that I choose to serve, and it is within this integrity that I would prefer to remain, if I am able.

This is why I need as many of you as possible! The further this newscast can be shared, there may be more people who will hear it, and those people may be connected to individuals who are able to support it financially. Even if one does not have resources to contribute, I’m grateful that you share it, or that you contact people who own companies that may be willing to work with me, or use my voice to promote their products and services.

You are all amazing in your unique and wonderful ways!

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!


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