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1. Disclosure Hearings Summary: Days 1-4

1b. Disclosure And Religion

1c. Virgin Galactic Has First Successful Test Flight Of Tourist Rocket

2. Iceland Election: Not What Was Once Thought In Iceland?

3. Japanese Sovereignty: Breaking From Cabal Control

4. Bolivia Expels US NGO

5. Archbishop of Canterbury Criticizes Londons Bankers As Having Created A 'Culture of Entitlement'

6. Canada: Prime Minister Making More Moves Towards Creating A Police State

7. Bilderberg 2013: Outside Group Creating A Fringe Event To Occur During Infamous Meeting

8. Update on Bill Brockbrader: Transferred to Seattle Federal Detention Facility

9. LIFT YOUR SPIRIT: New InLight Radio For People To Share Ascension Experiences

10. FINAL WORDS: Grounding Myself From Making Judgements

http://cupcakesandangels.wordpress.com - Pleiadian Message via Bella Capozzi - "Angels in Human Form" May 1, 2013

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