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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. PAKISTAN EARTHQUAKE CREATES AN ISLAND. - 24SEP : Sydney Morning Herald story on Pakistan earthquake and the new island.  - 25SEP SinceDutch: New island off the shores of Pakistan – False reports of 'mud volcano' But why?  - 25SEP Ellie Zolfagharifard : Worlds' freshest real estate: earthquake heaves 18m high island above the waves.

2. NUN SHAMES US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES ON SYRIA.  - 19SEP : One nun puts entire US intel community to shame over 'stage-managed' Syria footage. - 26SEP : Staged and scripted: Mother Agnes finalizes chronology of Damascus chemical attack.  - Document by the Syrian nun showing 'doctored' and staged photos of 'attacks' in Syria.  - 26SEP : No 'chapter 7 measures' in Syria draft resolution : Lavrov.

3. IRAN AT THE UN – A NEW ENERGY, MEETING WITH OBAMA.  - 25SEP Associated Press : Israeli boycott of Rouhani UN speech 'a mistake' says finance minister.  - 27SEP : Obama speaks to Rouhani, believes resolution on nuclear issues is possible. - 25SEP Israeli minister criticizes boycott of Iran speech.  - 24SEP Palash Ghosh: Iranian Jews in U.S. refuse invitation to meet with president Rouhani.

4. EVENTS AT THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY.  - High-level meetings for the 68th session.  - Agenda for the 68th session. - List of resolutions for the session.

5. ELECTIONS IN GERMANY – GOOD OR BAD FOR MERKEL?  - Merkel wins third term: best results since reunification in 1990.  - 23SEP Tony Czuczka and Brian Parkin: Merkel gets biggest victory since Kohl's reunification vote.  - 23SEP : 'Austerity belt' proves fashionable in Germany, Merkel wins elections.  - 23 SEP SCHWEIZ MAGAZIN : GERMAN ARTICLE -  - 23SEP AUDIO/VIDEO REPORT  - 23SEP : Merkel's poisoned chalice.

6. POPE FRANCIS LASHES OUT AT 'GOD OF MONEY'.  - 22SEP Philip Pullella: Pope attacks global economics for worshipping 'god of money'.

7. CBS NEWS ADMITS NAVY SHOOTING MAY BE MIND CONTROL.  - CBS News admits Navy shooting may be mind control.

8. US FUNDING BILL DEADLINE GAMES. WORLD ALREADY ON GOLD STANDARD.  - 25SEP News: US borrowing authority to be exhausted by 17OCT – Jack Lew.  - 20 SEP Max Keiser: We are on a gold standard now, even though it is not recognized.

9. CANADA REVENUE AGENCY LINKED TO POSSIBLE MAFIA CONNECTIONS.  - Report by CBC News and Diana Swain: Canada Revenue Agency sends 400K cheque to mafia boss.  - 26SEP Andy Radia: Tax refund cheque raises concerns about mafia infiltration at Revenue Canada.

10. PANAMANIAN BANK ANNOUNCES 'BANK HOLIDAY' OF FOUR DAYS – PART OF FINANCIAL RESET?  - 27-30SEP : Banco Nacional of Panama announces 'bank holiday' to upgrade systems.

11. US SENATE HANDS VICTORY TO MONSANTO CRITICS AND OTHER TROUBLES FOR MONSANTO.  - 25SEP : Opponents score a victory in Senate against 'Monsanto protection act.'  - 07SEP US farmers challenging Monsanto patent claims appeal to the Supreme Court.  - 19JUL No more GMO: Monsanto drops bid to approve new crops in Europe.

************************ - 19MAY2013 Kristen Watts: 10 Sobering fact about Monsanto's Roundup and how the US EPA ignores dangers.

This website offers all links to support the ten facts presented by Kristin Watts.

************************  - 14JUN Chemcal used by Monsanto found in the urine of Europeans: study.  - 25APR : Heavy use of herbicide Roundup linked to health dangers: US study. - 19SEP El Salvador bans Monsanto's Round-Up and other agricultural chemicals.  - 27JUL Elizabeth Renter : Dutch city of Rotterdam bans Monsanto Glyphosate RoundUp herbicide.  - petition to stop the Monsanto protection act.

12. DISCLOSURE: EXCERPTS FROM SHELDON NIDLE MONTHLY WEBINAR RE: GALACTIC FAMILIES AND GLOBAL CHANGE.  - website for Sheldon Nidle to get more information about our galactic families.  - GERMAN LANGUAGE WEBSITE for the work of Sheldon Nidle.

12B. WEBSITE FOR LATEST UFO VIDEOS :  - as of the air date of 27SEP, this site had not been fully validated/vetted. It appears to be quite good, and videos are grouped according to continent.

13. SEASTEADING: LIVING ON INTERNATIONAL WATERS OUTSIDE OF GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND RULES. - main webpage for Seasteading Org.  - Vision and strategy for the organization.  - Four page PDF document about the company and the vision.



16. FOOD STORE HIRES GMO RESEARCHER TO KEEP GMO FOODS OFF SHELVES.  - 28AUG2013 Nick Meyer: Store hires full-time employee to keep GMO foods off the shelves.


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18. FINAL WORDS: FREEDOM – SINGER KNOCKS OFF 'REDEMPTION SONG' BY BOB MARLEY.  - Mitchell Brunings knock-off version of Bob Marley's – The Redemption Song  - Original version of this song.  - WITH DUTCH LANGUAGE COMMENTARY BY THE PROGRAM HOSTS AND JUDGES.


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