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Avatar-Tree-of-LIFELIFE is the ALL THAT IS. LIFE guides us, it supports us and it sustains us. There is nothing more to it than this. Therefore, in understanding how we are all connected to this ONENESS and to this larger process that this work calls LIFE, we can begin to make new choices. These choices mean honouring oneself, while also honouring others, honouring our planet, and very soon also honouring our galactic families who are soon to become a much bigger part of our lives as humanity and our planet shift into a higher consciousness and into a new relation with our galactic families as a new star nation.

Before we can truly understand the definition and meaning and BE-ing of the word 'peace', it helps to first be able to understand one's own personal connection to and relation with, this larger process called LIFE.

For a short period of time in our near future, many humans will have to take some smaller, but very rapid steps towards this awakening and knowing. Information has been kept hidden from most of humanity, and unfortunately it is only now that humans worldwide have begun to see the truth of the lies, frauds and crimes that have been played upon humanity and our planet.

Our planet, Gaia, as she is known by in many circles, is a living sentient, energetic entity, and she has been receiving help from our galactic families to restore energy lost due to the mistreatment of her by humanity.

Everything is energy, and this has been proven by science. The energy that is you, acts and interacts with all other energies physical and non-physical, visible and invisible. These interactions come with choices and also come with consequences.

Learning to see LIFE through the larger picture, through the illusion of duality and into the ONENESS shared by all, one can begin to see that the choices one makes has a greater impact than before. The thoughts, words, actions and reactions are energies of what we have been taught; what we have chosen; what we are experiencing and what we ultimately become.

In making choices to harm any other aspect of LIFE, we are ultimately hurting ourselves individually and collectively, because we are all ONE.

This work invites you to consider and perhaps choose, if it is meaningful for you to do so at this time, a new relation to LIFE! Observe what is now happening around the world as millions awaken. Peaceful resistance is spreading worldwide, and loving compassion is being shown to those who would try to stop it. It is an example of the new consciousness. The energies that are not LIFE-honouring are no longer being accepted, nor are they being supported. These energies will begin to disappear. They already are, for no longer are people choosing to react with greed, fear, jealousy, revenge and more. They are choosing Light and they are choosing love!

You do have a choice to be a part of this. All you have to do is choose it! Choosing this does not necessarily mean having to go and rally with millions, but even just to shift your outlook of LIFE to hold visions of a higher energy shifting the planet, and to see all humans showing loving compassion and Light where it is needed, and to see the leaders of the world hearing the voices and receiving this Light and love to step down and help remove the structures of enslavement. You are more powerful than you realize!

Galactic, global and inner peace/healing begins with a choice - but this choice can only begin with YOU!

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