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Cosmic Vision News: Show Summary With Links

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1. DEBUTANTE POLITICAL PARTY IN NEW DELHI INDIA UPSETS ELECTIONS.  - Young political party stuns in election results in New Delhi; called to form local government.   - 25DEC Times of : Arvind Kejriwal to be sworn in on Saturday, 28DEC   - 26DEC Times of : Alka Lamba dumps Congress to join AAP party; will start in ranks.

2. PROTEST NEWS: TURKEY AND THAILAND.   - 26DEC : Turkish protesters urge PM's resignation as graft scandal shakes the government.   - 25DEC Reuters/London Guardian: Turkish corruption scandal: three ministers quit.   - 21DEC London Guardian: "   - 27DEC RT crew caught in tear gas while reporting from Istanbul.   - 23DEC : Pro democracy protesters fill Bangkok Thailand demanding reform before elections.

3. REFORM AND SEPARATION WAVE HITS NORTHERN ITALY.   - 16DEC Nick Squires London Telegraph: Independence for northern Italy and an end to the euro; Northern League party leader.   - 26DEC Mark Pygas : 31 astounding moments of peace during protest.

4. LATEST SPY REVELATIONS: FAR BEYOND SCOPE OF NATIONAL SECURITY.   - 20DEC London Guardian: NSA/GCHQ spying goes far beyond scope of national security.

5. EMERGING TRUTH OF FALSE-FLAG BOMBING OF TWA 800.   - : Exposing the government lies and coverup surrounding TWA 800 explosion from July, 1996.   - 24DEC Benjamin Fulford weekly report, commenting on the Lockerbie bombing over Scotland.

6. WORLD BANK HEAD CALLS CORRUPTION 'PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE'.  - 19DEC : World Bank head calls corruption 'public enemy number one'.

7. IRISH FINANCIAL EARTHQUAKE: CEO AND TWO BANKERS ARRESTED, CHARGED.  - 19DEC Irish Irish banking world rocked as three financiers in court.

8. HAPPY 100 BIRTHDAY FED RESERVE: NOW GO AWAY.  - 23DEC Adrian Salbuchi / : 100 years of manipulating the US dollar.  - 23DEC Mark Spitznagel : Happy 100th birthday Fed – now go away. - About the Federal Reserve Act – official page.

9. POPE FRANCIS: WALKING THE WALK.   - 24DEC Huffington Post: Pope's approval rating soars: CNN survey.   - 11DEC Huffington Post: Pope Francis is internet's top name of 2013, according to Global Language Monitor survey.   - 16DEC Mark Pygas : I knew Pope Francis was good, but when I found out what he did in 2013, I was blown away.

10. ITALY: MAFIA-FREE CHRISTMAS HAMPERS A HIT WITH SHOPPERS.  - 22DEC Nick Squires London Telegraph: 'Mafia-free' Christmas hampers a hit with Italians.

11. MOSCOW: OPERA STAR/POLITICIAN CALLS FOR MODIFICATIONS TO SO-CALLED 'ANTI-GAY' LAW.   - 27DEC Russian opera star/politician speaks against anti-gay legislation.

12. MEXICO: MASS UFO SIGHTING, AND GOVERNMENT RELEASES MAYAN DOCS PROVING ET LIFE.  - YOUTUBE:  - December 2013 NuestraVision Noticias (Mexican TV News) : Fleet of UFO's over Mexico.   - Alleged Mass sighting over Pereira, Colombia in November of 2013   - YouTube video by Jason Kirby outlining ancient Mayan and UFO connection. (12:00 in length)

----- Unverified Sources for videos of UFO sightings around the world. -----

13. ICECUBE OBSERVATORY: MAPPING THE UNIVERSE THROUGH NEUTRINO STUDY.  - Antarctic Neutrino Exploration and Telescope Observatory website opened in 2010.  - Story on IceCube, an observatory searching for neutrino life having origins beyond our solar system.

14. HEALTH: COCONUT OIL FOR DENTAL HYGIENE.   - 22DEC Coconut oil for dental hygiene.

15. FEEL GOOD: WHAT WOULD YOU DO? A TEST ON INTER-RACIAL RELATIONS.   - YOUTUBE: Feel good: 'What Would You Do?' Black man brings white girlfriend to hair salon in Harlem; here is what happens.


In this weeks FINAL WORDS, I'd like sum up a little bit of how the last year has been. My colleague, Stephen Cook, an editor at the Golden Age of Gaia has also composed an article summarizing some of the events, and this bears mentioning also.

There appears to be flurry activity at this time, with sources and stories reporting things that are happening, allegedly happening, alleged to have happened, and so forth. Many continue to sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of something 'external' happening that will radically change their lives and the state of our planet for the better. There is arguably some partial truth in this, but there a most important factor missing, and I will address this shortly.

Cook notes many events have taken place just within the last few weeks alone and provides links to those stories. Lately, we have begun hearing buzz about the NSA declassifying info about Bush showing him to have authorized spying and the US congress is opening the door more to truth about Saudi Arabian and US insider involvement on 9/11. We are now realizing that almost every government is either tied into spying arrangements with the NSA, are being spied by the NSA or both. The world is now beginning to realize that every military intervention in any country since at least WWI have been paid for, carried out by or at least orchestrated by the CIA. The world is realizing that there never was a 'war on terror' and in fact it is more commonly known as a 'war OF terror' being carried out by insider forces. We are awakening to the deeper truths behind chemtrails, Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Media and how they have contributed to the enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet. There have been more revelations in banking such as the LIBOR scandal and others as well as some arrests in banking such as in Turkey and Iceland.

We are still seeing some false-flag events, and also the publishing of fear-mongered information, designed to put fear into those who are not choosing to practice their discernment in attempting to sift through the info and disinformation campaigns.

We are now hearing more truth being revealed regarding the airline bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland many years back. Almost continuously, there is news of protests in numerous countries in Asia and Europe, while some sources imply or outwardly suggest that 2014 will be the year of the revolution, particularly in the west. May it be a peaceful revolution of resistance through non-compliance and educated voting as opposed to violent rebellion. May the Higher Souls choose to step into their service more next year, to give people the inspiration, empowerment as well as the options for better and more courageous governance in many countries.

On the positive side however, we are also witnessing an increase in the numbers of videos showing sightings of craft believe to be of our galactic families. Though they cannot assist individuals directly, due to karmic reasons, they are allegedly assisting Gaia our planet as she has apparently being given permission to receive this help due to her planned Ascension for this timeframe. We as humanity, must make our own choices as to how we move forward or whether we choose to move forward with Gaia at this time.

We are seeing increasing numbers of young souls bringing amazing gifts to humanity, gifts that defy the logic and current understanding of many more scientific and academically-minded individuals and institutions. There are more and more technologies being revealed to the public, and the general feeling seems to indicate that we may be on the cusp of yet another profound shift in how we are living and BE-ing.

All of these revelations have been necessary, as painful as some of them may be. Those who have not yet awakened need to see all that is being revealed, exposing how they have been enslaved to and controlled by a relatively small group of individuals, companies and institutions that have sold us the illusion of a free world while lying about their alleged good intentions.

Those who have begun to awaken, have started to seek a higher understanding of what, how and why all of this has happened – that the journey has been to awaken to who we are through all of the experiences of being who we are not. It has been about learning about energy, of Oneness, and how we participate in what we are experiencing, and thus we must also learn to take responsibility and accountability for those creations. It also has meant learning compassion and forgiveness; for oneself and also for others. The world we are co-creating now must not come with the energies of negativity that have been done to us, and therefore we are being guided to choose our future from a higher space of being regardless of the challenges.

We are getting numerous events and alignments taking place within our solar system. Many are experiencing profound energetic shifts taking place on profound levels.

Spiritually-speaking, where might we be sitting at this time? There is perhaps some confusion out there, even within the so-called 'spiritual' communities.

Most of the regular listeners have received the message or information that we are all energy, that we are all connected as One, that we are all Divine beings and that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Keeping this in mind, many of us, and I include myself in this, have fallen into the trap of seeking spirituality outside of our own being. If we are all Divine, spiritual beings, it stands to reason therefore that it is no longer necessary to seek spirituality or truth outside of ourselves. We each have our own uniquely different, equally beautiful relative truth contained within us, as we awaken to serve the absolute truth.

It is perhaps that we have become confused with all the mass-marketed spirituality, seeking to sell us truth when it is not necessary. The question now begging to be asked then is : "Well, if we are not seeking spirituality, what IS it that we are seeking then?"

The complete answer to that lies within you also, although part of the answer lies in one's ability to discover and reveal that which is NOT working within one's LIFE-path; to release and heal the patterns, beliefs, addictions, and veils of separation that are keeping you from knowing your truth and your Divine Nature within you.

In terms of spiritual growth for 2014, it may be worth reflecting not on what it is that you are seeking to know, as far as spiritual growth is concerned, but rather to reflect on all the patterns, beliefs, control dramas and energies that are blocking your body, physically, mentally, emotionally and thus also spiritually.

As one takes steps towards acknowledging what is not working, what is preventing you from experiencing your true knowingness as a Divine Being, these can begin to melt away, thus revealing within you what has always been your Divine birthright – the true nature of who you are, and what you are truly capable of doing and BE-ing.

This is the hard work that many are now being called to work on to heal. Before one can truly fulfill one's LIFE-path purpose or truth, one must also know oneself as a Divine Being. Part of this knowing comes in releasing and absorbing that part of you that has been existing in separation to your true nature. Are you able to challenges, emotions and possible pains associated with revealing your attachments and addictions? The good news is that there are many many more of us who are willing to do this work at this time, and we do not necessarily have to do it alone.

I repeat – in the coming year one MAY choose to resonate with a suggestion that one does not need to seek marketed spirituality – one has all one needs within oneself! If this choice resonates with you, then in 2014, you can gently work on releasing everything that is unique to you and your LIFE-path that has been preventing you from knowing your true nature and having the experience you deserve as a Divine Being.

There is no one 'out there' who knows YOU and your LIFE-path better than YOU! You have all you need within you, and it is your time to embrace this if you are able, willing and courageous enough to do so. All you need is to identify and release the blocks and veils you created to participate in this illusion duality, and allow that diamond within you to be revealed!

May 2014 be that year of celebration, release, empowerment and expansion into your true being, allowing for the courageous service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families as we move forward as a birthing galactic star nation! May you be blessed, guided and protected according to your Highest Good in this current moment of 'now'!

Blessed be. - Stephen Cook: Avalanche of truth has begun.

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