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2017-06-09 Cosmic Vision News - Transcript/Links Featured

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Cosmic Vision News - June 9, 2017

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Greetings and blessings to all!

It might seem that some very unusual, and perhaps even confusing events are taking place in the Middle East at this time.  It is unclear at this time what all these events may or may not mean moving forward, and therefore I ask listeners to use their discernment with what I share, because I admit I am having a challenging time trying to make sense of what is happening.  On some level, I think I understand it, but I am not yet able to sufficiently connect the dots to make it meaningful for you the listener.  Perhaps these insights will come to me over the coming weeks.

We start first with a report from Adam Garrie, appearing on TheDuran news website on June 10th.  Garrie is reporting on a possible, suspected deal that may have been secretly reached between Russia and the US.  Garrie reports the following:  “ The Syrian Arab Army has been making strong and swift advances through the deserts of southern Syria near the Jordanian and Iraqi borders and are all ready moving north on Deir ez-Zor, one of the last major terrorist strongholds in Syria.
Garrie quotes Al-Masdar as reporting that: “ Backed by Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies stormed the Islamic State’s positions at the Talilah Reserve, inflicting heavy damage on the latter’s positions.

Following a short battle on Friday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies liberated the Talilah Reserve in eastern Palmyra, pushing their way to the strategic Talilah Crossroad”.

Russian Colonel General Sergey Surovikin had issued a stern criticism of the US which has attacked three Syrian and allied military convoys in southern Syria between May and June of 2017.  He was quoted as saying that: “The coalition (US) air forces and the strongholds of the forces of New Syrian Army (now known as the Revolutionary Commando Army) have blocked the way of the government forces, tasked with defeating IS (ISIS) ”.

Here is where it gets interesting, as Garrie writes that:  “ Since that statement was issued, not only has the United States ceased its attacks on Syrian forces in southern Syria, but more interestingly, the US has not seemingly allowed the jihadists under its control to attack Syrian forces.

Some have suggested that a secret deal  between the US and Russia has been struck, whereby the US will allow the Russian Aerospace Forces to clear important roads for Syria and its allies on their way to Deir ez-Zor while not allowing pro-America jihadists on the ground to interfere with the progress of Syrian allies, including Hezbollah who have helped to cut remaining US backed jihadists off from the Syrian march east and north.”

Garrie closes with the following note:  “Whether this is a new reality or simply a temporary ceasefire on America’s part is still anyone’s guess, but the fact that America has suddenly shifted its approach in southern Syria, hot on the heels of a Russian admonition, is a further indication of who really is the more influential of the super-powers which are fighting on opposite sides in Syria.”

The other news relates to this very sudden isolation of the small Arab nation Qatar.

The US and its western allies, including Israel have long used Middle Eastern countries and even African nations as scapegoats in their desire to justify their global hegemony agenda.

Libya was but one example, and a link will appear in the show transcript about this particular western campaign.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30MAY2017 Bas Spliet, : The 'Humanitarian' Destruction of Libya: Gaddafi, NATO, and the War on Africa.

On June 5th RT reported that: “ Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing the country of backing terrorist groups. Qatar has called the move a "campaign of incitement" which is "based on lies."

In what could arguably be called the most paradoxical, hypocritical statement this year, RT reported that:  “ The Saudi state news agency SPA alleged that Qatar “embraces multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at disturbing stability in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and promotes the message and schemes of these groups through their media constantly.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUN2017 : ‘Terrorism, meddling in affairs’: Arab countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Saudi Arabia, as many listeners will know, has been linked to terrorism itself, acting on behalf of, or in partnership with the US and the country was once identified by President Trump as having links to the events of 9/11.
Saudi Arabia is also a well-known abuser of human rights, and yet holds a prominent position on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUN2017 : Qatar spat reveals double standards: Terrorism supporters accuse others of supporting terror.

The whole episode appears to be connected to comments allegedly made by Qatari’s emir, a title that could be the equivalent of a prime minister, for example.  An article on the website on May 25th reported that:  “ Tensions rose in the Gulf on Tuesday after a series of controversial comments attributed to Qatar’s emir, in a row that led to the blocking of Doha-aligned news websites in some neighboring states.
Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani’s alleged comments, carried by the official state news agency QNA, apparently saw him endorse Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah — strongly diverging from the stance of Qatar’s Gulf neighbors.

Doha claimed the report was the result of a hacking attack — but its Gulf neighbors responded nonetheless, particularly after the same comments were repeated in more than one language, on more than one outlet and at various times of the day in a manner which makes the story true and the hacking seem less likely.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 25MAY2017 Saudi Arabia - Hack or attack? Qatari emir's allegedly contrarian 'comments' unsettle neighbors.

It seems extremely odd that a few mere statements, allegedly made, but not proven to be linked to the emir, could lead to so much diplomatic actions being taken, with ambassadors being re-called, airlines cancelling flights, and numerous other attempts to shut down Qatar.

Russian president Putin, when interviewed by Megan Kelly, as mentioned earlier in the newscast, himself said that hacker are everywhere, and they can manipulate everything in such a way to make it look like a message came from anywhere.

It is a very confusing mess about who is supporting who in the Middle East.

Many Middle Eastern nations are known to have loyalty to the US.  Yet the US has accused Iran of being the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism, a claim that so far lacks any kind of proof.

What we think we know at this time is that Iran has been working closely with Mehran Keshe of the Keshe foundation, to implement some of his advanced technologies, and this may be one of the reasons that the US is now scared of Iran, in much the same way they are scared of the advanced technologies in Russia’s possession, that have been effectively used against advanced US military equipment.

If we wanted to look for the likely, and most logical reason for why the US and Middle Eastern countries have turned against Qatar, we can look at an article appearing on the news website from January 2nd of this year.  This article reported the following:  “ In the beginning of December the Russian Federation, which directly owns 50 percent of Rosneft, sold 19.5 percent of its stake in the company to Qatar's sovereign wealth fund and commodities trader Glencore for $11.3 billion. “

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JAN2017 : Qatar's big oil deal with Moscow.

So, Qatar doing a big oil deal with Russia.  I recall having seen an article somewhere, but have not yet found it, stating that Qatar may have been working on some kind of pipeline deal that might also benefit Russia and perhaps Turkey also.

It has been reported that Turkey very quickly came to the aid of Qatar, as other Middle Eastern countries began lining up against Qatar.

Turkey is breaking up with the US and NATO, yet seems to be softening towards Russia. Russia is working with Iran, yet Iran is an apparent enemy to Turkey. Qatar is supported by both Russia and Turkey, which represents a threat to the western hegemony.

There are alliances all over the place that seem to lack any kind of logical understanding, given the geopolitical strategies currently playing out. 

Like Donald Trump, perhaps there are forces that are intentionally trying to keep everything as confusing as possible, so that no one will believe anything, and therefore will come to a point where they no longer react to the news.

Maybe that is how it should be.  Maybe we all should simply stop reacting to the news, and giving journalists this kind of power.

For the record, this is a power that I neither desire, nor do I deserve.

Perhaps more clarity will come on this in the coming weeks.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 08JUN2017 : After rushing to Qatar's aid, Turkey may have to rethink its Mideast ties


Turning to London, and in this case I am referring to the election and not to the recent false-flag events, although there is obviously some connection between them, and even also to the failed Scottish independence referendum.

John Wight, reporting for RT, seemed to capture the election result well in one sentence:  “ The story of the UK general election is a huge personal and moral victory for Jeremy Corbyn with a politics of hope and solidarity, and a cataclysmic personal defeat for Theresa May with a politics of cynicism and austerity.”

Wight goes into more detail, reporting on June 10th that:  “ Confounding the opinion polls - to prove again their irrelevancy - the end result of the most seismic UK election in a generation is a hung parliament. What this means is that no party has won the 326 seats out of the 650 available required to achieve a working majority, necessary to ensure their policies are voted through Parliament as legislation.”

Strangely, election polling seems to have failed miserably in the US and the UK, but the French pollsters seemed to get the results with significantly greater accuracy.

RT also seems to have picked up on the essence of what brought down Theresa May - and it seems to be an emerging pattern among those connected to cabal groups.  The article writes that:  “ Hubris has been Theresa May’s undoing. She did not have to call this election, and did so fully expecting to waltz back into Downing Street on the back of a huge majority. Her arrogance was reflected in one of the most lackluster and uninspiring campaigns for political office in British electoral history. She made the mistake of confusing an election with a coronation, it clearly having slipped her mind that the country already has a Queen and does not need, or surely desire, another one.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10JUN2017 :  UK Election: Moral victory for Corbyn & the politics of solidarity

Although May still has some leadership clout, at least for now, her downfall was marked by a similar egoic pride and arrogance demonstrated by Hillary Clinton.  This is what happens when politicians begin taking things for granted while screwing the general population badly.

The Scottish National Party suffered big losses as well, perhaps also due to naive pride.

Wight reports that: “The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), led by Nicola Sturgeon, suffered its own sobering reversal, losing 21 seats to take their total down from 56 to 35 seats at Westminster.  Indeed, in Scotland the entire Tory campaign was based on opposition to a second referendum on Scottish independence. The result proves that this Tory election strategy north of the border was successful.”

For those having trouble connecting the dots with this one, here is how I am currently seeing this.

-  NATO is in trouble in Europe, and desperately needs to find its justification to remain.
-  A wave of people-inspired protests and movements have taken place around Europe, showing the elitist cabal that people are waking up to their attempts to further enslave and control them.
-  People also seem to be waking up to the forced migration of people into various European countries, perhaps to stir up trouble and thus provide the justification NATO is looking for.
-  The BREXIT vote stunned the global cabal, suggesting the British people were catching on to the game being played against them.
-  Scotland voted (assuming it was not a rigged vote) to remain a part of the UK. This was under the assumption that Britain remained a part of the EU.
-  Scotland began to call for another referendum after BREXIT, claiming they wanted to be a part of the EU, which is an odd irony, considering that the EU and its unelected leaders have been enslaving EU citizens.
-  May campaigned on austerity cuts and cynicism,  and the SNP campaigned on a referendum to again separate from the UK to rejoin he EU, and both lost in this election, and this would seem to suggest that both British and Scottish people are starting to understand what is really at stake moving forward.

What it came down to, overall was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.  Wight offers the following:

“Overall, the story of this election is Labour’s astonishing result and the momentous personal and moral victory achieved by the party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Since the day he was elected the most unlikely leader the party has had in a generation, based on the media-focused and conflated figures who’d led the party previously – i.e. Tony Blair, Ed Miliband – Corbyn has been subjected to the most withering demonization by the Tory press of probably any political figure of the left since his mentor the late Tony Benn.

Yet despite this relentless media assault, and despite having to lead without the support of his own parliamentary colleagues on the Labour benches behind him - colleagues who spared no opportunity to undermine and try to derail his authority - he kept his nerve and equanimity and stayed the course.”

White also compares Corbyn’s campaign to that of former US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, writing that:  “In a remarkable symmetry with the success enjoyed by Bernie Sanders in the US primaries of 2016, Corbyn enjoyed huge support from young voters, many casting a ballot for the first time, with his vision of a society underpinned by common human decency.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10JUN2017 :  UK Election: Moral victory for Corbyn & the politics of solidarity

CLICK TO VIEW  - 09JUN2017 : Scottish Independence dream fades as Salmond & Robertson crash out of Commons.

Numerous sources have also drawn this parallel between the two leaders.   Speaking to an audience in Brighton, England before the election, Sanders was asked to speak to the comparisons being made between him and Corbyn, and this is what he had to say:

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 02JUN2017 via :  Bernie Sanders Endorses Jeremy Corbyn in Brighton.

Exactly where and how things will go from here could be anyone’s guess. But it is more than abundantly clear that things are not working for the global cabal at this time, and that there must be some other ‘force’ for lack of a better word, that is assisting in this shift in human and planetary consciousness at this time.


It is not really my desire to focus too much on all the Washington drama surrounding the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey.  According to a photo posted by the Signs of the Times website, this is their ‘Top10’ summary of the things learned from his testimony this past week;
1.    Trump was never under investigation.
2.    Trump did not obstruct justice.
3.    Trump did not collude with Russia
4.    Russia did not alter the election outcome.
5.    Comey leaked his own memo
6.    Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Hillary Clinton
7.    There was ample evidence to put Hillary in jail but Comey chose not to pursue it.
8.    CNN and other fake news outlets have been lying and making things up the entire time.
9.    The Democratic Party no longer has the ability to scream ‘Russia’ every time Trump tries to do something
10.  The Russia story is dead - any democrats who continue to push it will look foolish and insane to the American people.

CLICK TO VIEW - Facebook page for the Signs Of The Times (SOTT) news website revealing what was learned from Comey testimony.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for the Signs Of The Times news website.

Alex Christoforou, writing for on June 10th shares his assessment:  “ As the liberal left mainstream media was foaming at the mouth anticipating James Comey testifying that Trump had obstructed justice in some form during his testimony, what we did get is zero evidence of Trump obstruction, but of Hillary Clinton – Loretta Lynch obstruction.

It was an unexpected turn of events and now drags the Obama administration into the Trump witch hunt they helped orchestrate.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 10JUN2017 Alex Christoforou, : James Comey admits, obstruction of Hillary Clinton, NOT Donald Trump (Video).

Tucker Carlson of FOX News offers his ‘take’ on Comey’s comments.  I am not saying that I am a fan of either Tucker or FOX News but for whatever it may be worth to some, here is how he summed one of this week’s weapons of mass distraction:

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 08JUN2017 Fox News via : Tucker: The truth about what we learned from Comey hearing.

Coming up in general news, I’ll briefly return to the references of Russia and General Flynn related to another story.

I’m neither going to condemn nor support a particular ‘truth’ in this story. I’m seeing evidence that anyone can use for both positive and negative propaganda.  I see also the huge challenge that Trump faces with so many people against him.

I observe that Trump is saying very confusing things.  I believe I understand why he is doing this, although I do not entirely agree with it.  He needs to pick each battle carefully, and in its proper time.  In his situation, I suspect I would have done the same thing, until things were brought under control.


In financial news,  we look at a few of the comments being made about the coming near future as it relates to the financial world. Depending upon the perspective, these views will either be cause for fear, or cause for relief, because so many of us have been eagerly awaiting for the current financial paradigm to be wiped out, so we can remove the global cabal power, and begin co-creating a better planet for all.

There was a possible tremor in the economic climate of Europe, and it is not yet clear whether this is a full earthquake event that will trigger a financial tsunami.

Bix Weir commented this past week on the pending collapse of one of Spain’s biggest banks, and this may have consequences further down the line:

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 03JUN2017 RoadToRoota via : ALERT: Spanish Banco Popular Failing! (Bix Weir)

Weir appears to have been incorrect, at least on the surface, as Rachel Connelly of the news website reported on June 7th that:  “ Spain’s largest bank has agreed to a deal to buy Banco Popular for a symbolic €1, after ECB announced it was running out of funds.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUN2017 Rachel Connelly, : Santander rescues Banco Popular from collapse.

The European Central Bank is running out of funds?  This statement, by itself, should raise an alarm that a financial ‘event’ of some kind is coming. If the ECB no longer appears able to print more money out thin air, it might suggest that something is going on to bring the European banking elites under control. Perhaps more validation of this will come in the next few weeks.
This takeover by Santander may have been a preventative move by Santander.  If the Banco Popular failure was going to trigger the implosion that Weir was predicting, a takeover may allow Santander to buy a little bit more time, to better prepare themselves for what is inevitably coming.

So a financial train-wreck is beginning to unfold in slow motion before us right now.

As well, appearing on the X22 Report, Bill Holter spoke to host Dave about the financial events unfolding, and here are selected excerpts of what he had to say:

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - X22 Report via : When The Crisis Hits,Financial Markets Will Shutdown Throughout 80%-90% Of The World: Bill Holter.

CLICK TO VIEW   : : Homepage for Bill Holter.

As many, including CVN have long seen and predicted years ago, the current financial paradigm is in deep distress, and some may argue that it is about to fall into unconsciousness and then quietly drown in its own debt and derivatives.

The movements have already been in play for what a new paradigm may look like.  Russia and China, as CVN has reported, have been planning for this day since at least 2010, when the BRICS alliance was first announced to the world.  There is a movement towards creating a financial paradigm that is based on gold-backed currencies.

In today’s age however, with block-chain technology and virtual currencies, there are sources beginning to speculate that the future may now be in gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

Jim Willie spoke to Silver Doctors with some comments on this:

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUN2017   SilverDoctors via :  Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies Will Eliminate Dollar | Jim Willie (Part 1)

As Willie has himself admitted, he does not yet fully understand the functioning nature of Bitcoin or of cryptocurrencies, so it is wise to use discernment regarding some of his comments about Bitcoin or other crytptocurrenices or ‘altcoins’ as they are also called.  Willie appears to be very correct however in his statements that Bitcoin and others, represent a major threat to the current financial paradigm, because it is a flow of money over which the cabal has no control.

Could the cabal be allowing Bitcoin to rise...just to offer a gold-backed cryptocurrency to then crash Bitcoin?   Although it is possible, I’m not quite sure how I could see this happening. For this to happen, there would have to be a significant cabal investment at this time for them to even be able to get massive profits from a surging Bitcoin.  From what I seem to be observing globally, the cabal is losing access to funding that has traditionally come from SWIFT exchanges, and also foreign exchange through the USD, as more countries bypass using the USD as a median currency of exchange.

Sources have informed me that the Ethereum platform is owned, or at least controlled by, JP Morgan.  Assuming this to be true for a moment, I could see a possibility where the price of this altcoin could be driven up so high, to rival the price of Bitcoin...and then suddenly the cabal could pull out of that one.  That is something I could potentially see.

I could be wrong...but I am doubting that the cabal will be able to get enough control of Bitcoin to pull off a stunt like that.   I’m doubting that China would allow this to happen, considering they are one of the countries that is looking to legitimize Bitcoin, and participate more with the currency.

Hopefully, over the coming weeks, we can explore and learn more about cryptocurrencies, and perhaps how to take advantage of them over the short-term, if one is able to do so.

Additional link - not in the newscast.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUN2017 : Bitcoin rival ethereum hits record high rallying almost 3,000% this year.


In the last story, you heard Bill Holter commenting that he believed some kind of ‘financial event’ would come out of China.  He called it a ‘credit’ event.

It is my belief that many of these western pundits really have not done much research on what the BRICS alliance has accomplished financially, nor have they researched anything relating to the New Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative...or, as I recently learned in Chinese:   Yi-DAI / Yi-LU.

Neither Holter, Weir nor Willie seem to be connecting these dots together yet, and it is my personal feeling that they are missing some very key information that can impact their own message.

The assessment that the Chinese took advantage of the credit market to build up their infrastructure was a wise and brilliant move.  As I have told listeners over the years; one should never use a winfall of real money to pay off debt on paper.  Make only the minimum payments, and use the money to create real value, as China has now done.  When the crash comes, and the debts are written off, western countries are going to be screwed, while China will have the modern infrastructure and also very large amounts of gold to back them up.

When the time is right, China may very well trigger a ‘credit’ event that will signal a move over to a gold-backed currency, while proceeding to crash the fiat money system.

Western claims that both Russia and China are not stable economically appears to be an outright lie.  We know what China is doing, but even in Russia, companies still appear very keen to do business with Russia, despite western demonization.

TheBRICSPost reported on June 4th, after the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that:  “ Agreements worth over $35Billion were signed at the conference.  For a country that the US has attempted to ostracize and sink, the strategy does not appear to be working.

CLICK TO VIEW - 04JUN2017 : Agreements worth over $35 bn inked during economic summit: Russia.

In fact, regarding the sanctions, RT reported on June 2nd that: “Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has said Moscow sees US sanctions as a means of attempting to gain a business advantage, rather than political leverage, adding that Russia has learned to benefit from hostile steps by the West.”

The sanctions forced Russia to create their own solutions; solutions that are now leaving Russia better prepared than the US, for the changing economic paradigm.  In fact, it was a blessing in disguise, an unintentional form of ‘tough love’...although the US would never call it that.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUN2017 : ‘We love sanctions’: Russian deputy PM says US attempts at pressure backfire.

Despite the sanctions, foreign money is being drawn to Russia, as RT reported on June 2nd in comments made from a sovereign wealth fund manager.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUN2017 : Foreign money attracted to Russia - sovereign wealth fund chief.

Russia and China are both moving in ways to prepare for the ongoing cryptocurrency revolution.  At the Economic Forum, the head of Russia’s Sberbank had hinted that Russia was moving forward in developing its own cryptocurrency.  An article appearing on the news website reported on June 2nd that:  “ Sberbank CEO Herman Gref has “agreed” on the development of a Russian national cryptocurrency with the country’s central bank.

Sberbank is Russia’s major state-controlled bank. In unofficial reports from local news aggregators, the so-called “Russian Bitcoin” will use Sberbank as its base and will be “the only cryptocurrency freely available for sale and purchase” in the country.”   The article mentioned that other cryptocurrencies would only be made available through exchanges or trading platforms.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUN17 William Suberg, : ‘Russian Bitcoin’ Will Be Country’s ‘Only Freely Tradable’ Crypto: Sberbank CEO

Lots of news is now coming out about cryptocurrencies, proving that this is something that is about to be brought into increasingly greater use worldwide, and I might argue that it is happening very quickly.

Joseph Young, writing for Coin Telegraph, also on June 2nd reported that:  “ Thomas Glucksmann, head of marketing at Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange Gatecoin, believes that the public image of Bitcoin has transformed from a risky to safe investment.

In an interview, Glucksmann said:

“It’s funny how the whole narrative of bitcoin being risky or dangerous has changed, and it is now seen as a form of pride to regulate and embrace it.”

Over the past year, six countries including Malta, Japan, Australia, China, the Philippines and South Korea have addressed the regulatory issues surrounding Bitcoin. Some countries have officially recognized Bitcoin as a legal currency while others have described Bitcoin as a payment network and remittance method.

An important component which can be found in the regulatory frameworks designed for Bitcoin by the six above-mentioned countries is the efforts of governments to ease and simplify the process of using, trading and establishing a business around Bitcoin and digital currencies.

Most recently, Australia removed double taxation on Bitcoin after realizing that heavy taxation and overly complex policies imposed on Bitcoin led to a decline in the Australian digital currency industry and its businesses.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUN17 Joseph Young, : Bitcoin Changed From Risky to Safe Investment: Hong Kong Exchange Executive.

Investors seem to starting to recognize Bitcoins power.  Shivdeep Dhaliwal, writing for Coin Telegraph on June 2nd writes about reports that Bitcoin is a bubble, and whether it is a serious move forward for the world.   He writes that:  “ Bitcoin has come out of nowhere and its value is derived from the belief that its users hold in it. The currency has stood the test of time since it was founded in 2008 even though it has been accused of being a Ponzi scheme, a currency of criminals and other unsubstantiated and baseless things.

Bitcoin has become a foundation of a new economic system that is changing the way the world looks at finance internationally. The technology behind the currency has led to the birth of other cryptocurrencies, commonly known as altcoins that have their own user-base and applications.

Bitcoin has also become the currency of choice for troubled parts of the world where national currencies have come under pressure due to governmental mismanagement or other reasons.”

Reading between the lines, one might see how Bitcoin may have been a tool for some countries to try to break away from the global cabal destroying their countries.

Dhaliwal validates what I said moments about China and Bitcoin.  He writes:  “ When it comes to Bitcoin, China and Japan are way ahead of everyone else. China is already the mining capital when it comes to Bitcoin and Japan has already taken lead in adoption of digital currencies including Bitcoin.

Yet Bitcoin can not be relegated to just one geography as Tim Draper says:

“I think Bitcoin is now a global phenomenon, so demand for Bitcoin is coming from all over the world. I know that China is using Bitcoin to more easily send money to other countries, and the people of challenged countries like Argentina and Cypress flee to Bitcoin when their own currencies are no longer viable or if they are inflationary. Throughout Africa, Bitpesa makes it easier to buy and sell goods with Bitcoin.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUN17 Shivdeep Dhaliwal, : Not a Bubble: Investors Start to Recognize Bitcoin’s Power.

As I said, I can more easily see the cabal inflating Ethereum and crashing it, before I could see them doing the same thing with Bitcoin, considering China is one of the leading mining countries for Bitcoins.

In the show transcript this week, I will add a few additional links at the end of this story.

For those who are starting to become really interested in cryptocurrencies, and want to follow the news, there are two informative news websites for cryptocurrencies.  CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph will be posted.

As well, a link to a story reporting on the top 10 Altcoins as of the end of May, 2017.  This would be a good place for listeners to start, as CVN continues to explore cryptocurrencies over the coming weeks.

CLICK TO VIEW  -  One news website for Bitcoin.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Another news website for Bitcoin.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 30MAY17 Frisco d’Anconia, : Top 10 Altcoins Bounce Back, Ethereum Price Gains Big Time.


In general news, the mainstream media just does not seem to learn its lessons.  They have been losing viewers and listeners for years, and even still there are media outlets that continue to just fake it, or edit the information to push a deliberate agenda.

As I have said previously, but I have to keep repeating it, ALL journalism is a form of biased opinion.  It is almost impossible to avoid.  Any comment by any individual on Facebook or other social media is the same thing.  There are none among us whom I believe can truly say they are completely unbiased on all global events and individuals connected to those events.

George Orwell has been quoted as saying that “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.  Everything else is public relations”.

CLICK TO VIEW   - : Journalism quote credited to George Orwell.

Numerous western media have merely become public relations experts for the global cabal and its partners.

On June 5th, shortly after the false-flag event staged by the global cabal in London, Jack Montgomery, writing for Breitbart News, reported on a follow-up story that clearly implicates CNN in staging and faking its news.

For CNN, this is nothing new, it has been exposed before, but according to Montgomery:  “ CNN has been forced to deny staging an anti-jihadist protest by ‘Muslim Mothers’ for a “fake news” report, after raw footage appeared to show the event was choreographed for the cameras.

The video shows Anderson and a substantial crew appearing to direct the mostly female “demonstrators”, who file under a cordon one at a time under the watchful eye of nearby police constables.

Flowers are laid out around the group as it appears, and printed placards bearing slogans such as ‘#Love Will Win’ and ‘#TurnToLove’ are spread out.

After crew members make sure everyone is in place, Anderson begins her report saying, “What I want to show you now, viewers, is a wonderful scene” – to muffled laughter from Mark Antro, who filmed the set-up, and other bystanders.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUN2017 Jack Montgomery, : VIDEO: CNN Accused of Staging Muslim Demo Against Terror Following London Attacks.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 07JUN2017 Todd Cooney, : CAUGHT on Video! CNN FAKES MUSLIM PROTEST in Wake of London Terror Attacks

Now we have another example involving NBC News.  Recently, an NBC news team was sent to St. Petersburg for the Economic Summit that I reported on last week.  Megyn Kelly was granted an interview with President Putin.  You can be very sure that Putin was fully aware of what was likely going to happen with this interview...and it did happen...and it also got exposed, at least for those willing to look for more truth.

Gilbert Doctorow, writing for Russia-Insider on Jun 8th wrote that:  “ the political talk show moderated by Vladimir Soloviev on state television channel Rossiya 1 broadcast two versions of a segment from Megyn Kelly's interview with Vladimir Putin last Friday in the St Petersburg on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum.  One was the complete, uncut version that was aired on RT. The other was the cut-to-shreds version that you put on air for the American audience.”

Doctorow continues:  “The segment was Megyn Kelly's aggressive question to Putin, asking his response to what she said was Americans' understanding of his government, namely one that murders journalists, suppresses political opposition, is rife with corruption, etc., etc.  In the NBC version, Putin's answer has been cut to one empty introductory statement that "Russia is on its way to becoming a democracy" bracketed by an equally empty closing sentence.  In the full, uncut version, Putin responds to Kelly's allegations point by point and then turns the question around asking what right the USA and the West have to question Russia's record when they have been actively doing much worse than what was in Kelly's charges. He asks where is Occupy Wall Street today, why US and European police use billy clubs and tear gas to break up demonstrations, when Russian police do nothing of the sort, and so on.”
Doctorow compares NBC News today to what the media was like during the old Soviet Union.  Referring to NBC News, Doctorow writes that:  “You have graduated from fake news to falsified news, arriving at a journalistic level that is identical to that in the Soviet Union in its heyday.”

CLICK TO VIEW   - 08JUN2017 Gilbert Doctorow, : NBC Butchered Putin's Thoughtful Responses to Megyn Kelly. Good for Ratings — and Warmongers.

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 07JUN2017 Russia-Insider via : EXCLUSIVE: What Did NBC's Megyn Kelly Cut Out From The Interview with Putin?

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 08JUN2017 Russia Insider via : FULL Unedited Interview of Putin TRASHING Megyn Kelly.

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 04JUN2017 NBC News via : President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Exclusive) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News.

Things get a little interesting possibly because in one video from RT, it shows an encounter between Putin and Kelly, Putin is seen to hint at a little flirtation, and if I was a betting man, I might suspect that it was a calculated flirtation.

CLICK TO VIEW - 04JUN2017 RT via : Putin flirts with Megyn Kelly.

<iframe width="400" height="250" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

In her own interview afterwards, reflecting back on Putin, Kelly was quoted as saying that Putin was ‘very personable’ when the cameras were off.

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 04JUN2017 Today via : Megyn Kelly: Vladimir Putin Was ‘Very Personable’ When The Cameras Were Off | TODAY

Why might this be interesting, you ask?  Well, it seems NBC edited out some of the interactions they did not want the public to see.  The Next News Network aired a video clip of some of what was edited out.

When Kelly asked Putin what his ‘relationship’ was with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Putin very calmly described sitting down at a table where Flynn had been sitting.  A few words had been exchanged, and Putin left the table. Putin did not stop there however. He pointed out that, based on the last two days of interacting with Kelly, she now had a closer relationship to Putin than he did.  General Flynn was fired and questions were raised about his being a Russian spy.  Based Kelly’s interactions with Putin now, Putin suggested that she would now have to be arrested on the same charges.


In the show transcript, links to all videos supporting this story.

In her recent Futuristic Trendcast report from June 5th, Lada Ray, explores this deep Western hatred for Russia.  She writes:  “A long ago — so long that now it feels as if it never happened — the world lived by the Russian model: the good of all comes first.
This model was rejected in favor of the egotistical, self-centered and profit-driven Western model.

In order to discredit the ancient Vedic Rus model, the Russian view had to be suppressed and Russia had to be made into an archvillain. Sometimes, due to various international circumstances, such as a recurring West’s urge to invade others, the archvillain image had to vary and Russia/Russians were then presented as poor, backwards and unevolved. Russia had to be invaded all the time, don’t you see... The reason for these constant invasions? Why, the destruction of Russia, of course. All this to satisfy the overriding urge by the West to do away with an attractive alternative offered by Russia.

The truly deep-seated reason is that those who pull the secret strings (and all those who happily buy into the russophobic propaganda) want to do away with the Great Balancer. In their gut they always know that it is only Russia – The Great Balancer stands in the way of their globalist plans.

I can tell you right here and now — this isn’t going to happen. The world needs The Great Balancer to keep it spinning; in our 3D reality the yin-yang contrast is the glue that keeps it together, yet only Russia can keep the delicate balance between the two.

The budding branches of the new worldview are trying to make their way to the sun. The egocentric Western model has run its course, but the new cooperative model is trying to emerge in great pains, and with great resistance from the other side, which is doing everything to sabotage it in its infancy.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUN2017 Lada Ray, : Why does the West hate Russia so much?

There are just simply no words to describe the depths to which journalism has sunk, to validate its agenda as ‘truth’ to a world of people beginning to see through the deception and lies and are refusing to drink their lemonade.

 Show summary image


In some disclosure-related news for the week,

Unfortunately, all articles relating to the disclosure of the civilizations and technologies of a non-Earth origin have to be taken with some degree of discernment.  Truth is often mixed in with half-truths, and in other cases even mixed in with complete lies.

There is an active campaign to slow down the movement of information about these subjects into the mainstream consciousness, but more and more information has been coming out, seemingly from very credible sources, but we do have to be more careful in what is shared at this time.

CVN first reported about two years or three years ago when the World Cup logo was introduced to the world, that Russia might become the nation that moves the world towards an ‘official’ disclosure that we are not alone in the Universe, and that civilizations from other planets have been interacting with various governments around our planet for years, if not decades or even centuries.

At that time, CVN invited listeners to look very closely at the logo for the World Cup Football event which is being held in Russia in 2018.  The logo is absolutely FULL of hints of what appears to be coming for the future.

World Cup 2018 Russia logo

At the base of the logo, there are different sized circles, believed to be planets, and there are a couple of stars.  There is a humanoid figure in gold, reaching upward, with a star overhead, suggesting that humans are reaching for the stars.  In this case, the gold may symbolize the shift of humanity to a higher, or ‘golden’ consciousness to equal those of our galactic families.

The logo is rimmed in a gold colour, suggesting the movement towards gold and gold-backed currencies.

The top of the logo resembles a football or soccer ball, until you look very closely at it.  There are three starships, one of which is embraced by another humanoid figure in gold. The three starships are a ‘window’ to the Universe, with stars and planets in the background.

The Russian flag is red with a yellow image or gold image.  This logo is red, framed by gold, and it is my belief that this symbolizes the role Russia would play in the disclosure of our galactic families, if the US or another country had not done so by 2018.

So, here we are, in 2017, and an article appearing on the Neon Nettle website from June 2 is reporting that:  “ Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to make an announcement on the existence of aliens that have already visited earth, according to Kremlin leaks.

According to the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group International (PRG), Stephen Bassett, Russia has decided to go against other world leaders to reveal government knowledge of ETs to the public, once and for all.”

As well as his involvement with PRG, Bassett is the only UFO lobbyist in Washington and also hosted the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure back in 2013.

While on a visit to Russia, Bassett was interviewed for a Russian documentary.  According to a statement from the PRG on its website:  “ During the interview, which will be broadcast in Russian in August, Bassett discussed various considerations that might prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to make the first formal acknowledgment by a head of state regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race."

The article noted several meetings between Bassett and Russian military and agency officials who are now involved in the disclosure movement.

The article quotes Bassett as saying that: “  Since 1945 the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia have spent in excess of $40trillion contesting over political and economic ideologies, fighting proxy wars around the world and building the most dangerous threat to the human race ever conceived." "The Cold War has never really ended with gaming, brinksmanship and destructive policies continuing from both sides.  While humans have continued to destroy each other and the biosphere in which they live, there is a galaxy full of life waiting to be engaged.

The extraterrestrial reality transcends politics, religion, race, and war.  The embargo on this truth has accomplished nothing but delay the advancement of human civilization.  Any number of heads of state could end this embargo at any time, and it can't come soon enough.

What the keepers of the truth embargo either fail or refuse to realize is a post-disclosure world could be the bridge between the US, China, and Russia that would permit the necessary geopolitical realignments setting a new course away from the seemingly permanent war economies wasting vital resources and keeping the world always on the brink."

It remains my personal feeling that this logo was specifically designed to achieve several goals.  Sport represented something allowing humans to unite in ways that transcended politics, even though this has changed over the years.

The World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, and it unites all people regardless of backgrounds.

The logo represents a unification of humanity on a global scale in an event that transcends politics, and disclosure represents this as much as football/soccer does.

The world will be exposed to a logo on a mass scale depicting space, stars and humans reaching up to stars, and stars coming down to Earth.

At the time the logo was released a few years back, when CVN first reported on this, this could have been an indirect or subtle ultimatum being given by Putin and Russia, telling the global cabal that:  “if you do not do the right thing by 2018, I’m going to take the ball, and Russia will do disclosure.”

What is also interesting to note, for those who do numerology, the year 2018 adds up to the master number 11, which is then reduced to a number 2. According to various numerology websites, the common words that seem to define this year are: cooperation, development and waiting.  If humanity is to move forward, it could be a year for cooperation with our galactic families, to develop a better planet and consciousness, while waiting to allow all necessary things to fall into place to move forward for the Highest Good of all.

Even to this day, I still think CVN is the only newscast that has connected the dots for this sporting event, this disclosure event, the logo and humanity and our planet.  I was almost very surprised that Bassett himself did not make this distinction, considering he was in Russia.

CVN has tried to connect with Mr. Bassett, but he has not replied to my requests for contact.

I will attempt to post to the logo of the World Cup event in the show transcript for people to view again, or one can simply search World Cup 2018 official logo.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 02JUN2017 Jay Greenberg, : Putin About to Announce Alien Contact on Earth.


Finally, in health-related news,  a video has crossed my path recently from a couple of years ago, but the message is as relevant as ever, and arguably perhaps even more important now, given that more and more people are starting to understand the dangers of Big Pharmaceutical, and how they have bought out and controlled researchers, professors, companies, politicians, media and more.

According to information posted with the video, Dr. Peter Gøtzsche is a Danish medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Dr.Gøtzsche has been critical of screening for breast cancer using mammography, arguing that it cannot be justified; His critique stems from a meta-analysis he did on mammography screening studies and published in The Lancet in 2000 under the title:  “ Is screening for breast cancer with mammography justifiable?. In it he discarded 6 out of 8 studies arguing their randomization was inadequate. In 2006 a paper by Gøtzsche on mammography screening was electronically published in the European Journal of Cancer ahead of print. The journal later removed the paper completely from the journal website without any formal retraction. The paper was later published in Danish Medical Bulletin with a short note from the editor, and Gøtzsche and his coauthors commented on the unilateral retraction that the authors were not involved in.”

The following are some very strong comments made by Gøtzsche about Big Pharma; the dangers of drugs; and the corruption of the medical profession.

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - John McDougall from 2015 via : Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime.

In 2012 his book Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy was published. In 2013 his book Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare was published.

The Cochrane Organization vision, according to their website:  “is a world of improved health where decisions about health and health care are informed by high-quality, relevant and up-to-date synthesized research evidence.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Vision, Mission and Principles.

As well from the website:  “Cochrane’s funding model reflects the international and dispersed nature of the organization. While our core income (income paid directly to Cochrane and used to sustain its information management system, research programmes, website etc) comes principally from the proceeds of the Cochrane Library and other Cochrane products, our groups are supported by national governments, international governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, hospitals, private foundations, and personal donations. They are not permitted to accept funding from commercial organizations such as pharmaceutical companies. This is to ensure that the conclusions of Cochrane Reviews are not influenced by commercial interests.”

Links are in the show transcript for those seeking more information.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for the Cochrane Organization.


Of course, CVN has reported extensively on the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, and the power this group has had over numerous western governments.  The profession has fought hard to prevent the truth about cannabis from being made known to the general public.  For decades, it has worked, but now the movement is spreading so quickly and so successfully, that it cannot be stopped.

The only option for big companies is to try to come up with a synthetic version of cannabis, something Monsanto has already done, in an attempt to steal profits from people who are not informed on the difference between real and natural cannabis, and a synthetic version that has only been created for commercial profit.  Countries worldwide are beginning to see the value of this plant, and arguably, perhaps some of those same countries are seeing the stupidity in criminalizing a plant that can help humanity and the planet in so many more ways than just health.

Coming up next weekend, in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is another, in a continuing series of conferences, dealing with the cannabis renaissance.

Slovenia is another country that has recently legalized cannabis for the purposes of medicinal use.

The general theme of these conferences is to demystify  cannabis and promote a greater understanding of the health   benefits of this plant.  The event may also offer some  insights as to why this plant has been prevented from  helping humanity in the hundreds, if not thousands, of  different ways this plant can.  There is so much to know about this plant that has great healing potential on both a personal and a planetary level, but the main focus of this event will be relating to new and surprising discoveries of cannabis use, particularly as it relates to the medical fields of psychiatry and brain cancers.

The desired goal of the Cannabis Renaissance is to offer practical, scientifically-backed research from individuals who have committed their lives and careers, and sometimes with great personal risk, to bring this knowledge and this truth back to the people of the planet and release it from those who have sought to suppress and control this natural, healing plant.

Eight internationally-known individuals, each respected in her or his area of specialty, will be bringing their knowledge to the conference.

Among the presenters will be Dr. Sue Sisley coming from the US, Dr. Sisley is participating in the first DEA-approved study in the US for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.  Her research, combined with all the other fantastic research coming out at this time, supports the huge potential cannabis can play, not only in general healing, but also in the areas of psychiatry, psychology and the brain.

Božidar Radišič, the conference organizer and the people he works with to promote the benefits of cannabis in Slovenia, often take personal risks to bring this knowledge more and more into the mainstream consciousness.  When I asked him why he and others were willing to take these risks at this time, he replied, saying that:  “ Anyone who has done any kind of research on cannabis will understand that cannabis, as a healing plant, poses no risks or dangers to human health, as long as the plant is cultivated naturally, and not synthetically manufactured.  The true potential of this plant represents a threat to the parts of the medical and pharmaceutical industries that rely on profits, instead of genuine care for humanity.

Access to effective and natural healing substances and modalities is a basic human right - a right that is currently being neglected worldwide on multiple levels.  Governments and pharmaceutical companies are attempting to patent a version of this natural plant, in order to extract mega profits from people who are uninformed about the differences, and the potential dangers, of being forced to use a legalized synthetic version of a plant that is more effective in its natural state, a state that cannot be patented.”

I will be participating in the event, and hope to get a few interviews to share with listeners in two weeks from now.

A pretty cool T-shirt can be received with each €15 donation.  The image on the shirt is a five-leaf marijuana plant that looks like a human fist.

 Cannabis movement

I expect to post a photo soon when I have the shirt, and if it resonates with anyone, they are welcome to order a shirt with a €15 donation, and you can mention that you heard about this from Cosmic Vision News.

CLICK TO VIEW  - : Homepage for the Cannabis Renaissance conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  (‘weed fist’ T-shirt can be ordered via this site)

10.  ( 1:34:05 ) FINAL WORDS

In this week’s FINAL WORDS, I have not yet received permission from Patricia Cota-Robles to use her videos, so for now, I am not going to air another one.

This week, then, I’d like to comment on an article by Kate Taylor, appearing on the Business Insider news website from June 5th.

In this article Taylor explores the dilemma facing the generation group now known as the ‘millennials’.  She starts out by writing the following:  “ Millennials are threatening dozens of industries.

They don't buy napkins. They won't play golf. They aren't buying homes or cars. And they're not even eating at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Millennials' financial decisions have been heavily covered by media organizations — something that has infuriated many of the generation, as news that "millennials are killing" another industry has become a common headline.”

Such is the way the global cabal has operated, and how it successfully ‘normalizes’ or ‘socializes’ a nation into judging the younger generations because they no longer choose to play the game that enslaved their parents and caused great destruction to the planet.   Blame the younger ones for the loss of industry, because they are not good little sheep.

A time comes when people have just had enough of the ‘game’.  Taylor continues:  “ When millennials decide en masse against purchasing certain items, from hot wings to homes, it has a measurable, negative impact: declining sales, layoffs, and, in some cases, bankruptcies.

Still, naysayers are right about something.

While millennials' preferences have had a destructive impact on several companies and industries, they had no say in creating the environment that has restricted their income and shaped their financial perspective. Instead, if we're looking for someone to blame, we can target the generation that created a perfect storm for molding a uniquely thrifty generation focused on short-term rewards: baby boomers.

During the recession, millennials were in their teens or graduating from college. In other words, as millennials came of age, they saw their parents' generation plunged into financial distress.”

Millennials...and indeed any wise consumer in this day and age, are not spending as freely as in previous generations.

Referring to Millennials, Taylor continues, adding that:  “They'll avoid paying full price for clothing, something that is wreaking havoc on retailers like Macy's and Sears. They'll avoid investing in the stock market, having seen how investments can go wrong. If they're going to spend on a nice dinner, it is more likely to be at an independent restaurant that can provide a special experience than at the predictable Applebee's or Buffalo Wild Wings.

Reacting against boomers' financial decisions and spending habits is part of the puzzle in understanding why millennials are making choices that could kill companies that based their business on appealing to established trends. However, millennials' scars are not purely psychological.”

The article refers to US Millennials as being very highly in debt upon graduation, and in an economy where there are no well-paying jobs, this is forcing millennials to live a different way.

Taylor adds also that:  “With these economic burdens, it is difficult for millennials to save money. Thirty-one percent of "young millennials," ages 18 to 24, and 33% of "older millennials," ages 25 to 34, don't have any money in their savings account, according to GOBankingRates.

Debt and a lack of money in savings obviously make it harder to make major investments such as buying houses or cars. Couple this with a lack of trust in financial institutions (again, thanks to the recession) and you have a generation that is more likely to spend on experiences or something they can enjoy now, instead of saving up for an uncertain future.

It is here where a headline can create the wrong impression, as so many of us now see within the media.

Taylor closes with the following:  “ All of this is not to say millennials aren't killing certain industries. They are, as their preferences force companies to adapt or perish.

But when a headline says millennials are killing another industry, it is worth remembering who and what created a generation that has become an industry-murdering machine.”

CLICK TO VIEW  - 05JUN2017 Kate Taylor, 'Psychologically scarred' millennials are killing dozens of industries — and it's their parents' fault.

CLICK TO VIEW  - 03JUN2017 Kate Taylor, : Millennials are killing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's

Older generations are now beginning to realize that the younger generations are not willing, nor are they able really, to put enough money into retirement funds to pay for the previous generations.  This may cause some of the resentment older people have to a younger generation they may perceive as being lazy, when in reality, they are just simply unable and unwilling to play the same game.

As a result, everyone is getting screwed, and the wrong people are being blamed.

I confess, I have my own issues with millennials and younger people walking down the street with their faces buried in their mobile devices, and not paying much attention to what they are doing or where they are walking.  It is even worse when I see people riding a bicycle and doing the same thing.

We have been socialized to see only what we currently live in, and we feel threatened by the so-called loss of jobs for whatever reasons.  Jobs that do not honour the planet will no longer survive.  People are looking for meaningful examples in companies they choose to support.

If one does not support oil industry jobs, they are judged and perceived as a threat to the capitalist model or some other absurd excuse.  If one does not support pharmaceutical companies, they are perceived as being a threat to the health-care system.

Very few are willing to look outside the different boxes from which their respective world views came, and begin to dream that, as certain unhealthy jobs fade away...opportunities will exist for new, green jobs to replace them.  The question is whether or not people are ready to embrace change, or simply remain stuck in their current worldview, and blame their ills on others, for choices they themselves have made, to create to the problems we are currently facing at this time.

Millennials are not ‘killing jobs’.  Rather, through necessity, they are forcing companies to adapt themselves.  As more and more companies make choices to do business in increasingly LIFE-honouring ways, these are the businesses that I believe will have the best chances of surviving the shifting economic reality and paradigm.

CEO’s, Directors and others who have the nerve to blame their company’s economic distress on the millennials are looking for a scapegoat that threatens their six-figure salaries, while everyone else is struggling to survive.

If the companies are neither prepared nor willing to see far enough down the road to make the changes...of course they are going to get taken down.  As more and more of those companies sink into bankruptcy, it will force former employees to finally accept the new economic reality.  As more and more people finally grasp this new economic reality, they will finally unite in their power, and begin creating new solutions, or , in a worst-case scenario - stage a revolution against a governing infrastructure that has shown an incredible lack of compassion for humans and for the planet.

As uncomfortable as things are, for me personally, I applaud each human that contributes to the resistance by making choices to not support certain companies and their products or services any longer.

Yes, it is going to cause problems - but these are exactly the kinds of problems we now need before more people will finally understand what is really going on in the world at this time.  We need to see the situation for what it is - OWN it; take responsibility for it, and then take active steps to collaborating with other like-minded people, in creating better solutions for the Highest Good of all!

Yes, even the millennials will have to make some choices they may not like - and breaking their addictions to their mobile devices are among the first of those important choices.

Back in 2008 approximately, I wrote a series of apologies to different groups around the world, including an apology to the children of the world, for how we created a planet that is not honouring them.  I asked for forgiveness for my part in contributing to that mess, and CVN is my best attempt to try to make up for my contribution to that mess. 

A young millennial journalist, Alexis Bloomer recently posted a video offering her own apology to the elders of the world, for how she observes the millennial generation acting.  Taking responsibility for her part, she too observes what is going on, and how it has contributed to all we are experiencing at this time.

It is a sober message millennials would be wise to really listen to, especially if they share Bloomer’s opinion.

Create a wonderful week...until our next moment of ‘now’!  I leave you this week with the apology given by Bloomer to the elder generations.  Perhaps with some acknowledgement and healing, we can all work together to create this better world we are all claiming to want to live in!

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 22APR2016 Alexis Bloomer via : Dear Elders, I'm sorry.

YOUTUBE VIDEO  - 28APR2016 Fox News via : Woman's anti-Millennial rant watched over 40 million times.


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