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1. SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL: IS THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET UNDERWAY?  - 20AUG : Obama meets independent financial regulators.  - 19AUG Margaret Talev and Lisa Lerer : Obama meets with financial regulators on Dodd-Frank progress. - Securities and Exchange Commission: What is the Dodd-Frank Act?  - 20AUG Jeanna Smialek : Reinhart says Fed to start QE unwinding before new chief.  - link to the actual piece of legislation known as 'Dodd-Frank' (with over 1500 sections).  - 22AUG : NASDAQ halts trading.  - 28JUN - 22AUG Steve Matthews/Joshua Zumbrun: Jackson Hole without Bernanke keys on global monetary policy.  - 22AUG Steve Liesman: Bernanke's absence from Jackson Hole leaves markets guessing.  - Upcoming Federal Reserve events: 03SEP a statistical release on G5 foreign exchange rates.

LAST MINUTE UPDATING NEWS: - 23AUG James Saft The Jackson Hole policy void.  - Agenda for the monetary conference in Jackson Hole.  23AUG – Link to the speech/address given by Lagarde to the monetary conference.  - 23AUG Largarde interview after address.


2. WELLS FARGO BANK LAYS OFF MORTGAGE JOBS – PART OF THE RESET?  - 21AUG – Wells Fargo elimates 2,300 mortgage jobs.  - New Zealand TV reporting on fraudulent mortgages.


3. PAPAL REFLECTION: BENEDICT HAS 'VISION' TELLING HIM TO RESIGN, AND FRANCIS IS VALIDATING IT. - 02JUL Alanna Petroff – Vatican's top banking officials resign.  - 08AUG Jean-Louis de la Vaissiere: Pope steps up financial controls at Vatican  - 21AUG Nick Squires : Pope Benedict resigned 'because God told me to do it'.  - Apostolic decree issued by Francis  - 11OCT2011 – Apostolic decree by Pope Benedict for comparison to Francis' decree. Announcing the 'Year of Faith'.  - Definition of 'Motu Proprio'. In Latin: "of one's own initiative.'


4. RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRES EMBODYING ENERGIES OF CHARITABLE GIVING. NEW ENERGIES AT WORK?  - 11AUG2013 Alex Sazonov/Henry Meyer: Russia's Buffet-Gates follower charts a path to charity.  - 29SEP2010 – Bill Gates Foundation supports Monsanto


5. MANNING TRIAL: 35 YEARS AND A REFUSAL TO PLEA-BARGAIN.  - 22AUG : Manning refused to plead guilty in exchange for lesser sentence.


6. GREENWALD: UK 'WILL PAY' FOR DETAINING PARTNER.  - 19AUG : Greenwald vows 'more aggressive' releases of secrets, after UK detains partner.  - 23AUG : Ron Paul: Snowdon and Manning should be treated as heroes.  - 23AUG Ewen MacAskil: NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies.  - UK operates secret middle east web surveillance base.  -23AUG James Ball: NSA files: secret surveillance and revelations so far.


7. CIA ADMITS TO ORCHESTRATING IRANIAN COUP OF 1953.  - 19AUG CIA finally admits that it masterminded Iran's 1953 coup.


8. 'WORLD CITIZEN' GARRY DAVIS PASSES AWAY.  - 30JUN  - Garry Davis' organization: The World Government of World Citizens official website.  - 29JUL Associated Press: CANADA  - 30JUL : Manila Times.  - 29JUL CANADA  - 06AUG  - 30JUL  -29JUL  - Garry Davis, Man of No Nation Who Saw One World of No War, Dies at 91  - Citizen of the World: Garry Davis Dies at 91 - First 'world citizen' Garry Davis dies.



10. DAVID WILCOCK NEW BOOK: THE SYNCHRONICITY KEY. - David Wilcock video promoting his new book, 'The Synchronicity Key'.


11. HOLLOW EARTH: FACT OR FICTION? - Discovery Channel preview video of Inner Earth documentary. - info about Byrd's voyage.


12. EXERPTS FROM CELESTIAL/GALACTIC FAMILIES. - 23AUG Jesus through John Smallman. - 05AUG Ashtar via channel Philip. - SanJasKa and the Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac.


13. BUTTER OR MARGARINE? FOOD GROUP FALLACIES. - 05AUG2013 Paul Fassa: Butter vs. margarine: The big fat butter lie. - benefits of goat milk over cow milk.


14. NIDLE WEBINAR COMING UP: ASCENDED MASTERS. - to register for the webinar and for info.




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