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1. NSA REVELATIONS: SPYING TENTACLES PUTTING US GLOBAL RELATIONS ON THIN ICE.  - 21OCT : NSA leaks: Years of spying on Mexico gov't gave US investment benefits.  - 23OCT : Mexico orders probe amid claims NSA spied on Calderon's emails.  - 23OCT NSA's Italy op exposed: 'Millions' of private communications intercepted with government awareness. - 24OCT : NSA spied on phones of 35 world leaders. - 24OCT : Top spying fallout: EU summit promises NSA thunder, data-protection storm.  - 25OCT : Irritated EU leaders voice 'lack of trust' with US over spying claims. - 23OCT : Saudi Arabia severs ties with US over response to conflict in Syria.

2. CANADIAN PM HARPER PLAYING CARDS OF DESPERATION FOR NATURAL RESOURCES AND FOR CONTROL. - 25 OCT Thomas Walkom: Harper ignores Canada's First Nations at his own peril.  - 23OCT PressTV: Canada faces crisis over natives' issues: UN. - 21OCT APTN news: RCMP- This situation was no longer a peaceful protest.  - 21OCT PressTV: Canada police clash with indigenous people protesting shale gas exploration on their land.  - 21 OCT : Shale gas company loses bid for injunction to halt New Brunswick protests.  - 18OCT Warrior Publications: Statement on provocateurs, informants, and the conflict in New Brunswick.  - 30JAN99 CBC News: More details of RCMP 'dirty tricks' – RCMP engaged in bombing in 1999.  - 21OCT Stephan Walke : Corner Brook residents march in solidarity with Elsipogtog.  - 19OCT West Coast Native News: RCMP supported by armed U.S. infiltrators attack First Nations Canadians to cover up Environment Canada raid of Irving Oil Canaport.  - 22OCT CBC News: Mike Duffy claims Harper told him to repay expense money.  - 23OCT Charlie Smith : Stephen Harper goes through people like some of us go through potato chips. - 24OCT Steve Mertl Daily Brew/Yahoo: Canadian police see 'sovereign citizen' movement as a public safety threat.

3. A 'BRAND' NEW REVOLUTION: UK COMEDIAN PENS 'REVOLUTIONARY' ARTICLE, AND PUTS A JOURNALIST IN HIS PLACE.  - 24OCT Russell Brand on revolution: We no longer have the luxury of tradition.  - Russell Brands' interview on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman.

4. KAREN HUDES: THE U.S. IS NO LONGER A SUPERPOWER. ALSO A CLIP FROM MAX KEISER. - 20OCT Greg Hunter : Karen Hudes: US has to come around to the rule of law.  - 21OCT USA Watchdog : U.S not a superpower and not credible anymore – Karen Hudes  - - 19OCT : Max Keiser  - official website for Karen Hudes

5. CHINA/SINGAPORE SIGN CURRENCY SWAP DEAL-USD NO LONGER USED.  - 22OCT : Yuan going global: China, Singapore agree on direct currency trade.

6. BANK OF AMERICA LIABLE FOR FRAUD; JP MORGAN FACES FINE, AND SOUTH AFRICAN COUPLE SUE BANK FOR FRAUD. - 23OCT : Bank of America loses fraud trial over US mortgages.  - 22OCT Acts Online News: Cape Town couple lay fraud charges against First National Bank over home repossession attempt.

7. MAINSTREAM JOURNALISTS COMING OUT ON 9/11.  - 19OCT PressTV : Mainstream journalists expose 9/11 hoax.  - 21OCT Kevin Barret, Veteran's Today: Mainstream journalists expose 9/11 hoax.

8. POPE FRANCIS REMOVES 'BISHOP OF BLING' FOR EXCESSIVE LIFESTYLE. - 21OCT Eric Dolan-Raw : Pope Francis describes 'ideological Christians' as a 'serious illness' within the church.  - 22OCT Clark Bentson : Pope Francis suspends 'bishop of bling'.

9. KARL WOLF: STRUCTURES ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.  - Karl Wolf, speaking to Stephen Greer for The Disclosure Project about objects on the Moon. (from April of 2013)  - Coast to Coast radio interview with British UFOlogist and author Nick Redfearn who speaks of NASA's cover up's and ET interactions.

9B. MESSAGES FROM GALACTIC FEDERATION VIA SHELDON NIDLE AND FROM CELESTIAL ENTITY 'SAUL' VIA JOHN SMALLMAN. - Weekly message from Galactic Federation via Sheldon Nidle.  - 21OCT Saul via John Smallman


11. MAINSTREAM MEDICINE SLOWLY RECOGNIZES MEDITATION. - 20OCT2013 B. Pierson : Status quo health care finally begins to embrace meditation.

12. NUTRITION AND HEALTH: PUBLIC SCHOOL CREATES VEGETARIAN MENU – AND REPORTS POSITIVE CHANGES.  - 21OCT Kaye Spector : School lunch goes vegetarian; students reap better test scores.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I have found myself reflecting back over my LIFE-path up to this moment of 'now'. Last week, I commented a bit on this.

I have observed that I have very rarely, if ever, really engaged in conflict. Although I was bullied as a child, I never taught myself to stand up, fight and face down the aggression. I have never gotten into a fist fight, although I did once, half-heartedly strike another guy when I was very young. I did not enjoy the feeling, and apologized to this boy's brother shortly after. The brother said he deserved it. I wasn't so sure.

In the few longer-term relations I have had with women, I avoided conflict, and rarely stood up to defend my truth. I was much more insecure at that time, and I was attracting women who were also insecure, and it was a lesson for both of us to learn at that time. Neither one of us was 'right' nor were either one us 'wrong' in that moment. We were who we were, and the experience was to help each of us become stronger. It took me awhile to recognize that lesson many years ago. While in high school, one woman and her family judged me because I was not a part of their religion. I think many listeners can see what is now happening to this concept called 'religion'. Even Pope Francis has begun challenging the traditional belief that very strict, regimented and unflexible beliefs within religion are no longer a good thing.

While working at least four part-time jobs and sometimes five, another woman and her family judged me because I was not showing any career or financial stability. Although that was many years ago, I could see back then that there was no longer this thing called career and financial stability, and that has been proven abundantly since that time.

Even the concept of committed relations, professionally or personally with another has been challenged, reflected on, and even evolved over the years by the collective humanity. Many humans use the word 'relationship'. The 'ship', as it were, is merely the vehicle within the relation. Much is being brought out into the Light, so to speak.

Author Ivan Rados addresses this in his article 'Change Relationship to Relation And Watch Your Life Change.'

Rados writes: "Some people need their dis-ease for a variety of reasons: some are in love with very special, but unrecognized, incurable dis-eases; some have such a low self-esteem that anyone can give them any dis-ease they wish; some seek help, and sabotage every treatment just to prove that they are incurable and therefore in some way special, still others 'seek' to revenge on someone; some are encouraged to get ill to avoid blame, responsibilities or for financial reward such as disability insurance; some are so addicted to trying many different approaches to healing that it becomes their way of life. It's clear that many of us are in a close and significant relationship with disease. Ask yourself, "Am I in love with my unhappiness, shame, hate, guilt, or self-doubt. Am I in love with my dis-ease?"

Dis-ease is non existence, it is a false. Dis-ease exists in your reality because you are standing back towards it, and you believe in it. By facing disease with your awareness, you will see that belief in disease is not serving you, it is against you, it is non-existential; you realize the ridiculousness of keeping that belief in your reality and the illness, disease will disappear.

Relationship means you are independent and separated and from that state you are in relation-ship with another independent and separated person or a thing. Relationship is an obstacle for free movement of the Infinite Energy of Oneness.

Relating is sharing and expanding the Infinite Energy of Oneness. Relation can be only with balanced, harmonious One Self. Through balance we re-discover Love. Through Love we form relation, and through relation we have an opportunity to awaken the Infinite Consciousness. The Infinite Consciousness is Compassion.

Only by experiencing and going through our own emotional pain can compassion be shared. It is an act of the Whole anchored in the One-Self, and is able to respond to another's One-Self. Compassion is a selfless act of the moment of now.

Rados offers this exercise that may be meaningful for some to try:

"When you interact with nature and its beauty, your feeling will come first, followed by the uninvited mind. The mind will always strive to mediate the experience with words such as, "This is beautiful!" We are so habituated to the words that there is no single break between feeling and the mind. The mind almost always jumps before anything else and spoils the game. Whatever you are looking at in nature, trees, scenery, flowers, try not to verbalize it, feel the beauty of it, but do not use the word "beautiful". Allow One Self to be totally absorbed into the beauty without allowing the mind to intervene. If you can disassociate mind from feelings, then it is not difficult to disassociate feeling from existence. Your experience is all you have at that moment. Don't allow your feelings to penetrate your experience. You just look. You will be able to see beauty without feelings; you will be able to enter existence without thoughts, words, or feelings. You will be existence.

I still would prefer to avoid conflict, especially physical conflict. I am getting better at speaking my truth, and standing by it. I AM stronger in exposing those things that do not honour and support LIFE, humanity, our planet nor our galactic families. I still however have much to awaken to, to remember and to know within the all that I AM. I walk this path with you.  - Ivan Rados: Change 'relationship' to 'relation' and watch your world change.  - official website for Ivan Rados.

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