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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. PEOPLE OF THAILAND PROTEST FOR RESIGNATION OF THE GOVERNMENT.  - 28NOV PressTV: Thai PM survives no-confidence vote.  - 27NOV Bangkok Post: Suthep scorns arrest warrat.  - 29NOV Thai protesters capture army HQ in country wide anti-government protests.  - 25NOV : UNCONFIRMED report: Bangkok under martial law.  - Bangkok Post homepage.

2. CANADIAN SECURITY AGENCY CONSENTS TO NSA SPYING FOR TORONTO 2010 G20 SUMMIT.  - 27NOV Greg Weston CBC: Snowdon docs show US spied during Canada G20 2010 summit.  - 28NOV Greg Weston CBC: Furor in Ottawa over G20 spying.  - 26NOV Zach Dubinsky and Harvey Cashore CBC: Jim Flaherty 'not aware' of Mint chair's tax haven dealings.  - 29NOV PressTV: Israel's deathly nukes and Canada's deafening silence.

3. FORMER ITALIAN PM BERLUSCONI EJECTED FROM SENATE FOR TAX FRAUD.  - 27NOV Silvio Berlusconi, Italian ex-prime minister.  - 29NOV National Berlusconi fiancée to ask Pope Francis to pardon former prime minister.  - 28NOV Nicole Winfield and Colleen Barry Yahoo News: Italy senate expels 3-time ex-premier Berlusconi.

4. CHINA ANNOUNCES PLANS TO CUT BACK ON PURCHASE OF U.S. DEBT.  - 21NOV : Dollar cap: China limits world's highest foreign currency reserves.  - 21NOV Michael Snyder : China announces a stop to the stockpiling of US dollars.

5. POPE FRANCIS TAKES AIM ON CAPITALISM; CALLS FOR CHURCH TO RETURN TO ROOTS OF POVERTY.  - 26NOV Nick Squires London Telegraph: Pope says power should be moved away from the Vatican. - 26NOV Not to share wealth with poor is to steal: Pope slams capitalism as 'new tyranny'.

6. ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES – DANGERS OF THESE FREQUENCIES IN YOUR TECHNOLOGY AND HOME.  - homepage Electromagnetic - health effects of EMF pollution  - Protection for EMF.  - Solutions for EMF pollution.  - Solutions for EMF pollution.

7. COMET ISON: REAL COMET, PLANET X, OR GALACTIC STARSHIP ?  - ABC News report on Comet ISON. - Physicist James McCanney comments on lies by NASA regarding the size of the comet. - 28NOV Sirian Heaven/Marc Gamma: Message from Prime Creator and Hatonn re: ISON.  - YouTube: Steve Rother and 'The Group' on comet ISON.  - 29NOV Alan Boyle: Comet ISON leaves a mystery behind as it goes around the Sun.

8. CHINA TO LAUNCH LUNAR PROBE; NASA IS CONCERNED.  - 29NOV : Coming soon: China launches Chang'e 3 lunar probe.  - main page for info on coverage of probe launch from China.  - 25NOV Tom McKay PolicyMic : China is going to the Moon and NASA is very concerned about it.

9. TECH: FOX NEWS COVERS FIVE FUTURE TRANSPORTATION MODES THAT WILL HAPPEN.  - 27NOV John Brandon Fox News: Five future transportation technologies that will actually happen.

10. TECH: GERMANY ACKNOWLEDGES IRAN IN BERLIN GREEN TALENTS AWARD CEREMONY.  - 29NOV PressTV: Two Iranians among the winners in German 'Green Talents' Awards.

11. FEEL GOOD: MOTORCYCLE GANG THAT STANDS UP FOR AND PROTECTS ABUSED CHILDREN.  - 26NOV – Motorcycle gang for the support of abused children: this is exactly why you never judge someone by their looks.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS – isn't it amazing the things that can change in the space of hours or days.

A week ago, I was tentatively planning a trip to Sweden to spend the month of December there, and I was really looking forward to the opportunity to return. I was also beginning to plan two special radio programs for December 24th and 25th.

Unfortunately, those radio programs will not be able to be done. I have been informed by BlogTalk Radio that I am not allowed to play music that I do not have permission to play or do not own the copyright to. To play all the songs I wanted to play would have been a violation of their policies and it may have meant that InLight Radio's membership in BlogTalk Radio would likely have been cancelled.

I am not prepared to risk having the programs that InLight Radio offers cancelled at this time, at least without having some other place to go.

It is perhaps something I should have checked before making the announcement to everyone, and for this I apologize. I will not be able to offer an international musical celebration of peace.

As well, my plans for a trip to Sweden have also changed. There is a saying that goes something to the effect of: "LIFE is what happens when one is busy making other plans." As much as I wanted, and was looking forward to travelling to Sweden, it seems LIFE had another plan in mind.

I have received a message from a friend of mine who is currently connected to a group of people at an ashram in Uruguay. I have observed a number of different definitions of this word 'ashram', and many of them seem to focus on living in seclusion, or being focused on a particular religion, more likely the Hindu religion, as ashram's seem to have their origins primarily in India.

I have been invited to come down to Uruguay, and I have been asked to come earlier, so I can be worked with individually for a little while. I will be flying down to Uruguay now on 09DEC and staying until 27FEB. In mid-January, there will be a 45 day course that I am hoping will help me to release and heal remaining physical, emotional, mental, and etheric blocks that holding me back from moving forward at this time in my service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families.

Humans know that change is difficult, and can also be painful at times. Our resistance to change and to embracing the new is often why it takes so long for humanity in general to move forward. It takes generations for a new paradigm to begin.

As many are now observing and experiencing, change is happening quickly, and the paradigm that we once knew is rapidly collapsing into the energetic imprint of a higher consciousness paradigm. How we adapt and receive these changes determines how quickly we move forward as a species.

So much truth is being made known, and it is shaking the foundations of all that has been around us. The hardest, and most frightening change however is the one that comes from within each of us. It may be easy to see what is happening around us, and it may be easy to share that information with others to try to help them see that the old paradigm no longer serves us. In order to move forward however, there will ultimately come a time when we will have to come face to face with ourselves, and be able to see what is still blocked, unresolved or unhealed.

Although I may appear or come across as being one thing in my professional capacity, I recognize also that there is a part of me that must still be addressed, and I admit there is a certain amount of fear at the thought of facing whatever may be hiding and waiting to be faced.

In the Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi, there came Luke Skywalker's moment where he had to face Darth Vader, who was also his father, although he had succumbed to the dark side of the Force. Facing one's own darkness knowing that one may succumb to it is not a particularly pleasant thought. At the same time however, there is the comfort in knowing that more than ever before, there are energies of Light and love to assist everyone who has a pure desire to face and to heal all that requires healing at this time, in order to move forward in one's service to LIFE.

Fear is not necessarily something negative. It may only be considered negative if one allows oneself to become paralyzed by the fear to the point where one will no longer take action for whatever reason.

For some people, meditation is enough to quiet the mind long enough to do some of the inner cleansing to keep one moving along. Others sometimes require a bit more assistance. I am being offered some assistance and it is an offer that I think may be necessary in order for me to become a stronger, more energetic, more courageous, more authentic, more compassionate journalist and communicator of our galactic families.

I was burnt out last January, and I still have not had a vacation since that time. This opportunity, I am creating, will allow me a change in environments, a change in energies and hopefully also the opportunity to swim with dolphins that will help me forward to be a better example for empowerment to each of you in helping you to achieve your truth at this time with the courage, love and Light that we all require.

Sooner or later, we are forced to face ourselves, and fear will be present. Our ego may attempt to keep us locked in fear because this is what is familiar and comfortable. It may be painful, but at least it is familiar, and there are others around us who share that pain. However, part of becoming a 5D galactic human means making the choice to not be limited by fear, and to embrace whatever may be ahead or whatever comes up.

Messages from our galactic and celestial families have stressed how important it is to do our inner work and cleansing. Maybe, just maybe, now is my time for experiencing this.

I have never experienced an ashram, and I have no idea what it will involve. I am not so worried about the experience itself, but I would have to admit that I am somewhat fearful of what may come up within me for healing. It may be unresolved anger, unresolved hurt from past relations, it may even be self-abuse and resentment for things I did not do ... or maybe even less honourable things that I did when I was younger.

I do not remember the last time I cried... really cried. Maybe I am scared this will happen.

As you reflect on your own LIFE-path, the energies of these days are bringing to us the very challenges and opportunities for personal healing and growth. How might you be holding yourself back at this time? What fears might be lurking in your closet, and are you at least aware of them, even if you're not quite ready to face them? You are halfway to healing if you can at least recognize some of the fears and energies that you are addicted to that are holding you back from realizing your full potential and service at this time!

The coming few months will be a journey for me, and I will be doing my best to keep the newscast going during this time. I will perhaps share some of my experiences, in the hopes that in hearing them, you may be able to benefit from what I am sharing, and apply it in your world, to help you heal and move forward quickly!

There is a song sung by Jewel called Life Uncommon. In this song, she sings "Lend your voices only to sounds of freedom; no longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from. Fill your lives with love and bravery and you shall lead a Life Uncommon. I have heard your anguish, I have heard your hearts cry out; we are tired, we are weary but we aren't worn out. Set down your chains, until only faith remains. Let your words enslave no one... and the heavens will hush themselves to hear our words ring out clearly with sounds of freedom.

We are approaching the golden age, an era of peace and to get there requires each of us to choose a Life Uncommon. The great news however, is that this LIFE is getting more and more common with each day...because beautiful souls like you are breaking those chains of your fears and singing a melody of love.

Blessed be to you!

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