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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. JOHN F KENNEDY: 50 YEARS OF THEORIES, LIES AND COVER UPS.  - The American Presidency Project: John F. Kennedy  - 21NOV Josh Levs CNN : Caroline Kennedy, Japan and JFK's legacy.  - CNN : John Kerry reignites Kennedy conspiracy theory with bombshell statement. - 18NOV Thom Patterson CNN: One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true. - 22NOV Kevin Barrett PressTV: Confession: jury verdict prove CIA killed JFK.  - audio clip from JFK about secret societies. - JFK address to American University grads five months before assassination.

2. PROTESTS IN BULGARIA. - 11NOV BBC: Bulgaria protests: students lock up Sofia university.  - 12NOV BBC: Bulgaria protests: clashes outside parliament.  - Viral photo of young woman crying to Bulgarian police officer.  - 21NOV Clive Leviev-Sawyer: Two Bulgarian unions form strike committee.  - 21NOV Sofia Globe: Sofia city council condemns police blockades in the city.  - 16NOV Alexander Besant Global Post: Bulgaria protests show sharp political divide.

3. POLICE PROTEST IN PORTUGAL.  - 21NOV : Portuguese police stage rowdy parliament protest.

4. UNREST IN SLOVENIA – VOTE OF CONFIDENCE.  - 11NOV PressTV : Slovenia government to face vote of confidence.  - 15NOV : Slovenia not yet out of the woods despite confidence vote.  - 21NOV Christos Panagopoulos: Slovenia minister of economy resigns.  - 21NOV Christos Panagopoulos: Slovenian FM survives no-confidence vote.

5. PROTESTS IN GREECE.  - 17NOV : Thousands of Greeks mark 40th anniversary of student uprising, protest against austerity.

6. UKRAINE: VOTES TO JOIN RUSSIA; ABANDONS THE EU.  - 21NOV Putin victorious as Ukraine postpones 'trade suicide'; halts talks with EU.  - 21NOV Ian Traynor The Guardian: Ukraine fails to pass bills freeing Yulia Tymoshenko before EU summit. - 22NOV update: Ukraine kills EU integration plan.

7. CANADA SPIES, AND PRIME MINISTER HARPER HIDES.  - 09OCT Martin Lukacs and Tim Groves London Guardian: Canadian spies met energy firms secretly.  - 20NOV 'The Day I Emma Gilchrist: The Day I Found Out The Canadian Government Was Spying On Me.  - 20NOV PressTV: Harper's ex-chief of staff accused of bribery.  - 20NOV PressTV: Canadian PM Harper in love with Zionism.  - 21NOV : Ten environmental secrets hidden from the Canadian public.  - One organization being spied upon in Canada.


9. CYPRUS UNIVERSITY TO ACCEPT BITCOINS. - 21NOV : Cyprus University is worlds' first to accept Bitcoin for tuition.  - 19NOV


11. COMET ISON; POSSIBLE BLUE STAR KACHINA?  - Ancient Wisdom: Is Ison the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi Prophecy?  - Click this link for the full prophecy. - The Thunderbolts Project:  - Susan Joy Rennison: Mars, Ison and Sun Interaction

12. ASTROLOGY FOR DECEMBER: A CHART BEARING GIFTS.  - Carl Boudreau – astrological info for December.  - 21NOV : AAM via Ron Head.  - Nancy Detweiler: History of astrology in Judaism and Christianity.

13. TECH: 3D PRINTING FOR FOOD.  - 21NOV JR Brookwater : Apple's latest liquidmetal patents point to 3D printing for new iPhone.  - 06JUN Wynne Parry Tech News contributor: How 3D printing may shape the future of food.

14. MORE BAD NEWS FOR BIOTECH COMPANIES AND GMO PRODUCTS.  - 20NOV Brett Allen Natural News: GMO foods plummeting stock prices.  - The No GMO Diet book - GMO effects on markets  - China refuses more US corn.  - Mexico bans GMO Corn.  - - 21NOV : Hawaii's big island bans biotechs and GMO crops.


In this week's FINAL WORDS, I find myself wanting to address the upcoming season that many celebrate as Christmas.

In a recent channeled message from Monty Keen via his wife Veronica, Monty shared the following:

"Try not to buy into the Christmas hype, as it only serves to make the Cabal richer. Treat it as a family get-together. Christmas, as depicted by Rome, never happened. Jesus was so much more than they want you to believe. The truth of this will be explained when the timing is right for us to do so. You have been lied to for such a long time, so this subject will have to be dealt with, when everything settles down, and you are in a position to listen and accept the truth.

Although there are certain traditions that I do enjoy about the season, I no longer go shopping. Well, that is also partly because I have not had the resources to do any shopping, so this may be a bit of a blessing in disguise. I no longer enjoy listening to some of the traditional Christmas music that mentions the religious, the commercialistic or even the biblical themes of the holidays. My preference now is for songs that capture just the natural energies, the peace and the harmony of the holiday season.

When I lived in Sweden, there were certain traditions such as putting lighted candles in every window of your home or apartment. To me, it was incredibly beautiful. I cannot describe how amazing it was to walk home in the darkness and see a triangular candelabra in almost every window in every building.

There is the Christmas music and also the tradition of Sankta Lucia. The annual performance at the Stockholm sporting stadium called Globen has students holding candles all around the arena and in the aisles. The candles light up when Lucia enters the arena, and the lights are extinguished as Lucia walks out. I know Swedes may not appreciate the tradition as much because it has become so common, but for me, it was something very touching that I came to really love about being in Sweden during December. If CVN TV is able to get to air before Christmas, perhaps I will play a clip showing this tradition. The tree I had in my apartment was decorated with some of the decorations from my mothers collection, and also I put decorations symbolizing peace, and I also put one decoration on from some of the many countries I visited while still working in my corporate world past life.

My mother's tree in Canada is a far cry from commercialism. It looks like a tree you might find in a cottage or if one was celebrating a country Christmas. It has none of the commercialistic, plastic and gaudy decorations. I am probably biased, but I feel my mother decorates one of the best trees I have seen in the world. It takes me away from the commercialism and I enjoy certain Christmas music much more in this kind of environment.

For the most part, we have all agreed to stop exchanging presents, although there may be gift card for a massage, or maybe a bit of money to put towards something that is especially needed or meaningful.

We are in the midst of shutting down the global cabal, and we have a choice this year to bring back the true meaning of this season. This weeks newscast has outlined a number of stories demonstrating the empowerment that people worldwide are beginning to feel, and in choosing to exercise our love and Light for humanity, perhaps we can shake the foundations of the cabal enough to tip the scales once and for all in moving towards co-creating a planet of higher consciousness and service.

I gently remind CVN listeners that I am planning to have two special holiday broadcasts on December 24th and 25th, and it is my hope to have songs of love and peace from countries around the world. I will be trying to avoid any songs of specific religions or commercialistic traditions, but rather hope to offer songs that you might really enjoy sharing with your family in hearing songs from around the world that carry the same message that many of us are carrying in our hearts for a better world.

Listeners will be invited to call in and share a short poem, or a message for others around the world. Please do not make it a long message, as I hope that there will be many callers who want to share energies of love and peace.

Blessings to you and those around you as you prepare this season of celebration of love, joy, peace and LIFE willing, a truly wonderful global event that will show the world once and for all that dramatic and beautiful change is happening as we move closer to becoming a galactic star nation!  - Channeled message from Monty Keen, 13NOV.


CVN thanks those associates who contributed to this weeks show: Emma Gilchrist and Nancy Detweiler
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