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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links



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I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You? :

 1. Truth movement: NSA revelations and more point to what is no doubt a major scale earthquake under the cabal-controlled groups.

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2. Turkey: Government action, government concession, indigo youth love-fest , or all of them.

3. Greek resistance: Austerity cuts lead to closure of state TV network, causing large protest.

4. Iran election: Iran is more like US than Americans taught; new president will not likely bow to Israeli bullying.

5. NASA and warp travel: Agency believed to be investigating the 'Alcubierre Drive': a new hypothesis for warp-travel based on Einstein formulae.

6. Freshwater on Mars: Planetary rovers reveal surface once had not only water, but freshwater and lots of it.

7. Huffington Post and disclosure: HuffPo finally takes notice of FBI 'Smoking Gun' paper on disclosure.

8. Rising to the occasion: levitating youth blows away crowd at America's got talent.

9. Wildpoldsried, Germany: Town produces 321% more energy than it uses.

10. CVN Re-loaded: New website up and serving.

11. Human body not for patent: US Supreme Court strikes down genetic patenting of human body.

12. On the comeback: Hemp farming returns to US after 60 year drought, and its benefits. States moving on hemp legalization.

13. Fix The World: Global premiere of documentary film covering global issues and solutions launching on June 15th.

14 Final Words: a look at the argument for 'intellectual property' and proprietary rights in a 5D paradigm.


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