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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. BULGARIA PROTESTS: SAME, SAME, BUT DIFFERENT. - 30JUL Ivan Krastev : Why Bulgaria's protests stand out in Europe.


2. POPE FRANCIS: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. - 27JUL Nicole Winfield and Jenny Barchfield, AP: Pope draws two million to Rio's Copacabana Beach. - 27JUL – Catholics hear pope's call to shake up church. - 27JUL Vivian Sequera and Michael Warren (AP): Catholics hear Pope Francis' call to shake up their own dioceses in different ways. - 28JUL Stephen Cook: Brazen Brazil speech by pope speaks volumes. - 28JUL : Pope tells Brazilian Church to keep it simple and reach out to the poor. - 29JUL Pope Francis: Who am I to judge gay people? - The page showing the Apostolic decree issued by Francis that was reported on CVN on 26JUL. - The official website of the Holy See.


3. SAUDI PRINCE DEFECTS FROM ROYAL FAMILY. - 29JUL : Saudi prince defects from royal family


4. MARKETWATCH.COM: 'MONSTER STUFF' IS HAPPENING. - 31JUL Matthew Walter: Forex traders brace for 'monster' next few days. - 31JUL John Smallman: Your lives are about to change drastically and forever.


5. PUBLIX FOOD STORE: A WALMART-SLAYER. - 24JUL Brian Solomon: The Wal-Mart Slayer: how Publix's people-first culture is winning the grocer war. - 26JUL Nathaniel Downes: Walmart losing to Publix – employee owned company touted by forbes as 'Wal-Mart Slayer'. - An example of another company with similar values as Publix


6. PAIN OF STUDENT DEBT: VERMONT STATE REPRESENTATIVE BERNIE SANDERS SPEAKS OUT. - 09JUL Jason Easley: Sanders storms the senate and stands up for students against crushing loan debt.


7. ADMISSION FROM CBS ANCHOR: "WE'RE GETTING THE BIG STORIES WRONG, TIME AND AGAIN." - Network (1976) Howard Beale speech on power of the media. - Don Henley 'Dirty Laundry' lyrics and video - 14JUN2012 – Six corporations control 90% of the media in America. - 10MAY Scott Pelley: Pelley urges accuracy over speed in journalism. - 10MAY2013 Frances Moore Lappe: Why sharing news about solutions is a revolutionary act. - 26JUL Scott Mowry: Rebirth of the Republic and the rise of the meek.


8. MAN LOSES COURT APPEAL TO BE HIRED BY POLICE: HIS IQ WAS TOO HIGH. - 08SEP 2000 : Court OK's barring high IQ's for cops. - Understanding black men killing other black men: The laws of Maat: I will not kill.


9. 3D PRINTING: FROM INFANCY LAST YEAR TO 'ADULT' EXPANSION IN LESS THAN A YEAR. - 27JUL 3D printing takes the world by storm. - one company offering 3D printers. - 01AUG Lauren O'Neil : 3D printers pay for themselves in under a year.


10. COURTS QUIETLY ADMITS MMR VACCINE CAUSES AUTISM. - 29JUL : Courts quietly confirm MMR vaccine causes autism.


11. URUGUAY VOTES TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. - 01AUG – Uruguay votes to create world's first national legal marijuana market. - 01AUG Illinois medical marijuana bill signed into law by governor Pat Quinn.


12. GALL BLADDER AND LIVER DETOXES – WHAT YOU CAN DO AT HOME. - Jennifer Thompson : Liver flush detox drink – a recipe for a daily liver cleanse. - Jennifer Thompson : Gallstone and liver detox – recipe and cleanse info. - Homepage for Jennifer Thompson


13. FINAL WORDS: WALKING IN THE SHOES OF THE HOMELESS. - 28JUN2013 : New Clarksville pastor goes undercover as a homeless man for one week. - Sango United Methodist Church of Clarksville TN. - 'Touched By An Angel: There But For The Grace Of God' video clip. - summary of episode "There But For The Grace of God", Touched By An Angel. - Jackie Evancho: To Believe



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