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1. BACK TO BUSINESS: SHUTDOWN ENDS; CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS BUSTED; NO ONE WINS. - 15OCT Stephen Dinan and Seth McLaughlin : House GOP unity breaks down over latest shutdown offer.- 17OCT Meikle, Lewis and Roberts (Guardian):  - GOP congress changes house rule so one except party leader or designate can call motion to vote to agree on capital spending.  - 17OCT Alyona Minkovski : Comments on email sent by Sen Elizabeth Warren to her supporters. (AUDIO clip)


2. SNOWDON REVELATIONS: REPORTER GREENWALD HINTS THAT THE WORST IS YET TO COME. - 14OCT : Greenwald on Snowdon leaks: the worst is yet to come.  - 15OCT Greenwald to publish more revelations; claims threats from US and UK.  - 09OCT NDP says Brazil spying is a 'big mistake'.  - 08OCT : Why is Canada spying on Brazil – time to examine priorities.  - 08OCT : Harper 'very concerned' about reports of spying on Brazil.


3. MI'KMAQ PROTEST IN CANADA AGAINST BIG ENERGY TURNS VIOLENT.  - 17OCT Earth First Journal: Mi'kmaq resist! 6 RCMP cruisers torched, fracking equipment confiscated.  - 17OCT Canadian First Nation anti-fracking protest erupts in violence.  - 17OCT Media COOP: Concerning the possible arrest of journalist Miles Howe in Elsipogtog.  - 06MAY2013 Tristin Hopper: Ottawa rushes to tighten up entry rules before 70,00 Canadians are declared Mi'kmaq. - 17OCT  - 17OCT Agence France-presse: Romanian villagers force Chevron to suspend fracking operation.


4. EUROPEANS IN PROTEST: ITALY AND GREECE AGAINST AUSTERITY CUTS. - 18OCT Italians go on strike to protest austerity measures.  - 18OCT Greece's public sector union to join November strike.


5. CHINESE NEW AGENCY CALLS FOR 'DE-AMERICANIZATION' OF GLOBAL ECONOMY.  - 13OCT  - 11OCT Key creditor China begins acting to hedge against US default.


6. SWITZERLAND TO VOTE ON A BASIC MONTHLY INCOME FOR ALL ADULTS.  - 05OCT Eric Pfeiffer Yahoo: Switzerland to vote on $2,800 monthly basic income for adults.




8. TECH: CONSORTIUM SEEKS TO TAKE 3D PRINTING INTO THE METAL AGE, AND INTO SPACE.  - 15OCT James Morgan BBC: Amaze project aims to take 3D printing into the metal age.




10. HEALTH: INFORMATION ABOUT MIGRAINE HEADACHES.  - 23DEC2011 – Paleo diet reverses multiple sclerosis in 9 months by eating these foods.  - Introduction to TTCH - Tapping to Conscious Healing.  - Contact details for George Duisman:  - Facebook page for TTCH.





In this week's FINAL WORDS, I was sitting quietly yesterday reflecting on what I could offer this week, and I observed a young boy who rode his bicycle up the driveway where I am currently based, and watched him toss a local newspaper onto the door step where the other tenant of the house lives.

It took me back to my own days of delivering newspapers, The Toronto Star. I was around eight years old at the time. I had two jobs at that time. About a year before that, when I was around seven, I would sneak out of the house anytime between 3-5AM, each Saturday morning to collect beerbottles in a nearby forest that had been leftover from the drinking party there. I was determined to collect all the beerbottles, and I in fact paid for my first bicycle collecting those beerbottles. Needless to say, my mother was not thrilled with my going up into a forest at that time when she found out, but she could not deny that the money I was earning was not bad. I moved over to newspapers, and began my so-called career in journalism. I managed to create one of the largest paper routes in my hometown, and it was also one of the harder routes because of a very large hill that had to be walked or ridden down and then up everyday of the week for four or five years.

I was quite determined to get the news to all my customers, and I took great pride in ensuring that the paper was put between the doors where possible so it would not get wet or blown away. At one point, I had almost 50 Saturday newspapers to deliver, and on this day the paper was so big, it came in two parts, and I took the time to put the paper together before delivering it which took extra time.

Delivering those Saturday papers, especially during the winter months was particularly challenging, and I remember dreading every rainy, snowy, icy day walking down and then up the hill that was on the street where I lived.

In my second year, I was awarded the Carrier of the Year for the region in which I delivered papers. Two years after that, I was again the Carrier of the Year, but was also given the added distinction of being the Provincial Carrier of the Year, for all newspaper carriers around the province of Ontario outside of Toronto.

Despite the usual mischief that young people got into in small towns growing up, I was blessed to maintain a very positive and happy relationship with almost all of my customers. Yes, I had one or two that made things tough from time to time, but that was part of the job. It was part of the growth in learning customer service, and being in service to others.

Each job I have had since that time has come with its unique challenges, its unique opportunities for growth, its unique consequences, and also its unique rewards and contributions to who I am now as a human being.

I would later study radio and television, and then work at one of Canada's major TV networks in the national newsroom of CTV. I did traffic reporting for a company called Skywords and was discriminated against and let go. I applied for an anchor job at a small town station, and was turned down due to political favoritism at the station. I found out and called them out on it. I was offered a job there two weeks later, and told them I was not interested in working for an organization like that. I passed up the chance to become a more prominent media anchor at that time, even though it was my dream. I still have a picture of me sitting at the anchor desk from CTV National News. It reminds me of what I wanted to become, but now in my wisdom, it also reminds me of whom I do not want to be as well. I walked away from the broadcasting/journalism industry years ago because I would not play their game. I promised myself I would only return when I could my program, on my terms with no corporate bullying or influence.

We never know exactly why certain things happen to us over the years, although it is becoming increasingly more clear that each experience, each job, and each relation we have with others has a purpose and meaning. The more one is aware of this, the easier it may become to align oneself to one's truth and one's service at this time.

For better or for worse, those experiences have made you who you are, and it is your choices that determine what kind of power those experiences will have over you in the coming moments of 'now'. May those choices be filled with Light, with love and with service to humanity, our planet and our galactic/celestial families!

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