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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links




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I Know My Galactic Family Is Here. Do You? :

1. A ROUNDUP OF GLOBAL PROTESTS, EARTH CHANGES AND THE SUPER MOON AND SOLSTICE ENERGIES. - 16JUN Zainab Akande - Worlds' three biggest protests at this time. - 10JUN – Germany floods: Elbe breaches dam, forcing thousands more to flee. - List of the tornado activity for June in the U.S. of 2013.

- 13JUN – Austerity TV: Greece is striking over ERT shutdown. - 14JUN – Hong Kong rallies in support of Edward Snowdon. - 14JUN – Fare protest: Brazilian students clash with police - 17JUN – Anti-G8 protesters aim for security cordon - 16JUN – Tens of thousands attend gay pride parade in Rome June 15. - 17JUN – Thousands clash with Turkish police in renewed crackdown - 18JUN Agence France Presse – Turks invent new form of standing protest to get around a ban on gatherings. - 20JUN First Nation protest in Canada against energy company Enbridge. - 21JUN – Half of Canada's indigenous children live in poverty. - 20JUN – Ron Head - Archangel Michael: We Celebrate This Time With You Now.

2. NSA, SNOWDON AND GREENWALD – A SUMMARY OF THE WEEKS NEWS - 17JUN Brett Logiurato: Snowden: The Truth Is Coming, And The Government Can't Stop It By Killing Me. - 19JUN Shushannah Walshe – Wikileaks helping Snowdon seek asylum in Iceland.

3. CZECH PRIME MINISTER UNDER PRESSURE TO RESIGN DUE AS OFFICIALS ARE CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION. - 14JUN - Czech PM under pressure to resign as officials charged with corruption.

4. HARPER-GATE – CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER STILL UNDER FIRE – WILL HE RESIGN? - 14JUN James Haga – Has Canada become the bad guy of the G8 by fighting tax transparency? - 16JUN - UK Labour MP: Harper's UK speech was "not prime ministerial". - 31MAY Only 13% believe Harper speaks the truth. - 07JUN – Resignation of Stephen Harper no longer a far-fetched notion. - 09jUN Karolyn Coorsh - AUDIO – Rathberger feels 'liberated' to quit conservative caucus. 06JUN - Andy Radia Peter Mackay could leave conservative party over change to leadership rules.! - 07JUN - Former Canadian minister of defence says we must overthrow the illuminati. - 12JUN Ron Seifert – TransCanada Pipelines caught training police to treat peaceful anti-keystone XL activists as 'terrorists'. - 12JUN Keith Gerein - Entire Alberta Health Board fired over issue of executive bonuses. - 19JUN – Laurie Watt Harper's office sends 'anonymous' details about leader of opposition party to local reporter in city where leader received questionable funds for speaking event. -

5. EUROPEAN COUNCIL REQUESTS OFFSHORE TAX DATE FROM ICIJ - 14JUN Gerard Ryle - ICIJ database cracks open secret world of tax havens. - 20JUN Marina Walker-Guevara – Council of European Union requests ICIJ offshore data.

6. BANK OF AMERICA EXPOSED AS EMPLOYEES SAY: "WE WERE TOLD TO LIE." - 19JUN – BOA employees open about foreclosure practices: "We were told to lie".

7. SOUTH AFRICAN BANKING FRAUD CONTINUES TO BE EXPOSED. - 31MAY Scott Cundill - SABC3 TV network exposes the banks - 02JUN – South African banks busted. - 11JUN – Scott Cundill – A miracle judgment from the court. - 12JUN - Ubuntu Party of South Africa organizes march against banks 06JUL. - homepage for the New Economic Rights Alliance based in South Africa - news page of audio interviews related to the work of the New ERA.

8. UK BIG BANKS LOSING CUSTOMERS DUE TO SCANDALS. - 13JUN Rupert Jones and Miles Brignall – Big banks lose 2.4 million customers in protest against scandals. - 19JUN UK video: Good banks debate with Archbishop Justin Welby

9. HUFFINGTON POST COVERS PAUL HELLYER DISCLSOURE SPEECH - Huffington Post 05JUN. Ex-Defence Minister Believes in Aliens. - Alexandra Grigorescu, June 14, 2013 Is there any proof that aliens exist?


11. NSA LEAKS REVEAL A LINK TO FALSE-FLAG ET INVASION/WARFARE. - 10JUN Jon Kelly - NSA data-mining targets false-flag ET invasion, as pretext for space wars.

12. UFO APPEARS OVER BRAZIL PROTEST - 20JUN Arjun – Thousand witness UFO over Brazilian protests.

13. UFO CONGRESS AND EBE FILM FESTIVAL IN FEBRUARY - video clip from the award ceremony - website for the festival - Best UFO Feature Film - Solar Revolution - Directed by Tonia Madenford & Frank Jacob - Best UFO Film Short Form - Indians &amp; Aliens - Directed by Ernest Webb - People's Choice Award - In the Night Sky - Directed by Felix Olivieri - For more information about the UFO Congress and the EBE Film Festival, visit: - For more information on Open Minds Production, visit:

14. WEB/TECHNOLOGY CHANGES INTERVIEW: MARK ARIAIL AND JONATHAN OWENS - Website for designer Mark Ariail of Costa Rica - Website for Jonathan Owens of JDO Design in Seattle, WA. - Costa Rica Southern Zone newsletter/website connecting the community. A project designed for the southern zone community in Costa Rica - A Light project for Guatamala - A Light project for Costa Rica

15. JAPAN MINISTRY OF HEALTH BANS PAPILLOMA VIRUS VACCINES. - 14JUN – Sarah Cain – Lead vaccine developer comes clean: Gardasil and Cervarix don't work, weren't tested, and are dangerous. - 17JUN Elizabeth Renter – Woman uses raw cannabis juice in place of 40 medications. (audio)

16. NIDLE WEBINAR FOR JUNE - Information and to register for Nidle's webinar.

17. FINAL WORDS – MY THOUGHTS: WHY OBAMA IS DOING WHAT HE IS DOING. - 11JUN – Matthew via Suzy Ward monthly message.


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