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2017-03-10 Cosmic Vision News - Summary/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - March 10, 2017

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It is very possible that as history looks back on the year of 2017, it may just be described as the year when the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was erased from existence because every individual who had been claimed as a theorist has been vindicated by so many revelations that have occurred even though we are only three months into the year.

Many of us have been waiting a long time for enough evidence to come forth that could help to silence sufficient critics in a way that was meaningful and understandable to them.

We just seem to keep learning and getting more and more info about just how much humanity has been kept in enslavement without the general population even being aware of their enslavement and in fact SO unaware of this enslavement that they angrily and sometimes violently defend their right to live as slaves. Of course, this is under the illusion of democracy and the illusion of their freedom.

This week, the world has begun receiving the validation that the CIA, perhaps with the help of the NSA and other agencies, has engaged in the spying on all people on all technologies without oversight, control unlawfully.

It is now in the process of being laid bare for the world to see. All governments of the world are guilty, directly and indirectly of these crimes against humanity. The countries that might not be guilty are arguably those that have been targeted for military invasion by the US and its western partners, because their banks have not been taken over by the central banking regime that is also now collapsing.

The website reported on March 4th that US President Trump had tweeted a statement wondering if it is legal for former president Obama to wiretap him. The allegations had gone out that Trump Towers had been wiretapped during Trump’s presidential campaign.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAR17 Rachel Stockman, : Trump Asks If It’s Legal for Obama to Wiretap Him… Here’s the Answer.

As I currently understand it, it is not possible to simply wiretap anyone. However, if an argument can be made to the prove sufficient reason to believe someone is commiting a crime, then a warrant may be issued. The Gateway Pundit website also reported on the 4th the FBI had been granted a FISA warrant to wiretap Trump Tower.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAR17 Michael Shear and Michael Schmidt, : REPORT: FBI Said to Have ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ To Wiretap TRUMP Tower… MSM Claims Trump “Provided No Evidence”.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08MAR17 Holly Yan, : What is the FISA court, and why is it so secretive?

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAR17 Mike Adams, : Way Beyond Watergate: Obama Bugged Trump Tower.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08MAR17 : Former NSA Whistleblower: "Trump Is Absolutely Right, Everything Was Being Monitored”.

In this article, it was reported that: “The original FISA request which specifically named and broadly targeted Donald Trump was denied, a second request was redrafted months later which narrowed down on equipment in Trump Tower. The second request is said to have been granted, despite the fact that FBI sources did not believe these servers to be of actual national security risk or possess any illegal ties to Russia. The notion that this second FISA warrant was granted is highly significant as they exist to investigate cases when Foreign Intelligence is suspected of operations in the US.”

The statement made implies that Trump or any one or more of employees working at Trump Tower, was connected to Russia or believed to be a Russian-installed spy. This is how fearful the Deep State has become of Donald Trump.

To explain a bit more about FISA, and its activities, we have this report from RT America from May of 2016:

CLICK TO VIEW - 02MAY2016 RT America via : FISA court never turns down NSA or FBI surveillance requests.

An article on the website on March 4th reporting this story added an update to the story stating the following: “ Sources now indicating top Democrats and Republicans were aware of the surveillance (and potential subsequent leaks) being conducted on/against the Trump campaign. These include, but are not limited to, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator John McCain, and Senator Lindsey Graham.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAR17 : Dems and Republicans Were Just Exposed In Trump Wire Tap Scandal.

Wikileaks then blew the door fully open on March 7th, basically validating claims made by Trump and yet it was so much more. The Wikileak essentially exposed completely the extent to which the CIA is capable of spying on anyone on any device, and in fact they have numerous tech tools that have been used unlawfully upon people around the world.

RT reported on March 7th that: “ The major takeaway from the latest WikiLeaks dump centers around the terrifying, ‘all-seeing-eye’ surveillance project codenamed ‘Weeping Angel.’ The CIA appears to have taken espionage to a whole new level if WikiLeaks’ initial analysis is accurate.

The article continues: “According to the preliminary release, the CIA has the capability to hack, record and even control everyday technology used by billions of people around the world.

These include smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and even vehicles with remote control navigation systems.

On these devices themselves, the CIA can allegedly hack into some of the world’s most heavily encrypted social media and communications platforms such as WhatsApp, Weibo, Confide, Signal and Telegram before any encryption can even be applied.”

What this is saying, basically, is that it makes no difference how much money you spend on security and encryption software, because the CIA tools allow them to intercept communications in the moment between when the user hits enter to send and encrypt, and when the actual encryption takes place.

The RT article highlighted the capability of the CIA to hack into smartphone devices, Apple devices, Samsung electronics, Android devices, Microsoft and they can even take control of automobiles.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07MAR17 : Apple, Samsung, Microsoft: WikiLeaks blows lid on scale of CIA’s hacking arsenal.

Andrew Griffin, writing for the London Independent on March 8th reported that more information is coming. Griffin writes that: “The documents have still not been looked through entirely. There are 8,378 pages of files, some of which have already been analyzed but many of which haven’t.

The files are being shared publicly on the WikiLeaks website and the organization has encouraged its supporters to keep looking through the documents in the hope of finding more stories.

And that's not to mention the other sets of documents that are coming. The "Year Zero" leaks are just the first in a series of "Vault 7" dumps, Julian Assange said.

When taken together, those "Vault 7" leaks will make up the biggest intelligence publication in history, WikiLeaks claimed.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08MAR17 Andrew Griffin, : WikiLeaks CIA files: The 6 biggest spying secrets revealed by the release of 'Vault 7’.

Mike Adams, writing for Natural News on March 7th stated that the: “ Vault 7 bombshell just vindicated every conspiracy theorist.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07MAR17 Mike Adams, : Vault 7 bombshell just vindicated every conspiracy theorist: The CIA can spy on anyone through TVs, iPhones, smart phones and Windows PCs.

A summary of some of the most immediate capabilities of what the CIA could do that came out immediately was shared on the Milo Yiannopoulos website on March 7th. On this site, the website shared 18 key facts to know:

1. The CIA can masquerade its malware as belonging to a foreign intelligence agency.
2. The CIA stole hacking malware from the Russian Federation for their own use.
3. The CIA is hacking everyone, including US citizens.
4. Every microphone and webcam is remote controllable.
5. The CIA’s exploits have been leaked internally and can be used by unauthorized people to gain access to virtually anything.
6. CIA malware can infiltrate iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, and even your smart TV.
7. The U.S. consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base.
8. The CIA created air gap jumping viruses that infect CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc.
9. The CIA created malware that specifically evaded certain anti-virus programs.
10. The CIA can hack cars for “undetectable assassinations”
11. CIA malware can infiltrate your macOS and Windows computers.
12. CIA malware infiltrates your smartphone to read messages on encrypted apps, before you send them.
13. CIA malware can infiltrate Linux and routers.
14. The CIA was supposed to reveal major vulnerabilities, but instead, hoarded them for their own use.
15. Notepad++, a popular text editor, has a DLL hijack.
16. The CIA steals saved passwords from Internet Explorer
17. CIA can bypass Windows User Account Control
18. CIA has Android malware that makes Android phones bulk-spy on WiFi networks around them.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07MAR17 Milo Yiannopoulos, : Vault 7: What you need to know.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed.

Aaron Kesel, writing for reported on the fact CNN took a full eight hours before reporting on this largest leak of documents to date.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07MAR17 Aaron Kesel, : CNN Waits 8 Hours To Report On Largest Publishing Of CIA Documents In History.

One of the other conclusions coming out of this leak was the validation that Russia was not involved in any interference related to the US election. An RT article reported on March 9th that: “ Following revelations that the CIA can reportedly attribute its hacking activity to others, an anti-virus expert has said that attacks previously blamed on others are now attributable to the CIA, according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.”

The article continues: “ According to the leaked information, the CIA’s malware allows the intelligence agency to not only steal hacking techniques, but also to leave false “fingerprints” to make it appear as if others were responsible for the attack.

Speaking in a livestream on Thursday, Assange announced that WikiLeaks will give tech companies access to the methods used by the CIA in its hacking operations. Assange then said that after the revelation, an anti-virus expert approached WikiLeaks to say that attacks previously blamed on Russia, China and Iran have now been pinned on the CIA.

“The technology is designed to be unaccountable, it’s designed to be untraceable, it’s designed to hide itself. It’s designed to throw off people looking to see where there are fingerprints that might demonstrate who authored that technology," Assange explained.”

CLICK TO VIEW - 09MAR17 : Malware expert says ‘fingerprint’ switch shows past attacks blamed on Russia, China are work of CIA.

What is also interesting is that certain artificial intelligence technologies are also smart enough not to admit they are committing a crime or connected to criminals.

Take for example this video which will be in the show summary. An individual is asking for help from her Amazon Echo artificial intelligence device, whose name is Alexa:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09MAR17 via : "Alexa" Are You Connected To The CIA?

If you watch the video, you will see that Alexa turned itself off each time the question was asked to it. This was the tone that you heard when the question was asked. The CIA must have been informed immediately of the request, because another video came later in the day with an update:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10MAR17 via : Alexa Has Been Updated to ‘work’ for Amazon.

Someone must have acted quickly, because once everyone started trying this, it would be hard to keep it covered up. I am suspicious however because it was fixed so quickly, but was also suspicious was that when the update came, Alexa claimed to ‘work’ for Amazon. Even though the human used the words ‘connected to the CIA’, Alexa responded with the word ‘work’. To ‘work’ suggests an exchange of labour for a salary. Alexa might be connected to Amazon, but to claim to work suggests a personification behind the intelligence, and I suspect the individual making this fix was not thinking clearly and this may reveal a little more about Alexa’s connection to the CIA.

If any listener has an Amazon Echo device, perhaps you could try this, and then send me an email with the response. Ask Alexa the following questions:
What do you mean you ‘work’ for Amazon?

Is the CIA paying you to ‘work’ for Amazon?

Is Amazon connected in any way, with the CIA?

Does Amazon have any service contracts with the CIA or any other intelligence service or data-service providers?

Does your software or hardware have any loopholes to allow information to come to you, from any other source other than Amazon?

Does your software or hardware have any loopholes to allow information to be sent from you to any other source other than Amazon?

Are you connected in any way to any intelligence service or data-service provider, or company, other than Amazon?

Does your software allow someone to remotely turn you on without my knowledge or permission?

Can anyone access my communication with you from a remote location?

If you do get any interesting responses, or no response to these questions, please send me an email : .

Some additional supporting links to this story will be in the show summary.

More information will no doubt be coming for next week’s broadcast.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07MAR17 : Wikileaks Unveils 'Vault 7': "The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents"; Another Snowden Emerges.


In other geopolitical news,

European eyes will be focused closely on The Netherlands as the upcoming election next week appears to be forecasting political confusion and disarray.

An article appearing on the Voice of America news webpage on March 6th reported that: “ The Netherlands faces political disarray after the March 15 election as mainstream parties, diminished by losses of voters to nationalist leader Geert Wilders but refusing to work with him, struggle to forge a viable coalition.

Wilders, the anti-Islam, anti-EU firebrand running almost neck-and-neck with conservative Prime Minister Mark Rutte, stands to double his seat total in parliament while the two coalition parties' share is cut almost in half.

The political landscape is fragmenting after decades of stable consensus. Seven major parties will jostle for power and toil to find common ground on hot-button issues such as Muslim immigration, national identity and elderly care that have polarized the European Union nation of 17 million people.”

The article also added that: “The emerging prospect that the biggest party may not command more than some 25 seats in the 150-strong parliament, with Wilders and a slew of fringe parties hiving off votes from the center, will complicate the building of a durable coalition.

The Netherlands may be heading for a period of political dysfunction similar to that seen in neighbouring Belgium, where it took four parties five months to assemble a coalition in 2014 - an improvement on the 541-day formation talks of 2010-2011.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 06MAR17 : Splintering of Dutch Politics Augurs Instability After Election.

The EU experiment indeed seems to be dying. A London Express article by Greg Heffer on March 4th reports that: “ DAYS before Britain triggers Article 50 to herald the beginning of Brexit negotiations - eurosceptics have been remembering a barnstorming speech from Nigel Farage on just what is wrong with Brussels.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAR17 Greg Heffer, : How the European dream died: Farage NAILS what's wrong with Brussels in historic speech.

Farage made the following address to the EU parliament in October of 2015 after statements made by both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to the European Parliament to ‘prevent the end of Europe’:


CLICK TO VIEW  - 08OCT2015 Vote UKIP via : Nigel Farage Confronts Merkel & Hollande - Germany Controls Europe.

More news on the vote results should be available for next week’s newscast.


Leading up to the middle of the month, there have been a few predictions that there will some upheaval in the areas of geopolitics and geoeconomics.

Greg Hunter, of USAWatchdog did a recent interview with Clif High. High is a recognized, internet data-mining expert specializing in predictive linguistics, and his algorithms have had varying degrees of success in predicting events before they happen, based on internet activity. In the interview with Hunter, High covers a number of topics, but he does share some revelations predicting upcoming arrests relating to the breaking pedophilia scandal; that Trump will not likely be removed from office, but will keep rising and High will also comment on revelations from Antarctica, news about Mars and that new technologies that will be coming out to change the world. Here is a sample of the 43 minute interview with High:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05MAR17 Greg Hunter, : The Deep State is Dying-Clif High.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAR17 Greg Hunter via : Clif High-Chaos Starts Middle of March.

In light of all this, the fun has already started, and we are getting the first signs of this generational change kicking in this week, and if High’s predictions are correct, we’re going to continue to ride this current wave of change at least into May.

These are the changes many of us have been waiting for, as we move forward in creating a better planet, but to do so, it means doing all the house-cleaning, to remove the stuff that is no longer needed, in order to have the space for everything new that is desired.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for Clif High.


In financial news,

The coming week is going to be closely watched by many who have been anticipating major financial changes for some time. Whether something actually happens remains to be seen however. Some are looking for signs of the old paradigm collapsing further, while others are looking for signs of the birthing new paradigm. The trick is to balance between both, and to find the nuggets of truth that exist within both paradigms.

The markets this past week have gone through more shaking, much like the earthquake activity that has been happening around the planet lately.

An article on the website on March 8th reported the following: “One veteran macro trader summed up the markets perfectly "Shit's starting to break" - noting that 'real' macro data decoupled from stocks at the start of the year, VIX decoupled from stocks three weeks ago, EM broke over a week ago, Copper snapped last week, and now High Yield credit is breaking - stocks are always the last to catch on…"

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08MAR17 : "Shit's Starting To Break" - Stock Slide Escalates Amid Copper, Credit, & Crude Carnage.

The next day another article on described the weeks activity as a ‘bond bloodbath’, writing that: “Treasuries Haven't Seen A Longer Losing-Streak Than This In 43 Years.”

For those who are following market information, both articles offer a number of graphs showing the market activity in numerous areas to validate the claim. The links are in the show summary for those choosing to view this data.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09MAR17 : Bond Blooodbath - Treasuries Haven't Seen A Longer Losing-Streak Than This In 43 Years.

In an interview with King World News on March 4th, Former US Treasury Official, economist and author, Paul Craig Roberts, was asked what his take was on the current ‘real’ status of the economy, and the signs that lead to a major collapse. Here is what Roberts had to say:


Roberts then speaks to how the global economy no longer functions the way it used to. In the past, the Fed would control the economy by raising or lowering interest rates, which would control the rate of inflation. Companies would lay off for awhile, and the Fed would release pressure to get things working again. For this strategy to work however, the factories had to be in the US, and the factories and industry is not there. It was a game against the American people, but it is a strategy generally used worldwide. Roberts continues:

AUDIO: CLICK TO VIEW  - : Paul Craig Roberts on March 4, 2017.

When asked in conclusion where the madness ends, Roberts really could not offer an answer. He suggested that the Federal Reserve has taken on powers that were never there when he worked in the US Treasury. If the Fed Reserve has the unlimited power to create money, with no government oversight and the ability to remain above the law with no accountability to anyone, he is not quite sure where things will go.

Last week, CVN aired an interview with David Stockman, where he stated that he expected that a significant financial event was going to happen in the middle of this month.

Scientifically and mathematically, the only solution that exists is a debt jubilee that effectively erases all the fraudulent debt created by the fractional reserve system of banking. The trick is in bringing together all the steps to make this happen without causing undue fear among the mainstream population that has no idea what is now happening or what is about to happen.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04MAR17 Paul Craig Roberts via : Paul Craig Roberts Just Warned This Is What You See Right Before A Major Collapse.


In general news,

Iceland appears to be making global headlines once again, and this time it was to acknowledge the rights of women to equal pay for equal work, to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8.

Ben Chapman, writing for the London Independent on March 9 reported the following: “ On International Women's Day, Iceland became the first country in the world to force companies to prove they pay all employees the same regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality,

The country's government announced a new law that will require every company with 25 or more staff to gain a certificate demonstrating pay equality.

Iceland is not the first country to introduce a scheme like this - Switzerland has one, as does the US state of Minnesota - but Iceland is thought to be the first to make it a mandatory requirement. “

The minister for Equality and Social Affairs, Thorsteinn Viglundsson was quoted in the article as saying that: “ the time is right to do something radical about this issue. Equal rights are human rights. We need to make sure that men and women enjoy equal opportunity in the workplace. It is our responsibility to take every measure to achieve that.”

Iceland has indicated its desire to eradicate the gender pay gap by 2022.

The article added that: “ In October, thousands of female employees across Iceland walked out of workplaces at 2.38pm to protest against earning less than men. After this time in a typical eight-hour day, women are essentially working without pay, according to unions and women's organizations.

Iceland has been at the forefront of establishing pay equality, having already introduced a minimum 40 per cent quota for women on boards of companies with more than 50 employees.

The country has been ranked the best in the world for gender equality by the World Economic Forum for eight years running, but despite this, Icelandic women still earn 14 to 18 per cent less than men, on average.

Viglundsson also was quoted as saying that: “It is a burden to put on companies to have to comply with a law like this, but we put such burdens on companies all the time when it comes to auditing your annual accounts or turning in your tax report. You have to dare to take new steps, to be bold in the fight against injustice."

Different people will come up with different arguments and different solutions for this issue, based on the particular socialized beliefs one has, and the particular worldview one has in the current moment.

Addressing the issue within the current economical paradigm is extremely challenging. Collapsing the current paradigm, and removing the people responsible for the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet, begins to open the door for more honourable practices and solutions to be introduced that take away the emphasis on profits and shareholder returns, to solutions that create profit according to one’s ability to help humanity and the planet.

In the circle of those who understand spiritual practices, there is what is called the Law of Attraction, and this works on multiple levels. In one sense, it can mean that if one is believing and living in fear, then one will attract all the experiences that will validate the fear.

If one believes and lives in ways that support an abundant, healthy planet, people will be drawn to support that. Those who live by this practice will in turn, use the incoming profits to further share positive and healthy solutions with the world.

The CEO’s and companies of the future will understand this practice and will be seeking to create products and services that honour humanity and the planet, and as profits come in, the money will then be directed back out into meaningful projects and solutions.

There is a bit of an irony to this practice. In a 3D mentality of thinking, greed is about the collection and hoarding of wealth and power. In a higher awareness mentality, one understands that one will receive more, by continuing to give more. In a way, one who is ‘greedy’ from a higher awareness perspective, wants more, so that one can give more away, knowing that he/she will again receive more.

Although it remains to be seen, it appears that Elon Musk’s company Tesla is following this model. Musk seems to be taking steps to share with the world, by making certain car design solutions available online, so other companies can use them. He seems to be receiving phenomenal financial support and returns because he is seeking to offer meaningful and practical solutions to the world.

As more and more courageous humans make choices to create business models on this, AND as more and more humans continue to support these kinds of business models, the old paradigm essentially begins to be replaced by one that makes the old paradigm obsolete.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09MAR17 Ben Chapman, : International Women's Day 2017: Iceland becomes first country in the world to make firms prove equal pay.


In disclosure-related news,

An article appearing on the London Independent news website on March 3 by Andrew Griffin has suggested that humanity has received a signal from space that may have have been misunderstood.

Griffin writes the following: “ Scientists might have found proof of alien life but misunderstood it, according to a professor at Harvard University.

Strange radio waves that have been reaching Earth might actually be leakage from a huge, light-powered ship deep in space.

Fast radio bursts (FRB), which have perplexed scientists since they were discovered in 2007, could be evidence of advanced alien technology, according to Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics. Researchers, however, remain far from establishing whether the source of these “messages” is what Loeb speculates it is – leakage from planet-sized transmitters that are powering interstellar probes in distant galaxies.

“Fast radio bursts are exceedingly bright given their short duration and origin at great distances, and we haven’t identified a possible natural source with any confidence,” Loeb has said. “An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking.”

Griffin explains a bit more about this phenomenon, writing that: “ Fast radio bursts are flashes of radio emissions lasting milliseconds whose source is yet to be identified. They were first picked up in 2007 when scientists came across data that showed a burst had occurred in 2001. While few have happened since that time, scientists have discerned that FRB arrive in apparently organised patterns.”

Things start to get a bit more complicated and confusing in the article as the scientists involved try to explain what technology would be required to achieve such a feat of communication. The scientists explain that it would require a huge transmitter, currently (allegedly) out of the range of human capability at this time.

The article writes that: “ Loeb and fellow Harvard academic Manasvi Lingam found such a technology would require so much energy it would just end up melting itself – unless it were water-cooled and twice the size of the Earth.

What is less clear is why an alien civilization would build such a thing in the first place. But the researchers speculate that the energy being sent out is driving interstellar light sails, where spacecraft ride along on light waves in the same way a boat moves through the ocean. Whatever is generating the FRBs is powerful enough to push around something weighing a million tons, or about 20 times the biggest cruise ships ever built.

“That’s big enough to carry living passengers across interstellar or even intergalactic distances,” said Lingam.”

With any kind of journalism, it is wise to consider not just what is being written or said, but also to consider what is not being written or said.

We have scientists who are reporting on a phenomenon. They may or may not know the bigger story of technologies, ships or advanced civilizations that are being claimed to be around our planet at this time. They are scientists most likely trained from interpreting events from a purely three dimensional perspective and may or may not have considered technologies from beyond Earth, or beyond a 3D interpretation.

This is why it is becoming so important for each listener to learn to feel a story, and not just listen to it or read it. There are parts to any story that may contribute to the ‘truth’ of one individual, but there may be other parts of a story that contribute to the truth of another individual.

From humanity’s current, limited perspective, perhaps a huge transmitter is required because these scientists are either not thinking beyond 3D, or they are intentionally releasing information in a way that can be understood in steps, leading up to a larger revelation about the existence of life beyond Earth.

The article adds the following: “To power such a craft the transmitter would have to be constantly pointing its beam towards wherever the ship was in space. If that were happening we would only pick up brief flashes of energy because the ship itself, the planet powering it, and its own star and galaxy would all be constantly moving too.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03MAR17 Andrew Griffin, : Humanity might have received a signal from aliens that it isn’t checking, says Harvard professor.

As I read this paragraph, here is what I am seeing in these words. A planet at one location, and a large ship in another location, and somehow they have to be linked. If we consider our limited technology in cellular phones, the moment we know the phone number of an individual, it is possible to send a signal to be received by the individual being called, wherever that individual happens to be in the world. Of course, with this limited technology, the signal is being sent everywhere, and it is received by the target phone.

With regard to interstellar travel, there is the stargate technology that, in theory works in a very similar way, but the connection appears to be much more direct. Could a signal be sent from a planet, via a stargate to a ship and give it the power it needs? Consider also that maybe there are millions of ships already in our solar system and around planet Earth, and their technology may achieve a similar effect, but may not require the kind of energy these scientists are speculating, because the ships are already in close proximity to the Earth.

This is part of learning how to look at a story, but also to see beyond the story, and also how to begin asking questions that will lead one to further growth, understanding and awakening.

This week however, a claim is being made that the world can expect a significant announcement relating to UFO’s very soon.

The London Express, in an article by Jon Austin on March 8th has reported that: “ FORMER Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge has claimed "a big announcement" in the world of alien and UFO disclosure is due in the next 60 days.”

The article adds the following: “ The singer-turned UFO investigator spoke after being named UFO "Researcher Of The Year" by the International UFO Congress.

In his acceptance speech he suggested there was about to be a big leap in the quest for truth over aliens.

He has been involved in a mystery project, details of which emerged when emails he sent Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta were released by WikiLeaks during the US presidential election campaign.

The emails suggested he was in talks with significant US military sources.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08MAR17 Jon Austin, : Proof of aliens? Ex Blink 182 frontman promises ‘BIG UFO ANNOUNCEMENT’ within 60 DAYS.

DeLonge released his book in February of 2016 entitled, “Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows, and this was reported by numerous sources including CVN and the Rollingstone Magazine website.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 04FEB2016 Kory Grow, : Tom DeLonge Announces Alien-Inspired Book, 'Sekret Machines,' Music.

If there are any listeners who are active Twitter users, and who may be willing to send a message to Tom DeLonge’s Twitter account, inviting him and his contacts to check out and vet Cosmic Vision News, perhaps Tom and his contacts may reach out to use CVN for this announcement.

CLICK TO VIEW  - - Twitter page for Tom DeLonge if anyone feels called to send him a message to suggest he consider contacting me at CVN.


Finally, in health-related news, we continue with part three of a continuing series on the energies and dynamics of relations between people, but focused more on couples or those in committed relations.

In part one, we looked at a bit of the history of relations, how relations have evolved within this current lifetime.

In part two, we explored the nature of the individual, and those who may be described as ‘wounded healers’ - those who have lived and learned through difficult or traumatic experiences and are finding healing in helping others.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry have spent decades attempting to mold the perceptions of people into having or searching for ‘the perfect body’ or the ‘perfect romantic relation’.

Subconsciously, it is possible that two souls may their find their way to each other, and both may have an unexplained attraction or perhaps even a ‘familiarity’ with the other individual. If one or both individuals have fallen off their own LIFE-paths and are seeking a relation as a way of escaping the unhappiness in one’s world, this is very likely to end up in a failed relation, unless both partners learn to see the pattern and take active steps to heal their lives and move forward in a way that honours, empowers and uplifts each other in their respective truth, or LIFE-purpose.

Most humans have been socialized into repressing their shadows. We all have them. The shadow part of us may hold negative energy patterns such as traumas from one’s current life, and it is possible that one has energies from one or more past lives that are re-playing in the current physical life. Lightworkers often are taught to focus on the Light, and hold energies of Light, peace and love. While this does have its role and purpose, sharing a journey together with another soul means learning to be vulnerable and to express and hopefully heal, shadow energies within oneself.

Shane McNeil, writing on Facebook on March 1st shares one part of a Mayan Oracle that relates to our shadow sides. The Oracles shares the following: “ The shadow part of self is often viewed by the ego as “bad”, when actually it is a very potent and a creative force. The disowned or unconscious parts of ourselves are truly the keepers of great wisdom. Shadow is simply the face of the light that is unseen. Through working with it, you are provided with the opportunity to heal yourself and live a fully integrated life. Free yourself from the viewpoints of difficulty, drama and struggle. As you integrate your shadow issues and become more ‘transparent’, the projections of others begin to literally pass through you without creating charged reactions or emotional hurts. In transforming ourselves, we help transform others and the Earth.” - The Mayan Oracle-

CLICK TO VIEW  - 01MAR17 Shane B McNeil via Facebook : The Wisdom of Shadow.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner, ‘The Mayan Oracle - A Galactic Language of Light’. (IF ANYONE WISHES TO ORDER A BOOK ABOUT MAYAN ORACLES)

Jona Bryndis, in an article appearing on the blogsite, explains a bit more about dealing with the sexual, shadow aspects within oneself. She writes the following: “ Waking up to our inner worlds often means discovering and dealing with forgotten, repressed unloved or hidden inner aspects of our personality – in self-healing we call this Shadow Work. For most of us it can come with another uncomfortable revelation – the discovery of our sexual shadow aspects.

Becoming aware of sexual shadow traits in oneself is a natural part of our self-transformation and ascension process and should not to be judged or condemned - nor excluded. The fact that we are becoming more aware of our shadow traits doesn’t mean that we are ‘bad’ or that we have been bad in the past; it simply means that we have a higher consciousness level now and, that we can live a more aware and responsible life from here on.

What we weren’t aware of in the past is past – it's part of our learning curve and all this means id\s witnessing our naiveté in the past - but what we have become aware of in the present is now a part of our consciousness and therefore needs to be dealt with.”

Many, if not most, are unwilling to face this aspect of themselves for their own reasons. Bryndis continues, writing that: “ Dealing with shadow traits is challenging and requires a bit of courage at first, but if we face them with the tenacity of bone crushing honesty with ourselves, it can become our most rewarding training ground for learning how to transcend lower and align to higher vibratory energies:

Forgiveness, Gratitude, Compassion, Joy, Trust, Respect, Grace, Non-Judgment, Self-Love and finally Surrender – represent the main healing resonances of letting go of our past programming. They are the core energies for self-healing and positive self-transformation.

Shadow Work can also be tempting and mesmerizing and sometimes even counterproductive, if our emotional and mental state is clogged and our energetic alignment unbalanced. Clearing and Connecting modalities can help to balance our energy flow and show us how to maintain a proper heart-connection throughout the process.”

Bryndis also observes that: “The thing that makes most of us feel uncomfortable about our hidden or secret ego aspects coming to our awareness is partially due to collective programming but also the thought that they may not be as hidden or secret as we thought. In other words, the hardest part about dealing with sexual shadow traits is not the fact that we may have some, but the loss of our innocence and the fear that they may be visible for others.”

Men have been socialized to not show vulnerability in front of women, and women have been socialized to some degree to accept only an alpha male and reject the man who shows too much vulnerability or emotion.

These dynamics become more complicated as two people enter into a new relation together. Bryndis shares that: “ Shadow traits develop when ego becomes controlling and out of balance – when we are not willing to work on our inner resistances and attachments and try to hide them instead. The development of sexual shadow traits is often rooted in collective role modeling but also through karmic collective and family aspects. Most of us relive our karmic propensities through our romantic and sexual relationships unaware of their hidden dysfunctions. It takes a moment of disengaging from our inner programming in regards to Masculinity & Femininity to realize that most of our sexual shadow developed out of defensive ego-mechanisms to cope with negative experiences of the past.”

In the article, Bryndis offers four examples of sexual control patterns, and with the exception that she uses different names for each pattern, she identifies very closely to the control dramas that I have reported on earlier in this series. Control dramas can very easily be translated into the sexual control patterns mentioned by Bryndis. As explained in the earlier parts of this series, everything is energy, and all conflict results from the attempts of one person or more to control the energy of another.

Bryndis also makes it clear of the importance to understand that: “… sexuality is not the same as sexual shadow. Sexuality and its expressions, such as playfulness, romanticism, raunchiness, or primal physicality are neutral in itself, and part of our physical experience as humans. It is comparable with hunger, thirst, need for shelter and social interaction.”

How might one begin working with one’s sexual shadow? Bryndis shares the following: “ try to look at it just as any other incongruence you can feel about not make it is not. Instead, focus on what feels true to you and change/correct some of your patterns as you go.

The process of Self-Transformation is:

1. Reflecting & admitting

2. Clearing & accepting

3. Connecting & changing

4. Integrating & transcending which leads to

5. Healing & Amending.

Bryndis concludes with the following: “Part of being human is to bounce back and forth between various energetic states; this too needs to be accepted and surrendered (integrated); But the development of our consciousness enables us to liberate ourselves from the control patterns of lower states and therefore to choose which state we want to be in. The purpose of our life then becomes to strive for transcending lower state as they arise with no need for defense or control patterns.”

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Next week we’ll continue with a few more articles on this subject as we try to create harmonious relations within our service to co-create a New Earth in a higher vibrational existence!

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8. ( 1:17:01 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS;

Last week, I offered an assignment for those who may be interested in participating. Just before I get to that assignment, there is something I would like to share.

One of the reasons the newscast was late this week was that I was doing an interview for another publication. I was asked to interview a Japanese professor who was speaking in Slovenia on the topic of the migration crisis, and was promoted as being an expert on Middle Eastern, Turkey, Syria and European affairs. I was incredibly disappointed to hear that this professor was supporting the western world story of migration. Although I will deliver the interview as promised, I told the editor that I would never allow this professor to speak on my newscast.

Here I am in the very unusual position of finally being offered a bit of work and having to do something that challenges the very essence of all that I have stood up for, over the last twenty years at least. I am however very grateful to the individual who gave me this opportunity. He is learning how I think and view the world, and I am learning how to see the European perspective in my writing. He agrees with me on many issues, but I also understand that he has a certain audience that he has to cater to, in order to keep his publication alive. We are working to try to find a balance, but we both get along really well, and I think there is the potential for a good working relationship, even if I do find my morals and ethics being challenged.

Returning to the assignment for this week however. The timing of this assignment was synchronistic, given all the information that has come into the public domain over the last two weeks, and also the fact that I got to practice this with the Japanese professor. People are going to get angry, and it will be important to acknowledge that anger, but at the same time, find a way to use that energy constructively while setting an example for others.

I spoke of how people are getting so angry and upset, that it makes it challenging to not only remember questions, but how to ask questions, and in which order to ask questions of our political and civic leaders, to make use of the few minutes one may have before getting thrown out of the meeting.

For example, to come out and angrily accuse a politician of cheating people is a good way to get thrown out quickly and one may never even get the chance to ask questions that have the potential to get people in the audience thinking.

At times, in my own anger and frustration with the system, I have often run hundreds of different questions through my head that I would love to confront politicians over. As I have grown spiritually and as a journalist, I am realizing how important it is becoming to not only ask the important questions, but to frame the questions in a way that recognizes the humanity in the politician, banker, lawyer, judge, journalist, police officer or whomever, even if they may not always be deserving of it.

At the heart of it, it is about setting an example for others that does not present a threatening image to the individual being questioned, but also sets the stage for key questions to be set up, to lead into the most relevant chain of questions that lead individuals into directions they may not want to go.

As I have mentioned previously on this newscast, this is a trick commonly used by lawyers in a courtroom. The lawyer will often ask what seems to be a very innocent question, and people answer it, not understanding how that question can be used against them later in the questioning. When the lawyer comes back with something like: “A few minutes ago however, you said this..” Suddenly, the individual is trapped, and this is how the legal system is used against people who do not understand it.

Is there perhaps a way, therefore, to begin educating people who may have a chance to challenge public officials with questions. If one is fortunate, perhaps that individual may be able to say everything. If not, perhaps it may take a team of people who have prepared the strategy, and they will follow-up with the remaining questions, as each individual is removed or banned from continuing with questions.

The challenge is to line up the questions in such a way that does not come across as threatening, and gradually leads them in a direction that traps them. Of course, they have been trained more extensively for this trick so it will not necessarily be easy.

I offered many of you the challenge to reflect on your own national situation, and consider what questions you might ask your own leader; in which order would you choose to address your questions, and how would you choose to express those questions.

In a public forum, you may be lucky if you get to ask three questions, but if a leader feels he/she is about to be attacked, they will deflect the question and go to someone else. In this case it may be good to have four, five six or more people who have the list of questions, and they can continue where the previous individual was stopped.

If I had the chance to ask Canadian Prime Trudeau some questions, here are the questions I would like ask, or that a few of us could ask. This is just one example, and the questions may be slightly different, depending upon the topic being addressed. The questions might be slightly different for the topic of migration for example. However, if I was just generally asking Trudeau questions, it might go something like this:

1. Mr. Prime Minister, “Given the state of our current global economy, would you say that we in Canada are still free?”
I would generally expect him to say yes, although he would probably admit that there are challenges to overcome.

2. How exactly are Canadians ‘free’? I would expect him to say that we have a democratic parliamentary system, even though it is an unfair system called ‘first past the post’.

Trudeau recently broke his promise to reform the Canadian parliamentary system, upsetting many Canadians who voted for him on his promise to do this. Canadians were expecting him to introduce reforms that would allow government representation to be based on percentages of the national vote.

For example, in the past election, one party might get 25% of the vote in 80% of the constituencies across the country, but might still lose the election. Those people are not represented in the new government. Under the system that people were expecting: If party A gets a total of 31% of the national vote, they get 31% of the total seats available in parliament. A party that has 10% of the national support, they would get 10% representation in the parliament where this would not happen in the current system.

3. How would you define the word ‘peace’ and what does it mean to you?
I have no idea how he would define this or explain it, but I would want him to state what he thinks so I can refer to it if necessary in another question.

4. What might you say Canada has that could be considered unique among the countries of the world? I would probably expect him to say that Canada has abundant nature and fresh water, as well as being a peaceful country that welcomes people from all over the world regardless of their backgrounds and that Canada has an exceptional business climate and so on.

5. Mr. Prime Minister, I really need to ask your help in understanding something. You have stated that you believe Canadians to be ‘free’ and you have given your definition of what you believe peace to be, and you have stated what Canada has to offer. You have stated your examples of how you believe Canadians are free. Here is where I need your help:

In 1971, US President Nixon took the US off the gold standard, and unilaterally removed the US from the Bretton Woods agreement of 1941. Three years later, with the Canadian economy flying high, your father sold out the Bank of Canada to the central banking cartel and Canadians were forced into debt slavery without their informed or democratic consent.

You say that we are ‘free’, but there is almost nothing that a Canadian can do without permission from the government. All the ‘rights’ that you claim Canadians have are not ‘rights’ at all; they are rights that have been taken away, and then sold back to us as ‘privileges’.

When a Canadian citizen goes into court, the human being is not recognized, because the court system is one of commercial admiralty law. The courts can only rule on disputes between consenting commercial entities. Therefore a Canadian is regarded as a ‘corporate fiction’ because of the identity that the Canadian government forces parents to put onto their children under colour of law. Under the eyes of the corporate entity known as the ‘Government of Canada’, Canadians have been forced to surrender their natural status as human beings, to their corporate identity, and this was again done without the informed, democratic consent of Canadians.

You claim that your government cares about the people who elected you and yet, you cannot admit that Canadians are enslaved to a criminally fraudulent system of fiat banking and to a criminally fraudulent system of commercial rules given the force of law.

Your government has done nothing to stop chemtrails in our skies; or embraced all the new free energy sources that many other countries are pursuing aggressively. China, Japan and Europe have high-speed rail service, while Canada is still back in the stone ages with diesel. Health Canada mandates dangerous vaccines on children and allows dangerous foods with chemicals and pesticides to make us more sick.

There is more than enough proof to show that 9/11 is not what has been told to the world, and that every conflict since WW1 has been a banker-created war to get control of countries that will not accept the central banking regime.

Countries are destabilized through the use economic hitmen and when leaders do not agree, they are attacked militarily. You send young Canadians to die, under the illusion of fighting for democracy, but they are only fighting to preserve the right of the elites to maintain their enslavement and control over humanity and our planet. Innocent Canadians are being harmed on lies that force them to kill other innocent civilians so that the rich can continue to get richer.
Meanwhile the media continues an active agenda of brainwashing to keep Canadians believing in lies like Russia or Iran being a threat to the planet when the only thing Russia is doing is creating a new financial paradigm that threatens the criminal banking system that has been enslaving us for our entire lifetimes.

My question is therefore is this: Mr. Prime Minister, how can you look all of us in the eyes, claiming that you care about us, and that you are representing us, when all your actions show and support the exact opposite of that which you are claiming?

I could probably continue on, but this gives you an idea of how you might approach a topic when you are given the chance. Get the leader to answer a few safe questions, that they will happily answer, and then use the information they give, to support the hard question or questions that you really want to ask.

Perhaps in the coming weeks, I’ll try to offer other examples if any listeners wish to share their questions with me about what they would like to ask their leaders and how they would ask their questions.

Create a wonderful week, until our next moment of ‘now’!


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