Thursday, 27 June 2013 18:58

BREAKING NEWS STORY: COSMIC VISION NEWS in Iran appears to have been the first among major media outlets to have broken the news that the UN Security Council has today voted unanimously to lift the Chapter VII article against Iraq, and allow several other issues to be resolved under the Chapter VI article. The primary outstanding issue relating to Chapter VII is the repayment of Iraq's debt to Kuwait, a debt that Kuwait reports will be paid off by 2015 if the current payments continue.

This APPEARS to a significant step forward for those who have been waiting for tangible, concrete proof that these issues are being made known publicly, instead of through secret meetings and a network of rumourmill sources claiming to have access to information that mostly never seems to materialize as truth. Today's news finally offers something provable and concrete that the media and the public can now see and follow!

More details will be coming on CVN on June 28th.

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