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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links




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I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You? :

1. Indigo Movement: Environmental protest by younger generations in Turkey becomes a country-wide movement for freedom from a government that does not represent them.

2. UK Bilder-babble: protests, hot-air, secrecy and cover-ups – nothing new in a day of a Bilderberg meeting.

3. NSA Exposed For Data-Mining From Social Media and Verizon.

4. ReThink 9/11: A Global Media Campaign For Information And Education.

5. World Scientists Call For An End To The GMO 'Experiment'.

6. Pope Francis: Wasting Food Is Like Stealing From The Poor.

7. Direct Democracy Ireland: Significant Break in Legal Case Spells Trouble For Banks On Mortgage Securitization.

8. Brazil Forgive African Debt: Possible Strategic Alliance To Move More Countries Into Alignment With New Economic Model.

9. Two Small Canadian Communities Arguably Have Supported Disclosure Longer Than Any Other, At Least In North America.

9A. Vulcan, Alberta: A Tribute To Star Trek, Vulcan And Spock
9B. St. Paul, Alberta: Home To Worlds' First (Public) Landing Pad For UFO's

10. Tech News: Update On New CVN Website – Launching Soon.

11. Seven Prescription Drugs And Their Natural Food Counterparts: Your Choice.

12. Cancer Industry Fraud: Explosive Documentary "Cut, Poison, Burn'.

13. Energies For June From Emmanuel Dagher.

14. Final Words: Excerpts From Upcoming Book From Ivan Rados 'The Truth' – Finding Your Middle Point.


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