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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. UPDATE ON THAILAND PROTESTS.  - 06DEC Police in Thailand lay down vests and barricades in solidarity with protestors.  - 09DEC Reuters/London Guardian: Thai protests continue after PM calls election.

2. PROTESTS AND HYPOCRISY IN UKRAINE.  - 09DEC Shaun Walker, outrage as Kiev police attack barricades in Ukraine.  - 11DEC Office of the Canadian Prime Minister: Statement from the PM on developments in Ukraine.

3. JORDAN TO REPLACE SAUDI ARABIA AT UN SECURITY COUNCIL.  - 06DEC Al-Jazeera: Jordan elected to replace Saudi Arabia UN Security Council seat.

4. PUTIN DISSOLVES AND REPLACES STATE-OWNED MEDIA AGENCY.  - 09DEC Putin orders orverhaul of top state news agency.

5. RUSSIA TO WRITE OFF 90% OF CUBAN DEBT.  - 10DEC : Russia to cancel 29 billion of Cuba's Soviet-era debt.  - 10DEC PressTV: Russia forgives billions in Cuban debt, opens trade.

6. FINANCE: EU POLITICIANS FARAGE AND BLOOM ON CORRUPT BUSINESS AND POLITICS.  - YouTube posted 23OCT2012: Nigel Farage commenting on corporate tax evasion.  - 23MAY2012 YouTube EuroParliament: Godfrey Bloom exposes the scam behind the Financial Transaction Tax in 2012. - 21NOV2013 YouTube/EuroParliament: Godfrey Bloom: The state is an institution of theft.

7. WORLD-REKNOWNED AUTHORS CALL FOR DEMOCRACY IN A DIGITAL / INTERNET AGE.  - 10DEC Matthew Taylor, Nick Hopkins London Guardian: Worlds' leading authors: state surveillance of personal data is theft.  - PETITION: A stand for democracy in the digital age.

8. URUGUAY LEGALIZES PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, SALE AND CONSUMPTION OF MARIJUANA.  - 11DEC Jonathan Watts London Guardian: Uruguay legalizes production and sale of cannabis..  - 18OCT2005 US National Library of Medicine : Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic. - 26OCT Al-Jazeera VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH MUJICA: Jose Mujica: "I earn more than I need."

9. WAKING UP TO THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE.  - 26OCT Yukon Jack, Veteran's Today: Waking up to the holographic universe.

10. DISCLOSURE: POSSIBLE HINTS COMING FROM WHITE HOUSE?  - 06DEC Wiegel, Podesta returns to White House to find truth about aliens.  - 10DEC Philip Bump: Obama's second term surprise: yes, aliens are real.  - 11DEC Philip Swarts Washington Times: Libeal fixer John Podesta is Obama's new right-hand man.

11. HEALTH: OZONE THERAPY HEALING.  - 07DEC Paul Fassa In5D: Suppressed: Using oxygen to recover and wipe out all disease.



In this week's FINAL WORDS, as I was researching this newscast, I came across an opinion article submitted to Al-Jazeera and published on their website on 12DEC. Patricia Vieira is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Georgetown University. Georgetown university is a private research facility located in Washington DC.

The article by Ms. Vieira is commenting on a film called 'The Hunger Games'. I admit, that I have not seen this movie, so it is not appropriate to judge it, or have an opinion about it. I also admit that I am immediately suspicious however of most Hollywood movies these days that have excessive violence and are encouraging of revolution. The fact that this opinion was written by one working at an institution having the history it has and administration of possible neocon Jewish oversight also raises my flag of caution. Having said this, I could perhaps say I partially agree with Vieira but with strong conditions.

In her article, she starts by quoting Donald Sutherland, an actor in the movie as saying: "I want Hunger Games to stir up a revolution." Part of what I am trying to do with Cosmic Vision News, is to try to teach people to look at what others say and write, and learn how to ask the deeper questions. In the past, when one thing was said, one thing was immediate assumed and for the most part, it was probably right.

A leader may say something like: "This legislation will benefit the people of this country, whatever that country is". As we are now seeing that governments are generally not serving the best interests of their people, the deep question might be "Exactly which people in this country are benefitting from this legislation?". This may lead to another deeper question, depending upon the response given.

To one say that one wants to stir up a revolution who almost require another to ask the immediate question: "What kind of revolution, and for what cause specifically?"

Vieira writes that this movie: "does fan the flames of revolt. We watch the brutal subjugation of destitute workers labouring unceasingly to support the extravagant, wasteful lifestyle of the privileged few in Panem, an authoritarian state created in North America in the not-so-distant future. Predictably enough, the poor grow tired of being exploited and stage a rebellion.

The two Hunger Games films released thus far can certainly be interpreted as a dark parable of contemporary societies. With a widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, uprisings are bound to erupt. The hunger that gives the movies their title is and has always been a powerful incentive for political action. The films' plot could thus be regarded as a gigantic mirror reflecting the current economic situation for the benefit of complacent, affluent audiences, in the hopes that they will raise their overweight bodies from their seats and go change the world.

Many listeners may begin to see the polarization here. Humanity has been enslaved, and until now we have been unable to get ourselves out from under this oppression. We are sold the message that if we want freedom or 'peace', we may have to fight and kill for it. In all the wars since at least WWI, people fought and died under the false flag of democracy and freedom, when it is now becoming more than abundantly clear that this was not the case at all.

We have been trapped in what has been a no-win situation. We can live as slaves under the contracts of what the cabal controlled societies have tricked us into consenting to. When people resist and stand up to that authority, they are taken down with legal and economic trickery or they are brought down by force, because physical resistance is what the cabal groups want from us – to feed on our anger, our hatred and fears, and use those against us and failing that using their force to remove us or scare us back into enslavement.

Who is making a call for revolution and the reason for it must always be known and understood before consenting to participate in something. We witness protests, some violent around our world. When both sides are engaging in violence it is hard to know who started it and for what intention. At the same time, we are now witnessing brutality from law enforcement against people who are not violently resisting at all. In this case, it becomes visibly clear who is the aggressor and who is really in the position of dishonouring LIFE.

Although the movie calls for a revolution, Vieira raises an interesting point. She writes: "contemporary revolutions are not that easy to accomplish. Look hard as we may, we cannot pinpoint that one structure without which the rest of the system will come crumbling down like a house of cards. If one dictator is toppled, two or three corrupt "democratic" candidates immediately line up, eager to try their hand at more covert forms of despotism. When unjust economic practices are overthrown, old elites unhelpfully join forces with upstarts to fashion new forms of exploitation.

Historically, it was merely a matter of finding the root cause and then removing one individual, or a government. It is much harder now. If people try to remove a leader or a cabal government, the cabal media launches its attack. The tentacles of cabal cancer have infiltrated most, if not all areas of influence and control in the western world.

Vieira closes by saying that : "Oppressive power is, at once, more pervasive and more diffuse than in The Hunger Games, and it stubbornly reconstitutes itself after each attempt to stamp it out. This is perhaps the underlying cause of the political apathy pervasive throughout the Western world. Even if, Katniss-like, we risk our lives to shoot our bow and arrow at perceived tyrants, we might still wake up the next day in another power game, inside an arena whose invisible prison walls we will not even quite be able to identify.

The task of a true revolutionary movie is to rethink the possibilities for rebellion against injustice in a contemporary setting and not just to replay old models for uprisings that no longer apply. Maybe the last two films of the The Hunger Games will do just that and the beacon of revolution will, once again, shine from America.

There are those who may believe they are revolutionaries, by inciting fear, anger and hatred, while making calls for physical rebellions involving the kind of violence that the cabal is just waiting for people do.

In my personal opinion at least, there is a huge difference between a revolution that is based in fear, separation and other negative energies that is seeking violent solutions for change and a revolution that has true peace, love, harmony, and Oneness as its root that may require physical force or violence for its defence and protection.

Gandhi has said: "A man is but a product of his thought. What he thinks he becomes." Said another way: "Where attention goes, energy flows."

We are witnessing true revolutionary individuals and movements at work. The old models of people storming parliaments or palaces will no longer work. First of all, it supports the agenda of the cabal, and secondly, negativity is a frequency being limited and reduced as human and planetary consciousness raises. Whistleblowers, hackers, alternative media, Occupy movements, Idle No More movements, and even inventors.

With these actions, we are standing up to create the paradigm that will make the paradigm of enslavement obsolete. Will it be easy? No. Will there chaos and violence? Possibly. May some people finish their soul-contracts in the process and die? Possibly. The seeds of change and awakening however are germinating, and they are taking root. The vision that we carry in our hearts, and the energies of love, peace, compassion, forgiveness and more with which we empower that vision become the swords and shields for our future.

However YOU choose to revolt, may you be guided from your Higher Self, with the intention of only the Highest Good for humanity, our planet and our galactic families at this time!  - 12DEC Patricia Vieira OPED Al-Jazeera: Will 'The Hunger Games' spark a revolution?  - Info about Georgetown university.  - info about Paul Tagliabue  - Jewish influence in the business of sports. Tagliabue's name is mentioned.

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