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 1. SYRIA ROUNDUP: EXPOSING LIES, PLEAS FOR PEACE AND WELCOMING REFUGEES IN A SPIRIT OF HUMANITY.  - Rebels were behind chemical attack: westerners inside the rebel group claim.  - 12SEP :Syria chemical weapons talks start in Geneva.  - 02SEP London Independent: UK gov't let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria.  - 13SEP BBC : Kerry calls Syria talks 'constructive'.  - 12SEP : US interventions in internal conflicts 'alarming' – Putin.  - 11SEP : Vladimir Putin: A plea for caution from Russia. - 12SEP Agence France-Presse: New York Times fends off criticism after publishing Putin op-ed article.  - 04SEP Letter from the Syrian speaker of parliament to John Boehner, speaker of US congress.  - 12SEP Elizabeth Plank : in a bold move, Sweden offers a home to all Syrian refugees.  - 03SEP : SWEDISH: Syrians in Sweden to be given permanent residency.  - 08SEP2013 Robert Becker : Behold the Obama miracle: Amateur sabre-rattling unites red and blue. - 08SEP2013 Wayne Bomgaars : President Obama's brilliant strategy no one seems to recognize.  - 09SEP Jason Easley : Obama is outsmarting everyone and winning on Syria without firing a shot.


2. SNOWDON NOMINATED FOR SAKHAROV HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD AND OTHER RELATED STORIES.  - 12SEP : EU lawmakers nominate Snowden for Sakharov human rights prize.  - 13SEP PressTV: US whistleblower Snowdon nominated for Sakharov prize.  - 12SEP Agence France-Presse : NSA chief Clapper praises Snowden: data spying debate 'probably needed to happen.'  - 12SEP Dominic Rushe : Zuckerberg: US government 'blew it' on NSA surveillance.


3. POPE: ATHEISTS CAN STILL GO TO HEAVEN; FRANCIS' 'NEW' CAR; AND BLACK POPE SPEAKS OUT ON SYRIAN CONFLICT.  - 11SEP Michael Day : Pope Francis assures atheists: You don't have to believe in God to go to heaven.  - 12SEP Justin Hyde : Pope Francis' newest ride – a 29 year old Renault with 186,000 miles.  - Worlds' poorest president may also be the worlds' richest. - 04SEP Joshua McElwee : Jesuit head: US strike on Syria would be 'abuse of power'.  - 04SEP Jesuit Curia in Rome : Q and A with the Jesuit Father General about Syria. (The house of the Superior General) - The most powerful man in the world? The black pope?


4. PROTESTS IN POLAND.  - 13SEP : Angry Poles stage mass protest against government labour policies.


5. FINANCIAL: SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN SPEAKS TO UNION GROUP ABOUT BIG BANKING FLAWS.  - 09SEP David Edwards : Elizabeth Warren blasts supreme court as 'wholly-owned subsidiary of big business.'


6. UNIV. DECL. OF HUMAN RIGHTS: LEARNING TO ASSERT ONE'S FREEDOM THROUGH KNOWLEDGE.  - Text of the UDHR  - 10SEP Galactic Federation via Sheldon Nidle: from his weekly message.


7. TEN SIGNS ELITISTS ARE LOSING CONTROL.  - 08SEP Eric Blair : Ten signs the global elite are losing control.


8. WATER DISCOVERED IN KENYA. - 12SEP Associated Press: New aquifers found in desert-dry region of Kenya.  - 11 SEP Mike Pflanz : Kenya finds '70 year supply' of water in desert region.


9. DISCLOSURE: WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS OUT ON AREA 51. - 'Anonymous' offers his info on disclosure.


9B. NEW SURVEY ON DISCLOSURE  - 11SEP Lee Speigel : 48 percent of Americans believe UFO's could be ET visitations.


10. TECH NEWS: TECH COMPANIES LEARNING ABOUT ZEN PRACTICES FOR BUSINESS. - 05SEP Jo Corfino : Google seeks out wisdom of zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.


11. VITAMINE D DEFICIENCY, BREAST CANCER, AND THE IMPORTANCE OF BREASTS. - 07SEP B. Pierson – Breast cancer 600% higher in women with low Vitamin D count.  - 27MAY – Viva la boobies! Seven things to know about breasts.




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