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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links




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 1. Breaking out in Brazil: Over a million people in cities across that country are exerting force for change.. and may just be winning. - 22JUN Peter Beaumont - Global protest grows as citizens lose faith in politics and the state. - 21JUN - Poor students with a degree are worse off than rich students without one. - MAY2013 – Forbes Magazine ranking of Roussef; #2 most powerful woman, #18 most powerful people. - 26JUN – Protests force Brazil congress to reject 'bill of discontent'. - 27JUN Brazilians clash with police as politicians try to soothe protest with anti-corruption bill. - 24JUN - Photos of the protests, including an individual giving a flower to a military police officer. - Reports of six military police officers joining the protesters. - Video blogger Carla, speaking on behalf of the people of her country.


2. Protest Updates In Chile and Turkey – Using A Makeshift Drone To Film Police Actions. - 27JUN Jill Langlois: Chile student protest turns violent. - 26JUN Julie Peacock: Egypt's Mohammed Morsi – I made some mistakes. - 28JUN Aleem Maqbool: Pro and anti government protests underway in Egypt. - 24jUN Ryan Gallagher: Video reportedly show drone shot down by police at Turkish protests.


3. Shakeup Down Under: Internal Coup sees Gillard Replaced By The Man She Replaced Three Years Ago. - 28jUN Waleed Aly: Fresh fire, but using Gillard's ammo. - 26JUN – 'Boomerang Rudd': Gillard replaced as Australian PM by the man she deposed. - 28JUN Mark Kenny and Heath Aston: Rudd poll bounce boosts Labour. - 28JUN Dana Mrkich: Jupiter in Cancer and the New Politics.


4. Iraq Out Of Chapter VII: UN Security Council Lifts Sanctions; Restores Status And Hopes Of Millions. - 18JUN Reuters - UN Sec-Gen recommends Iraq sanctions be lifted. - 26JUN – Kuwait News – Kuwaiti news agency also covers the story of the pending vote and announcement from the UN Security Council. - 27JUN – Iraq's international standing to get a boost. - 26JUN – UN Security Council votes to remove Iraq from Chapter 7 bankruptcy. - 27JUN Iraqi PM Maliki thanks Security Council. - UN Security Council resolution on removing Iraq from Chapter VII obligations - 22JUN – 'We're in the midst of a global currency reset.' - 26JUN – Susanne Posel – BIS: Central Banks Cannot Continue to Prevent Global Financial Collapse. - Scott Mowry posting on his comments regarding the global reset. - 09JUN - Teddy Ng – China and US vow to build new ties at summit in California.


5. China Central Bank Tightens Screws On Shadow Banking System In China. 17MAR - William Wan - China's president promises a 'great renaissance'. - 19JUN Szu Ping Chan: China's centra bank tightens screws on shadow banking system.


6. Ireland Bank Scandal: Bank CEO's Caught On Tape Cheating Government And Taxpayers. - 24JUN Henry McDonald – Ireland's rage over revelations is justified: Enda Kenny. - 25JUN Irish PM promises probe - 25JUN - Day 2


7. Ecuador Renounces 'Tool Of Economic Blackmail'; Opens Door For Offer Of Asylum To Edward Snowdon. - 27JUN – World order unjust and immoral, Ecuador's Correa rips into Snowdon coverage. - 27JUN – AP – Ecuador renounces trade benefit from US Congress to clear path for asylum.


8. Positive News For LGBT Community In U.S.; Exodus Offers Apology; Supreme Court Restores Benefits To Same-Sex Couples. - 20JUN original - - 26JUN – US Supreme Court rules Defence of Marriage Act unconstitutional. - Apologies for 'Oneness Healing' as written by Geoffrey West in 2008


9. GMO Crops Torched In Oregon; The People Unite. - 20JUN - Kimberly Wilson – Genetically engineered sugar beets destroyed in southern Oregon - 26JUN – 40 Tons of GMO crops torched in America, media blackout.


10. PayPal Galactic: Global Online Payment Platform Seeks To Expand; And The Stars Are The Limit. - 17AUG2011 – Secret plans for space hotel unearthed. - Russian Orbital Technologies company - 27JUN – David Marcus, President PayPal – PayPal Galactic Initiative to Tackle Payments in Space. - Main website for PayPal Galactic


11. Three Super-Earths Found Orbiting Same Star, 22 Light Years From Earth. -26JUN – Three super-Earths discovered in habitable zone of same star 'for the first time'.


12. Energetic Update For June From Dana Mrkich- Waves Of Change! - 21JUN Dana Mrkich: Energy report for June/July - Home website for Dana Mrkich


13. Summer and sunscreen: What you may not wish to put on your children's skin this summer. - 05JUL2004 – Mike Adams:  Exhaustive research shows sunscreen use causes cancer; doesn't stop it. - site updated 11OCT2012 - Most common cancers - site updated 25JAN2013 - Most common cancers according to a GOVERNMENT website. - 22MAR2011 - The hidden dangers of sunscreen - Natural, homemade sunscreen recipe


14. Homeschooling On The Rise: Parents Seeking To Eliminate Brainwashing From Controlling System Of Public Education. - 15JUN Lance Devon – Homeschooling enrollment skyrocketing to protect children from public school brainwashing.


15. FINAL WORDS: The 'Boil' On The Skin Of Gaia Is Bursting Open For Healing.


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