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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. SNOWDEN REVELATIONS: NSA SPY PARTNERS IN EUROPE NOW AT NINE.  - 17DEC DOD official: Snowden 'stole everything- literally everything'.  - 08DEC Sweden engaged in industrial espionage against Russia: report.  - 19DEC : Eyes everywhere: NSA's second tier spying partners identified.  - 12DEC Philip Olterman, London Guardian: Edward Snowden: EU MEP's vote to invite ex-NSA contractor to testify.  - 12DEC Gregor Peter Schmitz, European Parliament: Snowden will make a video appearance.  - Jon Queally, Common Snowden: "I would be rather be without a state than without a voice."  - 17DEC Donna Bowater, London Telegraph: Edward Snowden asks Brazil for asylum  YOUTUBE: - Robert D Steele : Blog That!

2. 9/11 AND SAUDI ARABIA: JUDGE REOPENS CASE AGAINST KINGDOM.  - 18DEC PressTV: Congress cites 9/11 Bush cover-up; demands Obama act.  - 20DEC PressTV: US Court revives 9/11 case against Saudi Arabia.

3. URUGUAY IS COUNTRY OF THE YEAR: THE ECONOMIST.  - 14DEC : 'Tell that old man to stop lying.': Uruguays's president chides UN official over marijuana law.  - 18DEC Art Way, PopularResistance.Org: The voters of Colorado did the right thing last year.  - 19DEC Chris Harris, Euronews: Economist magazine hails Uruguay for legalizing cannabis and gay marriage.  - Uruguay legalizes gay marriage.

4. UN SUPPORTS IRAN RESOLUTION FOR NON-VIOLENCE AND ANTI-EXTREMISM.  - 19DEC PressTV: UN votes to adopt Iran anti-extremism resolution.

5. UKRAINE AND RUSSIA STRIKE DEAL FOR ENERGY; PROTESTS CONTINUE.  - 17DEC Euronews: Protests as Russia and Ukraine sign a new trade deal that brings them closer.  - 17DEC Laura Smith-Spark, Marie-Louise Gumuchian and Diane Magnay, CNN : Ukraine, Russia sign economic deal despite protests.  - 18DEC BBC: Russia deal saved Ukraine from bankruptcy: PM Azarov.  - live updates from Ukraine. - 19DEC PressTV – Thousands hold anti-austerity demos in Italy and Austria.

6. ICELAND JAILS BANKERS; A MODEL FOR OTHER COUNTRIES.  - 13DEC Icelandic 'banksters' get jail time over Kaupthing fraud.  - YOUTUBE, 14DEC : Iceland model: How to deal with banksters should be standard for the whole world.  -13DEC Max Keiser UK, US govts hand in hand with bankers committing financial crimes.

7. GERMANY TURNS DOWN LOANS FOR BANK BAILOUTS – WHAT MIGHT THEY KNOW?  - 18DEC PressTV  - 15DEC : Philip Olterman London Guardian: Everyone wins as Germany gets the coalition it longs for.

8. BANK TO THE FUTURE.COM; A POSSIBLE CROWD-SOURCE BANKING OPTION.  - YOUTUBE: Video clip of Simon Dixon (6:25) CEO, founder of  - homepage for the project Bank To The Future.

9. LIVING IN A HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE; RESEARCH MOVES TO 'ALTERNATIVE MAINSTREAM' NEWS.  - 13DEC Physics breakthrough: Is the universe a giant hologram?  - 12 DEC James Vincent, London Independent: Physicists discover 'clearest evidence yet' that the Universe is a hologram.

10. ENERGY UPDATE FOR DECEMBER BY AISHA NORTH, WITH EXCERPTS FROM GALACTIC FEDERATION VIA SHELDON NIDLE.  - 18DEC Aisha North – Short update on the energies.  - 17DEC weekly message from Sheldon Nidle

11. TECH: NEW WIND TURBINE WITHOUT BLADES.  - 14DEC : Bladeless wind generator produces 200% more energy at 45% less cost.  - homepage for Saphon Energy.

12. FEEL GOOD: ENTREPRENEUR GIVES LAPTOP TO HOMELESS MAN; SURPRISING RESULT.  - Laura Willard : One time a guy gave a homeless man a computer, and the recipient did exactly what the giver expected. - YOUTUBE - Follow up video with Leo Grand – introducing his 'Trees For Cars' app.  - Facebook page for Journeyman Patrick who first offered Leo Grand the laptop.  – a website that appears to have been created by Patrick to offer support to those launching new dreams.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS, we are again at the winter solstice. One year ago, many around the world had the raised hopes of some kind of magical, significant event that would whisk us away from much, if not all that we continue to experience in this duality of LIFE.

We were perhaps awoken to the fact that things do not exactly happen as we might want or expect. It has been said by some that the Divine Creator answers all prayers and questions, even if the answer is 'no' or 'not yet'.

Some may have used the perceived lack of events as an excuse to turn their backs on their service to humanity, the planet and our galactic families, and return to the mundane existence of being enslaved to oppressive structures.

Some went through a humbling withdrawal, realizing that we may have to participate more than we had originally thought in all the changes unfolding.

What we have realized, a year later is this: We are still here, and I do not necessarily mean this in a negative way. Yes, it is unfortunate that so many people who have committed their lives to serving humanity are still experiencing hardship, fear, illness, oppression and even violence. At the same time, we have witnessed more acts of genuine human love and compassion, we have been touched by music videos and achievements of young souls who are bringing incredible gifts to us at this time. We are witnessing courageous acts of individuals souls, and also courageous acts of collective souls at exposing all that has been enslaving us.

Messages from our galactic families have indicated that they are unable to help humanity unless humanity requests that help. Gaia is receiving some assistance. Many souls have been asking for help, and it is possible that help has been appearing on some smaller levels around our planet. At the same time, we as a species must also do our part in raising our personal and collective vibration to match those of the benevolent galactic family members. We have to take responsibility for our choices as to what it is that we are desiring to experience.

We are seeing evidence that suggests our global financial paradigm is collapsing, that the system of admiralty law that forms the basis of global legal structures is also being exposed; governments are being voted out, thrown out, or protested against, if they are not felt to be serving the public interest at this time.

On a personal note, it has been the incredible financial support that has allowed me to continue buying food for another year, allowing me to continue focusing on bringing news from around, upon, within and beyond our planet. It is my intention at this time to continue working towards expanding CVN to a video newscast format, when my current journey is complete. Each of you is a part of that journey.

Why are we still in this 'mess' a year later, some of you may be asking? Are things really changing? Am I really changing?

Only you can really answer questions such as these, as you are creating that which you are experiencing, and it may require a full surrender in your heart to this realization, that may allow you to take the next step forward in moving through the addictions of what one is creating and experiencing.

Are you able to look at the more negative events, the more negative situations, and the more negative people you have come across this past year, and even tried to look at them with any degree of compassion, love and forgiveness? Have you been able to do this with yourself? I can tell you this is not an easy pill to swallow.

Through the year, I have tried to gently guide the listener to avoid judging global leaders, bankers, lawyers, priests, institutions or organizations with a hard heart. After all, what world are we creating when we say we want a planet of higher peace and consciousness, and then harm all those who have harmed us. Would we have achieved our goal? Only you can answer this in your heart.

We are being called to awaken and to expose what is happening. It is my very personal feeling that we are not being called to pass judgements on what is unfolding, but merely to demonstrate by our example of BE-ing that love and compassion can be shown in situations where love, compassion and forgiveness have not been present.

The ego may say that it feels more fulfilling to know that someone has been punished for what they may or may not have done to us. The heart will ask you after the act has been done "Was it worth it?" Is this what was really meaningful for you to experience that which you were claiming to want to experience?'

Maybe...just maybe... having the foresight to see this in advance of any acts of negativity, vengeance or retribution may be the gift you can receive in your heart this holiday season. As we collectively hold the energies of a new Gaia, with true peace, health, abundance and abundance on all levels for all souls, for the Highest Good of all in this moment of 'now', may we also know and begin to experience the beginning of the unification of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Although I am currently far removed from some of the more familiar things that I appreciated from the holiday season, I know that in the spirit of Oneness, I am celebrating with each of you, wherever you are in the world, and in whichever ways you are choosing to experience this time of year. I honour each of you.

May your hearts be full over the coming week or two. I send to each of you blessings of humble peace and joy filled with the gratitude of your Highest Self for all that is LIFE. May this time of celebration also allow you quiet moments of reflection upon what is meaningful for you in this moment, while empowering you further with the visions, dreams energies and courage to move forward full steam in creating the new paradigm while peacefully pushing the old paradigm out as quickly and as safely as possible for all.

Blessed be!


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